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Pick-Up Artist, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/7/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Oh, don’t you love it when directors and producers can predict the future? Bringing together the AVN Hottest Newcomer and the XBIZ 2019 Female Performer of the Year is more than just the “best of both worlds.” This is a combination that fans want to see even if they do not know it. Or should I say, did not know it? Alina and Abigail represent two ends of the spectrum that are just utter brilliance and blinding in the best of ways in the adult entertainment industry. Both women seem to have more than just one skill when it comes to acting, performance, and artistry. I think that is why the fans picked them for the distinguished awards that they got. This is exactly the type of five-star scenes that Girlsway.com has always been known for and it was exciting to see this scene on the menu. I think there is nothing that needs to be done extra to sell this scene. These women, even if you have never seen a film of theirs will knock your socks off with just their supermodel good looks. So, when it comes to even the slightest tease, I think the fans are already lining up around the block after that preview.

Abigail Mac and Alina Lopez 

Scene Duration: 36 Minutes and 15 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @Stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: January 3rd, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Story, Comedy, 5-Star Breast Action, 5-Star Pussy Licking, Tongue Fucking, Ass Licking, Face Sitting, Acrobatic Sex and Positions, 69


The Pick-Up Artist

Starring: Abigail Mac @MsAbigailMac and Alina Lopez @ItsAlinaLopez


The Reveal:

Abigail Mac and Alina Lopez 

This scene has one of the coolest, funniest, well scripted and well-acted beginnings I have ever seen. Holy shit, Abigail shines as the hot writer who has perfected the way to pick up women. It is incredible to see one of the biggest stars in the world act like a dick head to pick up women.

It is awesome and comedic. You will love when she breaks the fourth wall. Alina Lopez, last year's shooting star that should easily pick up trophy after trophy after trophy in 2020 is showcasing that she is an artist and a model. The back and forth is great. No matter your sense of humor you will be smirking at a minimum.

When Alina throws Abigail off her it is classic. This is something unique for Girlsway and I think they picked the two best actors for this part. If the brilliant script is not enough, the ladies look “to die for!” The make-up, the hair, the nails. They are showcased to their maximum in this intro.

There is this true depth behind the writing of this scene. You get to see these performers get out of their comfort zone and try something different and they accel at it beyond belief. To see Abigail honestly play the role of a douche bag guy in so many ways is brilliant.

Being yourself, having to walk her through just being honest, I simply cannot get over how well these ladies did in this scene. There is a pretty cool moment where we see Alina get lost in Abigail’s eyes as they start kissing and touching. There are a ton of fans who have been drooling since it was announced that these two were pairing up for a scene. What ends up being created is a true look at where the superstars of this business can take fantasy.


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The Encounter:

Abigail Mac and Alina Lopez 

Is there anyone that sucks on a porn star’s hard nipple like Abigail Mac can? The answer is "fuck no"! She is hands down the best when it comes to boob action both giving and receiving. For all those fans who do not believe girl/girl cinema to have the aggression that comes with boy/girl, watch the 2019 XBIZ Performer of the Year suck on some tits. My goodness, she almost fits Alina’s entire breast in her mouth. No matter how many times you see her do it, you never get tired of it. Abigail makes every instance of her encounter with a woman become an eternity and we like every second of it. Look at the arch of the back, that perfect booty, and those sculpted breasts. Oh, “she knows what she is doing” as the old saying goes and I honestly have not seen a performer who has that kind of sexual rhythm since the legendary Jill Kelly. Alina and that tongue. My God, we may truly be looking at a scene where years down the road we say, here is the current Performer of the Year with the future winner. That is the lust that Alina creates with just a lick and a gaze into Abigail’s eyes.

Abigail Mac and Alina Lopez 

The pussy licking is sensational. What Abigail lacks in length she makes up for with a tongue that can hold its own by moving with the speed of a vibrator on slow. No bullshit, when you see that distance shot of Abigail working over Alina’s pussy your eyes balls will be getting a workout watching that tongue go up and down, back and forth at the speed of sex. Lesbian sex that is. This is one of the best encounters I have seen in a long time in terms of passion. You can tell these two have wanted each other for a long time. They take their time enjoying the taste of each other’s lips in more ways than one. When you see Abigail bend over and Alina begins to tongue fuck everything and anything on Abigail’s perfect ten body you will most likely forget where you left your keys, so you might as well stay for a while. This one is going to have you out of breath sports fans. This is truly one of the most amazing pairings I have seen in many years. Alina is the next big thing in the business and these two were destined to meet sometime. It was inevitable with the talent that they possess. When you see the up-close shots of Alina Lopez there is one thing you will be after, OK, there may be a few things you will be after and one of them is a fan of the new “it” girl within the industry. This vixen’s beauty is one thing but matched with a nastiness on screen with a performer of the year, this spells only success for this starlet’s future. Her body is stunning, and you are left with more than just your jaw on the floor as you see Abigail lick with delight. Your inhibitions will be on the ground as well as you see Alina put on the show she does on all fours. The way that these women are always touching, licking, kissing and caressing is so real and in depth. The sweaty back as kissing noises are heard over Alina’s shoulder, that is the fantasy that porn fans want to see and just when you though the show is over, Lina brings out that wicked tongue that should be bronzed and put into a porn museum if it were possible. This scene is pure fire and one intake of this action will have you glad you paid the price of admission, guaranteed.

Abigail Mac and Alina Lopez 

Sight and Sound:

The visuals are stunning. The lighting is a bit so/so. It is something that does not take away massively from the scene, but it does make its appearance in a large way with shadows when the performers are acrobatically fucking one another with rolls and tucks that would make any sports fan go apeshit. The audio is good, not great, there is a bit of feedback from the room, but I think the change of scenery trumps everything else in this scene. You get to see something different and that is the big seller when it comes to candy for the eyes in this department. The up-close camera work is also something that makes up for any other miss in production. The visuals will leave you with possible dementia after viewing. That is how stunning the sights and sounds are captured.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is exactly what you would expect from two award winning performers put into a scene together. The story, it is pure brilliance and the acting is beyond amazing. This is something so witty and fresh that I think every fan will love the show that is put on with dialogue. These ladies show what true talent is within this business. Normally, I would look at a review and say that one performer put on a show that simply outdid the other or sold the vignette in a way that deserves a bit more praise. This combination of talent should be the industry's definition of excellence in Oxfords. These women showcase so many things. Abigail, she is truly the best in the world and a woman deserving of the crown of performer of the year. Alina, many are saying she is the next big thing in the industry and the top Spiegler girl, which is a title that few ever can come close to having in this wonderful world known as adult entertainment. She is a talented beauty who showcases that this in an industry of true artistry. This scene has it all, a show with pussy licking that is five star and done at a pace that has no definition. This is not slow or romantic but real and charismatic. There is a flow that will keep you watching every second. You know, many people will compare a scene to a thrill ride to an amusement park where you need to “buckle up” or “hold tight” when it comes to the action. This vignette, it is a ride of a different kind. This is a true thrill ride that will steal your breath and make your heart jump up into your throat multiple times. This is like those death-defying attractions that make you feel as if the floor dropped right out from under you many times. Alina’s tongue and Abigail’s sexual hunger is enough to give Disneyland a run for their money when it comes to satisfied patrons who voyaged Space Mountain. This is a five-star scene all the way. Highly reommended. This scene must be in your collection if you are a modern porn fan.

Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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