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Goth Teen Nymphos

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/12/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Alt Girls, Tattoos, Goth Girls
Director: Joanna Angel


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Cast: Adria Rae, Cadey Mercury, Carmen Caliente, Rina Ellis, Tommy Pistol, Small Hands, Owen Gray, Will Havoc  
Length: 1 hour 46 minutes
Date of Release: April 2, 2018
Extras: Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery, Internet

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Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Excellent overall. Hi-Def capture with an anamorphic widescreen presentation. Audio is clear so dialog is intelligible.  
Overview: Four vignettes centered around a common theme of goth girls. Each scene is set up differently so there's some variety. Unlike many Burning Angel flicks, this one does not feature girls covered in tattoos but the guys make up for the lack of female ink in the scene if the ink is your thing.
Scene 1. Adria Rae & Owen Gray

Adria Rae
Adria starts things off with a spark after a quick tease. By spark, I'm referring to how she lights some candles with a flick of her fingertips and some digital magic. With the ambiance taken care of, our duo gets right to the oral duties, Mike's camera trained on the two as he shifts back and forth from behind some wrought iron foreground objects.  

Adria Rae
With the oral escapades out of the way, Owen gets busy plowing our pretty, raven-haired starlet as she lies on a dining table, his thumb massaging her clit as she stares into his eyes, whimpering. Rae's powdery goth look starts to fade as she takes on a sweat shine, her dark locks sticking to her forehead by the time she climbs on for her rodeo ride. Her smile is bright from between her black lips, her small boobs bouncing with the banging she gets in a modified spoon which morphs into a missionary that has her moaning some more. Gray's not ready to give in yet and after a quick 69 he squats above the kneeling Adria and hammers her hard. Moving to the table's side, he pumps himself in and out of her, delivering his load to her awaiting lips.
Scene 2. Carmen Caliente & Small Hands

Carmen Caliente 

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Carmen's having phone sex with her guy since she's "grounded". It's not overly loud but apparently, it's loud enough to disturb her step-bro in the other room and Small Hands (Aaron) strolls in, a look of shock and disgust plastered on his face. (It's minute details in performances like this that earned him an XCritic recognition for Best Performer last year.) Caliente argues that she's not allowed out of the house but needs some dick and since his is the only one around, she'll have to take it. Aaron argues back that it's weird because they are stepsibling s but she inhales his hose while he's making that argument, getting him erect and ready in the process.

Carmen Caliente

He decides it's not that weird after all and sheds his attire, plowing into her from behind and then above as she moans and screams her attestations to the value of real dick. The game is on and Small Hands plays it like she's a Gumby doll, bending and twisting her randomly. Caliente shows off her significant cowgirl skills, screaming her desire to be choke fucked however he wants. Their romp is like the hands of a clock, always rotating to a different dial position finally ending up with her kneeling and getting blasted right in the eye.  
Scene 3. Cadey Mercury & Tommy Pistol

Cadey Mercury
This scene starts with Cadey doing some type of vlog on goth makeup tutorials, which explains why she looks radically different than the other times I've seen her. She's busy talking about her favorite lipstick when her stepdad pops in with fishnets stockings on his arm and a leather necklace, his eye adorned with a vertical stripe above and below it. I could tell you some of the things they say to each other after she slams her laptop shut but it would really ruin the comedic timing the pair toss between them, so I won't.

Cadey Mercury

The comedic banter continues even after Mercury puts the moves on dear ol' dad and he surrenders to the temptation. Pistol shows her a four finger pinch and poke move that has her slamming her body against the bed as she convulses in orgasm. It's not the only time the cutie is going to get to cum at the hands of her dear step-father as he lives out his goth fuck fantasy in one position after another. She sucks him and rides his rod, the two trading piston time back and forth as she bounces. She's screaming in between bouts of gasping for breath by the time they get to spooning and her lips are sans their makeup by the time he unloads on them.    

Scene 4. Rina Ellis & Will Havoc

Rina Ellis
Rina Ellis is a performer I've only come across once or twice in her two-year career as she tends to perform in a lot of web scenes that are in niches I normally don't review, so it's always nice when she hits my screen. Here we find her sending Will on a mission to find her special black panties in a time-lapse sequence that ends when she discovers they've been in his pocket the whole time. There's a whole industry evolving (already long-standing in Japan) based on worn panties but I'll leave it to the readers to explore that idea on their own...it's just used as a quick setup here before our scenemates get down to business.

Rina Ellis

That business involves Rina gurgling on Havoc's manhood before he takes her in doggie on the sofa. Rina is an active rider, a bunny tail sported on her behind as she bounces. Her nipple piercing shines in the light as she gets railed in a spooning, her belly button ring also gleaming. Havoc gives her a hardcore pounding, Rina's moans accentuated as they bounce off the walls.  In the background is the famous purple pool table that regular viewers will be familiar with but that hasn't made its appearance regularly as of late in the movies I've reviewed. The duo is becoming sweat-drenched as the drilling continues, their bodies sticking to the sofa leather as they work their way towards the inevitable facial.  
Final Thoughts: The self-proclaimed reluctant pornographer points his camera lens at four lovely ladies and their men in this flick directed by the pioneer of punk rock porno. All of the usual males are present in this Burning Angel gonzo flick and as always, do their jobs well. Small Hands and Tommy Pistol nail their bits along with the minimal acting Will gets to do in his scene. Owen's scene jumps right to the action so there's no chance to show off his acting chops.

The ladies here, from the final scene to the first are Rina Ellis, Cadey Mercury, Carmen Caliente, and Adria Rae which is kind of surprising. Although they look great in their goth getups they aren't the normal Go-To team I'd expect here from Joanna and crew. Not that I'm complaining. Carmen and Cadey both get their shots to inject some well-timed one-liners and nail those. Rina also gets her shot, although in a much more limited timeframe due to the timelapse sequence of her opening. Adria Rae looks great as she magically lights some candles for ambiance and stays looking great throughout her scene. All in all, it's one of those Burning Angel flicks that Joanna and crew pump out on a regular basis. In fact, it's almost a year old at this point and I'm not sure why I'm just getting around to it now but it will probably find a place on many BA fans' shelves. It earns a Recommended rating from me.

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