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Ex-Girlfriend, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 2/16/19

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Genre: Feature, Psychodrama


Cast: Gianna Dior, Cherie Deville, Madison Ivy, Brad Newman, Xander Corvus

Writer/Director: Francois Clousot

Release Date: Dec. 28, 2018

Length: 1 hr. 54 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Photo Gallery and Web Info


Overview: This four-episode web series from Digital Playground concerns spurned 20-something Gianna Dior seeking revenge on her much older ex-lover Brad Newman who dumped her for her college psyche teacher Cherie Deville. A simple story featuring some smoldering hot sex scenes, fine performances and nice direction from Francois Clousot. It's a good movie, just a really badly made DVD. Since it is a storyline feature I'll only describe the sex scenes without giving away too much plot.


Scene One: Cherie Deville and Brad Newman


Scene one is the first sexual encounter between the always great Cherie and Brad. No time is wasted as she straddles him on the couch, both of them tearing off each other's clothes and Brad dives mouth first into Cherie's pussy. He pinches her nipple and licks her clit as she moans with pleasure until she has a hip bucking orgasm in his mouth. He then sits down and Cherie sucks his cock, going to town on his huge member, gagging on it as she pushes it to the back of her throat and fucking it with her mouth. After changing positions to lick his balls as she strokes his shaft, first sitting then standing, she climbs on top of him and rides him to Chicago, bouncing and grinding her sweet pussy on his cock. He fucks her from underneath giving her multiple orgasms as she whimpers with pleasure and then she spins around and rides him reverse cowgirl. Clousot beautifully photographs Cherie's wet pussy as it engulfs Brad's huge cock. He flips her over and starts fucking her doggy style. Cherie cums over and over on Brad's ever pounding cock as it slams into her dripping pussy.


She then flips over and they fuck missionary, Cherie rubbing her clit to orgasm after beautiful orgasm as Brad pistons her pussy. He pulls out and cums on her tits giving her a pearl necklace and then sticks his cock back into her pussy and fucks her some more until he has another sweaty orgasm, cumming inside her pussy. Really nice, extremely sexy scene from the always fabulous Cherie Deville.


Scene Two: Madison Ivy and Xander Corvus


Gianna cooks up a plan to blackmail Brad and Cherie, the plan concerning her classmate Xander Corvus seducing Cherie's classroom assistant, the stunningly beautiful blue-eyed Madison Ivy. After class, they engage in some idle chit-chat and gossip when Xander leans in to kiss her. Xander apologizes but finds his action wasn't unwarranted as Madison grabs him by the head and kisses him harder. She immediately drops to her knees and pulls his pants down, her mouth engulfing his already hard cock. She gets nasty on his cock, spitting and gagging on it while Xander fucks her mouth. The incredibly sexy Madison is a talker, telling Xander how much she needs his dick before he bends her over the desk and fucks her from behind. He pounds her wet pussy from behind and then lays her on top of the desk fucking her missionary with her legs closed making a nice tight pussy for him to fuck. She slaps her own ass and fingers her asshole before he starts t-boning her, Madison's juices running down the crack of her ass. He chokes her a little before she spreads her legs and they fuck missionary some more.


She says she feels his dick in her stomach as he keeps pounding, Madison rubbing her clit and Xander choking her some more giving her multiple orgasms. He then pulls out and pins her legs behind her legs as she raises her ass and pussy to Xander's mouth where he laps up her cum while jacking his cock. He then lays on the desk and Madison sucks her juices off before climbing up and lowering her pussy down and engulfing his hard cock. She slides her pussy up and down his dick making it glisten from her juices before getting on her knees and letting Xander fuck her from underneath as he fingers her butthole. She calls herself a fucking slut as she slaps her ass and cums on Xander's cock and then spins around and fucks him reverse cowgirl. Xander grabs Madison by the hips and slides her pussy up and down on his cock, Madison fucking him like a well-oiled machine before he hikes his legs up and she sits on his cock with Xander fucking her from underneath. He then grabs her the legs and holds them together as he fucks her side-saddled with her legs on the right, and then the left making her dripping wet pussy tighter for his hard cock.


After giving Madison has about a hundred orgasms on Xander's cock they go into a 69, each one sucking and lapping up Madison's pussy juices until Xander stands up and fucks Madison's mouth as she's on all fours on the desk. They then start fucking face to face standing ballerina style, Xander holding Madison's leg up so we can see his cock as it fucks pussy, her white cum lining his cock with each stroke. They then go back to the way they started, Madison bent over the desk while Xander fucks her from behind, holding her hands behind her back. With Xander's foot on the desk, we get an excellent view of the fucking as Xander's hard cock plunges in and out of Madison's beautiful pussy. They keep fucking this way for a few more minutes before Xander finally pulls out and shoots his load on her face giving her a cum mustache. A truly blazing hot scene, teeming with sexual energy from two amazing porn dynamos, the terrific Xander Corvus and the staggeringly beautiful and sexy Madison Ivy.


Scene Three: Gianna Dior and Cherie Deville


Gianna busts Xander and Madison on their tryst to Cherie, who fires Madison. Gianna tries to relieve the stressed out Cherie by telling her how hot she is and soon they're making out with Gianna's hand down Cherie's pantyhose and rubbing her pussy to orgasm. Gianna takes off Cherie's pantyhose and blindfolds her with them as she sneaks Cherie's cell phone into her purse (it's all part of the revenge plot). She then goes between Cherie's legs and eats her pussy. With her toes curled and her long beautiful legs pointed in both directions Cherie has cums several times as Gianna eats and fingerbangs Cherie's pussy. Cherie then takes the blindfold off and sets Gianna on her desk. With Gianna's legs spread, Cherie rubs her pussy and sucks her young tits before going down and eating her pussy. She sucks and licks Gianna's pussy to orgasm and then bends over her desk, one leg hiked over the side as Gianna her bucking pussy from behind.


Gianna licks Cherie's pussy and asshole and fingerbangs her giving her multiple orgasms, and then Gianna sits in a chair while Cherie goes down on her. Cherie's expert tongue makes Gianna cum and then Cherie climbs up and the two bump pussies. Cherie rides Gianna's pussy while Gianna plays with her tits and soon Cherie is cumming on Gianna's snatch. They then go to the desk and trib some more, Cherie having multiple orgasms before she lays Gianna down and rides her pussy until Gianna is screaming as she cums. Fairly nice lesbian scene with some great sapphic action from Gianna and Cherie.


Scene Four: Madison Ivy, Gianna Dior, and Brad Newman


Gianna gets Madison involved in her scheme to get back at Cherie for firing her. Using Cherie's phone she fools Brad into thinking she's sending him a present. When he opens the door he's shocked to see the sultry Madison standing there in lingerie. She tells him Cherie sent her as a present and blindfolds him before unzipping his fly and sucking his cock. While she gives his club some seriously sweet head Gianna comes in and kisses him, fooling the blindfolded Brad into thinking she's Cherie. Gianna and Madison swap places, Gianna going down on Brad's cock as Madison motorboats him with her tits. Madison then pulls the blindfold off and the bewildered Brad sees the woman sucking his cock is his ex-girlfriend. She tells him of her blackmail scheme and the rock hard Brad says fine, let's fuck. As Gianna continues to suck on Brad's dick Madison crawls over the back of the couch to it and they both share it, taking turns giving Brad sweet head. Madison then straddles Brad's face and he eats her pussy as she sucks his cock with Gianna.


Madison then climbs off and joins Gianna between Brad's legs as they both suck and lick his cock and balls. Gianna then climbs up and starts riding Brad's cock, bouncing up and down as Madison licks his balls. Gianna pulls it out to let Madison suck her juices off before letting her stick it back into her pussy so she rides it some more. As Gianna bounces on Brad's cock Madison climbs up and sits on Brad's face, Brad lapping up Madison's sweet flowing juices as Gianna continues bouncing on his cock. Madison then sits back and fingers herself, getting herself off as she watches Gianna have a screaming orgasm on Brad's cock. After they both suck Gianna's cum off of Brad's dick Madison gets on all fours on the couch Brad starts fucking her doggy style while she eats Gianna's pussy as she sits on the back of the couch. She eats her this way at first and then Gianna gets on all fours as well and backs her ass up to Madison's face to let her eat her out from behind. Brad pulls Madison's hair making her arch her back as he fucks her. He then holds her back by the arms and Gianna plays with her tits making her cum on Brad's cock. Gianna chokes Madison a little making her cum again and they both suck Madison's juices off of Brad's cock. Gianna then goes back on all fours and Brad starts fucking her doggy style while Madison moistens her asshole with her spit.


After she cums Gianna then lays on her back and they fuck missionary. Brad plows his cock in and out of Gianna's wet young pussy and Madison spits in her mouth while Gianna rubs her clit. After sucking Gianna's juices off of Brad's cock, Madison then sits on Gianna's face as Brad continues fucking her. Madison then climbs off and sticks her ass in Brad's face, fingerbanging her pussy in front of him before letting him eat her standing as she kisses Gianna. She then lightly chokes Gianna making her cum again, Gianna rubbing her clit to orgasm. She and Madison then switch places and she holds Madison's legs back behind her head as Brad fucks her pussy missionary. Madison tells Brad her pussy is his as he plunges his cock in and out until finally he pulls out and shoots his cum on both of their faces, each one sucking every last drop out and snowballing it back and forth. Another scorcher of a scene with the incredible Madison Ivy stealing the show as the all-out sex crazed whore.


Final Thoughts: This truly is a good movie, and otherwise I would have recommended it for its great direction from Francois Clousot and the amazingly sexy cast, especially the beautiful Madison Ivy who's the standout performer in both of her scenes. It's just too bad it's released through Digital Playground. It's sad really. At one time DP was one of the best labels in porn. It's hard to believe that it was only 10 years ago that they were releasing such classics as Nurses and Babysitters. That was their heyday. With The Ex-Girlfriend, it's obvious what they're doing, and that is trying to concentrate so hard on their online content, which is ok while releasing shoddily made DVDs in an attempt to phase out physical media, which is a crying shame to those of us who prefer it. How bad is this DVD? Let's take it scene by scene. At the beginning of the first scene, they use the title card “The Ex-Girlfriend BTS” for the Behind The Scenes from the website that isn't even on the DVD and ending the scene with the full end credits before the end of the film. Then at the end of the second scene, there's nothing but a black screen, which is displayed for a full 60 seconds. There are other things like the lack of extras, the box saying there are trailers when there aren't, etc. Digital Playground just doesn't care anymore, which is really sad. As I said, it's a good movie, so Watch On Demand. Just avoid the DVD at all cost.

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