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Why Are You Doing This?

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/13/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

If you thought 2018 was massive, word is that Adult Time and Pure Taboo are about to dim the lights in the room, even more, add in even more superstars of adult cinema and continue to blend in that yummy cake mixture that is taboo fantasy and mind-bending story. One of their first offering to their faithful fans is the incredibly cast 'Why Are You Doing This?' A threesome that contains a trifecta of pure acting mastery within the adult industry. Sarah Vandella, she is truly porn royalty when it comes to the acting game, Emma Hix, now she is a new subject for me to tackle within the realm of this style of dark fantasy. Emma, she is a woman who has the reputation of always creating a character even when one does not exist. That is how dedicated she is to this business. With her dashing, youthful appearance it is easy to see why she has received the big pushes she has the last few years. The male lead in all of this is a savvy performer who is quickly becoming that person you can rely upon to put on a show in so many ways. He has a look that the lady fans love in this industry. Let us see just how well these three can come together for this type of erotic theatre, shall we?

Sarah Vandella, Lucas Frost and Emma Hix 

Scene Duration: 40 Minutes and 35 Seconds

Director: Craven Moorehead @badboycraven

Studio: Pure Taboo / Adult Time

Release Date: January 8th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Threesome, Story, Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Older/Younger, MILF, All in the Family, Face Sitting, Realistic Sex, Deep Throating, Rimming


Why Are You Doing This?

Starring: Sarah Vandella @MsSarahVandella Emma Hix @EMMAHIXOFFICIAL and Lucas Frost @LucasxFrost


The Reveal:

Sarah Vandella, Lucas Frost and Emma Hix 

What a twist. As you see Emma's stunning fashion model body draped in the girl next door look to perfection, we find out that Lucas Frost is not as charming as his handsome good looks indicate. This is one hell of a twist to start things off. The musical score is haunting and deeply tongue in cheek.

It must be with these performers because they can act so well, you must still show the crowd that this is a performance and the mixture of music with wonderful dialogue and facial expressions is very cool.

When Sarah Vandella steps into the room she truly takes command. How this woman does not have ten acting trophies is a travesty of the business. She sells this scene with white gloves and over the top everything.

Emma and Lucas maintain that serious vibe of darkness with Sarah not knowing what is coming next. Brilliant casting, brilliant! As Emma and Sarah head upstairs to put on the second part of the show, we see just how wonderful the range of acting is in this industry.

It is a mixture of June Cleaver meeting Caroline Channing. That is the only way I can describe this exchange. It is surreal and it is unique in the best of ways. As we see this hesitant lesbian encounter begin, wonderfully placed sound effects and camera trickery is put to great use.

This is a “storyteller” scene. You truly must love a side of story with your debauchery to truly appreciate this vignette. The way that they are able to go back and forth between steamy build-up and outright repulsive, dick headed storyline is amazing. You see Emma and Sarah head up the room to a boiler room with a kiss not once but twice and they manage to do while stopping the action to make the audience think.


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The Encounter:

Sarah Vandella, Lucas Frost and Emma Hix 

This is such a unique look at all three performers in a different style setting. This is one of the coolest characters I have seen Sarah Vandella bring to life. This is totally out of left field and a curveball not even her biggest fans will see coming. This woman was born to be on this production companies’ creations. The pussy licking is fast and hard. I love how the director kept the audience at a distance. You get to see the best of both ladies’ wonderful skills. As you see the action stop a third time which I thought was grand, you start to see that this scene is simply going to end the way you want it to. One of the big sellers in this scene is how stunning Emma Hix looks. There are zero flaws in the statuesque body. This is what every porn fan wants to see whether they know it or not and when we see Sarah start to get hungry and add her signature spice to this recipe it turns into something very delectable indeed. Lucas really moves in for the kill with the fourth break in the action and when you saw him start to rail Emma Hix and Sarah Vandella gets the best seat in the house as he hammers away the scene once again becomes a different style fantasy that will please even another group of weary porn fans. This is where the camera work becomes solid and Emma’s expressions of pleasure as she is knee deep in pussy herself is one of the most provocative shots done by Pure Taboo this year.  There is the wonderful “reality” to this scene. The performers put on a show that makes thirty minutes seem more like thirty seconds. Sarah Vandella puts on the sexual performance of a lifetime and the way that Emma and Lucas cater to the ”mom’s” every limit and desire will have fans of that more risqué type of sexual encounter begging for more at scenes end. The action is steady and steamy. Never losing a beat and appealing to so many styles of kink. You have an appeal to all and when you see the last ten minutes explode like a fireball with steam, you will know this is a scene worth the download. The way that this group of amazing actors stays in character is fucking brilliant. Especially in the end when you see a nice dark twist that you see coming. You will be snickering and smiling, even if you are a sensitive romantic like me.

Sarah Vandella, Lucas Frost and Emma Hix 

Sight and Sound: The acoustic feedback is killer, and I do not mean that in a rock and roll terms style flattery. It takes away from the opening a bit and the camera work is so/so. Not the best that Pure Taboo has ever produced. There is a shakiness too when you go from character to character and the camera people must get mobile. I must be honest, the editing is luke-warm in this vignette. You see a two-camera switch that ends grainy and you notice it even if you are not a production expert or novice.


Don Juan’s Final Thought:

Well, what can you say? This scene has a feel to it that is fresh and unique. We do not see the story go over the top like I think most were hoping with this cast. I think this is the threesome you have to go over an hour. Lucas is becoming a decent actor and sexual performer. He has some kinks to work out with dialogue but besides that, you see why he is the 2018 Best Male Newcomer. He adds darkness to this scene with his acting and looks the part of dashing swordsman for years to come in the adult world. He compliments Emma and Sarah wonderfully. Now, what is one of the biggest selling points in the marvelous scene is the one and only Sarah Vandella. She has a way that shines brightly in every scene. This role is one of her best sexual performances of the new year. She does not skip a beat. This performance is one that flows like a sweet wine on a summer day with everything from kink to casual pleasures in dialogue. It is a travesty that this woman does not get the true recognition she deserves she is a true entertainer through and through and if you are not a fan of Sarah’s you will be after this scene. Emma Hix, she may be the best-kept secret in porn. She is the “teen dream.”  A woman who not only looks the part, she can play the part as well. She is a glue that bonds the scene and styles together and her amazing acting steals the show in that department of this vignette. Now, the concluding male bad-assery in this film. Despite some hic-ups in zoom, Craven truly brought to life a script that is not the easiest to make sexy. I mean this scene was pieced together so well and when you see Lucas Frost work his magic as the dastardly male you are rooting him on. Lucas has so much potential. He has a look that every porn fan will love and in the tradition of Peter North and Evan Stone, he has the ability to bring more than just a flaming sword to any story in the land of fantasy. This is a very well-rounded scene and has so much value. This is definitely worth a view in this critic’s book.

Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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