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Evil Oil - Lily Lane

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 1/28/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

I do not think that the new year officially starts until AVN and XBIZ have been completed. In 2019, I thought that branching out to check out the world of production, evil, ink, and ecstasy was what I owed a filmmaker's like Joanna Angel year and many others like her. Burning Angel has long been a company that showcases performers who are on the darker side of our fantasies. Now that industry giant Gamma Entertainment has become a part of the mix, I see even bigger and bolder directions of flight, if that is even possible with such an amazing company. Burning Angel has always been a brnad I enjoy. The acting is always wonderful, and the stories are original and kinky. For my first official XCritic Burning Angel scene review, I chose two of the most amazing actors this industry has ever seen, Tommy Pistol and Lily Lane. I also went with a genre that I am not the biggest fan of, oil “anything.” Why might you ask? Well, because honestly, only the best performers in the world can partake in an oil scene and make it alluring. There are so many problems that can arise in this style of sexual interaction. I do believe that this is the type of scene to showcase why Lily and Tommy are truly the diamonds of this industry, as well as Joanna's skills in production. So, let us take a big wet bite out of this one and see how it tastes.

Lily Lane and Tommy Pistol 

Scene Duration: 29 Minutes and 11 Seconds

Director: Joanna Angel @JoannaAngel

Studio: Burning Angel / Adult Time

Release Date: January 22nd, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Boy/Girl, Inked, Leather, Oil, Dirty Talk, 5-Star Oral, Fingering, Feet Fucking, Real Sex, 69, Real Squirting


Evil Oil – Lily Lane

Starring: Lily Lane @LilyLaneXXX and Tommy Pistol @TommyPistol


#TripleX Appetizers: The quantity of screen grabs is amazing. Damn, I was really looking forward to seeing sex stills in this extra part of the scene. There is so much beauty in this creation. Having Lily Lane posing in some badass leather was what my heart was hoping for. The quantity is good, but sex stills would have made this scene perfect and an XCritic pick. You can check out the pictures before but I recommend to jump right into the film side of this shindig. Their qulaity is good, not great.


The Reveal:

Lily Lane and Tommy Pistol 

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Oil, leather, and Lily. Is there a better combination in the land of fantasy? I can not tell you how fucking cool it is to see a kicking sound mix with the background, the graphics and the model’s movement. There is a ton put into the editing of this scene and post-production everything. This is a true porn lovers intro. This is the kind of old school shit that will never die. Just like you can bust out some Metallica and see people’s heads bang no matter if it is a prep or a punk, music to start out an adult anything is essential and is a part of the illusion that sweeps you away. The score does just that in this scene. The candle flickering to the beat is badass if I do say so myself. Lily is covering her clothed body with oil which is a very nice spin. It will catch your attention no matter your passion for film. If you have never seen Lily Lane, first things first, welcome to the planet earth and second thing, you must know that this beauty has not only one of the best set of boobs in the business, she is also a true-blue entertainer through and through. Her movement is precise and hypnotic. There are many instances in this industry you will see a performer has no rhythm in a scene and throws everything off, never here. Not with these two super stars of sex. The slow-motion booty bobbing is amazing. Bravo post production and camera crew. Tommy comes in looking like a combination of Neo from the Matrix and the King of Rock and Roll himself. This is cool, different and a wonderful new approach to this style scene. This is for fans who want something different when it comes to their entertainment.


The Encounter:

Lily Lane and Tommy Pistol 

Good fucking gawd! When you see Lily chewing in Tommy’s cock, there is no way that you are not turned on by such wonder. That is some of the kinkiest fits of lust I have ever seen on film. What have I been missing out on here with Burning Angel? The action is wonderful from the very first second of everyone’s naked ambition coming out to play. Lily’s dirty talk is epic and soothing to the mind. She will make you melt in your seat with all those four-letter words. The action moves fast from position to position. One thing I love about watching Tommy perform, he speaks, he talks, he shows emotion. This is what every fan fantasizes an encounter would be like with these sultry ladies of passion within the adult industry. It makes this scene so fun to watch when you combine that with Lily’s stunning body and her incredibly foul mouth. This woman is the real deal. To backtrack a tad, when she inhales Tommy’s balls with his stiff cock, good gravy, your eyes may indeed pop out of your head. That is Lily Lane for you. These two are master performers! Yes, I did say masters. No matter if it is arched feet you see during some five-star pussy eating or oil being put in places and times you least expect, these two put on a show. What is the big selling point on this scene? The aggression and the “fucking.” When I say fucking, I mean “fucking” because Lily simply takes Tommy for a ride like have not seen in many years. She has the fire of porn legends like Jeanna Fine and Sharon Mitchell. I mean this is some amazing sex. I am a girl/girl fan. That is the genre I prefer but when you see a sexual encounter like this, if you are an old fucker like me, you remember the good old days of porn when you could tolerate watching a boy/girl encounter because it truly had passion to build up the to girl/girl fun. This is brilliant film making and performance, that is all I can say, it takes me back to the golden era of porn. The sex just gets better and better as this scene goes on. By the time you know it, twenty minutes have passed, and you are still there with your jaw hanging on the floor following every piece of the action. The sex is real, and we get to see the performers improvise with these little sexy moves and aggressive styles. This is truly a five-star scene.

Lily Lane and Tommy Pistol 

Sight and Sound:

The film is pieced together so brilliantly. The sound is wonderful and the score to open up the scene gives this scene an A+ in this department. The lighting is wonderful and honestly, you do not see too many scenes that have this type of backdrop brought out so well with the production crew. There are no chopped off heads, you see everything you want. Might I add, the slow motion twerking by Lily Lane, it is a symphony of sexuality. Bravo production team.


Don Juan’s Final Thought:

OK. So, I must say, every time I see Tommy’s tattoo with the elephant getting flashed my imagination gets carried away and I start laughing uncontrollably. It is epic beyond words. Now, what makes him the performer that he is, how many male performers do you know that can make you laugh with their body art yet still get your mind back into the fantasy with how well they perform? Very few. Not many could handle any distraction. Most get derailed. Tommy is truly a legend in the making. To see a male enjoy an encounter with Lily like this, it is just bliss for any viewer. It is a part of being a voyeur few performers can encompass. The backdrop of the scene location is cool. Love the purple drop cloth, rug, or whatever that is. It is eye candy indeed when it comes to this scene’s creation. The real eye candy is Lily. My goodness. If you are a lover of adult cinema you must see this woman perform. She can do it all and she does it all in this scene. There is a balance of fetish, passion, lust, and erotica that is something I have not been able to forget since I watched the scene. All I hear in my imagination is that sexy voice and all I see is the speed of that scene, with Lily going up and down faster than a fucking machine fucks. It gets blurry for a second in the best way possible. Everything about this scene is adult film making at its best. The end “pop” is one of the best I have seen in a film in a very, very long time. It, like the rest of this scene, has something hidden that you can’t put your finger on. It is this hybrid combination of old school wonder and modern age debauchery for the masses done to perfection. This scene alone is worth a one-month membership for you to explore the other wonders Joanna has in store for. I know I sure am impressed. Must see cinema folks by any means necessary.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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