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Lady Boss: Company Policy

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/9/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

How can nearly ten thousand people be wrong? That is a lot of dedicated subscribers within a company’s army of loyal followers. This scene is one that the staff with Girlsway.com really went all out to promote in it’s August release. April O’Neil, she is the stuff of legend and whenever she takes part in a Girlsway.com vignette, it is always money. Not almost, or sometimes, or every once in a while, no, this beauty takes great pride in her work and she is always looking to add as much depth as she does kink and passion to her roles. She is more than just a Girlsway.com fan favorite, she is also a person who has become known in the industry as someone that will bring out the best in every person she works with. As April continues to grow a Hall of Fame career, stars like Jade Baker and Victoria Voxxx lie in the background waiting to get their chance to show fans what the next generation of superstars looks like. Victoria is hands down one of the hottest new starlets in the industry today. She has the ability in year one of what will hopefully be a long and lengthy porn career, to hang with the best of the best. No matter the genre, no matter the role she has simply never faltered in her early career and fans are gobbling everything up of hers left and right. Jade Baker, the newest Girl/Girl performer who has already in her short career performed with some of the biggest companies in the lesbian world of fantasy. Her look is very model-esque, looking as if she just stepped off the pages of Playboy. She is the true X-factor in this scene. There is some much that these three can put together in the Lady Bosses series, I am so curious to see how Alan was able to work his magic with such ferocious appetites for female flesh in the room with him.

April O'Neil, Victoria Voxxx and Jade Baker 

Scene Duration: 24 Minutes, 30 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @Stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: August 26th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Threesome, Model Debut, Lingerie, Double Model Debut, Office Sex, Fingering, Ass Licking,


Lady Boss: Company Policy

From the Girlsway.com Film: Lady Bosses: Volume 3

Story Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: BretMaverick777

Starring: April O’Neil @undeux , Victoria Voxxx @VictoriaVoxxx and Jade Baker @jadebakerxx


The Reveal:

April O'Neil, Victoria Voxxx and Jade Baker 

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My Gawd, there is simply a barrage of beauty lined up for the lucky viewers in this scene. Each lady looks sexy, sophisticated and beyond alluring with their gorgeous clothes, stunning makeup that has you not able to look away and hot under the collar in a flash. When I saw the twenty-four-minute time frame, I was wondering if Alan was going to be able to really sell the fantasy with such a narrow window. It is obvious from the moment you press play; these ladies are truly what the “reveal” in erotica is all about. The workplace has never looked like the place to be as much as it does with this threesome. April is five stars as always, the director of a sexual harassment video that gets truly “hands-on” as the ladies get hot for their boss as they touch, kiss and tease. Jade is truly one of the most stunning models in the world. My goodness, she will have your heart beating a million miles an hour as Victoria instigates the sexual encounter. Jade’s acting skills are not the sharpest of weapons in the arsenal of beauty that is being presented but she gets the job done. April and Victoria, my goodness, they are women of fantasy who will truly have fans wishing for more dialogue. That is how talented they are. As the women begin to seduce April and get the clothes to start coming off, there is a true buzz in the air. The ladies hook you big time with the set-up of this scene. If the sex matches the intro, we do have the makings of an XCritic Pick.


The Encounter:


Jade is the first to be put on stage and that is what it truly is. She is the freshest face of the bunch and it shows in the beginning but, with one fell swoop of the camera, in comes the Latin Debi Diamond. Victoria Voxxx in her short career has simply been dynamite on camera. Her pussy licking skills save the day big time and when she gets going, my goodness, I dare you to look away. Her passion is there, her modeling abilities to show off that perfect ten body by knowing where the camera is always, without breaking the fourth wall. That matters big time in a scene like this. As the sex really starts going and the comfort level is felt all around this really turns into a five-star encounter fast. Victoria and April are the perfect one-two pairing to double team Jade and my goodness, it looks like a work of art come to life when it happens. The arched backs, the sexy stilettos, everything is a treat for the eyes. When you see Jade and Victoria lose all their clothing you may burst into flames from just all the built-up passion by watching such exquisite models tease and play with each other.

April O'Neil, Victoria Voxxx and Jade Baker 

I think any veteran performer knows that the scene can only be as good as you make it for you co-stars and vice versa. Yes, this is sex but capturing on film is an art. Sex is ugly by nature, the way that the team makes this fantasy pop from make-up to secondary cameras, it is truly like buying a copy of Vogue and then seeing all the models get hot and horny and get it on. This is a true fantasy that I think every person has thought of in one way or another and the biggest draw to make it all work is April. This woman deserves all the praise she is given. Her naturally stunning body completes the fantasy as the “next door” neighbor type who you can truly see fucking her employees. April and Victoria carry this scene to the heavens and getting to see these aggressive performers cut loose really makes this scene so enjoyable. The action is steady, and we are always seeing those two really go out of there way to find a way to always be licking or sucking

April O'Neil, Victoria Voxxx and Jade Baker 

Sight and Sound:

The film looks amazing. No matter the angle, no matter the performer, everyone looks superb. I honestly must say, Lisa is one of the best make-up artists in the business. I must mention this with techs and specs because it is the wonderful combination of natural looks and pristinely done up beauty that makes the lighting in a scene like this really pop. The editing is wonderful and the way you see two of the most perfect natural boobies in existence, perfectly squared on your screen as the scene ends simply makes this vignette that much more complete.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

OK, the biggest point of sale for this scene. My fucking gawd Jade Baker is finer than fine. Watching this beauty for the first time is like watching Liv Tyler for the first time in the Crazy video by Aerosmith. The only difference, once we see Jade perform, she is as green as green can get. Have a heart though people, she is a new starlet and perfecting the art of pussy licking on film takes time. Her supermodel good looks do carry her part of the scene and you will be drooling as she moves around that perfect ten body with that perfect make-up job and gorgeous high heels. Victoria Voxxx, I will not take back my claim that this beauty has the true potential to be the Latin Debi Diamond. Her sexual appetite is ferocious and like Debi, her petite body is truly one in a trillion. I simply can not believe she is a rookie in this business. She does not play like one, that is for damn sure. April O’Neil, she is simply this era's Marilyn Chambers. She can act, she can fuck and my goodness, she understands what production is on every level. April, I have seen her bound, as the aggressor, as the boss as the submissive and she makes that role hers and she makes sure that every step of the way that the sex is as equally amazing as her acting. She and Victoria truly deserve massive accolades for this scene. A true performer, they take the focus in one hand and pull a rabbit with the other. That is what true entertainment is. Call that magic, call that camera tricks. What the bottom line truly is, is a showcase of what a crew can do when they come together to make something go up another level and make up for certain things on one area with utter brilliance in another. This vignette fell just short of XCritic Pick but that does not mean you skip out on the check. This is one mean that will keep you full and have you satisfied.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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