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Big-Assed Christiana: Gaping Anal Fuck

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

In the 1990s, during the creation of the modern adult industry we all know and love, one thing was a constant about what took this business to another level. The reason why so many people fell in love with this form of entertainment, it was the dashing beauty that truly leapt off the pages of Playboy and Penthouse and became what we all know and love today. Sure, this industry has always had some of the most beautiful women on the planet earth to make your fantasies come to life. What changed in the ’90s was the fact that now, we were having E! Entertainment who were porn stars. We had women like Janine Lindemulder, Teri Weigel who were not only becoming iconic Penthouse and Playboy models, they were true actors making a splash in the mainstream. That brings us to today’s starlet. Christiana Cinn is a performer who echoes that brilliance of the past with her supermodel good looks, her outgoing, warm personality, and charisma that could jump-start a sunken submarine. This Penthouse Pet since day one has truly been one of the industry’s most well-kept secrets. Her ability to wow a crowd of all shapes and sizes has simply helped her gain bigger roles every single year and even landed her the coveted spot of being a part of the AVN media team at last years awards. Showing her talents with a microphone stretch far beyond what we dreamed possible with this native California beauty. Evil Angel has had an equally amazing 2018. They seem to be truly opening their doors to so much talent and in the best way possible. I could not help but see how Christiana would fair with Ramon Nomar, as we truly get to see two of the most glamorous, sexy adult performers put on a show the likes of which we have not seen for decades. Let’s see if the fluff lives up the to stuff?

Christiana Cinn and Ramon Nomar 

Scene Duration: 32 Minutes, 40 Seconds

Director: Chris Streams @chrisstreams

Studio: Evil Angel

Release Date: October 1st, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: No Condoms, Boy/Girl, Anal, Gonzo, Lingerie, Big Booties, Squirting, Gapping


Big-Assed Christiana: Gaping Anal Fuck

From the Evil Angel Film: Anal Investigation

Starring: Christiana Cinn @ChristianaCinn and Ramon Nomar @RamonxxxnomaR


The Reveal:

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Christiana Cinn and Ramon Nomar 

The wonder that is a pure entertainer who has style and rhythm in her bones. That is Christiana Cinn. The lick of her shoulder, the wink at the camera, it is enough to send any fan into a frenzy of want, lust, and passion. The background music is wonderful, and Christiana shows off why she is one of the baddest ladies on the planet with moves that take your attention and make them follow the bouncing booty in ways that can not be duplicated by many. This dance and tease are so good, you simply do not want it to stop. If that is not enough as you are taken into this gonzo encounter, the way that she purrs and dirty talks Ramon as he runs his hands all over her body is heaven sent. I simply am at a loss for words with this opening. You are given more than your money’s worth in this set and you are steadily given more and more as the sexual encounter begins. The pluses are to the director and Christiana. She looks amazing. The stocking, the heels, the bra, it is sex appeal done right as can be. Chris Streams takes you to the places of Christiana’s centerfold body that simply will have you shaking your head in disbelief she is so fine. I mean when you get to see her build up to that lovely looking asshole of hers being covered up by her sexy G-string, it is done on purpose and it is done to perfection. You simply cannot duplicate that beauty and that kind of talent.


The Encounter:


Ramon is known for bringing subtle class to all his hardcore style shoots. Adding Christiana as his scene partner is one of the most amazing brainchildren that any director has had in 2018. The sex starts fast, and the nastiness is in full swing from second one. Hardcore fans will be pleased with how fast we go to anal and aggressive behavior. I think the thing that makes Ramon such a stand out is the way he enjoys his work. Every fan on earth will be watching this scene and saying to themselves, that is exactly how I would feel if I were lucky enough to have the beautiful Christiana Cinn on the receiving end of my tongue. He moans, he groans and that is truly what makes the scene sexy. That male factor of pleasure that every single person who watches simply wished they could trade places with Mr. Nomar. The oral does get a little too aggressive at some points, but Christiana turns it into this spit filled slip and slide that morphs into sex and she slides her sexy body from one position to another. The mark of a true performer.

Christiana Cinn and Ramon Nomar 

There are a few moments where the action does stall but each time it does, Christiana comes through to add her touch to the film's flow. The part where she licks up her own cum as she starts licking Ramon’s stiff manhood with her long tongue is an erotic work of art. The fact that they devote more than half of the scene to the anal aspect will have fans going bananas. Christiana has one of the filthiest tongues in more ways than one and as you see her go from position to position the sex just gets more and more intense. Christiana knows that you are watching and her ability to tease that camera at every turn is the biggest selling point of this scene. The speed of these two goes faster and faster as the scene winds down. Christiana’s amazing ass takes a pounding and as you see the passion keep going and going, Christiana’s sinfully sensational ability to work the magic she does will make every fan watching fall to their knees just in shock that they are seeing this perfect ten model get as nasty as can be. When you see Christiana licking her lips at the end, you will know exactly why this beauty's star is still on the rise in the adult world.


Sight and Sound:

The beauty of this scene is where the handheld is able to go. You see Christiana in "full frontal" mode and my goodness, what a sight it is to see that perfect pussy no matter the occasion. I think the camera work mixed with Christiana's sexual appetite is just what every fan was daydreaming about when they bought this scene. The sound is not as crisp as you would hope. There are times we hear Ramon a bit muffled and I think it is just because the mic cannot get to him but everything else is simply wonderful.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Christiana Cinn and Ramon Nomar

Christiana Cinn, what else can you say besides, “what a woman.” She is one of the most dazzling performers. She takes the audience on a sexual adventure that only the best performers can. The dirty talk that comes from her mouth can outshine Ramon’s and there are very few performers who can do that. Christiana’s amazing body, her natural bust, her stunning derriere, it is everything you want to see when the fantasy of a Penthouse Pet getting drilled becomes reality. I can not express this enough, there are so few models/performers who could do what Christiana does in this scene. She takes an average encounter and she makes it better with everything from that long tongue to her freaky nature between the sheets. When you see how Christiana finishes the scene by truly getting her “fill” at the end, you see just how much Christiana loves this business. There is not one moment where she does not look beyond sexy and not one second where she simply appears to be having the time of her life. The tempo at the ends shows that this beauty is simply adding so much more to her sexual portfolio in this industry. For everything that was a small minus in this scene, Christiana simply saves it with going the extra mile in other areas and looking like a million dollars throughout. That is simply glamour porn at it’s best. Highly Recommended scene to say the least.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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