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Fantasy Factory Wastelands

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/29/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Lesbian, Science Fiction, Feature


Cast: Abigail Mac, April O'Neil, Kenna James, Alexis Fawx, Georgia Jones, Cherie DeVille (Plus an all-star cast of nearly 20 in non-sex appearances)

Director: Stills By Alan

Writers: Stills By Alan and Jonathan B.

Release Date: Oct. 5, 2018

Length: Disc One: 2 hours 3 min., Disc Two: 2 hours 33 min.

Extras: Four Trailers


Overview: In this amazing sequel to last year's Fantasy Factory, the Girlsway's sexbots have gone rogue, escaping the park to live life outside in the desolate wastelands, and it's up to renegade detective Abigail Mac to round them up and return them. However, doctor April O'Neil befriends and falls in love with the Kenna James replica. Can they alone take down the evil Girlsway corporation and defeat it's evil owner Bree Mills. Possibly with the help of “The Programmer”. This highly ambitious outing from the Girlsway team, headed by the extraordinary Bree Mills and Stills By Alan, delivers an absorbing tale with such phenomenal performances that you sometimes forget your watching a porn film until you come to the sex scenes. Yet another game changer from the wonderful Bree Mills and company.


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Disc One


Part One: The Villain starring Alexis Fawx, Georgia Jones and Abigail Mac


The story picks up a few years after the brilliantly talented Alexis Fawx escaped the Girlway Fantasy Factory park to live life amongst the humans. Unfortunately civilization has been taken over by The New World Order, and life is divided by class. This has forced Alexis to work in a brothel run by steampunk madam Dana Dearmond. Georgia Jones shows up as a client and Alexis pulls her back to her room. She tells Georgia she can be anything she wants, and twitches as she goes from mother, (twitch) to step-sister, (twitch) to girlfriend, etc. Georgia decides upon wife and Alexis twitches and starts pampering her as such. Georgia takes off her top and starts sucking on Alexis' tits before she takes Georgia's pants off and goes down on her pussy.


She licks and sucks on it making Georgia cum before climbing up and tribbing her. Alexis grinds her clit on Georgia's bringing her to another orgasm before we meet the villain of the story, Abigail Mac. We cut to outside where we see Abigail entering the brothel with her male fully armed soldier replicants. Back inside Georgia and Alexis are still going at it, Alexis now in mommy mode and telling Georgia to suck her mommy big titties when she hears Abigail approaching. The look of terror on Alexis' face is so mesmerizing. Such a wonderful actress. After a black and white flashback of Abigail receiving her orders from Bree Mills to bring Alexis back, Abigail enters the room. The terrified Alexis pleads Abigail to not take her back while the befuddled Georgia is confused as to what's going on. To which Abigail shows Georgia what she's been fucking and orders them to continue. Alexis cradles Georgia again, playing the mommy part and letting Georgia suck on her tits when Abigail tells her to be Georgia's wife again. With a twitch Alexis is back in wifey mode and goes back down on Georgia's pussy again.


She gives Georgia multiple orgasms with her mouth as Abigail undresses and then Abigail tells her to become a whore. The now sex crazed Alexis ravages Abigail's body before laying on her back and letting Abigail sit on her face. Abigail rides Alexis' tongue until she cums and then sends her back into mommy mode. She then makes Georgia eat her pussy while Alexis rubs Georgia's ass and soon Abigail is cumming again. She says she wants to taste “the whore's” pussy and with a few twitches Alexis is back into whore mode screaming she just wants to fuck. Abigail makes Georgia sit on Alexis' face while she eats her pussy. Then after they both cum Abigail turns her back into a wife and makes Georgia go down on her while Abigail licks Georgia's asshole. Georgia gives Alexis multiple orgasms with her tongue before she cums on Abigail's hand as she rubs her pussy.


Abigail then puts Alexis in reluctant mode making her more subdued as she confronts Georgia, asking which one she wants. Georgia is pretty much freaked out by now and tells her she's done.  But Abigail says not yet and makes Alexis submissive. She then makes her and Georgia eat her pussy while standing and soon she's cumming in both of their mouths. She then tells Alexis to relax which brings her out of sexbot mode. She starts pleading with Abigail to let her go saying she'd rather die than go back. This is where Abigail informs her all she needs is her central cortex and cpu, and with that, in a shocking twist, she kills off the main character from the first series. As she leaves she receives another message from Bree Mills, telling her to find and retrieve another replicant from the wastelands.


Part Two: The Hero starring Kenna James and April O'Neil


As the second scene opens we see Kenna James in a aerial shot laying naked on a grassy patch in the desert. She's a replicant who awakens and walks naked searching for water. We then get a shot of April O'Neil driving through the desert in her 4x4. The extremely talented April plays a doctor, who through flashbacks we learn had a dying sister she couldn't save, played by Jenna Sativa. As she's driving she accidentally hits Kenna. Thinking she's dead she loads her up in the truck, planning on burying her in the morning. When morning comes she notices Kenna has no cuts or bruises after the accident plus no rigor mortis. Befuddled she goes to wash Kenna's face with wet cloth when suddenly Kenna grabs her hand to suck as much water out of the cloth as she can.  “What the fuck?”, April yells as Kenna jumps out of the back of the truck and guzzles down all of April's water bottle. She tells April she's fine and that her name is VX-13. When April asks her where she's from, we see flashes of Kenna's Girlsway sex scenes making Kenna go into a seizure. April comforts her and Kenna tells her tells her how much she knows it hurts to remember. Kenna then starts kissing her to repay her for her kindness, and soon April has spread a blanket on the ground for them to make love.


In a very well paced sequence that showcases love and intimacy Kenna and April make out. April removes her clothes before going down on Kenna, slowly and intimately licking and kissing her pussy bringing her to a sweet orgasm. April then sits back and offers her pussy up to Kenna who goes between her legs and licks April with the same intimacy. She gently flicks her tongue on April's clit and sweetly licks her cunt until she convulses in Kenna mouth. April then lays back and Kenna climbs up and sits on her face. April's mouth engulfs Kenna's pussy while she dances it on her tongue and soon she's having another convulsive orgasm.


They then switch up and April rides Kenna's face, Kenna flicking her tongue on April's hairy pussy giving April the most pleasurable orgasm she's ever had. April then lays on top of Kenna in a 69, both of them licking each other's pussies and bringing themselves to beautiful loving orgasms. And thus starting a romantic relationship between human and artificial being, both of which still unaware of Kenna's true self.


Disc Two


Part Three: The Capture starring Kenna James, April O'Neil and Abigail Mac


April gives Kenna some clothes that used to belong to her sister. They drive around the wastelands looking for supplies when they come across an abandoned house. While April can't open the locked door, android Kenna merely pushes it for the door to fling open, again startling the puzzled April. They search the house for food and supplies but come up empty. In a beautifully written passage April starts to imagine what the house might have once been, with a family and life. Kenna starts to see the beauty in human nature and starts kissing April. Soon they're making out on the floor slowly undressing each other and still passionately kissing. April kisses down Kenna's body and soon she's between her legs, licking and sucking on Kenna's pussy, gently feeling and rubbing it with her fingers.


April sucks on Kenna's clit as she gently fingers her pussy making Kenna writhe as she cums on her fingers. They embrace and kiss some more before Kenna is licking and sucking on April's clit, making her cum in seconds. They embrace once more when Abigail and her team bust down the door. They slap handcuffs on April and Kenna punches one of them against the wall before she's cuffed. Abigail laughs at the two, telling April she was fooled into thinking this artificial being could actually care for her. Through a string of commands she makes Kenna go through different porn modes (schoolgirl, step-sister, etc.) before finally making her seduce April. Reluctantly April gives in to Kenna's kisses and Abigail starts undressing. She then takes command of the scene, ordering Kenna to start eating April's pussy. Kenna's flicks her tongue over April's pussy lips while Abigail sucks her tits and soon she's cumming in Kenna's mouth. Abigail then makes Kenna lick her pussy while April eats Kenna's out from behind.


After she cums in Kenna's mouth Abigail then goes down on April, licking her hairy pussy lips until she cums again while she's nestled in Kenna's arms. Abigail then climbs up and starts tribbing April, grinding and bumping her pussy against hers until they both cum in unison. Abigail then puts Kenna in a missionary with her legs pinned back and devours her pussy while April rides her face. Kenna makes April cum while Abigail munches on Kenna's pussy until she orgasms. Abigail darts her tongue in and out of Kenna's pussy making her convulse with each jab, and then she sits on April's face. April eats Abigail's pussy while Kenna licks her asshole bringing her to one final orgasm. Abigail then orders her guards to dress Kenna and April before knocking April unconscious and taking Kenna back to Girlsway.


Part Four: The Escape starring Kenna James, April O'Neil, Abigail Mac and Cherie DeVille


April awakens and finds she's be watched by a drone. She follows it outside where it leads her to a small box which contains a wristband and an ear piece. She puts both of them on and a voice who identifies itself as “The Programmer” tells her to head to the city (which is reminiscent of the Emerald City from The Wizard Of Oz) and the Girlsway Corp. where Kenna is imprisoned. She uses the wristband as a passport and goes to Girlsway disguised as a client. An artificial Carter Cruise orients her, and in a fantastic sequence, The Programmer leads her through different sets where classic Girlsway fantasy scenes are being made, leading her to Kenna. Each one of the scenes has terrific cameos from today's top stars, from Angela White to Kristen Scott to Charlotte Sartre, etc., etc., etc. April makes it to the detention level where Kenna is being held prisoner. The Programmer opens her cell and they make their way to her, where we find it's Cherie DeVille. It turns out Cherie was the programmer who wrote the code that gave all of the androids the ability to think for themselves. As she's explaining this in busts Abigail Mac. With a command from Cherie we discover Abigail is A.I. as well. They all develop a plan to free the other androids, and in the process Cherie professes her love for her greatest creation, Abigail. This leads to a fantastic smoldering hot sex scene starting with the humans eating out the androids, and then vice versa, Kenna and Abigail making April and Cherie cum in their mouths.


They all move down to the floor where Cherie and Kenna take turns sucking on April's tits before Kenna starts eating Abigail's pussy as she sits on Cherie's face while April munches on Cherie's snatch. After they all cum Cherie sucks on April's boob and rubs her pussy while Abigail goes down on Kenna. Kenna and April sit back to back as Abigail continues to munch on Kenna's pussy and Cherie devours April. Kenna has a truly intense orgasm in Abigail's mouth before Cherie and April start tribbing. They grind their pussies together, Cherie giving her always wonderful intense performances as they both cum on each other's cunts. Cherie and Kenna then go into a 69, Cherie sitting on Kenna's face as her tongue flicks over her pussy. Abigail and April follow suit, and Abigail goes down between April's legs as she rides her face to Chicago. Kenna then goes into a doggy position and Cherie eats eats her ass and rubs her pussy from behind.


She then joins Abigail in eating April's pussy until Cherie's mouth makes her cum while Abigail orgasms on April's face. Kenna then sits back in Cherie's arms as Cherie kisses her neck and rubs her pussy making her cum again. Kenna then goes down between Cherie's legs while April and Abigail eat her out from behind and soon Cherie is having another joyously intense orgasm while April and Abigail make Kenna cum from behind. This amazing scene ends with the four huddled together, kissing each other before hatching the plan of freeing the artificials from the evil clutches of Bree Mills and the Girlsway Corporation. I'm not going to give the ending away, but it's a wonderful emotionally charged sequence that leaves open a possible third installment in the franchise. Stay tuned.


Final Thoughts: The wonderfully talented artists at Gamma Media (parent company of Girlsway) always try to top themselves when it comes to ambitiously creative projects such as this one. Last year it was with Vampires. This time they've made an incredibly absorbing story that reaches new heights in artistry. Let's start with the wonderful acting, especially from the very talented April O'Neil who delivers her lines with such natural ease that you would think she's ad-libbing. She brings such depth to her character as the healer she still mourns for her sister that she truly mourn right along with her. Also the wonderful Kenna James, who wowed us with her phenomenal performance in Girlcore, plays her sweet innocent replica with such loving gentleness, and yet has the strength to make April move forward into the a future life together. And I also want to take this time to mention Bree Mills. Sure, she's always made cute little Alfred Hitchcock type cameos in all of her films and scenes, but this is the first time we see her actually act in a truly substantial role. And the fact that she plays a self deprecating character shows how committed she is to her art. This movie is a great statement on the porn industry today, and is a wonderful tribute to the artists who make it. We are moving to a new creative era, and this film shows that we need to to break away from the same old cookie cutter diatribes and present the audience with fresh new ideas. Art is a gamble, and the artists shouldn't be afraid to take chances. This is another amazing winner in the long line of wonderful Girlsway projects, already nominated for several AVN awards, including Best Drama and Best Supporting Actress for April O'Neil. Definitely don't miss this one people!

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