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Love Song

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/14/19

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genres: Couples, Feature, Made For Women
Writer/Director: Mike Quasar


Chapters Menu
Kissa Sins
Whitney Wright as Alison - bass player's girlfriend
Kenzie Taylor
Joanna Angel as Karen Osborn
Aiden Ashley as Jennifer - Ricky's girlfriend
Marcus London
Small Hands as Ricky
Chad Alva as Tommy - bass player
Length: 2 hours 15 minutes
Date of Release: January 30, 2019
Extras: Menu-Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery, Promo Reel  

Extras Menu

Trailers Menu
Bonus Scene 1: Aiden Ashley & Carter Cruise 'Cruise Control' 14:39 minutes
Bonus Scene 2: Kinzie Taylor & Tommy Pistol 'After Forever' 18:31 Minutes

Bonus Scene 3: Whitney Wright & Tyler Nixon 'Second First Date' 14:00 Minutes
Condoms: Yes
Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on Both Counts. There is that typo in Whitney Wright, Adien Ahley, and Kenzie Talyor's names on the menu screen for bonus scenes but nobody will notice that. :)
Overview: Mike Quasar is here with a feature film for Wicked Pictures. It's geared toward couples and hits its mark on that count. With a star-studded cast that is as good at acting as they are between the sheets, it's going to be a hit with a lot of viewers. It's a tale of the trials and tribulations musicians and their significant others must go through on the climb to the top of the charts.

As usual with a feature film - I won't get into plot details.  
Scene 1. Whitney Wright, Chad Alva

Whitney Wright

Whitney should be familiar to all viewers, having earned herself a number of Best New Starlet nominations and Best Actress nods along with a Performer of the Year nomination in her short time in the industry. Chad is no stranger to award noms, either, having racked up quite a few himself.

Whitney Wright
Whitney and Chad are a young couple in love. They are sharing a special moment in a well-lit bedroom, enjoying each other as they caress and kiss. As Chad works his way down between her legs, the camera spends a lot of time showcasing Whitney's pretty face before panning down to reveal her lower half. It's a nice touch that lends plenty of romanticism to the scene. Her firm body bounces as she returns the oral favor, her eyes rolling upward as Alva enjoys her in doggie. Her hairy bush is displayed as the couple move to spoon, a spread-legged missionary upping the tempo as their bodies beat rhythmically together. Their gazes remain locked to each other until Chad pulls out and yanks off his love glove to coat her tummy and then plant a long kiss on her lips.  
Scene 2. Aiden Ashley, Small Hands

Aiden Ashley

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Yes. This scene does have Aiden Ashley in it. That's not a misprint. You may think of her as a g/g performer but it's 2019 now and she is branching out! Yay for us! (For those of you that don't watch a lot of girl on girl action - I'll give you a heads up. Aiden is a very pretty, dark-haired, Midwestern girl that's been in the biz for almost a decade and is no stranger to award nominations for her work in Girl/Girl scenes and performances. If you look hard at her resume you'll find a handful of B/G scenes she's done that you may be familiar with if you watch a lot of porn parodies that involve elaborate costumes.)

Aiden Ashley
A soft piano track plays as our couple share a heartfelt moment on the sofa, candles and mood lighting providing some illumination to the scene as they playfully disrobe, Small Hands tatted body heavily contrasting with Aiden's uninked flesh, her lithe body stretching across his. She whimpers and her body tightens in contractions, contorting around as he works her over with his tongue. He nods approvingly as he steps out of his pants as she returns the oral pleasure. An edit saves us, the viewers, the often awkward donning of the love glove, and brings us right to Small Hands burying his sword to the hilt inside of her. Her body contorts often as they romp through playful positions, even a moment of aerial acrobatics taking place. Small Hands skillfully keeps yanking her back into position as her body flexes and falling off the couch becomes an ever-present concern. Anyone who has ever had sex on a leather couch while wearing a rubber will be familiar with the back and forth squeakings that happen as the action gets intense, Aiden riding his rod with fervor, the two pumping like their survival depended on it, with the splashdown ending on her non-existent patch.
Scene 3. Kenzie Taylor, Marcus London

Kenzie Taylor
Kenzie Taylor should be familiar to most viewers, especially if you are a regular XCritic reader as we've reviewed dozens of her performances and even had her take over our Snapchat. If somehow you've been living under a bridge for years - pick up a stack of random titles from pretty much any studio and chances are one of those titles will feature the pretty blonde from Michigan. Marcus London should also need no introduction, he's the dashing and debonaire stud that brings an air of authenticity to everything with his sincerity in his performances.

Kenzie Taylor

His lips are quick to latch onto Taylor's ample bosom before finding a home buried in the crack of her firm buttocks. Marcus skillfully calls out one of her other great features, her "pretty fucking eyes", as he flips her over to latch back onto her erect nipples. Taylor runs through a few different leg positions as he enjoys a box lunch and then brings him to stiffness with her own lips. She watches her crotch intently as London hammers into her while rubbing her clit. Their eyes trained on each other's as London hammers away until unloading from her crotch to her belly ring.

This scene is not as lovey-dovey as the previous ones due to the plot context surrounding it. However, you can't argue with the great sex that goes down between the two hard bodies.
Scene 4. Kissa Sins, Small Hands

Kissa Sins

You may know Miss Sins from her big showcase last year, or perhaps her performance in one of the other big showcases last year, or perhaps you're part of her legion of ravenous fans that follow her every move on social media and her own website. This isn't any of those scenes. This scene happens in a moving limousine.

Kissa Sins

Moving sex-in-a-car scenes are always an interesting endeavor. There are a very limited number of camera angles and sexual positions even possible, so it's up to the guy behind the lens to figure out what to point that lens at any given moment. Luckily for us, our man behind the cam has a couple of titles under his belt and his subjects are world class performers that move deftly through skillful oral endeavors as well as face-smashing, neck cramping positional poundings non-stop until Small Hands unloads the length of Kissa's folded torso.

Scene 5:  Joanna Angel, Chad Alva

Joanna Angel
Joanna Angel. The original punk rock porn queen. She's an AVN and Inked Awards Hall of Famer and in the last couple of years has probably had to build a bigger mantle or trophy case to hold her latest XBIZ awards alone. Oh, and if you've never noticed, there's an awfully firm and toned body that all of her ink is on. Pairing her up with Chad Alva here makes sense not only from a storyline standpoint but also because his inked arms really work well with her own tats on film as their bodies mesh together, Angel screaming to the heavens as Chad works her with his fingers.

Joanna Angel

The duo has performed together in a handful of scenes, so the comfort level and chemistry here are tight as they work each other over. Part of the fun of watching Joanna is that she always seems as if she's experiencing a good dicking for the first time ever, her facial expressions exaggerated and her moans and screams authentic. She's limber and Alva's like a machine as they roll through some positions with his unloading happening on her tits.
Final Thoughts: Looking for a good porno to stream on Valentine's Day? Well...there's plenty of them out there but sadly this isn't one of them because it's not available on VOD yet. Otherwise, I'd tell you to watch this right now with your loved one. It's a tale of a talented songwriter (Small Hands) who falls prey to a manipulative manager (Joanna Angel) and quickly loses his way and sense of self along with his adoring and supportive girlfriend (Aiden Ashley). Whitney Wright plays the girlfriend to Chad Alva who is the bass player in Small Hands' band which for those of you that don't understand band dynamics as intimately as those of us that have worked in the music industry for years - those are pretty pivotal roles. They may seem small in comparison to others but they are actually the backbone of everything and that is captured here perfectly. Kissa Sins, Marcus London, and Kenzie Taylor also have supporting roles here that are easily understood by anyone that's ever worked in the music industry and also translate well without a need for an in-depth introduction to those outside the music industry.

Now before I go further I'll give you the disclaimer that tells you I'm a big fan of pretty much everyone involved here but that doesn't sway my objective perception of the movie as a whole.

Small Hands is phenomenal here. He looks and acts like a tired musician that's been doing whatever he can to make it big. Joanna Angel (his real-life wife) is the perfect manipulative bitch - her face and voice changing as she switches between truths, half-truths, and outright lies. Aiden Ashley is spot on with her acting skills and fits the look of the girlfriend perfectly. Whitney Wright, as I already mentioned, is adorable in her role as the bass player's girlfriend and looks fabulous in her ending moments of the film. Marcus London is a perfect fit for his role in this film as is Chad Alva.

There's a ton of bonus scenes on this disc and that makes it about 3 hours of porn for your enjoyment. If you are a fan of story-driven porn than this should be in your collection as quickly as possible before it's all sold out because of the awards it's going to be nominated for, which I suspect will be many. Is it the best work any of these people in front of or behind the camera have ever done? Yeah. Maybe. From setups to the story, to music track selections, to cool and effective drone shots, it's an all-around great title that couples will love. Buy it. I know it's early in the year but I'm calling this one a winner now - XCritic Pick.

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