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Untraditional Physical Therapy

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 1/30/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

If you ask me what goes into winning a Performer of the Year trophy it is that you are always, and I mean always on you’re a game. It is a must that you always deliver what the fans want in every scene. Not one or two amazing films and then take half the year off. Oh no. These two performers are ladies who always give their audience what they wish to see, and they do it with a smile and sex appeal ike no other. This is no article about politics, because that exists in every form of entertainment. This writing is the contrary. Cherie DeVille has earned herself an unprecedented quantity of gold for being a woman who simply puts in a show that fans never forget each and every performance. AJ Applegate, she is well on her way to becoming a woman who gets this same type of recognition, as she continues to gain a larger fan base with every single film role. These two women are superstars. Add in the wonderful mind and vision of Dana Vespoli and you have the recipe for not just something explosive, we are talking Anarchist’s Cookbook, banned literature, weapons of mass destruction explosiveness. The scene title includes “physical therapy” what better type of bad-assery to celebrate the 2019 MILF Performer of the Year and a performer who could honestly whip the shit out of most athletes on the gym floor when it comes to push, drive and training? This is going to be fun that is all I can say. The marketing on the DVD and the website is glorious beyond words. The stills show kink, wonder, and reality. That is what you want with a combination like we see in this film.

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 27 Minutes and 25 Seconds

Director: Dana Vespoli @DanaVespoli

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Release Date: March 5th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Super Star versus Super Star, Blondage, MILF, Big Booties, Comedy, Squirting, Tribbing / Scissoring, 5-Star Pussy Licking, Ass Licking, Face Sitting, 69


Untraditional Physical Therapy

From the Film: Squirting Lesbians #2

Starring: Cherie DeVille @CherieDeVille and AJ Applegate @AJsAppleBooty


The Reveal:

Cherie DeVille and AJ Applegate 

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This is the closing scene of the DVD and understandably why. There is already this sense of kink and nastiness impending when you see AJ on that beautiful couch with the perfect low-lit lighting all around. There is a cozy warmth to this fantasy that takes over from second one. There is this cute softness to this scene that mixes slight humor with a romantic, kinky twist. The backdrop creates a wonderful place to get lost within. Turn the lights down for this one. What fans of both women will enjoy, is that Dana has created a realistic look to what the story is building up to. The women are not overdone when it comes to their wardrobe or their make-up. This a very natural story and seeing Cherie and AJ in normal workout gear is kind of cool because yes, their fans do see them in these types of fantasies in their heads. Bravo Dana for making something fresh as you always do. If you are not an AJ and Cherie diehard, this is a true “girl-next-door” kind of creation. “Are you doing yoga?” There is something out of left field that has you laughing the entire intro of this scene. What a wonderful way to mix beauty and humor. AJ is great as the frustrated client who just wants her wacky therapist to get down to business. AJ’s growth as an actor has really blossomed in 2018. This is as if Inspector Clouseau became a yoga teacher that was super-hot, with Cherie’s movements and silliness that her character is as serious as a heart attack with. This is wonderful beyond words. Fan’s will enjoy this comedy hybrid intro, that I guarantee.  I do not know how these ladies do it. The heat switch is turned on in a flash when Cherie kisses AJ and the movement, the touching, it is a turn on beyond words. As each woman stays in character, the sex begins but my, oh my, does that intro already have you lost in a sea of fantasy.  

Cherie DeVille and AJ Applegate 

The Encounter:

The hips, the butt, all hidden behind the skin-tight yoga pants. This is the way you tease an audience. All joking aside, AJ’s vagina is as magical as this comedic skit portrays it to be. Back and forth the dance of erotica and comedy goes. What will always be on the viewers face is a huge smile throughout. When that sexy pussy gets spread wide and Cherie dives in, all bets are off as to when you are getting out of whatever place you have decided to haul up for this rendezvous. Cherie is truly one of the top ten pussy lickers in the history of adult cinema. No matter how many times you see it, she never uses her tongue the same way twice. AJ is one of the best purring kittens in the modern industry. You will melt like butter on toast when you just hear her moan while getting her pussy licked. Spectacular! This scene is so well played out, you forget that this is a squirting themed movie. Your mind has no sense of direction or time with the show that is being put on right before your very eyes. I do not know if the viewer knows how hard it is to draw an audience in without passionate kissing to start. A calling card for both women. Only the best of the best can do it. So, when you see some spit swapping and tongue sucking, it not until almost fifteen minutes into the scene. That speaks for itself when it comes to these to ladies of allure.

Cherie DeVille and AJ Applegate 

Now, as a critic, you get to see these superstars of sexuality in many, many scenes, especially the A-List stars like this. I have never seen AJ get a tongue thrashing like she gets from Cherie “fucking” Deville in this wonderful yarn. The distance shot is pure fire and I seriously doubt anyone will make it past the halfway point of the scene due to the extreme fire hazard that these ladies create with this erotic encounter. The up-close shot of Cherie tongue fucking AJ is bliss and beyond. The shot of Cherie’s sweaty chest, mixed with AJ’s pussy sucking and spit is heaven sent. She delivers as good as she receives. The action in this scene is non-stop and by the time you know it, the film is over, and I do not mean that in a bad way. Every second is used with splendor. As the scene closes and we see that booty in all it’s majesty rest right on top of Cherie’s mouth you truly get that feeling of a job well done and as you wipe that sweat from your brow, you see that this is a complete, sexual fantasy through and through.


Sight and Sound:

The lighting can be tricky depending on how you watch this scene. HD and above you will have to truly dim every light because glare will thrust itself upon this fantasy no matter how dim the lighting is in the background. Shadows are not too huge of a problem in this scene because of how different the scenery becomes with the choice of location and shooting. The shadows do hinder some of the up-close shots but it is not enough to derail the action, the pace or the intensity for even one second. The visuals that the production team delivers are some of the best planning they have ever done. The editing takes you into each angle with want. They present each movement with precision, making the oral so yummy to watch. This is some of the best-filmed pussy eating by Dana Vespoli’s crew.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

When tribbing is this so good that you welcome it every time the ladies feel the need to get nasty and you are right there for the kinky play by play. Tribbing, like toys, can be hit or miss in a lesbian scene but with these two, it is a huge sell due to their passion and lust. Bravo Dana for bringing these amazing performers together. This is a true heart attack in a bottle because one sip will have your heart racing and that tempo does not stop just like a roller coaster ride. Besides the lighting, the scene is perfection. The scene takes place at night and those types of scenes are hard to shoot and keep reality within the story and the crew does that indeed. What is the huge selling point? The superstars of porn that is what. If you want to see why Cherie DeVille got that trophy again, look no further. This is a scene that has almost every aspect of her portfolio and trade skills on display. Squirting, realism, chemistry, nastiness, and passion. This scene is for everyone, guy and gal alike. This scene alone makes the film worth a purchase. This scene delivers in every single way possible. Bravo, bravo, bravo is all I can say in closing. Two blond bombshells that term is thrown around a lot in modeling, acting and performing but few and I mean few put on a show like these two. If you remember "Blondage" from back in the day, that is the chemistry these two ladies possess. Dana Vespoli did what no one else could do and that is showcase what it is that makes these two ladies the draw they are. This is a scene that must be in every girl/girl porn fans collection. AJ and Cherie, they are simply money!

Don Juan DeMarko 





"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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