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Submissive Wives

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/5/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Vignettes, Fetish, Light BDSM

Writer/Director: Kay Brandt
DP: Nate Liquor


Chapters Menu

Cast: Angela White, Brandi Love®, India Summer, Riley Nixon, Alex Legend, Small Hands, Charles Dera, Marcus London

Length: 2 hours 28 minutes

Date of Release: November 23, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Previews, Web Info, Phone Sex Info, BTS 16:08 minutes

Bonus Scene 1: Eden Sin 'Loving Myself' 6:38 minutes

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent overall. Hi-def capture, nice editing, voices are intelligible except for where the performers are whispering things directly to one another.

Overview: Adam & Eve present four tales of husbands and wives that revolve around the love they share and the fact that the ladies have no problem submitting to their men. There is a small bit of bondage involved but it is not really at the forefront of the action. If you're looking for girls (or guys) to get strung up and whipped mercilessly, this is not your ticket. It's an enjoyable and fun couples flick that I think can sit among your movie collection very nicely.

Scene 1: Riley Nixon & Alex Legend

Our scene opens with XCritic Award nominee, Riley Nixon, narrating a story about the growth of love between people as her and Alex stand together in a garden, out-of-focus plants sometimes occupying the foreground to give a soft and dreamy look to the scene. A crossfade courtesy of Hollywood Max brings us indoors to find Miss Nixon face down with her wrists cuffed to her ankles, candles glowing (but not flickering, leading me to believe they must be LED) in the background. Legend kisses on her softly, spanking her ass lightly and following up with a small leather paddle as a soft soundtrack plays. Our starlet jiggles her booty as she giggles slightly in response to the paddle making its way across her bare skin.

Riley Nixon

Uncuffed, their bodies press together, a string of pearls held tightly to her throat as Alex's hands massage her breasts. Legend asks his wife if she's ready to suck on something and she gets busy on his now raging boner. Slobber strings are soon freely flowing and then her hubby reciprocates the oral attention, paddle in hand. The covered ottoman squeaks a bit as Riley moves into doggie at his request, his hands repositioning her ever so slightly.  Nixon's leg nearest to the camera stretches out, Alex's penetrations getting ever deeper before a quick BJ intermission has the pair swapping into a spread-legged missionary. Their gazes lock upon one another when they aren't watching the action happening between her legs. That action seems to bring her to an orgasm as her hand rubs her clit.

Riley Nixon

Our starlet moves into cowgirl and then a reverse ride ensues. Her mouth is agape with ecstasy as she rides, her milky white mounds bouncing out of her bra. Alex's thrusts grow harder and faster, Riley's breathing more labored. Hopping off, she takes his manhood into her mouth again, seemingly in search of a mouthful but Alex seems to prefer blasting his batter onto her boobs.

Scene 2: India Summer & Small Hands

Like our first scene, our award-winning starlet narrates as she and her award-nominated beau sip bubbly on a Juliet balcony. Now, I know India has been a blonde for quite some time these days but it always takes me a moment to realize it is her, even when I know it's her! It's a good look for her, don't get me wrong but it always catches me off guard. As her narration ends, Small Hands' begins, adding his two cents to the storyline.

India Summer

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Another crossfade brings us to our duo perched on the world's largest fainting couch, India barely covered by a lacy black ensemble, her midriff, and neck adorned with pink ribbon. Small Hands goes to a nearby table to secure himself a large feather duster to brush his beauty's body with, his hands exploring as he does. His lips take over the exploratory duties as he removes her heels and exposes her breasts. His eyes light as he stares into hers while whispering something, his hand beneath the fabric covering her crotch which his face will soon be buried in. Summer seems intrigued and excited as he breaks out a pair of black handcuffs, the chain binding them together rattling as she unbuckles his belt. Her lips are soon pressed to his groin as she shows off her amazing oral abilities, Hands leaning back with his arms behind his head angling his gaze toward the action. More mouth skills are on display as she invites him to fuck her throat, a pause in the action occurring as he decides to blindfold her before plunging back into her mouth.

India Summer

The blindfold gets put aside as he reciprocates the action with his tongue, ultimately replacing his tongue with his cock as the two nearly break character with a giggle during something he whispers. With that brief moment over, Small Hands shows her why fans and critic alike grow ever fonder of him, his hands slapping on her ass as his hammering grows ever harder, India bouncing back into him in rhythmic unison as she screams "yes yes yes". With the two of them in full-on porn star mode, the action gets hotter, Small Hands manhandling her from one position to another, their faces pressed together as he pistons into her with abandon. It's scenes like this where pure adrenaline takes over and whatever ideas a director or producer may have put into their heads starts to spin out of control and it's up to the cameras on set to just try to capture what is happening in front of them.

The carefully laid out throw cover on the couch becomes a crumpled mess, Small Hands not even noticing as he airlifts his scene-mate onto his cock and then throws her back down into doggie, his drilling growing ever faster, India taking everything he can give her and coaxing him to give her more which ends in a volcanic explosion on her ass. The two sweaty and spent stars share some kisses and a joke or two to close out the super fun scene!

Scene 3: Brandi Love® & Charles Dera

Brandi Love® and Charles are taking a stroll as the two fan-favorite performers share some bright-eyed glances into the other's eyes and Love's narration sets up the story and Dera's words add to it. Slo-mo camera work captures their happiness as Charles throws flower petals into the air to rain back down on them and a fade brings us to our hard-bodied vixen lying on a bed that is also covered in petals. Charles kisses her softly as he strikes her tushy with his hand and a small flog, reddening it in the process.

Brandi Love

After doffing his shirt, he gives his love a quick foot and calf massage, moving his attention to her nipples. The pair embraces closely as he rubs her crotch, her lingerie ensemble now lying on the bed. Taking off his belt, she lies it carefully nearby mentioning that he might need it later as she inhales his rod. The duo shares some casual conversation in between her mouthfuls, Brandi's lips finding his in between the facial hair surrounding them. Charles is "ready to fuck" and Love lies back as he warms her clit with his thumb, much to her delight. Her feet seek out his love missile, stroking it once found. A bit of cunnilingus leads them into a missionary position, her leg tossed across his shoulder as he drives in deeply and methodically.

Brandi Love

More shared oral precedes her slow, rhythmic ride on his rod, her ass glittering with stripper dust in the light. That dust captures the light from many angles as the two tango from one position to another, her stripper dust starting to transfer to his now sweat-sheened body. It's a missionary drilling that has him leaping to her face to drain his dragon as her smile lights the room.

Scene 4: Angela White & Marcus London

Our next and final scene opens with a very familiar Australian accent as superstar Angela White tells her tale as if reading it from a book of fairy tales. She and her dapper man continue their tale as they stand, sipping Champagne as they look longingly at one another while standing in front of a door, only to fade into an interior shot, Marcus with a paddle in hand as they share passionate kisses. London's head swivels from side to side as he tries to take in the enormity of Angela's bosom. Abandoning that effort, her bra is peeled off and his hands press her globes together, his tongue flicking rapidly across her nipples, his fingers clenching them tightly.

Angela White

Now, Marcus pumps out tons of titles every year but for some reason, he hasn't hit my review screen very often this year. That's a shame because I really enjoy his performances, he's able to convey the on-set chemistry as well, if not better, than pretty much any performer around and in this scene, the two share that intensity very well. Angela's teeth grit together as Marcus works his finger magic in her love tunnel, tosses her panties aside and appears to be trying to suck her tongue out of her mouth before using his own between her thighs.

The pair shares some oral favors, Angela lying atop him in a 69, their bodies pressed together in a way that is quite uncommon in porn as it hides "the naughty bits" to some degree but would feel right at home in the average bedroom. That's the kind of chemistry these two share, they don't even seem to care if cameras are rolling; they are just too into each other to give a damn. Marcus is like a machine in overdrive as White wraps her globes around his cock before sliding down onto his shaft in cowgirl while giggling. Their bodies hammer together as Angela props a leg up while kneeling in a position that is part yoga move, part ballerina.

Angela White

At this point, there's no way to describe the action accurately. Angela's hair is now stringy as it falls toward the floor, Marcus hammering away like a jackhammer with a power switch stuck in the on position. Her face looks as if she's about to tap out but she keeps begging for more and London keeps delivering. She seems to cross some barrier, her face alternating between a vacant stare and a wide smile and then transforming into what can only be described as a cat toying with a mouse that it has cornered as the tempo changes yet again. Fast, slow, fast...bodies separated and then pressed together in one form or another as White helps work him to fruition all over her tits and cleans him off with her lips.

Final Thoughts: Kay Brandt is back with another film for Adam & Eve. Now, if you look her up on one of those database sites that track films what you will find is that a very good percentage of her films are award nominated, as is she. There's a reason for that. She's not only an acclaimed director but also an awarded author. If you ask me though, another true talent of hers lies in the fact that she's able to pull together not only A-list talent but A-list crew members to come together to make adult films.

Most of the films I have reviewed from her are epic features with a dash of some vignettes thrown in for good measure. This one falls into the latter category and should find a nice niche on the shelves of adult stores and VOD sites everywhere. It's very couples friendly, with just a smattering of bondage tossed in. Oh, and did I mention that it has an all-star cast? Each scene features a pair of stars that seem to be more into sharing carnal exploits with each other than whether or not there are cameras rolling. That is definitely not "the norm" in many things I review, it's a refreshing change. It's hard to say which scene grabbed me the most as I'm a fan of everyone in this flick and that's where the vignette style of filmmaking comes in handy. Sometimes, you are in the mood to see India and Small Hands tear into each other, while other times Brandi, Riley, or Angela and their respective screen stars might be more to your liking.

This disc includes a Behind The Scenes segment which is less common nowadays than it was in yesteryear. That is always a welcome addition in my book and definitely weighs into my rating of the title overall. Even without that addition, I'd still have to give this one a Highly Recommended rating. There's enough "backstory" to each scene to satisfy those that absolutely need a setup, and plenty of hot sex to keep everyone satisfied. The submission aspect of each scene may find hardcore D/s fans a bit saddened because it really isn't front and center but this is Adam & Eve, not dungeon porn, people. It's worth adding to your shelf. I mean where else are you getting Riley, India, Brandi, and Angela on one themed disc? It's pretty rare!

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