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My Girlfriend's Girlfriend - Scene: 3

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 1/25/19

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

What makes this business great is that good porn comes from everywhere and anywhere if you take the time to look. Mike Quasar, The award winning, XCritic 2018 Social Media King has been doing this very thing since his days with Fat Dog Productions. Mr. Quasar has always been adirector who understands what it is that makes good cinema. No matter what he is doing, the all sex feature, the long, lengthy drama, the man has a style and swagger with his camera and crew that is legendary in this business. This guy is the reason you pay for your porn. My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend brings together some of the most amazing performers on the planet in combinations that you want to see. I do not think that it would be fair to the public if we did not give this film a look see in order to see how it stands against other entries in the category from Girlsway.com and Girlfriends Films. The market has become dominated by a few companies, but Zero Tolerance has always been about creating something that is true adult entertainment. That is the bottom line. This is what fans come to see and when I saw that this cast included rookie sensation Milana May and master of kink Jade Nile, well, that is every Girl/Girl fan's fantasy come to life. Then throw in Kendra Spade, a woman who is taking this industry by storm, film by film, scene by scene. On paper this something that the fans want to see. Let us see if it is worthy of a trip to the winner’s circle shall we?

Film Cover 

Scene Length: 23 Minutes and 6 Seconds

Director: Mike Quasar @mikequasar

Studio: Zero Tolerance

Release Date: June 26th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Threesome, Amazing Chemistry, 5-Star Pussy Licking, Pussy Rubbing, Face Sitting, Fingering, Ass Licking


My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend - Scene: 3

Starring: Milana May @milanamaylove Kendra Spade @KendraSpade and Jade Nile @justkeepflowing


The Reveal:

Milana May, Kendra Spade and Jade Nile 

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Sexiness is what hits the imagination first. The colors, the ladies matching attire and the fact that all three women know how engage in the tease, this is gonzo sex the way that it is meant to be seen. The women tell a story with every movement, every kiss. This is a scene were action makes up for the lack of dialogue. The premise is simple, one woman is bringing over a little something extra to spice up their bedroom conversation and when you see all three of these women, it is truly a sight for sore eyes. I cannot remember the last time I watched a scene where every single woman was wearing sexy high heels. Damn, has it been that long? The switches from camera to camera, angle to angle show why the “Quasar Man” has been doing this for as long as he has. You get in four minutes of set-up what takes ten minutes with other companies. This scene perfect for that fan that wants to cut right to the chase and get things going without getting too speedy. What also makes this tease so perfect, is that you do not know where the sex begins, and the tease stops. That is the mark of true production and planning. By the time you know it, Jade is throwing Milana down on the bed so that she can really begin the fun. Flawless intro, one of the best of 2018.


The Encounter:

Milana May, Kendra Spade and Jade Nile 

All right sex fans let’s see what these beauties got. What is evident from second one, these women know their way around the female anatomy. There is no stumble or stop, just pure passion and incredible performance. The distance shots are amazing. Once again, this is what you want to see with a threesome. You do not need up close pussy shots giving you every slippery detail play by play, lick by lick. This is female beauty arousing the mind. Fellas, you want to get your girl in the mood in a heartbeat, throw on this DVD and just press play after fast forwarding to this scene. The dialogue, it is sexy, it is candid but not filthy. Just that perfect leve of dirty. There are no G-strings or missing bras. It is getting to every square inch of fantasy that fans love. You will be your lady’s hero after this film. Fuck lady Viagra, straight or not, most women love watching this kind of porn with you. Add in, this is porn you will enjoy as well. You have young teenage hotties, you have a foreign beauty who you can spot a mile away and you have the stunning vetran performer who looks like she could pass for twenty-five and thirty-five. I know Jade will want to kick my ass with that second part, but it is a double compliment. Jade is truly the glue that makes this scene stick together like, well, use your imagination. Jade Nile is one of the most amazing oralists in this industry. Book this woman at all fucking costs for girl/girl, my goodness, even from a wider angle is scrumptious and intriguing. Her dirty talk is so casual and old school. It will get new fan and old fan alike, revved up and blushing like it is senior prom. She has that amazing ability in all she does. Damn, I mean, …. damn! You simply will be spell bound after watching Jade do what she does best and the counter is only about half way wound down on the scene. There is some serious kink, performance and passion within this very chapter of the film. This is what you want a threesome to always be like when you combine talent like this.

Milana May, Kendra Spade and Jade Nile 

Sight and Sound:

It goes without saying that Mike Quasar can piece together a film better then anyone in this industry. There are no cut off heads, frames that look like the person wanted to get out of Dodge and do something better. Mr. Quasar and his team give you what you want to see. All though I do not publish many reviews of the work I have seen of Mikes, which is due to the fact that almost always, a film worth buying when Mike is involved. That is not ass kissing, that is just a fact. Within the action, he knows which stars strengths will be, and he follows the action. This is movie magic with amazing sound. Now, if I were to say there is a way you need to see this scene, it is on DVD. The website version does lot give you that crisp, solid feel like the DVD will. The DVD is how Mike created it and it is how it must be viewed.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is one of the best girl/girl threesomes of the last two years. This is magic. The way that each performer allows the other to shine, every fan will get their fill no matter if you came to see Kendra or Milana. For only being twenty-three minutes long, he fits in a hell of a lot of action, glamour and kink. No matter where this industry goes in the future, one thing that will never die is true performance and the way that it makes fans come out of the woodwork to go bat shit crazy they way they do over such cinema. Hey, I get it. This is the ultimate form of entertainment and that is what Mr. Quasar has done with this very scene. You get your moneys worth, the cover charge at the door is justified and if you are a fan who is getting to see all the parties involved for the very first time, you will be a fan after, that I guarantee. This is an XCritic Pick all the way. This is what girl/girl fans want each and every time and the magic that comes from a director like this, that leaves you wanting to see what comes next always. Hey, my job was to review the AVN nominated scene, but the majesty of the scene made me check out more. That is why you invest in a Mike Quasar film and why this scene has one hell of shot to win best Girl/Girl scene come Saturday the 26th. The Post script of this scene? Make sure that no matter how you do it, you check out Jade Nile any way that you can. That woman is the definition of what a porn star is and should be.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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