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Mother Daughter Exchange Club 55

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 2/20/19

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


 Film title

There is a standard look for these Girlfriend Films releases. I’ve noticed them from afar as I’ve browsed the catalogs of online retail sites. They hold some type of standard which is shown the way these box designs are organized. At the very top, the noticeable Girlfriend Films logo sits with the phrase “For Fine Folks With Good Hearts And Curious Minds” written underneath. You can see the heartshaped emblem next to this setup adhering to the visual standard of this Mother-Daughter Exchange Club DVD. The film’s actual title sits underneath a lineup of beautiful industry pillars like Julia Ann, Sarah Vandella, and Jillian Janson. The topless beauties equipping nothing but panties and beautiful smiles for this tame cover.

Flipping the box around reveals photos of the all-girl cast embracing each other in various bouts of lesbian sex. You’ll see a snapshot of Julia Ann sitting on Scarlett Sage’s face on the back of the box. Also, there is a brief sentence summarizing the relationships between these mothers and daughters in these sexually taboo scenes. The cast is written in large bold font next to an equally large display of the film’s duration. A seal advertising the phrase “Simply the most in Lesbian Adult Video” rounds out this evenly designed DVD box with a clear casing.


the main menu

I expected more from the menus after acknowledging a standard in design from this Girlfriend Films’ series. Instead, I got a dated design direction for these collected scenes. The menus look like they belong on some second rate compilation from many years ago. The campy music looping doesn’t help with the poorly designed delivery. It only ages to make it look like it is from the early 2000s. I thought there would be some prestige attached but got these poorly animated DVD menus instead. Even the montage of screenshots playing through the scene selection menu seems clunky.

scene selection menu

Using speakers I let the music loop loudly as I surfed the menus. The music sounds like playfully twangy guitars with that signature porn-bass line carrying the basic beat. The cheesy tune will repeat unless you access another menu where it will start again as your soundtrack. If you start the photo gallery option you get no music to go with the slideshow of screenshots. Just silence as they scan by your screen.

Cast: Sarah Vandella, Jillian Janson, Julia Ann, Scarlett Sage, Dana DeArmond, Tali Dova, Jade Baker, Reagan Foxx
Directed By: unknown
Photo Gallery: Yes
Condoms: No
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 55 mins



The title splash of the film

                Besides the poor presentation up front, I’m expecting more from what is under the hood in Mother-Daughter Exchange part 55. With top-level performers at the helm playing both the mother and daughter roles, the real meat and potatoes belong in the kitchen. Not the front of the house with a basic DVD and boringly designed menus.  The gallery I sifted through should have got me excited but the low quality of the photos made me happy it was a brief slideshow. It seems that they weren't properly compressed. These major blemishes actually got me more excited to see the actual performances that were in tow after I finally decided to play the feature from the main menu to see the production for myself.



Jillian and Sarah Vandella

Hitting Play Feature from the Main Menu throws you into the film minus any logo splash or credits roll. Two girls are video chatting with each other while teasing and testing the waters of lesbianism. One of the girls is Jillian Janson who has a face frozen with curiosity as her more aroused friend on the other end of the video chat is sexually aflame before her. Jillian Janson is laying on her bed slyly toying with herself as her friend on the other end of the webcam eggs her on. Jillian slams her laptop closed at the climax of her curiosity and eases herself to sleep.

Jill web camming with girls.

Next,  we are at a scene of the two girls in the company of two other motherly women, one of them played by Shy Love. They are discussing this webcam app that both Jillian Janson and her friend were caught using for lesbian encounters. They go into detail of what this camming app is and what it is used for. Jillian Janson doing her best to cover up the fact that she was using this webcam app for lesbian curiosity.

The meeting at hand.

An angry Julia Ann playing Jillian’s mother is what we are confronted with in the next scene. She is scolding Jillian Janson about hanging out with her friend named, Ryder. Julia Ann an understandably upset mother dealing with a daughter that has been kicked out of school. The next question for Jillian is jarring, “Are you a lesbian?!” Julia Ann demands to a taken aback Jillian. The questions go so deep that Jillian Janson even reveals her crush to her mother; her teacher! They reach some level of understanding in this mother to daughter exchange about sexual orientation and dating. Albeit a little more embarrassed Jillian comes to terms with her overly secure mother regarding her daughter being a lesbian.

Jillian embarrassed

Finally, a logo splash hits the screen as even more counseling is being conducted with Sarah Vandella as a concerned mother in company with Jillian Janson and Julia Ann. Scarlett Sage is in the picture too as part of this discussion playing Sarah Vandella's heated daughter. As it escalates between Sarah Vandella and Scarlett you’ll see the names of the film’s cast silently splash through during this soft opening. Sarah Vandella is trying to hide her bisexuality in this discussion of daughterly dilemmas.  The combating of this mother and daughter combo is clearly the focal point of this setup. Their fight reaches its peak as they both run to another room to verbally scuffle in private. The next take is both of them settled down finally and lamenting the argument that burst in front of Jillian and her mother.

The argument happening.

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Scarlett awkwardly rejoins Julia Ann and Jillian Janson while apologizing for her mother’s behavior.  Continuing her character as a blabbermouth daughter (she exposed Sarah’s bisexuality in the film) she reveals that Sarah Vandella is stressed due to the lack of sex in two years time. Jillian Janson rises to her feet and the occasion to console Ms. Vandella due to her agitating sexual dry spell. She goes to the room that has Sarah sitting on the bed. This is where a sweet Jillian will start to ease her with kind words, in the privacy of this room.

The obvious topic of exploring one another arises during this time of comforting. Jillian Janson eases Sarah Vandella into the idea of exploring each other's bodies while honoring these Sapphic desires that are carried out in secret.

Sarah pussy eaten

The sex slowly rises like steam in this scene. When Sarah Vandella and Jillian’s bodies finally connect it is of slow and natural beauty. Like a flower slowly blooming in a sexual display of sucking breasts and simmering kisses. Even the stripping of garments is at a progressive pace. The bra of Sarah Vandella is finally removed for Jillian’s turn to suck on some boobs. The bodies begin to entangle further in this soft scene of sensuality. The soft cooing of the performers the only soundtrack you have to your viewing. A close up of Jillian Janson caressing Sarah Vandella’s pussy is a visual representation of the reality of sensuality for this scene.  With some wailing from Sarah, we see some intensity build up with some visible orgasms being induced by Jillian. It soon turns into wild howling as Jillian Janson jabs into her pussy during the oral pleasuring.  The more Jillian stuffs her mouth into Sarah’s pussy the more intense her facial expressions during this turn of pussy-eating events.

Jillian munched on

Jillian Janson lays down for her turn of pussy lickings. Sarah Vandella sets her up with a slow start as her tongue dances between her vagina lips. I'm sure you have your audio device turned to even levels after Sarah Vandella's screeching yells from earlier.  She has her face buried in Jill’s pussy for quite some time before the two finally meld into each other like two sexually satisfied puddles in a complete scene.


Julia and Scarlett in discussion with Wine

We go back to where Julia Ann and Scarlett Sage are still sitting with wine glasses in hand. They are in deep discussion about Scarlett’s fantasies regarding her aunt. More tantalizing tidbits are revealed about Scarlett to Julia Ann as they take sips of their wine. The deeper the conversation goes the more open they become to each other where Julia finally yet a bit reluctantly agrees to embrace Scarlett to make her feel better. “I hope your mom has calmed down..”, Julia relaxingly referencing the fight between Scarlett and Sarah earlier before this comforting embrace on a bed.

Julia and Scarlett laying down with each other

The kind compliments lead to soft caressing from Scarlett as they softly discuss more daughterly issues like Jillian being kicked out of school. Julia Ann reveals that she’s never been with a woman which piques Scarlett to push the issue of possible exploration.  Soft kissing will start the sexual contact with Scarlett reasonably deemed as the “aggressor” in this approach. It doesn’t take long until you see Julia Ann in full lesbian embrace with wild tongue kissing along with sensual pecks.  Scarlett hungrily leaps on top of Julia after she jokingly mumbles “Maybe that one time in college..” setting this lesbian fling in full flight.

Julia Ann getting oral

While Scarlett is on top this gives Julia a chance to suck on her sweet tits. Grabbing her close to stuff them in her mouth with even more kissing happening in this proximity. Julia’s boobs are flopped out for Scarlett to bow into and suck voraciously. The chemistry suddenly boiling between the two performers as they lovingly lock even more so.  Scarlett delves deeper into Julia’s body with oral sex. Scarlett is flipped on her back for her turn of vaginal stimulation. Julia Ann starts with some pussy fingering during her pussy worshipping. Close-ups of Julia Ann’s finger jabs will happen. Scarlett Sage now has Julia’s face buried between her legs as they go to town in this lesbian affair that has suddenly exploded on our screens. 

Julia Ann sucking Scarlett's tit

Victorious face-sitting occurs as Julia Ann is on top of Scarlett’s face gyrating in excitement. Julia Ann then further strips herself by removing her dress that is dangling on her body. Once fully nude she starts to scissor with Scarlett Sage. The scene simmers down after the scissoring as the explorative lovers lick and playfully caress each other.  Sweet whispers and succulent kisses close this one out.


Dana at the Bar

Dana is sitting at a bar shooting the shit with Jade Baker. She’s scheming a plot to live out a lesbian fantasy with a mother and daughter combo that happen to be “nerds” about World War 2 as she so eloquently puts it. The couple that Dana is targeting is Reagan Foxx and Tali Dova.  Jade Baker is urged to take practice in fabricating a tale to get the attention of the hot Reagan and her enthusiast daughter. They hatch a tale off the cuff when they are finally in front of the history buffs. Dana DeArmond is surprisingly believable to the naïve curiosity from Tali because of these tales from the fake Grandpa who served. The tale of false valor is so believable that they separate Tali away from her mother. This is after enticing her with more tales and actual artifacts from the great war back at Dana DeArmond’s place.

Dana with Jade at the bar

Cue the next scene where the three of them are brandishing chalices of wine while discussing topics that actually have nothing to do with WW2. Dana is digging into Tali Dova’s personal life asking questions about a boyfriend. Jade Baker sits gazing as Tali nervously explains her relationship with her boyfriend that is a professional gamer. Dana DeArmond is less than enthused about Tali Dova’s personal life and instead pushes the tantalizing benefits of lesbian life on her. Tali Dova is then rushed off to another room to be even more sequestered in this sexual trap. Soon Dana is removing those large nerdy glasses to get the desired lesbian affair going in this fit of curiosity.

Dana making the moves

Giggling and soft kissing is happening already as Dana moves in on a bashful Tali. Caressing is added to the maneuvers as they finally embrace on the bed they are laying down on. While laying down the stripping starts as Dana is unbuttoning Tali’s tiny daisy dukes that are in the way. The soothing removal of clothing continues until the women are both nude. Dana starts dining on Tali’s twat almost immediately as she lays before her. Close-ups of the tongue lapping occur but pan out to show the lovers in embrace. Dana is next jabbing her fingers into Tali to start up a flurry of loud orgasms from the WW2 nerd.

Dana fingering Tali

Dana DeArmond uttering phrases of dominance as she sucks Tali’s face. She urges her new plaything to start playing with her and lays down for Tali Dova to slide Dana’s panties off. They're effectively stuffed in her mouth before she gets down low to lick Dana’s pussy. Extreme close-ups of this oral sucking happen with Tali’s dive down into Dana’s vagina.  Tali Dova displaying some surprising experience as she goes to town on Dana’s pussy. This yields loving phrases of approval from a dazed and aroused Dana DeArmond.  The scene gets more playful with giggling echoing through the room as position changes go through. Tali has her cute little booty arched into Dana’s devouring mouth. The playfulness turns to some dominant ass slapping as Dana destroys Talia Dova’s arch with fingering blasts. Booty smacking fills the room too as Dana joyfully pleases her new toy. “You liked to be bossed around a little bit?” Dana dominantly asks.

Tali Dova face deep in Dana

Dana turns over ass up face down for her turn of being devoured. DeArmond’s little plaything in total compliance as she’s lapping up both of her holes as she’s arched in front of her. The scene slows down with the women kissing in approval of what just happened. A completely rewarding experience as a result of Tali Dova succumbing to Dana DeArmond and her own sudden desires. A long session of faces connecting fades the scene out.


The gang discussing history

Dana is back with Reagan at their home reuniting with the whole group including Jade Baker dressed in a very sexy white spaghetti strap skirt. The surprise news is then blasted on to Reagan Foxx about her daughter’s new engagement. Tali Dova extends her hand to show the ring that Dana DeArmond gave her. Reagan a little surprised is given more on her plate when they offer her to move with them to NY to the new apartment they were talking about earlier.  Reagan can barely keep up as she realizes she is surrounded by lesbians now including her daughter. Jade Baker is here to ease Ms. Foxx into this new lifestyle. They urge her to go to another room with Jade and before you know it the exploration of their bodies is at hand.

Reagan on top

Even bringing up lesbian porn during her luring comments about wifely duties, Jade Baker starts to rub Reagan’s hair. At first, Reagan seems reluctant but then surprises Jade by taking the dominant approach as she lays her down and lifts her up like a doll. Turns out not much convincing was needed after all as we see Reagan Foxx on top of Jade Baker rubbing her body victoriously. The MILF is now in control.

Panties pulled aside

“Are you ticklish?” Reagan asks in a whisper. The slow stripping now starts with the shoes being thrown off Jade’s feet. I noticed Reagan Foxx’s blood red skirt now matching her newly dominant approach during this rise of sex. The tits get love first as the two performers roll around with each other. It was hot seeing Reagan’s massive boobs in Jade’s cute face. Next Reagan takes her liberties with Jade’s pussy as she goes down on her through her panties. Very pretty panties I might add. Slow and sensual pussy licking is the result of Reagan pulling the lavish underwear to the side. The heaving of the breathing in full effect as Reagan’s massively beautiful breasts now spilling out of her red mini skirt. The encounter fizzles out as the performers relaxingly rock into another fit of kissing.

Jade Baker scissoring with Reagan

The skirts aren’t on for much longer as the performers further lock in kissing and disrobing. Jade Baker now almost completely naked as she slides on top of Reagan for some slow lip-locking before she gets down to Reagan’s vagina. Her munches starting at a steady pace with a close-up or two showing her tongue movement.  In her turn of oral Jade’s panties are peeled down with her naked booty arched into the air for some special attention from Reagan Foxx. Expect the camera to give special attention as well as you see the motherly Regan Foxx bury her face in Jade’s pussy and ass. A clash of pussies will occur in the form of fast-paced scissoring. The scene fizzles out like other scenes before it with the lesbian lovers in a dazing embrace. Right to the rolling of the credits after this conclusion with no real return to the plot.


GF films logo

Silly setups aside I still got the expected acting levels from performers I've seen take on speaking roles before. Julia Ann and Jillian Janson are deserving of more serious roles and I was hoping to see them share that chemistry sexually in this film but the plot did not allow it. Instead, the whimsical plot had a flow that at least set her up with the explosive Sarah Vandella. Both great performers in their own right that matched well in a heated scene. Other pairings seemed to work as well. Seeing non-performing roles from big names made the ride interesting. Referring to Shy Love's cameo at the beginning of the film.

The sensual softcore sex between beautiful women is the draw here but not enough for me. I can definitely appreciate couples themed porn but there has to be more to the presentation. I've noticed other bigger named studios have higher production values to their non-gonzo stuff. They know they have to go the extra mile due to the real demand being for the wham bam gonzo stuff that dominates the market. I didn't get those type of production values here with Mother-Daughter Exchange part 55. I instead got cheesy plot setups with little to no flow with the scenes. The story felt divided in girl/girl porn that I expected more from. I'd Skip it if I ever saw it on a DVD rack.

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