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Right to Refuse

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/17/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Pure Taboo, they have taken over for the Pretty Dirty title and improved something that honestly did not need fixing. The amount of award nominations is wonderful. What I have noticed, is a very large upgrade to looks that are as sharp as they come in the industry. The people being cast are giants in the realm of fantasy that has forgotten that such feats are necessary to sell films and make the public hungry for what can be gained with these types of films that release the viewer's inhibitions. Bree Mills seems to be doing more than just adding her writer's touch to all these wonderful scenes, films and vignettes. I look at the PureTaboo.com site and what I see is a dedication to changing the industry. What we are about to indulge in is an XBIZ nominated scene but honestly, how much longer will we be able to call them scenes? These are true films within themselves. A cast that has Dick Chibbles in it will surely be something marvelous and real. Tiffany Watson and Adria Rae? Two of the most sought-after young performers in the game and for good reason. Fans, why these performers have gained such fame is that they love what they do. They do it well and they take no prisoners when it comes to a sexual encounter. This scene alone would get an awards nod even if it were just on the gonzo side of the spectrum. The fact we will have a deep story, my goodness, I am even anxious to see where this one goes.

Right to Refuse Cover 

Scene Duration: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes

Director: Bree Mills @TheBreeMills and Craven Moorehead @badboycraven

Studio: Pure Taboo / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: January 16th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: No Condoms, Feature, Story, Threesome, Hardcore, Older / Younger, Deep Throating, Reluctant Participation, Tea Bagging, Forced Lesbianism, Fingering, Virginity


Right to Refuse

Starring: Tiffany Watson @TiffanyWatsonX , Adria Rae  and Dick Chibbles @DickChibbles


#TripleX Appetizers: The photos that accompany this scene are amazing. Craven’s photography is amazing. The combinations of stills mixed with the candid shots that are mixed together really add something so cool to this scene. The lighting makes each shot a living work of art. No matter the time of indulgence, you will dig these stills.


The Reveal

Tiffany Watson, Adria Rae and Dick Chibbles 

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Darkness, shadiness, people who are up to no fucking good. That is the vibe and it is rock solid. Turn the lights off for this one, campers. The videography is amazing. The score that has a timid Adria Rae and her sex driven friend only looking to party and get laid is so thick, you could not cut through it with a shotgun blast. It is menacing and makes you really feel for these girls if you are romantic like me, or if you are one of the more aggressive style lovers who love to see a naïve character, this is your cup of tea too. The ladies are amazing. Everything about this scene is dramatic when you see Dick Chibbles knock on the window glass, the threat of something sinister coming is right there. I see now, this has been Pure Taboo’s calling card since day one. As the shady male counterparts in the car scramble to get things straight, we see that the scene may be changing quickly for our lady leads. My goodness, Dick Chibbles is amazing, this portrayal will give you teenage flashbacks of bad cops and deviant boys trying to score with two beautiful unsuspecting women. The camera work is beautiful. You start to really get a gut feeling of sorrow for these girls even deeper as Tiffany is put in cuffs. You will start screaming at the monitor, “refuse that asshole, don’t let him do that to you.” Honestly, what can you do in this scenario? Nothing! Which makes the drama so fucking good. Wow, this is truly something special. As the chicken shit boys leave the girls to a fate unknown, the only thing you can say is what a ride.

 Tiffany Watson, Adria Rae and Dick Chibbles

Things start to get dark fast and what makes this scene so raw and real is the way that Dick Chibbles cons the girls into something they have no clue of the ups and downs. Adria and Tiffany bickering with fear, Dick’s smug grin and coy demeanor, it does start to produce the sinister groundwork for a sexual encounter. What kind will it be, my goodness, that is the spellbinding part. You know, as corny as this sounds, there is a shit ton about this scene that is the God’s honest truth of what you do not do in a scenario like this. It is also an insight into a world the public never sees. You can see that Dick is not here to serve the law and my goodness, your senses are going to be fried once we see where Dick goes in order to con these lovely ladies into something sinister. Now, as things get lighter and we see that the girls are ready to do anything to stay free of this crazy ass cop's criminal laden cobwebs, the mood changes once again. Tiffany is superb in creating that scene shift that is desperately needed to get this scene into a more kinky, sexy setting. Oh, what a thrill ride this opening is. My goodness, it is amazing and sinful as hell.


The Encounter

Tiffany Watson, Adria Rae and Dick Chibbles 

This is a performance to the most ultimate degree. Any fan of Tiffany Watson or Adria Rae knows that they are two of the baddest-ass babes on the planet. How they showcase the reluctance and hesitance with a smile is what makes them the badasses they are. Adria gagging. Tiffany in the dark on how to get things going, this is every male's fantasy, well almost every male's fantasy. The tempo of the oral, or lack thereof is so mysteriously sexy, this is what they call, “corruption of the innocent” in the land of fantasy and these two gals showcase they can do it as well as anyone ever has in this business. I mean, this is a scene that shows how talented these performers really are. To make this sexual scenario appear fruitful, wanted and sexy, man, oh man, that takes a performer who is simply a master at creating her character and Tiffany Watson, she is the future of this business. This is hardcore, aggressive sex at it’s best. It does not get too extreme and it starts to show a lighter side of the sexual encounter being that the girls initiate the sex. Dick Chibbles, my goodness, what an actor.

Tiffany Watson, Adria Rae and Dick Chibbles 

The hesitance that stays on the girls' faces almost all the way throughout this film, it is bloody marvelous. To stay in character, fuck in character and ride that wave of performance, it is not an easy thing to do. Dick Chibbles is one of the most sought-after performers to work with when it comes to female talent, so seeing him as the aggressor, the pervert, as opposed to the gentleman, that just shows you the viewer the talent that is within this industry. Tiffany Watson, you talk about an award-worthy performance. The way that she can go so out of her character, you do not even know that it is her. Tiffany has made a living by showcasing her kinky side, which is simply the stuff of porn legend already. She is a performer who will make you start sweating bullets within seconds of her seducing a co-star or showing just how nasty she can get in a scene. Tiffany may be the kinkiest performer on the planet and what is so astounding about this scene, she is reserved, she is as innocent as it gets, even in her sexual performance. All I could do was stand back and watch the performance with my jaw to the floor and my imagination running wild. All three of these amazing actors put on one hell of a show. How many times have you seen an adult film start and stop and you can still be as aroused as if the action never stopped? That is what A-List performers do, it is all in the art of creation. Dick Chibble takes his character to levels I have never seen the “douche bag” older male go. He takes the sex aggressive, yet very alluring to any fan's tastes and desires. I think there will be a wide range of fans who enjoy this scene. Yes, it is built more to the hardcore fan, but this is something entertaining for all lovers of cinema. The realism of the sex in this scene is intense and the way that the girls play the part of innocent teens. It may be the best portrayal of the 2018 year. I mean there is so much effort in all three actors’ parts. This is worth every nod that the film has received in terms of awards. What this also does, is show that there is so much that can be created with passion and drive in this industry.

Tiffany Watson, Adria Rae and Dick Chibbles 

Sight and Sound:

This is one of the best shot vignettes of the 2018 year. There is so much attention paid to every small detail. The sound is superb as well. From the moment we become a part of the story, in the car with the innocent teens we can hear everything and anything. You do not miss a beat, nor do you have to crank the sound to the ceiling in order to hear what is going on from the reveal to encounter. You do not see these combos that often. Seeing the way that the editing team patched everything together, it really makes you stay in the fantasy. You are never lost from its firm grasp. Part of the fun of the dominant male and the scenes of innocence shattered is that you see the faces of fear, joy and then change of heart. This scene has them all and the team that chopped it all up and put it together, they take you on the ride the directors meant. Five-star brilliance.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is why Pure Taboo was created. To show sides of performers that fans may not know exist. I can not express how fans of all three performers must see this film. It is why you watch Denzel in Training Day no matter if you are a male or female fan. You pay to see him fucking bind you with a spell of utter genius and acting strength. That is what this vignette is. This is a film in one hour and it backs a punch. So, you may say, who will love this scene? Some degenerate? No, this is a scene that shows a side of sexuality that both men and women like. It is not my cup of tea but my goodness, for those fans who do love it, this is your Gone with the Wind. This is something that is sexy, dark, stylish, unique, entrancing and raw as can be without stepping over the line. This vignette must be watched from start to finish. This is a story that is not for people looking to get just a sexual thrill. No, this is for the fan who loves that endorphin release that comes from taboo erotica. Dick Chibbles and Tiffany Watson put on the performance of a lifetime. Tiffany, she is one of the best damn performers in this industry and she just added another chapter to her portfolio. Her die-hard fans have never seen her like this and if you are watching her for the first time, trust me, you have not seen anything yet. Craven, Bree, and team, they add as much as the performers do. This is one of the best taboo releases of the year. There is so much power to this scene. A win for this vignette would be well warranted. XCritic Pick all the way #TripleX fans. The way that the film ends, it simply sends you reeling back to that area in your mind where you simply say, “holy shit, was this real?” That is what a true performance is and that is what this team of superstars did with this masterful creation. There are not many adult films that tell of tales this real. My goodness, when can you ever say, you can learn something from an adult film? I mean, yes, there are educational videos, but this is a production of fiction. This truly showcases rare reality in a way few writers can make come alive on screen. It is a cautionary tale that has sexual fantasy mixed in and my goodness, how a scene like this truly redefines what can be created in this industry.

Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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