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Vicki: Squirting, Gaping Anal Latina

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/14/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Do wonderful ideas ever stop with Jonni Darkko? This scene is presented on the Evil Angel website as a film that showcases anal and lingerie. What can be better than a mixture of allure and taboo? Despite the fact that the world of adult entertainment has turned anal into a common household name in the land of debauchery, there is still a lot that shrouds the genre with mystery for most everyday porn fans. Almost as if Jonni were walking around within the minds of fans and critics alike he sees that there is a common ground to meet those less savvy viewers like myself in the ways of making a film like this sell to your glamour adult film fan. The line-up of starlets is impressive and the scene I chose to cover is Latin fireball Vicki Chase and none other than raining XRCO Male Performer of the Year Markus Dupree. This scene simply grabs when looking at the who's who on the back cover and I wanted to see if Vicki Chase still has the firepower that seems to never run out within her arsenal of erotica and pleasure. Evil Angel has a knack for starting off a performer’s year with a bang and I have a feeling Vicki Chase is due something very large this year. Let’s see how things fair in chapter one shall we?

I Love Anal Cover 

Scene Duration: 44 Minutes and 3 Seconds

Director: Jonni Darkko @jonnidarkko

Studio: Evil Angel / Darkko Productions

Release Date: January 12th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Anal, Latina, Glamour Porn, Masturbation, Anal Gapes, Dirty Talk, Toys, Double Penetration, 5-Star Oral, Squirting


Vicki: Squirting, Gaping Anal Latina

From the 2019 Film: I Love Anal

Starring: Vicki Chase @VickiChase and Markus Dupree @MarkusDupree

Vicki Chase and Markus Dupree 

The Reveal:


First things first. You must download this scene in full HD. Or at a minimum Web HD. You are instantly transported into a world of sleek sexiness that is Vicki Chase. If you have never seen this Latin Queen of Oral you are in for a treat. She is one of the most stunning models in the entire world and the Evil Angel crew has her looking like a million dollars.

I mean holy fucking shit; this woman looks so good you blow a fucking gasket before a stitch of clothing even comes off. Jonni’s mix of nightclub-style beats to go along with your tour of Vicki’s body is something to behold. Diva, it will never become a four-letter word no matter how many times modern society tries to bring down a superstar of any genre of entertainment and that is what Vicki Chase is.

Very few in this industry can bring a crowd to their knees without even a smile. This is “Darkko” style and it is hypnotic. Flawless skin, flawless curves, and flawless sex appeal.

There is perhaps a handful of stars in this industry that can do what Vicki does here with Mr. Darkko’s narration in the first five minutes that will have you firmly here for the duration.

This is one of the most stylish scenes I have seen Vicki Chase in within the last two years. Simply a delight for the eyes and imagination. Pose after pose keeps your interests peaked and the beat is so fucking catchy you will be toe-tapping away as you watch the show turn kinkier with every camera switch and edit.

The tease goes from inside to out and the natural lighting smacks you right in the face. It is once again a great change of pace that die-hard Vicki Chase fans will dig beyond words. You literally are seeing her in a new light in 2019. I hope they have more outdoor scene planned out for her. That mixture of lingerie, light, and lipstick it is sexy as hell.


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The Encounter:

Vicki Chase and Markus Dupree 

No one can ride solo like Vicki can. She has one of the kinkiest tongues in the business in more ways than one and she also has the ability to have you screaming for mercy with just the masturbation side of this sexual encounter. The transition is flawless from the intro to the encounter. Anal is done right in this scene and you see it from the beginning. The toys were the perfect mix for this kind of debauchery. It is truly vintage Jonni Darkko. So, what that means fans is that you get the nasty and the exotic. You get the dames that look like a million dollars then show their sultry sides of nastiness just as well as they wear their lingerie. I do not know how Vicki does it, her body is still as stunning as it ever has been. This beauty truly ages backward and it is a marvel to see, especially when she winks at you in the way that only a porn superstar can. Vicki Chase is able to make the audience bow down in submission with just her voice. This is some of the best damn dirty talk in the game, she is not the raining XRCO Orgasmic Oralist for nothing. That tongue of hers is sharp and it is another part of the fantasy that takes things up a notch even more on the fire meter. The back and forth with toys, anal, dirty talk all with solid camera work is heaven for all lovers of fantasy.

Vicki Chase and Markus Dupree

This is elegant anal, with Markus never getting too aggressive. That pace is perfect for this wonderful display for the mind and eyes. It makes the little shots of lube dripping down her ass onto her wet pussy that much more stunning. If you want to see why these stars are simply the best in the world, look no further then the toy action in this scene.

Markus is a master with that black dildo and the rhythm he possesses as he works Vicki over is something so steamy I simply can not describe anymore, you have to see this for yourself. Just watch the smile on her face when she loses her top and starts to fuck her gorgeous slit while Markus does what he does best.

That smile is something you cannot duplicate and many often imitate in this industry. Even when she is deep throating that massive black dildo, it is cute, and it is sexy as fuck. That is Vicki Chase. As you see Vicki bring out the big guns and starts to slide her long tongue all over Mr. Dupree’s pulsating member, I doubt you will have any water left in your body from the sauna that is the first thirty minutes of this scene.

This is Jonni Darkko at his best, surprising and keeping you on your toes. Wow, when you see this scene end in a monstrous climax, be ready to have that urge to just download the entire film. That is the power of this stunning fantasy and all the players involved. Then, you get to the squirting. OK, my goodness, this scene, it is porn bliss. You can not say anything more than that. Vicki’s enthusiasm, the number of genres it pleases. Five-star scene all the way.


Sight and Sound:

Mr. Darkko, he is truly a master when it comes to editing and all the small things fans take for granted in scenes. Once the male lead steps into the scene, well, even before, the way he pieces the action together it flows like a symphonic overture and I mean that not to show flattery to him that is simply the truth. Your mind as a fan will never be able to zero in on anything else but what the director is trying to show you. The angles, the lighting, Jonni Darkko is truly one of the best artists in the world, not just the adult industry. The lighting is superb. The audio has a tad bit of an echo in the narration but aside from that, this is a flawless presentation to the fans. Download this scene in full HD and enjoy the show.

Vicki Chase and Markus Dupree 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

So, who does this scene appeal to? The Vicki Chase legions will love this delightful work of art. Who else will love this specific scene download, those singles and couples looking for something fun! That is What Vicki Chase always brings to the table. No matter how aggressive, stylish, kinky or nasty a scene gets, Vicki takes you on a fun-filled romp through her world of delight. That is what she will go down for when she is inducted into XRCO and AVN Hall of Fame when she decides to hang it up, which I truly hope is not for many years. Vicki shows that she still has that ability to surprise us as fans and she attracts the new fans and old alike with how she can make every scene seem like it is the only one she will ever make. That is the effort and fire that is Vicki Chase. Anal is simply something more than taboo when it is Vicki Chase and Jonni Darkko. This is something where the kinkiest and taboo angles and wonders are put on display like a painting in the renaissance era. Anal Gapes, shots of Vicki being bent into these contoured positions become something so elegant with Jonni Darkko and Evil Angel. This is how you do anal and I think no matter how you present this to your significant other if you are thinking of making this a couple’s dessert at the end of date night, you can not go wrong. This is forty plus minutes of might, wonder, and grace. Set to the beat of Vicki Chase’s always burning desire for her fans and this amazing industry. When you see the end climax as Jonni zooms in on Vicki’s squirt covered kisser, you witness that this is not just a scene of filth, debauchery, and lust, it is something of pure passion and want. This is the stuff that legends are made of and when you see that fire in Vicki's eyes as she waits for Markus to give her what she yearns for most culminated by this boyish whimper as he quivers while he is cumming, you will simply be in awe, for what you have just seen, that is what pleasure truly is. Porn perfection that is so passion filled, no one is able to hold anything back by the climax. That is what this kind of ride should always be.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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