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Wicked's Lubes and Jelle

Studio: Other » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 1/12/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


With Valentine’s Day weekend almost a month away, many couples are already planning that “Perfect Weekend Getaway” in hopes to try something new and kinky with their partner that is on their “Intimacy Bucket List.” A lot of “first timers” aren’t very familiar with lubes or gels when it involves “playtime” for grownups and at times will come across a bunch of wrong products before finding the right one because of lack of knowledge of what is readily available to them.

 After reading so much about Wicked’s product line and seeing it first  hand at the NJ EXXXOTICA in Nov of 2018 and again at the Sexual Health Expo in Sept of 2018, I was more than happy to give both of Wicked’s  Lube and  the Jelle  a test run and  see what all the hype was about first hand.

Wicked Sensual Care Collection combined with one’s own natural desire can bring about the most intense pleasure ever. Since the normal response is all about what one enjoys, the variation is stronger among women. Some of us have trouble self-lubricating because of lack of stimulation, sexual desire or being post or pre-menopausal or just being able to allow our bodies to respond to his or her touch.

There are three main things that we want during intimacy for example: desire, arousal and lastly that mind shattering, over the top orgasm. Add all that together with the help of the top of the line lubricants and Jelles, you have the recipe for a very Wicked Night and Weekend of Pure Pleasure!

Since  each of Us is different when it comes to sexual satisfaction, case in point by trying most of  all the  different lubes out there in the market, I  found that it wasn’t  so much as  me but in fact that none  of the lubes out there are  as good as Wicked’s Aqua Line which is available in  several different  flavors.

Wicked’s Aqua Sensitive Hypoallergenic Water Based Intimate Lubricants are made for those that have really sensitive skin and who are prone to allergic reactions toward lubes in general. I just happen to be that 1% that is sensitive to just about everything out in the market when it comes to Lubes, being that these are all Water-based and not sticky they made things very enjoyable.

When used together with toys during foreplay, the lube does not need to be constantly reapplied for those who aren’t able to remain aroused and stay wet. They really are longlasting! The lube does not have a bad after taste either, I mentioned it because I am the first one to ask about the “aftertaste” and that it doesn’t leave a “grimy” taste in your mouth.

As I mentioned before, Wicked’s Aqua Sensitive Hypoallergenic Water Based Intimate Lubricants are made in several different flavors, my favorite being the Candied Apple. They can be used all over one's body. My favorite spot being the nipples, especially if you know your partner’s nipples are very sensitive and can bring on an orgasm from it.

Now on to Wicked’s Anal Jelle Lubricant

Not everyone is a fan of anal play and even today a lot of women aren’t into having anal sex. Why.. I have no idea. I guess the misconception that it is painful is partly true…but one has to trust the person who they are choosing and allowing to be indulging in such pleasure. Just like the lubes, the Jelle is Water-based, long lasting, hypoallergenic and also latex Friendly.

 A lot of the stigma around anal sex is that is it so taboo in one's private life but done on a regular basis in porn. For the guys, it’s all about the tightness of anal sex as well as very exhilarating.  A few of the guys I have spoken with say that the orgasm for them is more intense during anal. Now how true that is, is yet to be known. I wonder how many women that are into anal sex and really enjoy it, have actually had both anal and vaginal orgasms that have been mind-blowing??!!

For me.. it’s all about pleasure and it was a pleasure to try Wicked’s Jelle. For those that are trying any form of anal play, their Jelle makes it more pleasurable and less painful. Depending on the size of your partner, the Jelle makes it less painful for first-timers. For those that are heavy into anal sex and anal play, the ease with which butt plugs go inside is amazing. I love the sensation of being filled totally by both a butt plug and my partner...Wicked’s Jelle is something that couples should always have around in their bag of tricks and toys.

So for those couples who are getting ready to get their freak on with their significant other.. Make sure that you have plenty of toys in that bag of tricks and plenty of Wicked’s Aqua Lube and Wicked’s Anal Jelle for Valentine’s Weekend on hand!

Here is to a Very Naughty and Wicked Valentine's Weekend!!


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