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You Gotta Love This

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 1/1/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The start of 2019 has everyone ready for awards shows, parties and the glitz that comes with the “City of Angels” and the city of sin. Archangel has had a few “sleeper” hits this last year and as they go into one of their strongest since their start, the hiring of Brandi Love to star within one of Mimefreak’s creations shows that they are a company looking to make a move in 2019. Brandi is a performer who needs zero introduction time. She is one of the best, if not the best performer of all time. Yes, that is a bold statement but what I will say about Mrs. Love for all you fans reading this review, looking for my guiding words to find you some excellent adult entertainment without stealing content or spending your hard earned cash on a guess, is that what you will never find Brandi Love’s is a bad scene, a bad film, or a bad performance. No matter if you love her or you hate her, one thing you can never say about Mrs. Love, is that she has never had a less then stellar creation be a part of her filmography. She is a true superstar, a true legend. When many people say, “I am not a porn star yet” they are referring to performers like her. Women who have set the bar high and have earned their place at the top. What has excited me most about this union of Archangel and Brandi Love is that we are finally going to get to see her paired with some of the hottest male talents that seem to always shine the brightest when Mimefreak is directing traffic. Jax Slayer, he may be the best-kept secret in the industry. He is loved by female talent and female fans worldwide and rightfully so; the man brings a charisma to the scene that makes every porn fan jump up for joy when he is apart of the mix. These two electrical performers come together like thunder and lighting and what will be created. My goodness, I can only imagine. So, let’s get ready for the storm ready shall we. You made need a raincoat for more reasons than you think.

Brandi Love and Jax Slayer 

Scene Duration: 28 Minutes and 31 Seconds

Director: MimeFreak @MimeFreak

Studio: ArchAngel

Release Date: December 21st, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Boy/Girl, Interracial, Dirty Talk, Heavenly Head, Amazing Positions


You Gotta Love This

From the Archangel 2019 Release: Black and White Affair 2

Starring: Brandi Love® @Brandi_Love and Jax Slayer @JaxSlayer


The Reveal:

Brandi Love and Jax Slayer 

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Prepare to see Brandi like you have not seen her in a long, long time. She is in that familiar role of the lonely housewife looking for romance and passion. This scene is something very different than what I have seen of MimeFreak in terms of an intro and the soft melody that goes with Brandi's wonderful narration. There are few things that can even compare to a Brandi Love striptease. With the story she tells of a woman looking for passion, it really creates one hell of a mood for the love to unfold between these two performers. I can not say if this was planned but what was very cool to see was Brandi zipping up her dress. Die-hard fans will know you never get to see that, only the zipper coming down, almost always with the most dazzling shots and angels covering her perfect ten everything. I thought that a very cool tease of one the most seductive performers to ever step in front of the camera. Jax, he is slick. Man, what a smooth talker. This guy knows how to set the tone and when he tells Brandi he will not take her zipper down, the viewer is left wondering, “where is this going to go?” The way that these two are able to deliver lines, stay in character, it is hot. That kind of hot you only get from two great actors. The scene then jumps in a barrage of quick kissing and fast clothes ripping. As you see Jax take control and manhandle Brandi’s award-wining cleavage you know this is going to be another amazing scene.


The Encounter:

Brandi Love and Jax Slayer 

Brandi’s aggressive demeanor is what will get her into every adult hall of fame on the planet. What built her fan base is something far kinkier. The pussy licking is five stars as is the way Brandi handles Jax’s stiff sword in her hand and swallow’s it with ease and lust. Few have ever been able to put on a show like Brandi can in this department. The sex is fast, but it is not so quick as to lose the viewer. Jax, he looks like a fucking superhero. I mean this guy is cut, he has one of the most impressive physiques I have ever seen in a male performer. Fellas get your ladies to watch this one, they will go gaga over Jax. I guarantee. This pairing is one hell of a way to introduce someone who has not been a big porn watcher when it comes to couples. Both performers will flick a switch for any type of viewer. The views are spectacular, Jax and Brandi are in top physical condition, that means you the viewer are going to see some of the steamiest angles and the action delivers on all fronts. One of the steamiest shots is seeing Mr. Slayer's stiff member tease Brandi’s gorgeous kitty. As he pulls out and gives the camera this tight shot of the hottest pussy in the game, we see that his shaft is glistening with wetness. Damn, this scene needs to come with a gallon of ice water to keep a person from overheating.

Brandi Love and Jax Slayer 

MimFreak just lets these two go at it. There is even a part where you see Brandi start to cum hard all over Jax pulsating cock and you see them grab each other and just let go. I wish more adult films went that way. That is true sexual passion. That is real sex the way people want to see it. You hear Brandi even ask Jax, “how does your cock keep getting harder and harder?” It is because this fucking guy is as badass as it gets in this game. Never have I seen a performer go the way he goes in this scene. The way that he and Brandi Love go back and forth is X-rated magic. These two take turns fucking each other. The action is wonderful, not too intense but just right. I have to say that this scene is how you start the 2019 year.

Brandi Love and Jax Slayer 

Sight and Sound:

The only hindrance of this scene, that takes away from the fantasy is the sound. The acoustics take you out of that realm of allure and are a huge distraction, especially in the narration. This is not the most massive of problems, but it is the only thing that kept this scene from being an XCritic Pick. The perfect scene needs no volume adjustment and should never have a viewer doing anything but enjoying the show. The angles in this scene are wonderful. Brandi Love fans will see yet another great side of her, especially with some of the loveliest close-up shots I have ever seen of Mrs. Brandi Love.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Archangel has hit a home run with this scene. They showcased Brandi Love in a new light for both old fans and new. MimeFreak changes up his style a bit and you see something you never have from the director. One of the most amazing feats in this scene is the coming of Jax Slayer. This guy is the real deal. He has swagger, he has the look and my goodness, he has a game that you simply never see in the adult industry. This business has always been founded on those studs who stole the show with their looks. Rocco, Colt Steele they all had something in common with Jax, they make every woman drop to their knees. He is an impressive specimen and honestly, he delivers. It has been a calling card to see Brandi simply get destroyed in only the way that an aggressive male can. It is sexy. She always knows how to play this cat and mouse game with her male co-stars. There are always some instances where Brandi is just too strong of a performer and the male fizzles out, leaving us only Brandi to pick up the ball and run with it to our erogenous zones and she does every single time. In this scene, Brandi has met an equal and my goodness, that spells dollar signs and sex appeal if you are a director and producer and that spells quality if you are a fan. This scene is a must own. It has everything that you would want to see in a scene like this. I stated earlier that a scene like this will get you going. Ladies, this is also a way to show your fella that there are alternatives to the Step-Mom scenes and the aggressive natured shows that go too far sometimes. Hey, I like it rough too but this is the perfect scene to show that in-between spot that porn was known for in its glory days. This is movie gold and no matter who you are or why you are watching you will be entertained and that is all you need to know #TripleX fans.

Don Juan DeMarko 




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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