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No More Talking

Studio: Vixen.com » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 2/7/19

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick


a sky pool view

To say I’ve been waiting for this scene a long time is an understatement. It is a classic case of a fan wanting that performer to reactivate in any way possible in the industry. Teanna Trump took a brief hiatus as many performers do. It is a healthy thing to do in any career in adult entertainment. Some performers come back some never do. But in Teanna’s case, she rose from her dormancy like a fiery phoenix. Blasting back on the scene as a newly crowned Vixen girl. One of the most prestigious studios known to mankind giving paying fans quality adult entertainment. Vixen just scooped up a low key legend.

Teanna Trump is a bit of a social media mistress as she interacts on Twitter with her legions of loving fans. Her teasing demeanor only incites the love more as her fans know exactly why they are on board Teanna’s train. Her standout characteristic is her amazing ability to command a blowjob on film. Even having her own signature moves during her action-packed blowjobs. The scene is of typical Vixen fashion with a setup to a plot that will lead to that sizzling sex that viewers are all too familiar with and welcoming of.  This couldn’t have been a more exciting way to re-enter the industry and reclaim a throne. Teanna Trump and Vixen hand in hand for a scene that will be remembered by her real fans and loyal Vixen viewers alike.


I watched this scene streaming on the Vixen member site which gives you various options to view the scene. You can stream it at different resolutions depending on your internet connection. From 480p all the way to 4K are available to stream. An option to download the video gives you these same resolutions but be ready for very large file sizes if you plan on downloading above the 480p video format. The 4k, for example, has a 7.1GB file size while the mobile video qualities only take you back about 324MB (360p). The audio is intricate and I watched using my Sony headphones to hear every swash of saliva during Teanna Trump’s exciting blowjob.

Cast: Teanna Trump, Mick Blue
Studio: Vixen
Directed By: Greg Lansky
Release Date: December 30th, 2018
Approx. Run Time: 39 mins.


Mick and Teanna embrace

An impressive shot of Teanna floating in a pool starts this scene right up. The epic howl of the music blasting away instantly as Teanna Trump’s voice over strikes into a cue to set up the scene’s story. She’s describing her pop star status as she floats in the pool with the camera hovering above her ( I wager it was a drone catching the sky view).  

“Now more than ever, if you are not real people will call you out…”

Mick and Teanna confrontation.

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Upon dishing out her own wisdom she goes to explain that the loyal fans of her music can’t get enough of her. Teanna is playing a confident recording artist in this scene. A character that really has a drive and passion that can be likened to the real-life recording artists we see at the top of the music industry. She even daringly declares that her own record label can’t get in the way of her ambitious desires. This is almost likened to her persona as a porn performer. As she is now back here with Vixen on her own terms for this colossal comeback scene.

Teanna driving.

After explaining her love of California and brief musical montage with her driving we will see Mick Blue enter the picture. You can guess he is playing another powerful executive in a designer suit. Here in this expected role, Mick is indeed the record executive with the purpose of talking Teanna Trump down as she narrates in voiceover. She barges in her own house to find him waiting for her. This is where the sexual interaction will take place. Teanna Trump infuses sass saying she has no time to talk and breezes right past him. When they finally confront each other she senses his stress as she reaches for his jacket playfully. Mick Blue states his case that he is concerned for the brand that Teanna represents. She’ll simply snatch his face as his pleas go unheeded.

Hard BJ in action.

From here the two performers lock into each other and never let go. The ravishing porn kissing leads to something we’ve all been waiting for as Teanna fans. Her insanely powerful blowjobs filmed under the highest quality possible. Vixen's quality is the place for Teanna Trump’s cock conquering now. That signature double handed snatch is here as Teanna leaks saliva everywhere from her mouth. Even as these bubbling gobs of spit coat her chin you’ll hear her say, “Are you still stressed?”

cowgirl ride

Mick Blue backs onto the white sheets of the bed behind them now undressed and fully erect. This allows for a few more sloppy sucks from Teanna as she brandishes her specialty for this scene, the sloppiest oral out there. When they start to 69 each other you’ll see Teanna Trump remove her huge hoop earrings and place one around Mick’s cock adding more theatrics to her BJ show. She’ll toss it away eventually as it will most definitely get in the way for what is about to happen next.

Teanna Doggy

A cowgirl ride happens right after Mick’s dick is done sailing the high seas of Teanna’s spit-filled BJ. She mounts slowly only to be barraged with rapid pumps of insertion from the horny record executive. After a few swipes of that rapid fucking Teanna jumps off to fulfill her dick sucking desires yet again by attacking Mick’s wiener with more blowjobs. She’s back in cowgirl again but this time I noticed Teanna’s butt cheeks to be a bit shinier with an obvious administering of some lotion. The camera will sit still to capture the frames of Teanna’s top tier butt moving up and down on Mick Blue. It is blowjob time again after Teanna jumps out of the cowgirl riding in vaginal. This time she’ll start to suck on Mick’s face again as they set up the next sex position. Teanna is now fucking back Mick Blue in squatting reverse cowgirl. A perfect position to see some booty flexing from our beloved Teanna Trump.

Reverse cowgirl with Teanna Trump

We’ll continually see Teanna Trump snatch that cock for her blasts of oral prowess. They stay in the position where Teanna sitting on Mick’s dick while getting fucked in the pussy. It can be described as a combination of reverse cowgirl and doggy style where Teanna is doing most of the work. Finally, a real setup of reverse cowgirl is flowed into seamlessly. Close up of the vaginal penetration following through as Teanna Trump is erected in this sex position. She gets really loud here too as the scene is at its sexual peak as another position change is in tow. We go down into doggy style next with one of the most precise booty arches in the porn game back on display.

the final pop

Here Mick Blue is also at top speed as he barrels into this very fast vaginal doggy style banging. Now Teanna’s legs are peeled back as Mick digs in with some really deep pussy eating which in fact sets up a deeper missionary pump.  Perceptive porn fans will see the intensity of Teanna Trump as she sings ever so loudly in this these dashing insertions causing her loud orgasms. The final fucks are done in a downstroke into Teanna’s beautiful pussy as the camera zooms into these fornicating pumps in great detail. They pull out of this so Mick Blue can precisely deliver his payload into Teanna Trump’s mouth. A little spackle of semen even lands onto Teanna’s hair.  A shining smile coated with cum sees the scene fade to black. 


Vixen tag

I can't stress enough how special it is to have a favorite performer whose work ignites a certain level of joy upon encountering. Teanna Trump is one of those girls in case you didn't notice, a performer I can always count on to shine in her scenes. Her beauty has its perfect home here for Vixen. A new angel with wings that will spread wide for this studio and her fans. I can imagine this was a calculated return for a phoenix-like stage. Quality porn has this muse now. Those who aren't fans yet have a place to see Teanna Trump at her best. So expect a titular scene like this to make new fans, as it should. As a collector, this scene should be in my rotation as it is a "comeback" scene with a special twist. All the makings of an XCritic Pick since there is some acting from Teanna in this more upfront serious role. Now imagine this type of magic collected into one singular showcase? Dreams do come true especially with these Vixen angels. 

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