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Dyked Down

Studio: Other » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 1/21/19

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Dyked Down Logo

Feeling dangerous? Dangerous enough to get down with the Dykeness? Sites like Dyked Down’s on-demand storefront deserve to be dived right into. In this day and age of member sites hooking you into subscription fees and reoccurring billing, it suits the average porn fan’s palette to have a relaxed browsing option like Dyke Down’s setup. Besides, it is wallet-friendly with ease of access in this unique spin on girl/girl porno with a strapping twist. The director/performer Nikki Hearts is the mastermind behind these hardcore strap-on videos. This centralized site has her scenes for sale. Dyked Down is the name of that hub site with an On Demand setup. Perfect for those just wanting to dip their feet.

The site boasts different styles of dyking down like good old fashioned lesbian stuff that is upgraded with a strap-on. It is all gonzo in the purest sense as I was fortunate enough to watch some scenes that are available at launch. This includes Nikki Hearts indulging in girls like Alina Lopez, Kristen Scott, Kissa Sins, Gia Paige, and a bonus scene called GenderFlux with Jiz Lee. Various up to date social media links are here as links to Twitter and a subscription option to  Dyke Down’s exclusive Snapchat.

Some of you also know Nikki Hearts as one part of the power couple with her and Leigh Raven. She is also a content curator and has more than her fair share of performer credits as well. To have a specialized site to brand out even further shows the versatility of what Nikki offers with Dyked Down. And she is only getting started.


the tag of the upper website

At the top of the website, you’ll see the logo of “DykedDown.com” with the description “Hardcore Strap On Videos”. Directly beneath that introductory logo are the actual options that will lead you to the features.

Home: This is obviously a link to the home page of the site. Here on this page is a large splash that takes up a large part of the screen. The silent montage of Alina Lopez’s scene, for example, acts as a brief trailer. Upon my visit, I was able to see only Kissa’s and Alina’s cycle through as the header of the page. There is a “Buy Now” tab for the respective scene that is splashed on your screen as the header.

the home menu

Scroll down to see a line-up of the latest videos. Currently available as of this writing are scenes with Kissa Sins in a holiday-themed scene, Gia Paige in a scene called “Addicted To Ass”, Kristen Scott in a hotel sex tape type scene, and Alina Lopez getting Dyked Down proper. All of the scenes are offered at a $14.95 price tag. Towards the bottom of the home page has a special 2018 Launch Collection. It is a special bundle offered with Jiz Lee’s bonus scene called GenderFlux: The Epitome of Androgyny. This entire 2018 Launch Collection is priced at $59.95.

Lesbian: This tab links you to all of the scenes mentioned on the homepage being that the selection is still quite small as a launch site. This will entail all of the girl/girl scenes for this page. Also, the option to buy all of these plus the bonus package is on the Lesbian page.

the lesbian page

Pegging: The pegging content is not available yet as of this writing. You’ll see a Coming Soon splash instead.

the pegging page

Snapchat:  This page is an offer to join a one-year subscription for exclusive access to the Snapchat of Dyked Down. This allows members content not seen anywhere outside of the Snapchat social media platform.

the spachat page

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Cart:  The simple design is retained even in the page where you manage your purchased items. This page is called "the Cart". At all times the option to link to the Dyked Down Twitter is at the bottom of the page as you browse this site. The Mailblast Sign Up has a subscribe feature which is right across from the Twitter link at the bottom of the page with it.

the cart page

Tips:  A tips page is available to those feeling generous and contains a minimum amount of $25.00. The "add to cart" option is right below where you enter the amount.

tips page

About: This is the mission statement from Nikki Hearts herself. This summary describes useful information like the duration of her career in adult entertainment and her love of Strap on sex.  Part of her mission statement promises more hot babes for the site and a stronger dick game from this visionary.

about page



I had the chance to watch the handful of scenes from 2018's Dyked Down launch set. I’ll give a brief review/recap of the four main scenes. The bonus scene with Jiz Lee called GenderFlux is part of that launch bundle. I chose to spotlight the more recently filmed scenes celebrating the fresh cut of a site like this. Plus many of these girls that helped Nikki Hearts open the doors of Dyked Down are fan adored and sure to bring in some pull.


Kristen Model

The Kristen Scott scene with Nikki Hearts has a sex tape theme. From there you should expect the fixed camera angle in this intentional setup. It is a very slow and smooth meeting between these two performers. You’ll get a very quick tease of Kristen modeling her shattering beauty at the beginning.  After that Nikki Hearts will latch with Kristen Scott on a bed for the sexual fling. The kissing will happen the minute they do indeed meet. Rapid bouts of oral sex are then instituted once you see horniness ramp up.

PIP strap on

Nikki Hearts will step off camera for a few moments to grab a strap-on that she’ll brandish in the taking of Kristen’s pussy. Kristen Scott can’t keep her hands off herself as this is happening. Nikki Hearts is back and she is lining up Kristen Scott in missionary once the strap on is equipped.  A close up zoom does happen during the penetration. You’ll see a segment where Nikki Hearts has her phone out while going at it in doggy style with Kristen Scott. You’ll see a picture in picture shot of what Nikki’s phone is recording on the screen. I thought this was a very cool yet a brief touch for a scene that I’m sure first-timers will surely investigate.


kissa sins dyked

It is a holiday-themed episode of Dyked Down. Nikki Hearts wakes up that morning hoping for XXXmas gifts from ol' sleazy Santa. Festive decorations adorn her apartment as she slowly rises from slumber. Soon enough you’ll find Nikki on her phone texting what her heart really desires. “All I want is a hot babe to Dyke Down!”

sleaze stockings

Her holiday wishes instantly coming to fruition as Kissa Sins prowls into view to satisfy Nikki Heart’s sexual hunger and a holiday wish. Nikki devours Kissa like a full course meal when she gets her hands on her. The couple entangled joyfully this XXXmas morning.  As they unknot for a moment the vagina consumption cues in. Nikki Hearts has her face buried in between Kissa’s legs lapping up her pussy lips. When the Strap-on comes on you’ll see Kissa Sins go crazy over that rigid plastic cock.  Deep-throating it and even fucking it back when it is inside of her. 

Kissa Nikki in action

When they are in 69 is when you see the passion really bubbling this XXXmas morning. Nikki Hearts squirming in pleasure as Kissa dominates her pussy in return. Kissa using her mouth for this pussy mastication demonstration. Some hard scissoring happens between the bodies before the scene winds down with them melding in this final grip of fiery strap-on sex.


Alina Lopez Title

One of the first things I noticed about these purchasable scenes is the HD quality of the video. Alina Lopez’s scene has this clean look which only compliments the stunning starlet. Alina is on a couch stimulating her pussy at the start of it all. Eventually, she reaches for her phone to text Nikki Hearts.

pussy deep in Alina

“Do I finally fuck you?” is the reply Alina Lopez receives back from Nikki Hearts on her phone. They organize a Dyked Down session and the next thing you see are the performers living up to the namesake of the site as Nikki comes in and immediately clutches Alina for kissing.  Alina Lopez is lifted on a countertop as Nikki Hearts strips and continues to lock lips with her. Out of all the scenes here I saw the camera more active as it followed both lovers softly kissing and eating each other out. Again I have to praise the HD quality in this scene as it particularly stands out.


Gia title tag

You’ll see another hotel setting here in this scene as Nikki is pacing around on her phone. She’s arranging another Dyked Down session to feed her ass addiction. This scene happens to be titled “Addicted to Ass”. As she’s waiting and puffing she’ll continually look out of the room’s window fiending for that booty. Finally, Nikki Hearts gets enough cash together to get a booty rendezvous in session.  There is actually some music that cues in during this scene setup. The thumping hip hop will pop in and out as Nikki Hearts gets her order of top booty ready.

Tub Love

Gia Paige is in the picture now as both of them head to the bed after Gia enters the hotel room. Peeling off her daisy dukes showing a delicious booty for Nikki Hearts to have at. It is a sensual start with cash and blunts in the background on the table in a hotel room. Once Gia Paige’s thong is peeled down Nikki Hearts has her face deep into her butt cheeks and the sex doesn’t stop from there.  Nikki Hearts will then go to the bathroom to switch the tub on after equipping her famous strap-on.

Gia booty twerk

 The intensity rises up as both performers were all ready tumbling around in pussy eating maneuvers since the start. Time to cool off and get wet and this happens by bringing the sex into the bubbling waters of the bathtub. There you will see Gia Paige doing an interesting ride of reverse cowgirl with half her body in the waters of the tub while the other half twerk-fucking Nikki’s strap-on. The scene sticks to the tub until the very end as both Nikki and Gia Paige continually pleasure each other even after the strap-on is detached. Both girls are in a complete embrace and submerged in the large bathtub as the scene fades out.


final tag

This is a totally fresh attempt at bringing in new fans to Nikki Hearts' much larger network; New Savages. What better way than to refine the girl/girl approach with Nikki's unique style of producing content. It also a smart idea to jump on board a new project like this as new fans become old fans while having a front row seat. The type of a fan that celebrates the newer edge of content production should pick up a scene or two and Try it. These on-demand structures reward curiosity. Nikki Hearts has a view of what her own network is to become, this is something I sensed when I first was introduced to the site.  You'll get rewards like a scene with Shyla Jennings coming up as the next major update to the Dyked Down franchise. Just another reason to be on board with Dyked Down.

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