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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/5/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Couples, Feature

Writer/Director: Kay Brandt
Asst. Director: Piper Sage
DP: Nate Liquor Editing: Hollywood Max


Cherie DeVille as Charlie
India Summer as Marla
Abella Danger as Brooke
Seth Gamble as Jack
Small Hands as Lloyd
Codey Steele as Cole

Length: 3 hours 29 minutes

Date of Release: January 24, 2019

Extras: N/A in the format I viewed it in

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent capture and presentation. Audio is clear which is key with a dialog-driven storyline. I watched this online as an advanced screener and did suffer some pixelation watching at 1080p (mostly in the final high-octane scene) but that probably doesn't exist on the DVD copy. You should be fine.

Overview: Kay Brandt is back with another Selena Kitt erotic novel adaptation. This one is about a married couple exploring their sexuality outside of their normal comfort zone. As you would expect with a 3 1/2 hour movie, it is geared at film aficionados and couples, not the jerk and clean crowd.

Scene 1. Cherie DeVille & Seth Gamble

Cherie DeVille

This scene starts as a series of preambles where Cherie recounts some normal newlywed type experiences of her and Seth waking up and caressing each other softly and a few experiences in the shower on different days, the storyline maintaining realism as one or the other of them are occupied by mistimed phone calls or checking their phones as their days begin.

Cherie DeVille

Flash forward to a sub-scene that has them taking "the next step" of anal sex. Cherie's not feeling ready yet, so they spend some time warming up with traditional oral trades and a bit of missionary before she climbs on in cowgirl, her asshole slowly engulfing his rod, and starts riding like she's making up ground in the final furlong of the Derby. With her booty lubed and open, they do some derriere drilling in a few positions, the hammering getting harder as the seconds tick by until Gamble pops on her ass cheek and DeVille's body is glistening with sweat.

Two more mini-scenes follow this, a solo Cherie masturbation scene in the tub and a quick "thank you BJ" scene that drive the plot along its course.

Scene 2. Cherie DeVille & Seth Gamble

Our couple is staying at a Bed & Breakfast for the weekend, Seth having convinced Cherie she can take the weekend off so they can continue their sexual explorations. Cherie is busy trying on some lingerie as they lounge in bed, smiling and kissing when there's a knock on the door with an invitation for cocktails in the lounge. Seth's pretty nonchalant as he chats with Codey while his wife tries to hide her half-naked body. With the invite accepted, Codey exits stage right and Seth gets to tell Cherie just what kind of resort it is. There's more intrigue shown on her face than shock as Seth makes the casual announcement, a giggle seemingly being held between his lips as he does.

Cherie DeVille

The sexual aspect of this scene pretty much revolves around Cherie's pretty tushy. Gamble tongues her rear a bit and then inserts a new toy into it, a vibrating anal bead stick which I didn't notice him ever turning on. It seems it turns him on as much as it does her because he lasts about 1/2 a second when it gets removed and he inserts himself into her. They take a quick shower, reinsert her buttplug and head off to dinner.

Scene 3. India Summer, Small Hands, Codey Steele

India Summer

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Our B&B proprietors, Small Hands and India, have invited our main characters up to their bedroom to watch a threesome that they will be having with Codey. Cherie and Seth sit on the sidelines as India's boys paw at her firm body, Small Hands getting the first taste of her as Summer works Steele with her hand and mouth. A crossfade brings us to India in a reversed position, Steele hammering into her while watching her ass shake with each pound as she sucks on Small Hands. Small Hands takes a step back to make sure his guests are okay as Steele brings Summer to an orgasm.

India Summer

A spitroast reversal gives Small Hands his chance at some penile penetration and then the trio switches it up into a cowgirl that has India cumming on Codey's cock while inhaling Small Hands' member. She gets to cum again while grinding on her hubby's hobby horse, her body taking on a sweat sheen as Codey takes a place in her rear door, her slurp and jerk efforts bringing her husband to a smile. Small Hands gets his chance at a rear entry as she mounts Steele for a thoroughly satisfying double penetration in both common cowgirl positions. All good parties must come to an end and this one ends with the guys jerking themselves onto India's pearl necklace (a fitting ending don't you think?).

Honestly, this scene kind of threw me off having two of the hottest MILFs on the planet in the same room with one of them sitting idly by, fully clothed, as the other got hammered and nailed. Now, obviously, that situation ultimately serves to move the plot along via banter between Small Hands and Summer as she kneels between her playmates.

Scene 4 (mini-scene): Cherie DeVille & Seth Gamble

This scene starts with our couple mid-coitus back in their room which is lit in a moonlight blue, Seth finishing quickly inside of her and the scene fades into the next morning where DeVille details her idea for a threesome between them and another woman as they lie naked and cuddling in the sunlight coming through the window.

Scene 5: Cherie DeVille, Abella Danger, Seth Gamble

Cherie DeVille and Abella Danger
This scene starts out with our couple doing some yoga with Abella leading the class. Abella is clearly the most flexible one here and Seth does a more admirable job than most men in at least attempting the positions, which personally I think was a missed comedic opportunity but this isn't a comedy movie so I understand. Fade to the bedroom where the ladies are immediately pawing and kissing one another, Seth moving into position to get his rod rubbed by his wife as the ladies lose their tops. He quickly strips off his yoga attire and touches himself while the ladies remove theirs and immediately take turns swallowing his sword.

Cherie DeVille and Abella Danger

As Seth takes his woman in doggie, Danger wedges her face between his torso and Cherie's tushy, licking at his lollipop as he slides in and out. The eye contact among the trio is extremely good no matter what is happening at any given moment. When its time for Gamble to get a piece of the new girl, DeVille lubes up her labia with a few licks prior to him sliding in and then rubs Abella's clit as he pistons in and out. It becomes necessary for a wide angle shot in order to capture the anal bead drilling DeVille is getting while Seth trades one of Abella's holes for her other before switching back to his wife. A sea of flesh ensues as the ladies trade positions, finally ending up with Abella lying atop Cherie as Gamble uses their holes and finally splashes on Danger's ass.

Scene 6: Cherie DeVille, Seth Gamble, Small Hands

Cherie DeVille

Cherie has decided she'd like to explore the idea of a menage with two guys and India sets it up. The guys get busy kissing on DeVille's frim body as they slide her out of her form-fitting dress. She is soon engaged in variations of the spitroasting she witnessed the day before, the men using her holes at will as she lies covered in beads of sweat and slobber flipping around from one to the other.

Cherie DeVille

She's moaning for "more more more" as she rides in a DP rodeo that has Small Hands squat fucking her from above before suggesting they try another position, Cherie marveling at the idea that there are other positions available, discovering that she can lie on her back, legs wide, as two men finger her holes before they move onto a reverse DP rodeo that involves more "more more more" chants from Cherie that culminates in a "screaming O" from her. A quick repositioning has the guys covering her crotch and tits with their jizz.

Scene 7: Cherie DeVille, India Summer, Abella Danger, Seth Gamble, Small Hands, Codey Steele

This is obviously an orgy scene, which I always find near impossible to describe and that holds true here. India and Cherie start by kissing and it progresses to everyone gathering in the bedroom where anything goes. There's smiling, teeth gritting, hair pulling, ass slapping, moaning, and hole hammering galore.

Cherie DeVille and India Summer

This is a sextuplet of highly seasoned performers going at each other full speed and so everyone manages to stay in the frame no matter who or what they are doing, the camera alternating between wide, mid and close shots along with some tilts and pans to feature not only body parts but facial expressions as the moaning and groaning becomes a constant hum while the humping becomes more feverish. It's a group that shows what is possible amongst professionals on a closed course as they laugh in between moans during position and partner changes. Codey is the only one who doesn't experience some sweat-soaked and flattened hair but that's only because he's sporting such short hair. In the end, all the ladies get their derrieres drenched with dick juice and the scene fades to our main couple waking up the next morning and discussing the weekend.


Final Thoughts: This is a film that bucks the current trend of porn production. Most porn today is produced with the intent of ultimately being distributed in a myriad of formats and broken down into pieces and parts, you can't do that with films like Kay Brandt produces for Adam & Eve because they are often based on books and who wants to read just chapter three of a book? Nobody. Now, admittedly sometimes people do cheat while reading a book and skip to the final page or chapter and that might be the case with this one during repeat viewings but the initial "reading" needs to be from start to finish as it's a story of married couple expanding their sexual horizons and exploring their sexualities and pushing their boundaries.

Cherie and Seth were logical choices in casting for these lead roles as they have the acting chops and the sexual chops to pull off a story like this. India and Small Hands play an integral part of the storyline for the exact same reason because they can. Codey and Abella fell into their roles nicely because while their roles were mostly as "third wheel playtoys" it takes a seasoned performer to fit into a threesome (or moresome) that can be as sensual as it is hardcore.

It is filmed very well, even including some momentary drone footage in the B-roll that shows the passage of time and space. The acting is on point and the sex moves from soft and sensual to an all-out frenetic finale in a logical manner. My only problem with it as a reviewer is the pacing seems a bit slow for today's average viewer but that isn't the intended audience. It will be a hit with couples and award nominations will undoubtedly come its way but its just really slow for the raincoater crowd who should avoid it at all cost. It just isn't that kind of flick. I'm not sure what kind of replay value it will have ultimately but the finale scene is definitely worth watching multiple times so if you're a savvy shopper you can probably find this at a reasonable price and add it to your stash. Highly Recommended viewing whether you decide to purchase it or rent it for the upcoming Valentine's weekend.

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