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I Love You I Hate You

Studio: Fucking Awesome » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/8/19

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens, Couples, Romance, Made For Women

Directors: Uncredited


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Cast: Ariana Marie, Skyla Novea, Samantha Rone, Megan Sage, Markus Dupree, Chad White, T. Stone, Justin Hunt

Length: 2 hours 26 minutes

Date of Release: November 20, 2018

Extras: 2 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Individual Slideshows

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: There is a bit of distortion present in the menu soundtrack, and there is a touch of reverberation from the surroundings in the scenes but overall the audio is good, the intro soundtracks actually pretty catchy. The video is captured nicely in 4k and presented in widescreen, only 1 lighting anomaly noticed by me.

Overview: It's four scenes related to each other only by the fact that they are showcasing couples that have become complacent in their relationships to one degree or another and they feel the need to fix that situation through sex.

Scene 1: Ariana Marie & T. Stone

Ariana Marie, 2019 AVN nominee for FPOTY, feels that she needs to reignite the fire that used to burn between her and Mr. Stone (which many of you will recognize as Tarzan) and sets about dolling herself up while Stone sits on the bed at her request. A soft piano track tinkles in the background as she shows off her stockinged leg and crawls up to him as she rubs his crotch, their voices almost drowned out by the track.

Ariana Marie

She's quick to bob his knob, the camera starting in close and pulling out in a series of focus stops. They share some soft kisses, her hand stroking his rod before she kicks off her heels to straddle his face. Her breathing grows heavy, her moans reverberating off the walls as she grinds her crotch on his tongue and chin. The camera pans up her lingerie-clad torso to capture her face as her eyes roll toward the ceiling. A deft roll and pivot move lands her jaw wrapped around his softening member to work it back to fullness, slobber streams from her lips as she stares up at his face while holding her hair to her shoulder.

Ariana Marie

A series of unzipping and unsnapping has her lingerie cast aside so she can mount him, bouncing rhythmically, the camera swapping between shot angles and distances. Her triangular patch is nicely displayed when she's not busy rubbing her clit as she rides. Her lithe multi-ethnic body is in top form as she assumes a position on all fours, her C-cups and brunette locks bouncing as he thrusts into her with his hand planted on her ass cheek. Riding cowgirl, her ass tan lines are shown nicely as he pummels into her from below, harder and faster as time goes on. It's a spoon position that finally brings him to blowing, making his way on his knees to her face to cover her lips.  

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Scene 2: Samantha Rone & Justin Hunt

An upbeat, dreamy track plays as a montage shows our couple having fun on the drive to their beach destination where they frolicked along the shoreline. The shoreline footage ends abruptly, along with the song, as the camera trains on a bed, our couple entering the scene from behind the lens as Rone quickly drops to her knees bedside, yanking down Justin's board shorts. As they move onto the bed, her hand-assisted hummer continuing as the camera switches between long shots and almost-POV. Her body tenses and quivers as he returns the oral service, her moans on the border of overloading the mic occasionally.

Samantha Rone

Climbing into cowgirl, her tempo is slow as she tries to work herself all the way down, mentioning it's so big. Her tempo evens out as she gets accustomed to it, although her face seemingly indicates she might still be in some slight discomfort. Between her panting and her facial expressions, it is hard to ascertain which side of the pain-to-pleasure fence she is on at any given moment although her hips do seem to buck involuntarily in orgasm at one point.

Samantha Rone

By the time they move to a spoon, she is deep in cursing-laden prayer, her teeth gritting one moment and a smile breaking out the next. Hunt's eyes seek hers out as he pounds away, her eyes closed most of the time as her prayers and panting continue, her hand gripping the bed covers. The duo tumbles through a few more positions, Samantha screaming about how great his cock feels, the fucking growing harder and harder until he finally explodes on her nose bridge and forehead before they lay back to cuddle.

Scene 3:  Megan Sage & Chad White

A vocal heavy, near-techno track plays as a montage flashes between Megan's seeming disdain for their current relationship and memories of the good times they used to have playing around and having fun with one another. Chad White was named the XCritic's Most Underrated Swordsman for 2018, and you can get glimpses of his acting abilities in this montage; while Megan Sage is a personal favorite of mine and her own abilities are also showcased here.

Megan Sage

The montage fades into our couple enjoying some kisses on the bed, it is unclear whether this is present day, or time now past, the color palette in soft, muted tones, the lighting adequate but dim. Sage's smile grows wide, her moans soft as Chad pulls her crotch to his lips. His cunnilingus time is brief, he seems eager to get his stiffening sword into Megan's mouth. As he hardens, she brings her lips to his, sliding his cock between her tits as she does.

Megan Sage

A reverse rodeo ride starts things off, moving smoothly into doggie, Megan moaning softly the entire time. Her moans grow stronger and more frequent as he plunges into her harder and deeper, pulling her head back softly with her hair. Their eye contact is good as they spoon, Megan's cones swaying gently, her whole body rocking to his rhythm. Her hair is growing flat by the time she's rocking her shaven slit on his sword in another reverse cowgirl but that doesn't hold her back from some more fellatio, a cowgirl romp, and a final pounding in missionary that has her ending up covered in jizz from chin to the top of her head.

Scene 4:  Skyla Novea & Markus Dupree

Markus Dupree, who has more award nominations this year than you can shake a stick at, calls up Skyla with the good news that he got a promotion at work. Preparing to treat him when he gets home, Skyla narrates her thoughts as she puts her curvy figure into a form-fitting dress, pulling on some strappy heels. She's waiting in the kitchen, a glass of wine in hand for him and he manages to mutter "Oh my God, Wow" at the sight of her as she hands him his wine and she rubs his shoulders a bit. He whispers he'd like a blowjob and she's ready to accommodate that request.

Skyla Novea

Her slurp and jerk melds itself into a throat fucking, Markus planting a foot on the table above her head, Skyla's DDs sticking out of her dress. Bending over the table, she gets his face buried in her crack and then his jackrabbit-type fucking begins. Her ear and nose hoops glint in the sunlight, his lips occasionally kissing the back of her shoulder. The doggie drilling continues as he places her into a dining room chair and removing her heels before yanking her into a standing slam.

Skyla Novea

Skyla's eyes are wide and bright, staring at his, as she gets put onto the table for some missionary and some rough fingering with an occasional face slap thrown in. Maneuvering himself onto the table below her, he pummels into her from below, Novea's boobs bouncing rapidly, her screams bouncing off the hardscape. His own voice does the same as they switch to cowgirl, his finger probing at her butt hole. More cowgirl happens on the floor, with another round of doggie on the table leading to a huge load being deposited inside of her and then dripping out. Markus spreading her as cheeks to make sure the camera can capture all of the goo dropping to the floor.

Final Thoughts: The stunning Ariana kicks things off here, which is always a good thing. The photography there is good which is promising in a couples-aimed flick. She's followed by Samantha Rone in a scene that wasn't really my cup of tea due to the fact I could never really tell if she was actually loving it or hating it. A personal fave of mine, Megan Sage, is next up and I thought that was a beautifully shot and edited montage and the sex was hot, although the tone of the whole thing was entirely different than the other scenes. Skyla Novea closes out the disc, ready and willing to give herself to her newly promoted beau. All in all, it's not a bad disc. The extras section is sorely lacking, even with the multiple slideshows, and I'm not sure there will be a lot of replay value for most people. I believe this is the 2nd time I've reviewed a Fucking Awesome disc and they seem to be putting out quality material but it just doesn't grab me, personally. Watch On Demand.

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