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Finally Home

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

As we await the drop of the December 2018 Girl of the Month featurette with Ivy Wolf, I had to simply get my hands on one of her highest rated scenes and see where exactly this thing stands in the place of erotic cinema for 2018. Ivy, she is a woman who is having a year like no other, all while still maintaining a schedule that keeps her smiling and always creating. There were a lot of thoughts that crossed my mind when they cast this film with the true 2018 queen of lactation lesbianism the cuter than fucking cute Aali Kali. These two gorgeous blonds come from such a different range of the spectrum in so many departments, but they share so many qualities as well. For instance, no matter the scenario, these amazing actors have been able to always ensure their scenes shine, even when their partner may not be on their level, or dare I say, in the film for the right reasons. Fans know this more than anyone when you have two performers who hate what they do, the scene, the film, it simply makes a person’s stomach churn. Not because the women are not beautiful, or that they are not worthy of being in this industry but when something is forced it is not a show most people feel comfortable with and these two dazzling beauties, they simply always deliver. I do not know what it is that they do but these women, they simply have either a true passion for female flesh, or they are so damn good at their craft, that not even the best critic in the world can tell if they are even trying when it comes to acting, modeling, performing and that simply spells “must own” for this scene if these two do what I think they will.

Ivy Wolfe and Aali Kali 

Scene Duration: 29 Minutes, 41 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: September 17th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl-Girl, Teen -vs- Teen, Great Chemistry, Amazing Oral, Lingerie, Fingering, Ass Licking, Double Penetration, Facesitting, 69, Scissoring


Finally Home

Starring: Aali Kali @aalikalixxx and Ivy Wolfe @alittlewolfe

Story Inspired by Girlway.com Member: METALHEAD42


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The Reveal:

Ivy Wolfe and Aali Kali 

I honestly think that Alan’s best intros are his shortest. I mean that in the most flattering way possible because the man knows how to plan a scene better than anyone. Ivy and Aali click on this surreal level. These two are as adorable as it gets, and we are not talking like rainbows and sugary sunshine clouds adorable, we are talking two hot blonds kissing with their booties coming out of some short shorts adorable. These two truly sell the role of passionate lovers longing for one another. The phone call is great, Ivy, she is amazing as the lover longing to kiss her girls’ lips. Aali, when she busts in the door and starts to drop her linen, there is this hunger you simply can not fake. The scene goes straight into passionate sex. As Aali walks in the door to give Ivy the surprise of her life and Ivy takes out the most gorgeous nipples in the industry to lap and lick, you may not be able to even rise form your seat. So, pick someplace comfy for this one #TripleX fan.


The Encounter:


I dare you to find a better breast worshipping scene with ladies that look this good. Any fan will be frozen in place when two of the most gorgeous breasts come out for the other to play with. Complete with nipples that will shred your heart into pieces as these heartbreakers really get passionate. There are scenes in this business that truly make you throw out every gentlemanly thought. These women do just that with every kiss, every touch. The teasing is amazing and blends in with the heated sex from start to finish. One of the coolest things to watch in this scene is how horny Aali is and how Ivy knows just how to please her and tease her in just the right ways. It is that type of excitement that makes Aali the true force she is lesbian erotica and the way that Ivy not really calms her down, but is more like the flaming sword to water, she simply makes Aali purr, squirm and cum with just touches. There are so many little things that make this the perfect casting job by Alan. For one, when you are able to kick Aali's sex drive into a role that has Ivy always pleasing that makes for passion beyond words. Aali’s little mouth, her adorable chin, her big beautiful eyes, she is truly that perfect definition of cute. Ivy, she is the experienced dominator, who simply loves to take her time and show off her fashion model body and ravishing good looks with the way she eats pussy. The camera angles keep pace, bravo editing.

Ivy Wolfe and Aali Kali 

The selling point of this scene, gawd damn there are so many. The first thing that really makes your money worth spending is the authentic sex. Aali is not posing, nor trying to model, she is getting her pussy licked and she is loving every second of it. There is nothing that substitutes for true bi-sexuality in a girl/girl scene. The next big supplier of quality to your purchase is that these women look stunning and all the little things look so good from pussy lip sucking to fast, hard clit licking that switch to a wide angle with Ivy’s bootie and Aali’s gorgeous kisser moaning and panting. The biggest incentive and what takes this scene to another level is that halfway through, at the sixteen-minute mark, you have already had your mind blown and some. This vignette has might in terms of longevity and re-watch value. This is a scene that I think has one of the highest re-watch values due to how passionate the performers are.

Ivy Wolfe and Aali Kali 

Sight and Sound:

The lighting is perfect as always and the camera work is flawless as well. There have been instances where the camera work sometimes can have some blur here and there but not in this instant. Getting to hear these beauties scream and purr with pleasure is amazing. Girlsway.com always offers you many choices to make your experience amazing. I found that no matter how you watch the film the audio and visual quality is damn near perfect.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

How does Alan keep these scenes fresh? First off, he shows the models in ways that simply have never been seen. This year has been something massive for both performers and this is one of the most unique girl/girl experiences for both of them. From showcasing stunning visuals like Aali’s gorgeous kitty, to seeing an even more intense side of the sexuality from the December 2018 Girlsway.com Girl of the Month there is something to satisfy every fan of both ladies and of fans discovering both for the first time. The tribbing gets a bit too over the top to close things out, missing out on the chance for a perfect close to a perfect vignette but that is the only stalemate if you even consider that one. This vignette gets a Highly Recommended rating. The way that character, sexual appetites, and stunning visuals are combined make for one hell of a ride. I love seeing this type of thought put into a scene's casting. Both beauties have everything that you want to see when it comes to women. Cuteness, amazing bodies, beautiful eyes, and Alan showcases all those parts to exactness. To see just how much Ivy has put into this scene, it shows exactly why she has earned the title she did. Every second of the action has something going on. All twenty-nine minutes are something to stimulate your mind and I think that after you have watched this scene for the second time, you will see why Ivy is favored in many circles to take home one of the largest caches of trophies come January for a new starlet. The best thing is, for both these women, there is a lot more ahead. They are just getting started. Now that is what you call a daydream.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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