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Studio: Tushy.com » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 1/16/19

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Abigail Main Menu


This is a very high-end box art for an adult DVD that is acclaimed in its own right. Abigail is a new approach to a fine brand that just gave us a new flavor of itself. Tushy has had that full stake in full-featured adult films with serious features like "Lana" that starred Lana Rhoades in her own showcase. Abigail will give us something different and that starts with the box design on this DVD case. The slip-on sleeve made of light cardboard has a foil shine to the Tushy logo. A darker themed statuesque stance with Abigail locked frozen in a pose with her hands resting on her head is the cover.  Greg Lansky’s brand credit is lodged humbly underneath the “Y” under the Tushy logo. The film title is in thin white writing stretched horizontally across Abigail’s body. The background cover giving imagery reminiscent of starless deep space.  The overall vibe is a vintage 80s slant with Abigail’s stare slicing through the simple yet deep scenery. It is all that's needed besides the list of important exclusives tactically slid at the bottom right corner of the DVD box. The text stating Abigail’s first Anal and DP are in that same shiny purple font that the Tushy logo is gleaming in.

scene selection disc 1

This is a special two-disc set of Abigail that I have before me. Opening the clear plastic box reveals two standard DVD insertion spots where the discs lay. This is after removing the stylish slipcase that is a duplicate of the back and front artwork. When opened you’ll notice on one side behind the disc is Abigail in a striking pose while wearing a bikini. A dark background still surrounding her as Abigail holds her classic frozen form for more dreamlike posing. On the other side, once the disc is lifted you’ll see a solid pink logo of the Tushy brand with the film title directly under it. All viewable because of the plastic clear case in this well thought out design. If you want hardcore pictures of what the film offers then flip the box around for another artistic display of information.  A paragraph giving a summation of the feature is at the top with another sound logo placed above the words of description. Abigail Mac is symmetrically modeling her physique with two columns of screenshots at both sides of her advertising the film.  Necessary info like the runtime and Behind The Scenes are found at the very bottom written in small font.

Cast: Abigail Mac, Lena Paul, Kissa Sins, Markus Dupree, Prince Yashua, Jax Slayher, Mick Blue, Mickey Mod
Directed By: Kayden Kross
Photo Gallery:  Yes
Condoms: No
Approx. Runtime: 3 hours and 50 minutes
Behind The Scenes: Yes


The direct design of the menus are present for the viewers eased navigation. Even when spread across two discs the simple style is maintained.  The special features are found on disc 2 and come in the form of Behind the scenes, a feature trailer, cumshot recap,  a photo gallery, and some web information. The emotionally intense film score permeates on to the menus you are browsing. The films art direction carries over on the menu design as well with Abigail in various stances as if she were a pristine sculpture. 

I watched disc 1 on my laptop and I spun disc 2 on my PS4. Even with Dolby digital support, I chose headphones to hear the intense piano-driven music that sets during the menu surfing. The video output being MPEG-2 on an HD television.  All the screens from disc 2 are taken from the website's episodal breakdown of the film. I streamed it in full 1080p HD hence the Tushy.com watermark on the screens. 


Title of the film.

The box cover is indeed appealing but this is a whole porno package especially if you know what is in it. Realize that Kayden Kross is an exceptional director that was picked up by the Tushy brand for Abigail. This is why bigger brands exist so that directors like Kayden Kross are given new venues to display honed crafts. She also is the mastermind behind her own brand called xTrenchCoatx which is a very recognized porn establishment, like Tushy, with its own stylish approach. Here in Abigail, this is only complimented with a courageous cast that is all over this film. Even as some noticeable extras in the background being performers themselves. Some even had minor roles for Abigail giving this film the vibe of an industry-wide event.  Something that is handled so well by names that mean so much to the industry and goes beyond what an appetizing box design can show you. Just picking up this product whether digital or on DVD gives the consumer a glint of porno power that is about to shine once played in front of the viewer’s eyes.



Abigail behind the wheel.

Hit the play feature on the main menu to start up Abigail.  You’ll notice something akin to a mainstream movie starting up. Images of a desert highway now set onto your screen with hip music flowing by the scenery. Cars zip by until finally, it’s Abigail Mac herself with her passenger being Markus Dupree in a fast sports car. The music is turned up louder once the camera settles in the car and we see Abigail at the wheel. She’s the one who reaches over and turns the music up. The brilliant splash of the film’s vintage logo hits the screen in between this. They eventually pull up to a nice large house and exit the vehicle. Both Markus Dupree and Abigail Mac strolling into the house right before another vital splash of Kayden Kross’ director and writer credit hitting the screen.

Dinner time with the couples.

Cue the cacophonous laughter mixed in with dinner table banter as two couples including Mickey Mod and Anna Foxx is now laughing with Markus Dupree and Abigail Mac. It’s a fun night for the couple it seems as they dine on desserts with their wines. The troupe of chatting adults agree it is time for a story as Anna Foxx steps up to the plate with a tale of her own. The story is of a darker tone for dinnertime talk but at least it stars Romi Rain as “Hanna”, the story’s main character. During the montage with Ana’s narration, you’ll see a young couple taking things too fast which leads to some infidelity from Romi’s young new husband she got hitched with. From a Vegas wedding with Elvis (played by James Bartholet) to a curling iron being shoved up an unfaithful husband’s ass while he’s tied up to a bed. That is the type of story that Ana Foxx thought was appropriate for the dinner event. A welcome dash of dark humor and great dialogue during this terrifying tale of unfaithfulness.  The couples will break away to retire for the night each to their respective chambers in the house they are staying in.

Markus Abigail dining out.

Anna Foxxx and Mickey Mod are having sex in their room. After Which results in Ana falling asleep right after the brief sequence of softcore sex. Mickey Mod builds up a midnight appetite and ventures down to the kitchen to start cooking. Soon enough you’ll see Abigail Mac on the prowl. Clad in only a sexually striking nightgown that is almost immediately discarded as she glides to a silently sleepy Mickey Mod. As he’s cooking she embraces him from behind fooling him into thinking it is a suddenly risen Ana Foxxx. He couldn’t more wrong as Abigail Mac snatches his penis to begin a very sexy scene that is about to turn the heat up in this kitchen.

Abigail with Mickey in the kitchen.

Mickey Mod is sexually clutched as Abigail oozes all over him. She’ll kiss and caress his body as she goes back and forth between teasing his hard dick and kissing his lips. Then finally she utters these words before allowing him to enter her asshole; “I bet Jaime doesn’t give you this…”
They ease into this important sex position for Abigail Mac as it is her anal on film. Tushy which is a brand known to brandish vital exclusives brought one here for this feature.

Abigail anal pull.

Anal insertion begins smoothly as Abigail arches into an aroused Mickey Mod. Slow and sensual is what this simmering scene is just like the red pot of boiling water sitting on the stove in the background. Mickey easing his sword in and out of Abigail’s cheeks is the visual sex at hand. The camera hovering in this present moment of Abigail’s ass christening on camera. The reliability of Kayden’s camera is evident when Abigail is fully laid on the kitchen counter to give Mickey Mod a sloppy blowjob. Both Abigail and Kayden both meet here in excellence as Abigail’s bubbling blowjob is a fantastically filmed one. A very hot segment for a very lucky Mickey Mod for just the BJ alone.

Sweet stringer from Abigail.

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It is time for him to return the oral favor as goes face first into the vagina of Abigail. Camera placement precise in delivering Mickey Mod’s buried face with close-up angles of the pussy munching.  That same cinematic prowess is seen when Abigail mounts Mickey in reverse cowgirl for more calculated shots of the precision insertion. The slimy anal has a steady pace even in this erected position of reverse cowgirl with the correct camera capturing each anal pump. Some recitations of dirty talk from an impassioned Abigail leads Mickey Mod to fuck his pop out all over her ass cheeks to conclude the sex. Abigail toys with the oozy mess that Mickey left in between her butt.


If all the noise in the kitchen from the sexual ruckus wasn’t enough, both Abigail and Mickey’s significant others realize that something is amiss. That something is their respective partners missing from their bedrooms. Ana and Markus’ little search party eventually leading them to the crime scene in the kitchen. The obvious reaction happens of Ana Foxxx kicking everyone out after questioning Mickey Mod in a distraught fashion. Time for the next job... 


Abigail and Lena ready for Mr. Martin.

“What’s the next job?”, Abigail calmly asks as stacks of cash are plopped on a table right in front of her. Markus Dupree is sitting right across from her at this table as her accomplice in a ring of relationship fixing that they take part in. They are hired by clients to “fix” high profile relationships for various motives of said clientele. Yet Markus and Abigail’s motive is pretty clear as they sit there professionally collecting their money.

Lena breaking water

With music now coaxing on the next scene, we have the setting for the next job. It is a posh hotel with the sun shining in this grabbing poolside outdoor day. Lena Paul is swimming with the pace of the camera that eventually catches her full body breaking the water to walk out in soaking glory. Abigail dressed in her crimson summer gown walks the side of the pool leading her to a bar where Lena happens to walk to.  Just during this stroll scene with these two prime performers meeting at the bar showed me that this camera work is on par or even above some mainstream work I’ve run into. Fun music as the soundtrack for the setup here as both girls begin to spy their target, Mick Blue. Mr. Martin is the character that Mick Blue is playing and he is enjoying this nice day with his wife, Mrs. Martin, played by Darla Crane.

Mr and Mrs Martin.

Abigail Mac is narrating this web of deceit that they are about to spin as Mick Blue is strategically separated by his wife after a bartender “accidentally” bumps into him spilling drinks all over his Mick’s shirt. This leads him to be frustrated with the end result of him going back to his hotel room to get a change of clothes. Abigail Mac’s voice over still describing the trap that is set for Mick Blue as her and Lena Paul play the “gifts” for Mr. Martin. They lie in wait for him in his room. She also describes how she doesn’t feel bad because “all relationships are insidious”, she explains. Both women now suited up in fancy lingerie and adorning bows as the door expectedly cracks open. The bait is taken, Mr. Martin walks in.

Abigail Lena Full On sex

The “best items on the menu” were allegedly set up by Mrs. Martin herself the girls concoct. The three meld into each other in passionate kissing as Mick Blue’s character hardly cares how believable this story is and decides to dig into these treats. Lena Paul jumps right down to suck some cock while Abigail’s mouth is locked with Mick Blue.  The performers are entangled as Mick Blue begins vaginal insertion with the help of Lena spreading Abigail open. They’ll continually work in tandem in this sexual twist by doing dashing double blowjobs for example.

Abigail rimming Lena

In between quick edits of the trio having sex you’ll see Darla Crane waiting patiently with her wine glass sitting on a massage table. Back to the sex where Lena Paul is on top of Mick Blue in solid cowgirl with her plump butt bouncing up and down. Abigail Mac pulls the penis out while this is happening to give it a few gagging sucks. Mr. Martin is truly in heaven here. A methodic insertion of anal happens in reverse cowgirl with Abigail Mac now on top of Mick. The zoomed in camera shows the piercing of the butt closely. Then the rapid pumps start into Abigail Mac’s ass. Lena Paul is chaperoning this passionate anal by licking Abigail’s nipples and kissing her. She even gets down to lick Abigail’s pussy while her ass is getting pounded.

Threesome passion

Mick is on the clock and we see this when we get those scenes of Darla Crane looking at the actual clock herself in the massage room she's waiting in. No matter as you'll see Mick Blue is ready to take Lena Paul’s poop chute while Abigail is already rimming it. A down doggy positioning of anal is now in tow. While in the throes of hot anal sex Mick Blue fails to notice his wife staring through a glass window parallel to the window where his thrilling threesome is taking place. Abigail notices and slyly stares back at a disenfranchised Darla Crane. The scenery is set back into the anal adventure Mr. Martin is having with these two beauties. He is now barreling down doggy into Abigail’s ass with Lena Paul watching this time. A peeled open anal missionary is next for Mick Blue’s butt blasts into Lena. Finally Mick Blue reaches his climax after more rotations of fucking he pulls out for his delivery. The semen is squeezed out into Abigail’s mouth for her to share in a slimy cum swap with Lena Paul. Mission accomplished.

cum swapping

Times up! The lovely ladies remind Mick to thank his wife for the anniversary gift. The next scene is the gift Mr. Martin should have expected after that fiery fling of infidelity. Court ordered divorce papers is what is delivered to his door. The next setting after the departure from the hotel is Abigail Mac back at the table with Markus. It is time to receive payment and the parameters for the next job. Both dressed in black this time as they discuss business outside of work. Abigail reminds Markus of her professionalism as she coldly states the separation of her personal life from this job. The man with the bag full of cash comes barging in with the payment. Cash is again stacked on the table.  The next job is given with the advice of “You’re job is to break loyalty..”. The mysterious bald man then walks out as quickly as he dropped in. The next set up is also on the table for Markus and Abigail as they depart onto the field. This also should be the end of Disc 1 if you are rolling with the special edition two-disc set like I am.


Jax Slayher, Prince Yashua, Abigail Locked in Passion

Right at the start of disc 2 after hitting play feature we immediately get intimate time with the character Abigail Mac is playing. A beautiful montage shot of a cityscape where Abigail is doing night jogging serenades the screen. Her voice-over explaining that in reality, she wasn’t always the relationship fixer you saw in the past two scenes. She even explains that at one point the Abigail wasn’t always the Abigail she was in her character’s past. But she maintains her will and justification for softening the inevitable decay of most relationships by “fixing” them. She shares her character’s reality as she gracefully jogs during her vespertine exercises.

Cityscape of Abigail's workout.

Cue the next cut to a strip club with more noticeable extras like Lexi Luna as an exotic dancer strolls by. September Reign has a speaking role with someone should look familiar. This recognizable man recognizes Abigail in the club. She is here as a dancer herself. Abigail’s future boss tips September to just send her over to him. No dances needed as he flashes large amounts of cash.

September pole dance.

They finally meet in the champagne room as this is revealed to be a flashback sequence where Abigail first meets her now current employer. So Abigail’s scorching origin story is that she was a former exotic dancer recruited by this high profile relationship fixing firm. This is where she is first teased to join the group and given a card, with the name Christian Solonik on it, he leaves it on the bra strap of her bikini as he breaks away from her.

Jax breaching out in to the sun

This excites Abigail to no end and even causes her to get wet. You’ll see her grab a sampling of her own cum in her sudden throes of arousal. She snatches September Reign’s client away from her as she invades a VIP booth. She’s in a daze of heated horniness as she grabs Jax Slayher away to pounce on him. September Reign loudly decries that they aren’t allowed to have sex in the establishment. This doesn’t stop Abigail as she drags Jax Slayher around the strip club passionately locked with him. At the protest of the other strippers, this intense matchup of spontaneous sex is forced outdoors. Intense music fuels this sudden flurry of what will soon turn into hot fuck scene. They bust out into the sunlight as the door swings open with Jax and Abigail stripping each other while still having faces

Prince as an angry security

Prince Yashua bursts out yelling for the two to stop at once, he looks to be playing some security guard of some sort. It isn't long before he is snatched into Abigail’s sexual storm to start this group scene. Prepare for Abigail Mac’s first DP.

Jax and Prince DPing Abby

In this domineering sexual stance, Abigail snatches both cocks to start a double BJ in this parking garage where the sex starts. Switching between two erect cocks she is brandishing. After the double blowjob, Abigail is arched out on the truck bed where Jax is getting his continued cock sucking while Prince starts with humping the pussy. From this very same position of spit roast Abigail’s ass is taken by Prince Yashua. A close-up shot of the anal insertion is what you’ll see before the rapid butt pumps into Abigail Mac’s protruding arch.

Abigail polishing off rods.

As Abigail gets on top of Jax in cowgirl the actual DP is started as Prince Yashua returns to Abigail’s ass for his humping duties. From there the double penetration is in full effect with Kayden’s camera capturing all the right angles. Jumping out of the DP pounding Jax and Prince will rotate positions in the spit roast formation. Jax Slayher has his face buried in her ass for a good camera angle that leads to his own anal penetration. Reverse cowgirl is instigated next as Abigail eases Jax into her ass to anchor while Prince Yashua inserts himself into the vagina. Various position changes occur like the return to Abigail trading cocks between her mouth in a double blowjob again.  For Abigail’s first DP you’ll get a unique standing DP setup with Abigail celebrating it with her wails of excited orgasms. Finally, a double pop is delivered as both men finish themselves off all over Abigail’s mouth and face.


Kissa and Abigail meeting.

After the erotic explosion that was her first DP, she picks up the card that was given to her off the ground and leaves Prince and Jax to dress in this garage.  Abigail wakes up in the present to Markus Dupree bringing her coffee. This DP was all a dream of her past. The next target is Kissa Sins which is revealed in the next meeting while they are back in the cold empty warehouse setting with the table. The client that wants Kissa’s character to have a ruined marriage wants to remain anonymous. This causes Abigail to question the case as protocol always reveals the motive of the client. As they depart for the next mission Abigail Mac attempts to seduce Christian Solonik just like when they first met at the strip club.  Unsuccessful yet hot as Abigail grinds her hands into her unfazed boss's crotch. He once again departs leaving Abigail Mac hanging.

Abigail and Markus walking to the wedding.

Enter the scene of the trap, a posh party with invite only while the main parameters are to win over “Logan” the man about to be married to Kissa Sins, she is playing a character named “Kenna”. They duplicitous duo do this by pretending to be with a bridal magazine to cover the event. When they finally arrive they are met by James Bartholet playing a snappy wedding planner. He leads both Markus and Abigail into the engagement party. They finally meet and Kissa is noticeably taken by Abigail’s presence. Once the false name is given "Kenna", the new bride, is eager to do the interview alone without her husband and decides to take Abigail into the west wing of the building where it is quieter. The plot was devised from the start to separate her husband from her and it worked perfectly with Kissa Sins now leading Abigail into this room to be alone with her.

Kissa and Abigail close up

The interview is going well as Kissa is sipping on a glass of wine with a casual flow to her answers. Abigail observing patiently as Kissa sits in front of her. The women finally succumb to one another in the art room. This entails Abigail Mac digging into Kissa’s pussy with her fingers.  They sway into grabs of kissing and locked eyes as Kissa acceptingly lays back to allow Abigail to dive in more. Kissa Sins’ skirt is hiked up revealing her naked ass.


An amazing display Kayden’s own sunlit style as the camera dances around rays of piercing light as these performers are in an embrace of erotic lust. A large ottoman surrounded by other furniture is the center of pussy and ass licking. It is time to see Abigail dig into Kissa’s arch.   The camera dances with Kissa and Abigail as they are knotted in this Sapphic sway of sex. The scissoring grinds building up progressively like a sensual art piece of pure emotion. I can’t commend Kayden Kross’ camera work enough in the only girl/girl scene on this Tushy disc.

star stare

They’ll flip each other around in sexually biting stances as the rays of the sun bleed through the window in the room. During this elegantly filmed display, I was in constant awe, beyond impressed with this episode of Abigail's Tushy foray. An overhead shot of Kissa Sins finger banging Abigail’s ass was another lavish moment that was memorable to me.  The scene lands smoothly as both girls are huffing and puffing staring at the ceiling as if it were a million stars in the sky. Yet they're just pussy drunk and gassed.


Markus and Abigail meeting up

The jig is up! Abigail Mac blew the job during the assignment because she was supposed to seduce the husband and not the wife, Kenna. This resulted in the client withdrawing payment from the firm that Christian Solonik runs. They basically worked for free. He’s abrasive in his berating of the mission’s mix up and tries to dismiss them.

Abigail at the door

Abigail goes into some weird séance where she is reliving the story of Romi Rain’s character “Hannah”. The same story Anna Foxxx told during the dinner at the house during the first mission. After that a jolt back into reality has her facing her boss once more. This time proving Abigail is showing the worth of her loyalty rather than her lust for him in this standoff. They break away and we zap back into her apartment where she is pouring herself a glass of wine. A rap on the door reveals Markus’ trying to get closer to his co-worker once more. It seems to be working as Abigail lets him in her abode.

Spoon fucking

After a few tales of the past, both agents finally have each other to themselves. Abigail slides her robe revealing tantalizing lingerie which sets the sexual snatching into motion.  Markus Dupree does his anal duties in Abigail’s butt. She’s open for some missionary there. You’ll see Markus Dupree bury his face into Abigail’s butt for breaks in between the butt fucking. They are laying in spooning as the pounding in the butt proceeds. Close-ups of the anal penetration are delivered accordingly. Abigail is up against the glass at one point getting piston ass pumped for the camera. Both of these partners really letting loose here for the last scene of sex in Abigail.  The passion overflow spills onto the nut ejaculation after all the standard visits of reverse cowgirl anal then finally to open missionary anal.  Kayden Kross there to bring every butt blast to very finish of this fantastic film.

“For however brief a time we soared…” Abigail leaves you with these words as the scene and film fades away.


Tushy Tag

I heard rumblings of Abigail’s development on the various adult themed podcasts I listen to online. Some were detailed accounts from the director herself and some were admissions of being one of the extras in this massive film. The hype was also real on social media where fans shed excitement and even directors/performers posting pictures of the DVD box on their accounts. This revealed to me that it all fell into place in the end. Adult feature films have another place to look for growth in a medium with this XCritic Pick of a film.

A meeting of minds like Greg Lansky and his brand made to meet with a cinematic visionary Kayden Kross. Abigail was the cauldron. The various performers that were in this film are the ultimate ingredients in this brew.  A delicious side effect was a well-placed plot for viewers that like to see their favorite performers act. A twisting tale of the business of deceit, it was more than a side item to the salacious sex. I felt a complete connection to the director’s way of eyeing all of this. This helps add to the prestige of the film when you have a notable director doing their way of filming. It shows trustworthiness of a brand. Tushy did the fans a favor once more with Abigail. Buy, rent, own this movie in some capacity. Right now.

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