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Blacked Raw V11

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 12/10/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick


Main menu of V11

A stylized look is something that helps with collectors and normal fans alike. It looks nice all collected on a shelf so the aesthetic value is there with the Blacked brand. Simplicity sells and design facets like this also help with first-time viewers taking a peek into the Blacked world. Unfortunately, a minor blemish such as a mix up of a montage menu selection stands out when you have a brand built like Blacked. If you go to the scene selection in the DVD under the four chapters to choose from there is a slight mix up. Elena Koshka’s menu montage is actually Haley Reed’s duplicated so that counts as a mislabeling. Now most fans won’t notice this or care but I find it highly distracting as someone who studies these brands.

Scene blemish

The organization is intact because on the back of the box every scene is lined with screens from the film. The all-black design with the white text imposed over is in place. This design style holds the delivery of information about the DVD well enough. There is a small grouping of text above the screenshots that is more of a mission statement than a film description. All performers are credited with three screenshots attributed to their section of the box. The screenshots contain hardcore sex from each respective scene. At the very bottom, you will see the films length and other features of the disc advertised in writing that is too small.  The social media emblems and logos are very close to this small writing.

The main menu is very direct and gives access to options like “Play Feature”, “Scene Selection”, and the “Special Features” menu. If you go to that Special Features menu you’ll see options like the cumshot recap and prolonged trailer for the actual feature. No animated menus behind any of this just still photos of that famous Blacked photography style.

Cast: Tori Black, Haley Reed, Elena Koshka, Lily Rader, Arya Fae, Isiah Maxwell, Jason Brown, Jason Luv, Julio Gomez
Directed By:  Greg Lansky
Condoms: No

Photo Gallery: Yes

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 25 mins


If you put this DVD in your PS4 you’ll get the option to see various specifics like “MPEG-2” playback and a “2ch” audio playback. The video quality is noticeable if you have the gear to run it at higher rates. You could also join the member site and download them yourself at various qualities. I prefer to watch Blacked films with headphones since the scenes are filmed so intimately. Run this at higher video qualities to even enhance this immersion.


Title tag of the brand

There has to be something behind the brand more than just an empty presentation if you want to establish legions of followers. Blacked RAW and all of Lansky’s brands back this up with quality sex scenes that do indeed attract supporters. These DVDs are vessels of some the hottest porn to watch out there and that one minor blemish in the Scene Selection menu probably won’t stop any of the loyal Lansky followers. Having tangible copies of these discs is something I can see going beyond the collector and being on the average porn viewers shelf. When you hold Blacked RAW V11 in your hands you feel the weight of it being a complete package. Now it’s time to watch this complete package.


Tori's title credit.

The thumping beats of energetic hip-hop music blasts over Jason Luv and Tori Black having a night out at the town. Before the two met for the lens beautiful montage shots of the city flew by on the screen. Jason Luv and Tori Black showing that after hours chemistry as they laughed and hugged with drinks in their hands in a celebratory night. A disruptive phone call pulls Tori away for a few moments but this doesn’t stop them from enjoying the night. It is only getting started as the passionate kissing goes to the street with Jason Luv and Tori Black making their way up to a room of their own. 

Kissing in the City.

Here the sex starts as you see Jason Luv’s face buried between Tori Black’s ass. The camera pans with precision as the passion progresses in this scene. Tori Black now has Jason Luv’s penis in her mouth with the foreplay in full force. Jason pulls out his cell phone giving a POV camera angle of Tori fellating his long sword.  We see the insertion start with Tori Black getting on top for some cowgirl riding. The camera positioned perfectly to catch her energetic bouncing. After Tori lifts off her wild ride on Jason Luv’s dick she stuffs his massive lance between her lips once more. Deepthroat happening more intensely this time during the oral.

Tori on top

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Interesting angles guide an intense sex scene between Tori and Jason as she’s in doggy getting properly pounded now. Tori’s head is hanging off the end of the couch singing her orgasms loudly. The camera pans out for a reprieve of Jason Luv drinking some water. He next swipes the table clean of all the contents of food and utensils onto the floor to start piercing Tori Black in missionary on it. Some close-ups happen almost to a medical level of the missionary thrusting done by Jason Luv. After a few powerful pushes in missionary sex, Jason Luv lifts up his lover to carry her into the next room. More deep missionary fucking in vaginal happens here. Here it only gets higher paced as Jason Luv is jabbing into Tori’s pussy in more position on a bed this time. Jason Luv even drinks water showing the very real intensity of this after dark sex scene. Reverse cowgirl with Tori Black must have been very tiring yet very rewarding because this is what sizzling sex scenes are supposed to be like. He surprises Tori by pouring some water from the glass on her hot ass.

Cum pop with Tori

After things cool down a bit Tori prowls over for more blowjob action but we get a great close up angle of her arching butt as she gives Jason head. The camera will prowl itself around to get a better view of the fellatio in progress.  A fuck to pop occurs as Jason pulls out of Tori’s vagina as she laying on her stomach getting railed. He’ll spill the semen on her accepting mouth and chin. Tori will get a few victory sips in there to clean out the cock of cum. She even snatches some gobs off her tits to slurp down. This concludes the sex for the scene but not after a closing fade out of the two going even further in the shower. That signature Blacked RAW finisher that shows the passion never ends.


Haley being held by Julio

Haley Reed is spinning around in the streets of New York in a gallop of enjoyment. She’s here for fashion week and is down to assert an occasion of exploration and fun underneath the lights of the big city. She’ll whip out her phone to observe a message regarding her availability while in town. After responding to the text we zip right to her and Julio Gomez wrapped up in each other’s arms. The instituted Blacked RAW setting of a posh loft is where the scene will be held. The arena of sex now set and the cellular camera view of Haley undressing fully setting things in motion as the standards are followed. Rap music smoothly serenading this scene in the background as these two performers meet for sex.

Haley Riding CG

The blowjob starts in the Blacked RAW cell phone POV view. Haley Reed worshipping Julio’s massive pole in this established view as he's holding the camera. She also talks dirty to the camera with her beamingly beautiful eyes. Haley Reed even attempts deep throats during the slimy blowjob. While Haley’s down there you’ll see her dip into the lower regions to lick Julio’s taint under the balls. It looks to be a light rimming attempt but the camera is hovering from an above view. Haley’s mouth is hidden underneath Julio Gomez’s sack so the rimming isn’t as prevalent. The overhead angle carries this blowjob scene well even though it doesn’t allow you to see the Rimjob explicitly. Julio Gomez is enjoying it since he’s hammer fisting his massive member hard while Haley is working her magic.

Haley choked

“I need this cock in me,” Haley whispers in her horned up voice. Julio Gomez leans over to return the favor of oral as Haley is undressing for the hot sex that is about to happen. She starts to sit on the huge limb of a penis very slowly for the insertion of sex to happen. It’s in cowgirl so Haley Reed is on top as she eases the dick into her pussy. The close-up angles that happen show the stretching of Haley’s pussy as she is bouncing up and down on his really large rod. Haley is then held up and carried to another room where she is laid down to have her pussy eaten briefly.

Haley sucking seed.

The pussy eating on Julio’s part is the prelude to a pounding Haley gets in missionary. Julio stuffs his pipe in slowly during the insertion but he will eventually hit it at a high flying speed of hard humping. They flip to a position where Haley is laying off the side of the bed getting impaled by the long dong of Gomez. Throughout the whole scene, he puts this large lance to use splittingly. Finally, some semen flies out due to Haley’s continued care of the cock. It leads to the lusty launch. The seed is painted on Haley’s face she’ll sip out the remainder of the ejaculate to conclude this full Blacked RAW sex scene.




Elena in orgasmic throes.

The scenery and music are bright and enveloping as Elena dazzles across the city at night. This illuminated environment behind her encapsulates the joy she is exuding onto the screen. She finally meets up with Jason Luv further improving Elena’s evening out. The music still blaring behind this joyful experience as the soundtrack that flows with the sex scene that starts up with Jason Luv and Elena Koshka. You’ll see him already performing oral for his partner after they enter a room reserved for the occasion. Elena Koshka oozing sexuality the minute this sex scene slides into view. A hot blowjob seeps in like lava where you’ll even see dick selfies being taken as Elena handles Jason’s sword. This is a modern twist to an already sexualized BJ from Elena Koshka’s known repertoire of cooing sensuality.

Elena sucking balls

Elena’s oral favors are returned to her by Jason Luv as he lifts her into the air to eat her pussy. She’s then rested on a bright white terrace so Jason may further his vagina munching endeavor. The camera sliding with every move until both Elena Koshka and Jason Luv meld with each other for some fornicating after that exciting exchange. Elena is pressed up against the wall as Jason starts to pierce her with more pumps. Elena arches out and it goes into a standing doggy stance for more humps to occur. Elena is then laid down on a couch for Jason Luv to further penetrate his massive member into. A pleasing missionary segment is now in tow. A methodic ride of cowgirl is next as Elena gets on top of Jason Luv’s lumbering trunk. This is setting up some very good angles of the cowgirl riding with the camera position placed right under Elena’s arching ride. Jason Luv is holding this tall beauty in place as she squats down on his dick to fuck it.  

Elena squat fucking

Elena Koshka will be carried in the air once more for pussy eating by Jason Luv. He’ll hulk through the room carrying her to place her on a bed to fuck her face. This rewards us with more thorough camera angles of the face pumping this time. They dash right into doggy with a frontal camera view of Elena Koshka elegantly taking Jason Luv. Elena really lets loose here with her orgasms here in this doggy style sex in the pussy. The camera is there for a moment when her dazed eyes inhale the souls of the viewers during her orgasmic pangs.

cream filling

On this very bed, she’s peeled back in missionary for more thrusts. The final fucks lead to a cream filled pussy. Elena plays with the oozing seminal fluid for the camera. The scene starts to fade out in typical Blacked RAW style completing the full-on scene for the next chapter.



the reviewer tag

Lily is in her bathroom getting ready for the night. She has her phone on the countertop to glimpse at as she’s getting dressed in her bathroom. She’ll steal glances of the barrage of texts beckoning her. She slides her simple yet sexy daisy dukes and a blood red top in her revealing ensemble. The girls meet up for the night and it doesn’t take long to make friends with Isiah Maxwell and Jason Brown. Arya Fae and Lily Rader’s typical night out just turned into major get together with potential candidates for a hot group sex session.

Blowjobs with friends

The troupe begins to pile onto each other once they are in a room with a bed. This is the stage for the group to sexually engage in.  While both men are teaming up on Lily Rader you’ll see Arya Fae filming the fun with her phone. She’s capturing footage of her friend getting her pussy eaten out and sucking a dick. Eventually, Arya puts her phone down so she can join in on sucking Isiah Maxwell’s dick with Lily. The phone is handed to Isiah to film his piece being polished by the ladies.

Arya in missionary

The sex sails fast in this scene as the camera will follow the troupe as they tear into each other in this passionate meeting of bodies. Seeing various positions being traded off like Lily Rader sucking dick while being banged in doggy by Isiah Maxwell. Arya Fae will again pick up her phone to film parts of this session. Lily will be handed the phone next so Arya will get her chance to be tag teamed by large penises.  Jason Luv gets a double BJ with Arya Fae leading the fellatio here. While she’s doing this Isiah is boring into her as she lay flat on the bed sharing Jason’s dick with Lily.

Arya filming

Arya will eventually arch out for Isiah to get her in a nice doggy session. Lansky’s camera there to capture both bits of fucking because Lily is now riding on top of Jason Luv’s dick in cowgirl while Arya is still in doggy.   Arya Fae smacks Lily’s ass as it bounces up and down on Jason Luv. The girls are now in tandem riding reverse cowgirl as both men rapidly ream them with their large boner blades. The girls help out with their own rhythmic cock rocking while they’re both mounted in reverse cowgirl. Both pops are finally administered on Lily after all the position visits. Arya is there to film her friend receiving the loads on her face. The scene ends with the four of them in a tub with a bottle of champagne. Closing out another standard Blacked RAW scene.


v11 cap

Some of the best-filmed porn is under the Blacked RAW brand. Lansky’s style of “after hours” sex is perfect for a specific style of filming to be housed for his RAW style to grow. The tidbit of info “70% of sex happens after dark” drives home the stylish approach to what looks like typical gonzo but actually is something more. This key ingredient is what makes the RAW brand stick out even under other brands in the ownership umbrella of Lansky. That glowing nature of the scenes in a dark room is of that signature style that sticks out.  These cities where the sex takes place can also be the part of the cast as well since I saw “Blacked RAW New York” being splashed on the screen at one point. Collector’s love style and regular consumers feel comfortable with it. This constant adherence to a successful formula is why fans keep coming back and why films like Blacked RAW V11 keeps getting top honors like XCritic Pick.

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