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Lesbian Tutors 5 Alexa Nova and Alexa Grace

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 1/25/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

My goodness, if there is proof that good things come to those who wait, then this is the scene for you. Alexa Nova, the redheaded beauty from Sin City. She is known by industry faithful as one of the most sizzling performers on screen. Her fashion model good looks that are matched by her runway body may be the best-kept secret in porn. She has been under the radar when it comes to girl/girl cinema over the last few years and now that the Girlfriends Films Las Vegas team has gotten ahold of her, this is going to be one hell of a show, I am calling it right now. This honestly is the first time I have seen Alexa paired up with a female co-star who loves pussy just as much as she does. Girlfriends Films likes to pride themselves in those types of encounters. We may finally get to see Alexa get “what for” from a female and make her submit with orgasms just like she has become known to do with every male lead she has shot with during her always growing career. Alexa Grace takes center stage as her scene partner and all I can say is that this was one hell of an idea to get this Penthouse Pet in the same room with miss Nova. This film has a line-up of some of the best young talents in the industry. Let us see just what happens when you put these two fireballs together.

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 37 Minutes and 29 Seconds

Director: B.Skow @B_SKOW_1

Studio: Girlfriends Films

Release Date: November 2nd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Petite, Teen versus Teen, 5-Star Breast Play, Real Pussy Eating, Pussy Rubbing, Scissoring/Tribbing, Face Sitting, 69


Lesbian Tutors 5Scene: 4

Starring: Alexa Nova @msevilalexanova and Alexa Grace @AlexaGraceXXX


The Reveal:

Alexa Grace The scene takes off with a quick shoot. I think you really need to see the whole film to really catch and understand the dialogue. So, right off the bat, I am not recommending seeing the scene alone just from the standpoint of acting and story. Alexa Grace looks like a million dollars. This beauty has been sculpting her body tighter and tighter this past 2018 and she looks as good as ever. Alexa is going all natural and truly becomes the cheerleader character. One Alexa is a natural born actor and the other, her skills just get sharper with each role she takes. This is very cool for any die-hard Alexa Nova fan getting to see her show her stuff with dialogue. Miss Grace, she makes acting look so simple. You know something more is coming but the ladies set the scene so well. We do go quickly into the sex in the digital version. The lighting in the room is wonderful. These two ladies are so stunning, you are not going to feel to gipped with the loss of dialogue in the website version.

The Encounter:

When you see Alexa licking with the backside of her tongue every other stroke, I think that is the sign to basically take the phone off the hook if you are an old bastard like me or turn your cell phone on mute. The lady’s attire is a bit basic but the kink in just their kissing really will get the audience charged and rowdy. The breast play in this scene is scrumptious. These two may have the best nipples in the industry. I mean the way that these two really pay attention to each other in this department is sexy as hell. Seeing Alexa’s booty in the mirror while she pinches Grace’s nipples is stunning visually. This scene has a lot of those yummy pieces of eye candy that will have you unable and unwilling to look away. There is kink to this scene that is so one of a kind with these two performers. This is truly one of Alexa’s best roles and bravo B.Skow and Girlfriends Films for finally putting with a performer who is going to enjoy chowing down on that stunning kitty. Alexa has one of, if not the hottest pussy in the business. It looks like a butterfly if you get to see it at the right angle and seeing another woman lick and suck on those pussy lips is something every Alexa Nova fan has been waiting for. Fans, this is the kind of scene that is truly “new age.” What I mean by that is there is a reality at every corner in this scene. There are no fake boobs, fake butts, injected lips or cheeks. This is two of the most passionate lesbian performers getting have their way with each other. The boob action, the oral it is real. There is nothing where the women are trying to get into some awkward position. You will even see both women look into the mirror to check out the others ass as they play. It does not get more real then that fans.

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Alexa Nova 

There does not have to be sucking sounds every sixteen milliseconds for a scene to be sexy. That is what is at this scenes core. Two women pleasuring one another. Alexa’s tongue action is the hero of this scene from the kissing, to the breast play then finally some luscious pussy licking. Getting to see Alexa’s face buried deep in other’s slit is just wonderful to start out the aggressive side of the encounter. Both beauties look amazing. Not one flaw or blemish can be seen. There is a build-up to seeing what many fans came here to see. The pussy rubbing, the gentle glide of Alexa running her fingers all over miss Nova’s hips and butt is erotic and sexy. Far too often. Sensual scenes miss big time here, not this one. The dirty talk is whispered, keeping the context of two university hotties partaking in a little taboo. The pussy rubbing is intense yet stays with the tempo of the scene never goes past it. This is some of the best pussy rubbing I have seen in a very long time. Seeing Alexa contort her legs into the perfect position with B.Skow’s eye guiding us on miss Grace’s tour of spit, fingers, and tongues is as beautiful and lustful as it gets. We finally get to see Alexa Nova get her pussy licked the way that it should always be seen in this business. It is steamy but it does not take you all the way there. The oral, it is strictly that. It is good, not great as it closes. I think there could have been a lot more to end seeing Alexa Nova spread eagle. The end 69 action gets a bit too over the top for a scene that was utter brilliance with its strong dose of reality. The women are amazing models and we do get to see their performance skills come to a true conclusion with the end of the scene. It is satisfying and gets the job done indeed when it comes to fantasy.

Alexa Nova and Alexa Grace 

Sight and Sound:

B.Skow, that name should always bring forth two things with Girlfriends Films, location, location, location. B. Skow is always creating new looks within the Girlfriends Films empire. It is almost night and day when you compare with Dan O’Connell. The angles are wonderful in this scene. The way that the light showcases every inch of the woman’s stellar body is something that is amazing beyond words. The sound is crisp, and you are never at a loss for anything exchanged verbally no matter if it is a whimper or a moan. I think every fan will be pleasured with what they see and hear in this scene.

Alexa Nova and Alexa Grace 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

There is so much that is right with this scene. There oral is truly amazing from nipples to kitty. Speaking of nipples, they are the huge seller here. I think that many fans agree, petite boobs like this are simply what fans want to see more and more of. The natural beauty and stiff look as two women have sex, nothing can compare. The casting was brilliant to close things out with these two ladies. I think what every fan will discover after a scene like this is how amazing these two hidden gems are. They are some of the kinkiest, nastiest performers in the adult industry. Always putting on a show that makes the crowd go oooooohhh and aaaaahhhhhhh. This dance has peaks and a few valleys that do not plummet. All though this may be the best lesbian scene to date with Alexa Nova we still do not get to see her get what for. The tease is there, the buildup but not getting to see those pussy lips get stretched and supremely sucked on, a few fans may be let down. Do not sell this scene short though. The boob play, the kink, the beauty. It is all something to write home about. Alexa Nova, she is simply a box of dynamite. She gives something explosive every time. When miss Grace elects to sit on her face and we get into some closing sixty-nine action, the kink will keep you parked and paying attention. The way that this scene shifts gears can throw off some fans attention but what holds everything together is the look of both performers and the way that they are shown to the audience. This still warrants a recommended rating and I think that who this film will appeal to most are those voyeurs looking to see the talents in this industry that are the true hidden gems. That is what both these ladies are. They have snuck under the radar and they show in a scene like this that their limits are ready to be tested even further. I hope there are more return visits for these ladies to Girlfriends Films. I think they have a hell of a lot more left to show the world in the girl/girl realm.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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