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Possession Of Mrs. Hyde, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 1/12/19

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Genre: Feature, Psychological Thriller

Cast: Avi Love, Kenna James, Reagan Foxx, Charlotte Stokely, Victoria Voxxx, Seth Gamble, Ramon Nomar, Alex Legend (Non-sex: jessica drake, Tom Byron, Dustin Daring)

Director: Axel Braun

Writers: Lasse Braun, Axel Braun, Rikki Braun

Cinematography: Hank Hoffman

Length: 2 hrs. 24 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: This review is from an AVN Screening Copy which only contained the feature. Any extras from the commercial release were unavailable.


Overview: In this highly absorbing, BEAUTIFULLY filmed adaptation of the classic Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde story, Avi Love marvelously plays a confused young girl with multiple personality disorder and the distorted reality she's forced to live. One minute she's a nice regular young woman simply going about her day. The next she's a vessel of sexual urges ready to fuck whoever is available. Things don't get better for her when she meets charming bad boy Mr. Hyde (played by Seth Gamble) who leads her deeper into her sexual personality. Does she also have a murderous side? Is this all a dream, or is it all simply a facade to fool interrogator jessica drake? And is Avi's mother (played by the wonderful and strikingly beautiful Reagan Foxx) also under Mr. Hyde's spell? It's a very complex story that would be impossible to review in my normal manner, so I'll simply detail the scorching and gorgeous sex scenes and let you, the reader, decide.


Scene One: Kenna James, Victoria Voxxx and Seth Gamble


BFFs Kenna James and Avi Love are going to a party in a stretch limo when they see a woman being attacked. They pull the limo over and the woman, Victoria Voxxx, runs inside as the attacker escapes. She invites them to her place, a very swanky and ritzy penthouse apartment, and Avi looks for a bathroom. While she's searching she starts to hear voices, someone calling her name when the television turns on and we see Seth Gamble in a hoodie. Victoria and Kenna are making out with him, sensuously kissing him and each other before going to the floor and licking his cock. He sits in a chair and the two girls take turns giving him head before Victoria climbs up and lowers her pussy down on his cock. Seth and Victoria fuck each other as they both take turns kissing Kenna and sucking on her tits. Victoria then climbs off and Kenna hops on riding him reverse cowgirl.


The stark black and white photography beautifully captures the scene as Kenna slides her pussy up and down on Seth's cock. Seth rubs Kenna's clit as she grinds on his dick making her cum. Kenna then climbs off and Victoria goes on all fours in the chair letting Seth fuck her standing from behind as she munches down on Kenna's pussy. Seth keeps fucking her after Kenna cums in Victoria's mouth, both of them looking lustfully into each other's eyes as Seth drives his cock in and out of Victoria's pussy. After Kenna sucks Victoria's orgasm off of Seth's cock she and Victoria switch places and Seth starts fucking Kenna from behind. She and Victoria kiss before Victoria goes to the rear to view the action and suck Kenna's juices off of Seth's cock. Victoria then gets into a 69 position under Kenna, licking her clit while Seth pistons his cock in and out of Kenna making Kenna cum like crazy as she tubs Victoria's dripping pussy.  Seth then pulls out of Kenna and moves around to fuck Victoria missionary. She rubs Kenna's pussy while Kenna rubs her clit bringing her to another orgasm and then they switch places again to let Seth fuck Kenna missionary. With Victoria sitting on Kenna's face Seth pounds Kenna's pussy making her cum once more before pulling out and shooting on Kenna's pussy and belly.


Scene Two: Avi Love and Ramon Nomar


After Avi awakens to find that none of what she saw had actually happened, Reagan asks her to go to Dr. Jekyll's lawyer's office to pick up a package, but first, she needs to take her medicine administered by Reagan. Once she's in the limo she starts to get horny pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy for driver Ramon to see. She orders Ramon to pull the car over. He climbs in the back and they both rip his uniform off. Once they're both completely naked Avi sucks and gags his cock for a moment before climbing up and riding him. He plunges her pussy from underneath, pounding it up to the hilt as she cries out for him to fuck her. She then spins around and rides him reverse cowgirl, bucking her hips as she grinds on his cock. Her eyes roll back as he rubs her clit to orgasm, her ass slapping against down as she bounces on his cock. She then climbs off and Ramon eats her pussy, lapping and sucking up her juices as he furiously fingerbangs her making her cum again.


They then start spooning, Ramon driving his dick deep inside Avi's pussy and Avi rubbing her clit to an intense screaming orgasm. The scene concludes with Ramon fucking the now very sweaty Avi missionary until he shoots off on her pussy. Usually, I'm not a big fan of scenes shot inside of vehicles due to the limited space to position the camera. But Axel Braun and Hank Hoffman brilliantly utilize the limited confines to showcase the action. Well done.


Scene Three: Avi Love and Charlotte Stokely


Avi arrives at the lawyer's office and is greeted by the receptionist, the always wonderful and very beautiful Charlotte Stokely. Once in his office, she discovers that the lawyer is actually Mr. Hyde, Seth Gamble from scene one. She passes out and is revived by Seth who gives her some medicine from Dr. Jekyll. She takes the package and heads to the bathroom to wash her face. When she turns to leave Charlotte is sitting in one of the stalls asking her, “What's wrong little girl?” Charlotte makes Avi watch her piss and tells her to get on her knees and crawl to her. And after a bit of humiliation where Charlotte makes Avi sniff her pussy and she rests her foot on Avi's ass as she fingers herself she then makes Avi lick her pussy on the toilet. “Good kitty,” she says as Avi cleans the piss off of her pussy. They then stand up against the restroom wall and passionately kiss. The air is smoldering as they french each other and run their hands up and down their bodies. Avi kisses the back of Charlotte's neck as she rips her shirt open and unhooks her bra to squeeze her tits.


They lean back against the wall Avi fingers Charlotte's pussy standing before going to her knees and devouring her pussy. Charlotte grinds her pussy against Avi's mouth as Avi munches on her cunt. Avi then props herself over the sink, one leg up on the counter as Charlotte eats her pussy from underneath. She licks and sucks her pussy lips, lapping them up before they switch places and Avi eats Charlotte from underneath. Charlotte then props herself up against the wall and Avi fingerbangs her, driving them knuckle deep up inside of Charlotte, Charlotte licking her juices off as Avi sucks it off of her pussy. She then tells Avi to share her pussy with her, and with a leg hiked up ballerina style Charlotte fingerbangs Avi before going down and eating her pussy to orgasm. They switch up and Avi eats out Charlotte as she leans against the sink, sucking on her pussy until Charlotte cums in Avi's mouth. They then kiss and Charlotte starts rubbing Avi's clit one last time as they stand next to each other.  They kiss as Avi hikes one leg onto the sink and Charlotte continues to rub her pussy bringing her to one last intense orgasm. And as Avi revels in the sensation, she looks around to see Charlotte was never there. In fact, Avi never left Mr. Hyde's office. This was such an amazingly beautiful scene. The stark black and white lighting so gorgeously accentuates the erotic passion the two women exhibit. Just stunningly gorgeous.


Scene Four: Avi Love and Seth Gamble


After a long turn of events, in which we meet Dr. Jekyll played wonderfully by the legendary Tom Byron, Avi and Seth start dating and eventually get married. This very passionate scene takes place on their honeymoon and starts with Seth kissing the back of Avi's neck as he lowers the top of her wedding dress. The kissing becomes more intense as they head to the bed and Avi takes Seth's cock in her mouth. She lovingly sucks his head before he pushes all in, filling her mouth and throat with his cock.  They then go into a 69 and Seth sucks on her pussy as he fucks her mouth. Avi then lays back and throws her legs in the air as Seth goes down on her pussy. He licks her cunt making it nice and wet before going up and fucking her missionary.


With short quick strokes, he drives his cock in and out of her pussy before covering her mouth to keep her quiet as his stroking becomes longer. He fucks her balls deep, pounding his cock into her until she orgasms. They then roll over and she starts riding him, bucking and grinding her hips as her pussy slides up and down on his cock. He slaps her ass as he fucks her from underneath and soon she's whimpering as she cums on his cock. They then roll over onto their sides and start spooning, Seth sticking his cock in her ass and fucking her anally. She rubs her pussy as he fucks her asshole, kissing each other as the sensation brings her to another orgasm.


Seth then rolls over onto his back as Avi climbs up and lowers her asshole down on his cock, anally riding him reverse cowgirl. His cock is like a piston as it furiously works itself in and out of her asshole, Avi burying her fingers up in her cunt as Seth fucks her ass. She rubs her clit making her cum again before Seth flips her over onto her back and shoots his load into her open mouth, coating it with his jizz.


Scene Five: Reagan Foxx, Ramon Nomar, and Alex Legend


This AVN award nominated scene starts with Avi driving down a mountain highway when she is overtaken by Dustin Daring (his is another story). He shows her pictures he received of her mother having sex with two men and a note simply saying “run”. She passes out and dreams of her being in a warehouse with Reagan. Reagan tells Avi it's all going to be ok as Ramon and Alex approach her. Seth appears and forces Avi to watch as Reagan seduces the two men and Rock-A-Bye Baby plays in the background. Alex massages her tits as Ramon goes down on her pussy. She looks over at Avi and smiles as she the two men ravage her. She stands between them and they undress her before she goes to her knees and she starts sucking their cocks.


Seth calls Avi a slut just like her mother as he forces her to watch Reagan take Alex's cock from behind as she continues to suck Ramon. She gags on his cock as Alex pounds her ass. As Seth berates Avi, Reagan starts riding Ramon's dick as she sucks on Alex's. She sucks and jerks it while Ramon fucks her, bucking his cock in and out of her wet pussy. She bounces up and down and Alex slaps her ass as Avi wickedly becomes more turned on by the scene at Seth's command. Alex and Ramon then switch places and Reagan fucks Alex reverse cowgirl as she sucks on Ramon's cock. The sight of Reagan's incredible tits as she bounces on Alex's cock is just simply beautiful. She presses her legs together making her pussy tighter as she grinds on Alex's cock before going back to sucking on Ramon. They then go into a missionary with Ramon fucking Reagan while Alex teabags her. The photography in this scene is just so beautiful as Ramon gives Reagan multiple orgasms while she sucks and strokes on Alex's cock.


Ramon and Alex then switch up and Alex spoons Reagan as she sucks Ramon's cock. They fuck this way until the guys stand on both sides of Reagan and shoot their loads on her tits as she crouches between them, all the while looking as Avi as Reagan sucks their balls dry. Reagan Foxx is without a doubt one of the sexiest women in the industry, and she gives an exemplary performance here. Her absolute beauty shines, once again the amazing black and white photography accentuating her striking features making this already outstanding scene just so much more beautiful.


Final Thoughts: This is an incredible labor of love from auteur Axel Braun. Co-written with him, his son Rikki and his father, the late great Lasse Braun before his untimely death in 2015, The Possession Of Mrs. Hyde is an understandably personal film for him. Known mostly for his parody films this is Axel's first completely original story in 15 years. The fact that he decided to shoot in black and white shows what an amazing and daring filmmaker he is. It's all about the art while at the same time not being the slightest bit pretentious. The story itself is just so complex and absorbing, you're immediately drawn into Avi's world, as drug-induced and feverish as it is. Avi's performance is terrific. This being her first feature she truly lives up to the task, grasping her character by the reins and playing her to a tee. Seth Gamble, with his pencil-thin mustache reminiscent of Clark Gable, plays Mr. Hyde with such evil charisma, showing a dark monster hiding behind a winning smile to the very end. And what more can I say about the legendary Hank Hoffman's cinematography? I have always been an admirer of this man's style behind the camera, and he has truly outdone himself here. This is a very brave, very gutsy film that delivers on all counts. And I say kudos to Axel and Wicked Pictures for taking chances and being so daring as to release a very different film into the fray of adult entertainment. A must see masterpiece that gets the coveted XCritic Pick.

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