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Christiana Cinn Taken

Studio: Other » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 1/10/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Throughout history, there have always been villains. This business has been one that thrives off the darkness and the taboo that the outside world is always curious about. Tim Woodman began a project not too long ago where he looked to combine the things that he has offered for many, many years within the adult film industry. The “Pro Villian” is a man who has done it all in this business. Producer, director, actor, performer. These are titles that Tim has earned and that he has showcased the art that lies within his heart and character in the best of ways. Porn Legend, newcomer, kink, taboo, fetish. These are all words and types of personas that Mr. Woodman has been able to create vast worlds with, always coming up with new ways to dazzle our senses and mix in kink, sexuality and the nastiness that only comes with being the “bad guy.” If you are a lover of fetish, I highly suggest you give his website a gander. The “Pro Villian” himself, gave me an option to pick my poison and when I saw that he had Christiana Cinn within his clutches as one of his vignettes, I had to indulge. Mixing these two artists together is simply magic on paper. So, what will come to be when these two get together on screen and show off the things that few people know is even possible within our industry.

Film Cover 

Scene Length: 1 Hour and 11 Minutes

Director: Tim Woodman @ProVillian

Studio: ProVillian.com

Release Date: December 27th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Fetish, Role Playing, Rope, Binding, Amazing Acting, Flogging, Gags, Nipple Clamps, Forced Masturbation, Dominance, Corruption


Christiana Cinn Taken

Starring: Christiana Cinn @ChristianaCinn and Tim Woodman @ProVillian


The Reveal:

Christian Cinn 

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This diabolical tale of fun and fantasy comes to you on the Pro Villian site in four pieces. It allows the viewer to really get their taste catered to. Something Tim always does. This site features so much for the fetish fan and my goodness, as this scene will show you, it is so well shot, lit and performed. There is a type of darkness that you can only get with Tim Woodman. From the scenes start, we see that there is true darkness surrounding Christiana. The high definition camera is really making things look sharp and crystal clear. That truly creates a world within a world with this superb lighting. The story is simple, Christiana paints the picture as the stuck up, shit doesn’t stink preppy who is talking smack about the world from her hotel room high above the city streets. I say this with a passion because the acting is amazing. Christiana sells the character nicely and we get to see a range that we never get to unless it is on Cinemax after dark and what kind of fun is that, we never get to see the other side to her performances. Now, not getting too far away from the plot we see that Tim Woodman has managed to infiltrate the hotel to snatch himself a nice little damsel to have his way with. He is brilliant as the delivery boy who has something special for Christiana all right. As Christiana looks for some spare change in the couch cushions and we think that we are getting another standard porn set-up, the villain leaps into action, trapping his lovely prey and making she is packed up nice and tight for a trip she will not soon forget. This is such lovely acting, I can not get over how well these two create theme, story and the characters within them. You will be drooling too, trust me.

Christian Cinn 

When dealing with this type of kink, one cannot simply go from the reveal to the encounter like your traditional adult films. No, this film has a stunning build up. There are only a few hickups as the story goes along but as we see captivating shots like a helpless Christiana slew over the Pro Villain’s shoulder as he carries her off down a dark hallway, or the up-close shots of Christiana having her mind bend with torture and submission, the viewers eyes will be in constant motion. Tim is one of the best male masters in the business. His voice and his actions are amazing. This intro that builds up to Christiana basically becoming Tim’s slave is a very wonderful show to watch. The fear in Christiana’s character is amazing.


The Encounter:

Christian Cinn 

When the skin starts to show, that is where we will transition part two of this review. Tim shows the skills of a master villain indeed. Ladies and gents do not try this at home unless you are with a trained professional like both these performers. As Tim shreds Miss Cinn’s garments and begins to auction her off like a piece of meat, you get to see Christiana’s character change, Tim’s as well. The gasps for air, the panting, the heavy breathing they go stride for stride with camera work that takes you all over the stunning assets of this former Penthouse Pet of the Month. Kink is not really my forte but my goodness, performance, and passion like this, any true lover of erotica and art will appreciate the show that these two put on. The amount of pain and pleasure that is thrust upon Christiana is something so beautiful, you simply can not look away from it. I think people who are not in the lifestyle never give a scene like this a chance, but you must look at it the way that it was designed to be seen. Yes, it is shocking to see Christiana turned into the Pro Villain’s sex toy and there are parts where you just stop and say damn but the dark beauty of this scene is how amazing things look. As Christiana gets nailed into a box, you see her positioned in this was that shows her stunning body, here amazing assets in ways that are oh so dark yet oh so beautiful


The fun of watching this kind of fetish is this long build-up to an explosion of endorphins and many other things. Fetish is something that is always perfected more and more over time as I am finding out and when you see the last two parts of this film there is lengthy time spent binding, flogging, whipping and you are taken on a journey that shows Christiana’s every look of fear that becomes pleasure. Christiana is pushed to her threshold and my oh my does she truly keep the audience’s eyes focused on her. The way that Tim brought in the cameras to show toy insertion, the sexy gyrations of Christiana as she is shocked, it is what you want to see. Part four and the final chapter brings us back to the fantasy with what looks like days after the abduction and the transformation of Christiana’s character. She looks like a chiseled statue as the camera pans around her amazing body tied up. Part four is where everything pays off. I can not give too much away but when you see Christiana get into her slave clothes and you see her dance around, play with herself and then eventually get pleasured by her new master, you will be brought to your knees by this stunning creature. The forced masturbation is amazing, and the angles showcase one of the most gorgeous models in all of the industry. As Christiana has now gone from the captive to the willing slave, we see a sexual encounter that is heated, fast and sexy. Trust me when I say this, you must witness this pop #TripleX fans.

Christian Cinn 

Sight and Sound: The technical specs are a little rough but not enough to take away from the scene. The sharpness of the scene is amazing, as is the lighting. The sound can get a bit distant here and there but that beats a film that is horrible acoustically. This one of the best-looking vignettes I have ever seen of Tim Woodman’s. The sound effects are a cool addition as are all the cool looking rooms and backdrops and the camera work picks that all up very well.

Christian Cinn 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Now, this type of fetish, it is not for everyone. I will always let fans know that there are some types of kink you must start at a beginning phase and work your way up and this scene has that as it’s calling card. The general porn fan will love the acting, the attention to the beautiful model and the end sex that is heavenly but what you must have in your eyes is a pure desire for what Tim is offering to enjoy this scene to the max. Christiana Cinn, she puts on an award-worthy show and the way that both performers make everything look so real is intense. Role play is one of the most amazing things in this industry when you have performers of this caliber. So much is going on and I will honestly say this, with what Tim Woodman is creating, the love for fetish will just keep growing and growing in the industry. The only points I am going to take off for this scene is a few misses in terms of camera work and a few missed spots here and there with aggression but besides that, this scene will please and all comers who love this genre as well as those who love the true theatre of the industry. Wonderful, wonderful scene.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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