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Porn Reviews » Scenes Reviews » Showcases: Ivy Wolfe-December 2018

Showcases: Ivy Wolfe-December 2018

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Showcase

Cast: Ivy Wolfe, Cherie DeVille, Kristen Scott

Director: Stills By Alan

Writer/Casting: Ivy Wolfe

Length: 1 hr. 23 min.

Website: Girlsway.com


Showcases: Ivy Wolfe


It is a high honor for any female performer in the adult industry today to receive the coveted Girlsway's Girl Of The Month, and for the month of December the honor goes to one of the brightest starlets today, the wonderful Ivy Wolfe. Ivy is the true definition of the consummate performer. With her gentile frame and striking beauty she brings a certain unique brand of intensity to her work. She hasn't failed yet to present a scorching scene brought about through her energetic and intense performances. I've always said I love to watch this Wolfe howl, ever since I first witnessed her talent in the film Second First Date. Now, with just a little over a year of performances under her belt, she's this month's Girlsway's GOTM, an honor so very well deserved.


Her story is about dominance, both receiving and giving, and a girl awaking to her sexual desires that have been too long suppressed. Ivy is at a swingers costume party. Wearing a mask to hide her desires she's approached by Cherie DeVille. Cherie immediately shows who's the dominant as she pushes Ivy onto a sofa. Slowly and passionately Cherie kisses down the frightened and yet excited Ivy's neck before throwing Ivy's legs open and rubbing her pussy. Using Ivy's spit Cherie manipulates Ivy's pussy bringing her to the edge before stopping and removing her dress. She pinches her nipples and edges her with her hand some more before Cherie removes Ivy's mask, revealing the freshly awakened Ivy to her new life as a submissive.  Cherie then furiously rubs Ivy's pussy bringing her to an intense screaming orgasm that we've all come to love from Ivy, as only she can deliver. It's now Cherie's turn to be pleasured as Ivy begs to eat her pussy. Ivy starts by sucking on her tits while rubbing Cherie's pussy before Cherie decides to sit on Ivy's face. Cherie smashes and grinds on Ivy's mouth, practically dancing on it, while she rubs her clit until she orgasms. 


She then gets Ivy into a missionary and teases her, blowing on her pussy while Ivy begs to be eaten. Once she's ready Cherie dives right in, simply devouring Ivy, making her cum not once but twice as she nearly sends Ivy into a coma with her mouth. Cherie then lays Ivy down and starts tribbing her, telling her that this time it's for her and for Ivy not to cum. Cherie bucks her pussy against Ivy's until she orgasms. Cherie then lays back and masturbates herself as she rubs Ivy's clit with her foot, and then they both masturbate together, Cherie edging Ivy telling her not to cum even on her own fingers. Cherie then starts fingerbanging Ivy, Ivy begging to cum as she diddles her clit. After Cherie gives her permission to cum she convulses on her fingers and Cherie licks up her pussy juices. Cherie then sits on the back of the sofa and Ivy starts eating and fingering her missionary. Ivy asks Cherie if she's doing good as she furiously slides her fingers in and out of Cherie's dripping wet pussy. Ivy then starts sucking on Cherie's clit and it isn't long before Cherie is having multiple orgasms on Ivy's fingers. Ivy then climbs up in between Cherie's legs and they start tribbing,


Ivy crying out and howling as she slides her clit over Cherie's, bucking and slamming her pussy against hers. When Cherie announces she's cumming Ivy begs to cum with her, to which Cherie screams “NO” as she orgasms. She then pushes Ivy down and climbs her beautiful sweaty ass onto Ivy's pussy and starts riding her, bouncing and grinding on her pussy making her cum again. They then make out one last time before Cherie sits Ivy back into her arms and rubs her pussy from behind until she cums, bringing us full circle to the point where she started as the frightened self conscious submissive, but not fully awakened to her desires.


In part two we're six months from when Ivy encountered Cherie and she has become the dominant to her sub Kristen Scott. Dressed in leather straps and boots Ivy is seen reading a book while twirling Kristen's hair as Kristen sits paws up like a begging dog by her chair. In a sequence that simply smolders with passion Ivy teases Kristen, licking her face as she guides her backwards to the bed. They start kissing and Ivy strips Kristen from her nighty, giving her bites and kisses on her body and ass. Breathing heavily Kristen begs to be with Ivy and Ivy takes her onto the bed, licking and kising her body before heading down to her pussy. She teases it with the tip of her tongue and blowing on it making Kristen quiver with anticipation. Kristen begs Ivy to eat her pussy and Ivy dives right in, engulfing it with her mouth.


She sucks on Kristen's pussy before making her turn over onto all fours and worshiping her ass. With Kristen's face buried into the mattress Ivy licks her asshole and rubs her clit from behind and soon Kristen is having a convulsive leg shaking orgasm. They then go into a 69, Ivy hovering her pussy over Kristen's face before bringing it down onto her mouth. Kristen laps away at Ivy's pussy, bringing Ivy to multiple screaming orgasms before they roll over and Kristen is on top still devouring Ivy's pussy. Ivy then sits up in a missionary position and Kristen goes down between her legs, Ivy running the heel of her boot between Kristen's ass crack. Kristen eats and sucks away at Ivy's pussy and until Ivy gets that far away look in her eyes signaling another screamer of an orgasm. Kristen gives her multiple orgasms before Ivy rolls her over and goes down between her legs, lifting her ass up to eat her pussy and asshole. Ivy slowly circles her tongue around Kristen's pussy, Kristen breathing heavily with every swipe at her clit and Ivy brings her to another leg shaker as she cums in Ivy's mouth. Ivy digs her fingers deep into Kristen's pussy and makes her lick her juices off before Ivy starts eating her again until Kristen has several more intense convulsive orgasms.


Ivy then goes onto all fours and Kristen starts eating her out from behind. She licks her asshole and sucks on her clit bringing Ivy to several more beautifully intense and loud orgasms. Ivy then lays Kristen down on her back and climbs up in between her legs. She slowly starts grinding her pussy against Kristen's, riding her pussy until she cums and then bucks her pussy bringing Kristen to one final Earth shaking orgasm.


Final Thoughts: From what I've been told this is the first of several stories from Ivy Wolfe for Girlsway. She is an artist, expressing herself in not just porn but in different mediums as well, such as painting and writing, etc. If you follow her on social media you encounter an extremely bright and adventurous individual that I honestly see big things, both in front of and behind the camera taking a seat in the directors chair soon. All in good time though as she's just now establishing herself as a performer. This showcase is an outstanding display of her talents in both writing and performing. And it was perfectly cast by Ivy as well. She chose just the right two ladies who could ever equal her intensity, the wonderful Cherie DeVille and Kristen Scott, both of which deliver equal amounts of passion and sensuality to their roles. As I said in my initial review of Second First Date, this is a girl to watch out for and expect huge things from her. She is so proving that with every scene. 

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