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Mother Lover's Society #18, Scene: 3

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 1/27/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Mile High Media empire has had some big signings over the years when it comes to talent, directors and so much more. The biggest acquisition might in fact be when they inked the lovely Brandi Love® in the Girl/Girl realm. If there is one thing that you can gamble on knowing it will be a for sure winner, it is Brandi Love® in these films penned from the imagination of Dana Vespoli. These two have been at it for years and they seem to always put their heads together to bring the fans what they want to see and to find the diamonds in the rough for Brandi to polish with her tongue, creating so much marvel with just one encounter. Newcomer Zoe Bloom steps onto the scene with one hell of a following that has had her turning heads at every turn of her very early career. There is something to go with one’s curiosity knowing that these two babes are on the cover of the film. Let us find out if the scene matches the stunning beauty that both these ladies possess.

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 25 Minutes and 11 Seconds

Director: Dana Vespoli @danavespoli

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Release Date: January 16th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Older/Younger, MILF -vs- Teen, Model Debut, Big Tits, Athletic Bodies, Scissoring, Face Sitting, 69, Fingering, Ass Licking


Mother Lover’s Society #18 Scene: 3

Starring: Brandi Love® @brandi_love and Zoe Bloom @ZoeBloomXXX


The Reveal:

Brandi Love and Zoe Bloom 

Leave it Dana Vespoli to always make a contract stars scene become so much more then just an encounter with the other performer. Brandi Love® is always shown in a light that not many can reproduce the way that she is in the eyes of Mile High Media and Sweetheart Video. Zoe Bloom is one of the fastest rising stars in the adult industry and for good reason. Brandi always seems to get paired with talent that will create a scenario that fans will love, that the fans actually want and know of. That is one of the solid truths about this woman, or should I say these women. Brandi and Zoey, bottom line, this is what fans want to see and they heard the fans nice and clear. Zoey has a nervous look in her debut but honestly, it does not take away from the scene. Can you imagine how many performers are intimidated by Brandi? I have always compared Brandi to Payton Manning. Both are people that are sought after by so many of their peers and rightfully so. Their brand is quality and they always deliver, and I do mean always. When you find that bad Brandi Love® scene that does not exist, you let me know, until then we see the older/younger sexual encounter played out so well in this chapter if the film. Brandi is flawless in her delivery and seeing how Zoe gets back to sharp dialogue is pretty cool. It adds a lot of zest to this scene. When the best kisser in the industry starts smacking lips, keep your fucking ass planted, you are not going anywhere for a while. The camera work in this scene is splendid. Dana changes things up as always, leaving even the most diehard Brandi Love® fan applauding the uniqueness.


The Encounter:

Brandi Love and Zoe Bloom 

Few can lick pussy as good as Brandi Love®, but it takes two to tango. Zoe is stunning. These two ladies have the most immaculate athletic bodies. My goodness, you want flawless, here it is folks. There is true chemistry in watching Brandi Love® go through the motions. It never gets old and, in all honesty, I think that this is what true sexual encounters are in many instances. Sure, we have moments where things change but the way a woman makes love is the way that a woman makes love. That is the calling card of Brandi Love® and her following is that massive for a reason. The kissing, the pecks, the tongues there is no finer show to behold in this industry then watching Brandi Love® kiss a woman, especially one that is chemistry with her lick by lick. The angle of Brand’s booty in the background as she sucks on Zoe’s slit is Sal Genoa at his best. The light is perfect, Brandi’s back side is looking as amazing as ever and Zoey, she is purring like a kitten at every pace increase, cumming as Brandi flicks her clit hard with the tip of her tongue. Miss Bloom looks stunning. I can not remember the last time I saw abs and biceps that tone in a co-star opposite Brandi Love®. This is an athletic lover's wet dream, literally. Now, what else Zoe possesses, is enough passion to give Brandi’s pussy a thrashing that you get to see maybe once a year this beautifully. The angles are amazing and the way that Zoe sucks those lovely pussy lips with some intense side to side movement is a slice of heaven. The huge selling point of this scene is the stunning visuals that are these ladies’ bodies. From perfectly trimmed landing strips to fit booties and legs, these babes really have you following every movement. That makes those small quivers during orgasm seem like mountains of pleasure. I think that models like this do not get enough credit for looking as good as they do. Body shaming is a bad thing, but body praise should not be a four-letter word with women who put in this much effort into their look, brand and way of life and business. Their hard work shows, and it makes the scene that much better. The way that this scene speeds up and slows down is wonderful. It builds into something that you can follow every step of the way. Of course, it is that familiar Brandi Love® passion that has Zoe bending over so that Brandi can finish things out in style and when she does, if you have not lost a few pounds from sweating bullets you will once the counter has hit zero. This scene truly lives up to what the cover states it will be.

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Brandi Love and Zoe Bloom 

Sight and Sound:

There are a few misses in the sound editing, first that I have seen from this crew, but the camera angles are wonderful. The backdrop if beautiful and different. Die-hard Brandi Love® fans will appreciate the change is scenery. Everything else is perfection. The lighting is amazing. There is a glow to each performer that simply makes the fantasy come alive in so many different ways that adds to the ladies looking this striking.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is once again Dana Vespoli using her beautiful brain to showcase Brandi in another spotlight with young new starlets who have a bright future in this business. Zoe Bloom has the goods. I think as the 2019 awards season comes to a close, we are already seeing the future starlets of the industry begin to take flight. Zoe is beautiful. I mean this woman could literally pose for any men’s magazine, she looks that beautiful. Her acting ability is still raw but is not clunky what so ever. She is able to hang with Brandi Love® when it comes to dialogue, and she even surprises this writer with her ability to dirty talk Brandi and showcase some oral that is spectacular for a porn rookie. When you look at the other side of the coin with the Mile High Media contract star, you see that she is being taken care of in so many ways with the films she is cast in. Brandi is such a legendary superstar, there is no style of performer she can not work with and work with well. She looks better than ever in this scene. The boobs, the butt, the seduction, they are in tip-top form if I do say so myself. The way that the scene ends with Brandi enjoying what I think is her favorite part of the female anatomy is just definition of how amazing she always is and how worth your bottom dollar this scene is. This is a definite must see and I can not wait to see more of both ladies in 2019. I think that they are off to the races in so many ways.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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