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Girl Time #2

Studio: X-Art » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/3/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, All Girl, Lesbian

Directors: Brigham & Colette Field


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Cast: Kenna James, Penelope Lynn (credited Lola), Dido Angel (credited Susie), Poppy, Kristina Soul (credited Violetta), Stephanie, Lilit Sweet, Zazie Skymm, Sybil A, Cristal Caitlin (credited Vinna)

Length: 1 hour 33 minutes

Date of Release: July 17, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: The video quality is an excellent, well-lit, Hi-Def capture presented in widescreen. The audio is clear but mostly features a little piano ditty that plays at the start of scenes. There are some soft moans and what not but no dialog. There is one scene that features some weirdly spatialized audio that I call out below. You can safely mute this disc as there's nothing to pay attention to audio-wise.

Overview: X-art presents 5 curated scenes from their website featuring vanilla girl on girl action. Only the names, faces, and places change.

Scene 1: Kenna James, Penelope Lynn 'Blonde College Girl Perfection' (2017)

Kenna & Penelope

Kenna James is a starlet that fans of girl on girl action should be familiar with as she is consistently nominated not only for her sex scenes but also for her acting abilities by multiple organizations, even having garnered a couple of G/G Performer of the Year nods. Penelope, on the other hand, only produced a handful of credits over a 2-year span and has used at least three aliases and multiple hair colors during that stint, so her name may not ring a bell with viewers. Here, we find her with blonde locks and a hint of roots that match the bra and panties she is sporting.

Kenna & Penelope

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There's a string and piano track that plays as the girls lie on a massive bed and softly de-clothe one another, their lips lighting softly on bare skin and then moving on. Fingers and tongues caress milky white skin, the ladies' jewelry matching the color of their hair as they straddle each other's face, their perky breasts catching almost as much light as the silver headboard. Their moves are soft and slow, not quite calculated, nor determined, but with purpose. Kenna's stripper dust-laden eyeshadow sparkles in the sunlight as she rotates to sit atop her friend's face, Penelope's long lashes captured in closeup as she does. Their faces look content as they slowly rub their crotches together, Penelope taking some initiative to bounce a bit, Kenna reciprocating with a grind as they share a kiss and the piano track fades back in as the scene fades out.

Scene 2: Poppy, Dido Angel 'Your Fantasy Awaits' (2018)

Poppy & Dido

Dido hails from the Czech Republic and is probably known to many viewers as she has been in almost 200 scenes at this point. Poppy has been in this one and this one only, so this is obviously my first time encountering her.

Poppy & Dido

The scene opens to our two young ladies lying on a bed, bathed in a light beam and surrounded by darkness. The strings and piano join us again, seemingly welcoming us back as our two starlets kiss on each other, Dido in silver, Poppy in black. Poppy's eyes lock onto Dido's face as her panties are pulled off slowly and Angel's lips kiss up and down her body. Their soft moans and breathing sound as if they were added to later in post-production, perhaps with some type of spatializing effect as they seem to sit outside of the normal stereo field of my review desk (I didn't put headphones on but there is definitely some type of processing involved). Each girl gets a good crotch rubbing from the other, the fingering a bit more intense than the last scene but I have to be honest; the faux 3D sound is really making it hard to stay in the moment while watching these two pretty ladies. The scene fades with some kisses playing out between the two.

Scene 3: Stephanie, Kristina Soul 'Double Agents' (2018)

Our next scene features Stephanie, this being her only credited title, and Kristina who has almost twenty underneath her belt so to speak.

Stephanie & Kristina

Our scene starts out with the ladies standing in a dark hallway, backlit by the room it leads to. They are busy kissing on one another and shedding some clothing before walking into the light, our now familiar soundtrack playing in the background until the first pair of breasts are exposed, lips wrapping around erect nipples.

Stephanie & Kristina

The rest of the clothes hit the floor as the ladies move onto the sofa, Stephanie's bald kitty the first to get explored with a tongue, fingers joining it shortly. Stephanie's jeweled red nails become a blur as they work feverishly on Soul's clit. The ladies carefully move into a 69, tongues lapping, fingers probing. A quick tap of the hand on an ass seems to signal that it's time to move into a kiss and to cue the piano track.

Scene 4: Lilit Sweet, Zazie Skymm 'Friends With Benefits' (2018)

Lilit & Zazie

Piano time but this time, it's joined by some bass and drums as our Spandex-clad girls are out for a run. Post workout finds Lilit soaking in the tub and Zazie opting for a nice shower. Our Hungarian hottie, Zazie, her eyes are alight as she comes out of the shower stall to join her Ukrainian friend who seems to have been wanting, perhaps expecting it.

Lilit & Zazie

Perched on the tub, Zazie gets her landing strip adorned lady parts licked and reciprocates the favor as Lilit lies tubside on a bench. Zazie seems to like getting herself tongued and straddles Sweet's face. Lilit gets up after a moment or two of tonguing, Zazie scooting back on all fours to get Sweet's finger inserted into her, the brunette's hair cascading across the blonde's ass as she kisses on her coochie. Skymm licks her fingers as Sweet lies on the bench to get her own bald beaver fingered, Zazie's tongue flicking across her clit. The pair finishes up with some soft kisses as the scene fades.  

Scene 5: Sybil A, Cristal Caitlin 'Stairway To Heaven' (2018)

Sybil & Cristal

Sybil has produced less than 3 dozen titles so far but has managed to grab an AVN nom this year for best scene in a foreign shot production. Cristal has almost 150 credits at this point and has worked with a ton of companies under a number of different monikers.

Sybil & Cristal

Our duo are neighbors. After what looks like a rough day at work, Cristal is leaning back in her kitchen when Sybil knocks on her window. A moment later, they are on the bed ripping off each other's form-fitting clothes as their hips buck. Sybil's eyes watch the action between her thighs as her neighbor kisses on her kitty. Her own tongue does some twirling as Cristal rocks back and forth on all fours. Their nipples stand at attention as Sybil's long-nailed fingers thrust in and out of Cristal's coochie. Her smoky eyes take on a dreamy look as she assumes the same position for some finger penetrations. Cristal mounts her friend's face and falls into a 69 position, her hand working Sybil into an ecstatic bliss.

Final Thoughts: This is nothing more than 5 scenes from the website that features some well-known talent and some new, fresh faces. It's very vanilla girl on girl action. If you are at the website, there are descriptions given for each scene which will give you a "backstory" or an idea of what the scene is about but you can pretty much make up whatever storyline you want as it's totally irrelevant anyhow. Each scene lasts about 18 minutes and involves pretty girls - that's all you need to know. It's well shot and well lit. It's standard girl on girl porn that would be right at home on a late-night cable channel, there's not a lot to say about it other than that. Is it worth the MSRP for the disc? Probably not. You'd be better off just joining the site for a bit which is why I'm rating it Watch On Demand.

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