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Sexual Harassment

Studio: Hard Art » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/27/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 45 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Feature

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Writer/Director: Sally Forth; Co-directed by Jake Jacobs

Music Score: Archie Brunswick

Cast: Starring Niki Snow, Jayde Symz, Destiny Love, Claudia Fox, Alessa Van Camp, Payton Sin Claire, Hanna Hayes, Vannessa Cage, Chad White, Jay Crew, Robby Echo, Brad Sterling, Black Ken, Jesse Bunyan, James Bartholet as Herb Weinstock

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters


HardArt Films is a new studio launched last summer by industry vet Jeff Sharp. The studio wants to produce films influenced by the golden age of porn with up and coming talent for a fresh look. Since opening its doors, the studio has produced a handful of feature films, debuting with HyperSexuals, then Sexual Harassment, followed by Poker Face and its latest production, Gangbang Girl Fallon West. Sexual Harassment, like the studio’s other flicks, is directed by Sally Forth, a Cal Arts grad who was hired to a three-picture deal. This movie lives up to the studio’s promise of bringing back the golden age of porn with its cinematography, heavy plot, three-act storyline, and intimate boy-girl sex. I recommend it. Sexual Harassment follows the ups and downs of a would-be Hollywood A-lister, Niki Snow, who soon learns that the only way to conquer Hollywood is on her knees. In the end, she holds the power of tinsel town in her hand by sending Hollywood’s biggest producer and serial sexual harasser, Herb Weinstock, to jail, landing her in control of her own career.

Act I

Scene 1:  Niki Snow and Jesse Bunyan

The act begins with X eating Chinese food with the sound of a couple fucking in the background. That couple is Niki and X. She is riding his hard cock cowgirl style, moaning with each bounce she makes up and down on his cock. “Yeah, just like that,” he tells her. She climbs off his cock then sucks the taste of her pussy of it. After spitting up all over his dick Niki gets on all fours for a round of doggy fucking. Brad drills her twat while spreading her ass cheeks open and squeezing her neck. Niki tastes more of her pussy off his cock as she deep throats it then gets spoon fucked until he pulls out and cums on her bush.

After their hot sex, Niki explains that she’s moving. She’s leaving Hollywood. Brad can’t believe it. Niki has always wanted to be a Hollywood star. Niki meets her neighbor Claudia Fox, who also had aspirations of being an actress. Nothing ever panned out for Claudia. Most of her scenes didn’t make it past the cutting room floor. Niki meets with a porn agent, Jay Crew, who sends her to get headshots. The photographer asks Niki to take off her sweater for a better test shot. He instructs her to put her hands on her hips and turn to the side, making herself look sexier. The photographer touches and squeezes her ass. “You know why they call them headshots, don’t you,” he asks her. “You’ve got nice lips, babe,” he says. He tells her she’s got to show more cleavage and skin in her photos. Niki’s look gets sexier and sexier as the shoot progresses.

She meets Robby later that day at a hot dog stand. He figures she wants to become an actress.  He wants to be a journalist. They hit it off and become more than just friends. From here we watch clips of Niki and Robby’s friendship progress while she goes to one unsuccessful audition to another. The last place she walks into happens to be a porn agent’s office. When she sees the pics of naked girls masturbating with dildos on the wall, she leaves quickly. “Sorry, I’m in the wrong place,” she says.

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Scene 2: Claudia Fox and Black Ken

Claudia satisfies her dick hunger with Black Ken’s BBC in this scene. The two strip each other out of their clothes and Claudia sucks his cock, telling him it’s “muy grande!” “Tastes so good,” she says. She rides his dick in reverse cowgirl position while fingering her clit. “Si, si,” she moans. She slams her cunt up and down his black pole, reaching an orgasmic peak.  She grinds her pussy around and around on his dick then bounces up and down on it again. Doggy position is next. Black Ken pounds her pussy from behind then in missionary position. He pulls out and pops on her stomach and tits, using his dick to smear his sperm all over her. Niki walks in on them. “Oh, shit,” she says. Claudia tells her to come on in and have a seat. Niki is having her doubts about this whole acting thing. Claudia tells her she’s got to hang in there.

Scene 3: Niki Snow and Robby Echo

Niki and Robby take their friendship to the next level when Robby starts eating her hairy pussy. She runs her fingers through his hair while he tongue fucks her cunt. She turns her attention to his hard cock, sucking and spitting all over it while he finger fucks her twat. She rides his dick cowgirl style, creaming all over it, then turns over on all fours for a round of doggy. “Give me that pussy,” Robby tells her. He spanks her ass while ramming her twat. “Fuck,” Niki moans. He spoon fucks her, pumping her pussy hard and deep then pulls out and shoots his load all over her bush.

Niki needs to get a job soon. Rent in this town is high and she’s got to pay the bills. Nothing has come from all her auditions. When she gets home, there’s an eviction notice on her door. “What the fuck am I gonna do now,” she wonders.

Act II

Scene 4: Payton Sin Claire and Jay Crew

Act II begins with Payton sucking porn agent Jay Crew’s cock. She wraps her tits around it then beat her tongue with it before wrapping her lips around it. “Spit and get all sloppy,” he tells her. He’s filming the whole thing, giving us his POV of Payton sucking him off. She titty fucking him again then puts his cock back in her mouth. Payton sucks him off until he blows his load all over her big boobs. Niki walks in on Jay and Payton just as they finish up. Payton leaves and Niki explains to Jay that she needs money fast. She’s got to start working right away. Jay tells her she can start right now with her audition tape. He puts his cock in her mouth and turns the camera on.  

Scene 5: Niki Snow, Blonde Starlet, and Brad Sterling

To make some extra money, Niki begins working as a porn star. She shows up at the studio for her first threesome. Her role is a French maid who walks up to a couple who’s fucking. Her only line is “Did you order the maid service?” “Hell, yeah,” the couple says. Niki sits on Brad’s face and kisses the other girl who is riding Brad’s cock cowgirl style. It’s Niki’s turn to get fucked. She takes a doggy style pounding while burying her face in the other girl’s pussy. Niki lies on her back and the other girl straddles her doggy style and gets fucked from behind. The girls take turns sucking Brad’s cock, licking up and down both sides of his shaft. Niki takes a missionary fucking that soon turns into a big pop shot. Brad shoots his load all over Niki’s tits.

Scene 6: Jayde Symz and Chad White

Following the production of the threesome with Niki, Jayde is left to clean up the set. Chad White tries to convince her to have a quickie. She’s nervous because someone might walk in on them and she really needs this job. She finally gives in, kneeling and sucking his cock. He thrusts his dick to the back of her throat, making her gag. She bends over the desk in standing doggy for a quick fuck that hits the spot.


Scene 6: James Bartholet and Destiny Love

As the months go on, Niki sucks and fucks her way through the porn industry, landing her way onto big shoots. She grows tired of it and sets her sights on becoming a mainstream star. It works. She becomes a Hollywood A-lister, earning the nickname scream queen.

We watch the brash Hollywood boss James Bartholet yell his way around the office. He takes advantage of young interns who are trying to make it big in Hollywood, fucking them in his office. Destiny is his latest victim. “If you want to get ahead you’ve got to give some head,” he tells her. James spells out the rules for her when he tongue kisses her and fingers her young pussy. He unzips his pants and puts his cock in her mouth, showing her what it takes to get to the top.  He takes his cock out of her mouth and jacks off to a pic of Niki, yelling for the next intern to come in.

Niki joins James for dinner to talk about the latest script. James invites her up to his room to give him a foot job. Niki tells him this is sexual harassment and she’s not going anywhere. She complains to her agent about the whole thing, but her agent tells Niki to do whatever it takes to get the part. So much is riding on this one part. Niki could be set for life if she gets this role.

Scene 7: Vanessa Cage and Blonde Starlet

Later that night in James’ room, he’s coaching Vanessa Cage and another young starlet on how to fuck each other while he watches them and jerks off. If they want to make it in this business, they’ve got to do what he says. He makes them pretend they’re in a lesbian scene, making mad passionate love to each other. “Go for it,” he yells. The girls explore each other’s pussies with their tongues. James watches the action, getting himself off. Nikki walks into James’ room. “I knew you were gonna come,” he says. “All the girls come.” He orders the other two girls out of his room. He turns his sights onto Niki, telling her he’s going to fuck her in the ass. Niki doesn’t want to be fucked, but James tries to blackmail her, showing her the porn DVDs she used to make. Niki won’t be harassed. She kicks him in the balls and leaves.

Niki calls her old boyfriend, Robby, to give him the biggest scoop of the century. She tells him all about James’ sexual harassment of young, Hollywood up and comers like herself. The news makes headlines and James is arrested. We watch him take his mugshot at the police station, ending his career. “We did it,” Niki says to Robby as they watch the news of James’ arrest.  

Final Thoughts:

Sexual Harassment is the kind of film that's written and directed in a style that harkens back to the golden age of porn. It’s part of a few features from the new studio HardArt Films, which launched last summer by industry vet Jeff Sharp. The studio wants to produce films that have the look and feel of golden age porn flicks while using up and coming talent for a fresh look. The movie is directed by Sally Forth, a Cal Arts grad who was hired to a three-picture deal. This movie follows the ups and downs of a would-be Hollywood A-lister, Niki Snow, who soon realizes that the way to the top in Hollywood is on her knees. Failing to land any big parts and with an eviction notice on her door, Niki does porn to pay the bills. She makes it big in the porn industry and later crosses over to mainstream, becoming known as the scream queen. She has the opportunity to land the biggest role of her career, but it comes with strings attached, fucking Hollywood scumbag Herb Weinstock, played by James Bartholet. Niki has grown tired of James sexually harassing her and other starry-eyed girls. She calls an investigative reporter who she used to fuck and tells him about Herb's sexual harassment. The story makes major headlines in Hollywood, sending Herb to jail and landing Niki on top of her career. I recommend this movie. It’s heavy on plot and storyline with a huge cast of familiar industry faces and lots of sex.

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