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Can I Kiss You?

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/15/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Since making her girlsway.com debut London River has been gaining momentum every single day. This beauty has truly been one of the brightest spots of 2018. She has starred in almost thirty big production films and she has been steadily climbing the charts with web companies just like Girlsway.com. Her first stint with Kenna James was a true success, having one of the largest quantities of fan views on the site when it comes to MILFS. London has come on strong, so strong to the point that she narrowly missed being nominated for Best MILF Performer. Chances are that this blond beauty is really going to be coming on even stronger in 2019. Jill Kassidy, what can you say about this timid sweetheart besides the fact that she can simply do it all in this industry. A woman with style, talent and a true passion for life that has her as one of the most sought-after co-stars in all the adult industry. Jill has made a serious play to join the ranks of the superstars of this business and create her own spot among the “it girls” of the modern era. Few possess the acting skills that she possesses and when you mix that in with a true to life passion for sex, erotica, and art, it is a combination that few have. This has the makings to become an instant classic in the genre of older babe meets young vixen. Let us get the show on the road because this one looks wonderful beyond words.

London River and Jill Kassidy 

Scene Duration: 39 Minutes

Director: Stills by Alan: @Stillbyalan        

Studio: Girlsway.com / Mommy’s Girl    

Release Date: November 24th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Older/Younger, Teen -vs- MILF, All in the Family, 5-Star Kissing, Big Tits, Petite, Fingering, Face Sitting


Can I Kiss You?

Starring: London River @LondonCRiver and Jill Kassidy @JillKassidyy

Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: Rockford Peach


#TripleX Appetizers: The pictures that accompany this scene are not too shabby. There is a look at what the scene breaks down into almost like a blueprint, so I would save the picture viewing for after the scene. I would love to see these stunning beauties who have such potential in the industry in a BTS interview but alas, we can not have everything we want.


The Reveal:       

London River and Jill Kassidy 

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The set-up is simple, step-mom and step-daughter. Jill has gone on her first date and simply could not close the deal by getting to first base. It may sound like your everyday story in “Porn Valley” but what sets this apart are three simple things. London River, my goodness, what a knock-out. She has that natural look of aggressiveness and those beautiful eyes of hers mixed with Alan’s team of master videographers make for a hell of a daydream. This kind of pairing from second one has the viewers brain inclining as to what is going to happen. Miss Kassidy, as always, carries a look of flawlessness with her delivery and truly looks like the teen cutie pie from head to toe. Innocent as can be and stunning as can be. These characters really create a tease within itself and when you see that “Mom” wants to show daughter how to kiss the right way, these aggressive ladies begin to make the water boil with luscious wet kissing and heavenly angles of booty sneaking out of some of the most alluring short shorts. I think we may be in for a real treat when the counter has not even reached four minutes of a scheduled forty and the women are already hitting peaks with this steamy interaction. Few things in the world of adult entertainment can compare to watching two women kissing. Especially when it is a pair of hotties who really do like women like these babes. This is some of the most delicious kissings that Girlsway has put out in the 2018 year. I think that when you have a duo this sensual and kinky, the kissing may be all that you need in order to reach some higher peaks of your own. There are a few editing glitches as the women get thirstier for one another and I seriously doubt there will be one person tuning out as the sex begins because of a little orange dot.


The Encounter:

London River and Jill Kassidy 

I am telling you, do not press fast forward! This is the crème de la crème of how an adult film should start. I know, it is beyond steamy to watch Jill stick her entire tongue down her
step-mom’s throat, as London runs and squeezes her gorgeous ass. Good things do “cum” to those who wait and if you can not keep from giving in to temptation after seeing some of the sexiest lesbian kissings of the 2018 year, you will be rewarded in more ways than one. The first, you at least you know from the stars, the value this scene has in terms of re-watch value.  Hell, it might be AVN 2020 before you finish this one if the ladies keep up the pace of luscious kissing you do not want to see end. It is almost a full sixteen minutes before these women even shed one stitch of clothing and it is sixteen minutes that is well used. Mark my words, you will be watching repeatedly. The passion, it is simply jaw-dropping. When Jill’s top finally comes off, we are treated to these side shots of Jill’s amazing tits and a side boob angle that has London licking and sucking, only to peek up with those beautiful eyes to fish for another kiss. You can not fake that type of lust, nor can you teach it in my opinion.

London River and Jill Kassidy 

The only thing that could possibly be even looked down upon by any fan is the dialogue exchange. It is a bit out of place at times but the women’s lust to taste the others flesh, it makes this vignette what it is and it is truly something beyond passionate and entertaining. The view of London using her tongue to tease and such from a view of Jill watching is so reminiscent of porn Legend Norma Jean. The ass up in the air with just enough sharpness to make the imagination go crazy, those beautiful eyes hypnotizing you as she wiggles her tongue back and forth on Jill’s clit before she sucks on it. London is not the most vocal performer and I think that fits this scene just fine. Mixed with the kissing, it adds some realism that Girlsway.com has grown to have part of their calling card. The pussy licking is out of this world, especially when Jill Kassidy gets her turn at the plate. That tongue of hers is not going to get her in trouble but I think earn her some gold in more ways than one come awards season. These two women are flawless. The tan, the grooming, the hair, the make-up. This is a fantasy for all “cummers.” The scene is a complete sexual experience and the story even finishes the tremendous performance of both lovely ladies. The face sitting will simply have you unable to stand for a good five minutes even after the credits have rolled.

London River and Jill Kassidy 

Sight and Sound:

The look of this vignette is beautiful in every technical aspect. The close-up camera work is superb. You get to see enough, not too much. That is what makes the encounter that much sexier and more provocative. The editing is pieced together so well. You can not tell when they start and stop so this means you press play and journey off to the land of honey and naked women, only returning when the scene fades to black. Lisa is spot on with hair and makeup as always. Both women are done so naturally beautiful.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is truly one of the better older/younger scenes of 2018. This has that nostalgic feel that veteran porn consumers will get that feeling of deja vu from. All the little things amass to this true lesbian encounter. This is what I think every red-blooded human being imagines when they think of a forbidden fantasy like this. Jill’s toe curls, London’s constant eye contact. Fantasies like this must be put into the spotlight because this is what we all imagine an encounter with an older woman is and Jill Kassidy puts on a show as the teenage step-daughter with a crush with no experience. The kissing is heavenly, and it does create a world all in itself within this scene but it is so much more. It is the extra gust of wind that propels you forward. It is the fucking Red Bull of porn. Jill Kassidy, she is a superstar in the making. A future Performer of the Year, you mark my words. She knows how to change her game up always. I have never seen the same Jill Kassidy twice. Yes, that serves a performer's career big time when it comes to getting better roles, but it also gives fans something that is worth following. Jill so far has never disappointed and with her dedication to her craft, by circling the country at conventions by taking on deep acting roles, we are only going to get more and more Jill Kassidy and that is a good thing. London River, my goodness, talk about the find of a lifetime. Stumbling upon her porn may be the best thing you do all year. She has command as the dominant older woman and the way she makes the scene sexy without sucking noises, dirty talk and silliness is one of a kind. She reminded me of porn stars past. The look of a Nina Hartley, with the patience of a Nikki Knight. Miss London, she truly is the stunning older woman. A perfect fit for this business and a performer that will have you wanting more. This scene is another one of the Girlsway.com gems. It is only a few licks away from XCritic pick and that simply says it is a must own scene, worthy of a membership alone. Bravo to all involved.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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