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Joy of Sex, The

Studio: X-Art » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 2/21/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All-Sex, Boy-Girl, Glamcore

Date of Production: December 2018

Director: Brigham & Colette Field

Cast: Zazie Skymm, Susie (Dido Angel), Kim (Katy Rose), Sybil A, Nancy Ace, Nicki, Edward, Kai, Jake, Karl

Length: 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

Extras: Trailers, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The movie is filmed in HD and features the same solid production standards and audio quality you would expect from X-Art, however, some scenes suffer from low mic gain during dialogue.

In their subtle tribute to Bob Ross’ long-running and beloved PBS show The Joy of Painting, X-Art cues the same sort of iconic and corny music with a very different but beautiful vision in The Joy of Sex.

It opens much the same way as Ross’ TV show with a lengthy preview of all the various techniques and vistas amid that soft muzak track.

This is another scene-collection DVD, where all five scenes are independent and unrelated to each other. Sometimes all-sex movies will venture a little plot, but that’s not the case here. Joy remains dedicated to its namesake by highlighting sex is all its glory.

With the exception of a few fiery presentations, Joy of Sex is pretty formulaic. Each couple goes through a random set of oral, reverse cowgirl, spooning and doggy style. Susie (aka Dido Angel) mixes it up with a creampie, something she’s been presenting frequently this past year.

Scene 1:
Art porn aficionados will undoubtedly be familiar with Zazie Skymm. Since her 2015 start, the Hungarian beauty has dazzled the artsy sites from Dorcel to X-Art with visions of beauty from this dead-ringer for Tricia Helfer’s portrayal of six from Battlestar: Galactica. If only she would wear a red dress. No, on second thought, no dress. Yes, no dress is much better.

Inner nerdgasms aside, let’s discuss the porno. Boyish Nicki stops by Zazie’s office and begins filling out some paperwork while Zaz casts seductive glances at the young man while hiking up her skirt and flashing her thighs. When she catches him looking up, Zazie knows he’s down.

Although the plot is different, the setup reminds me of that scene with the sexy exchange student from American Pie. You’ve got this young and timid guy who is about to detonated by the sexual dynamite that is Zazie.

As I mentioned earlier, the general flow of most of these scenes is formulaic. They progress through the standard sex acts and finish with a doggy style cumshot. Formulaic doesn’t necessarily mean bad. It’s just like a Bob Ross painting. It always starts with the sky, then maybe a mountain, and don’t forget those happy little trees.

Zazie paints a picture of hidden, but raw sexuality. Watch the way she develops the scene. She starts off as the cute and innocent office assistant. Then she escalates things with her flirty escapades. Then, without a word, she grabs Nicki’s cock and forces the shy guy down to a nearby couch. She’s gentle, but all dom as she undresses the confused lad and swallows his still soft-ish dick.

You can see the fire developing in Zazie’s eyes as she gives this sensuous blowjob that hardens Nicki’s shaft and solidifies Zazie’s power dynamic. That’s when she makes her move. She yanks him off the couch, sits, spreads and holds his face to her pussy.

She goes from cowgirl to reverse putting in a sweaty and intense performance and looking good too. As Zazie begins to fatigue, Nicki takes over by rotating the blonde into a revealing leg-lift-spoon pounding her aroused pussy vigorously. Happy with his newfound confidence, Zazie ventures a kiss and rotates into doggy for a deep and penetrating fuck.

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Scene 2:
Longtime glam favorite and now creampie queen Dido Angel (billed as Susie by X-Art) is the subject of a romantic and loving scene with Edward. It’s a scene that celebrates passion and comradery and highlights the joys of spontaneous casual sex.

Our romantic duo is shown sharing a bowl of popcorn while enjoying a film. Cuddling turns to kissing, and kissing becomes touching in a foreplay-heavy that I hope evokes fond memories for viewers beyond, say, college age.

As lovely as their sexuality is, the set looks barren. Yes, you’ve got some color with the green pillow and plant in the background, but you’re mostly presented with a bland and vacant backdrop. Despite good framing, there’s an amateur look to the scene. It’s something that a stronger backlight or higher contrast ratio might have averted. Pastel clothing doesn’t help either.

But it’s always great fun to see Dido Angel perform, and she’s great in the opener! She sells that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling and she uses so much body language to communicate a general sense of arousal.

And I love Edward’s timing! He pulls her panties aside, the camera lingers on Angel’s pussy, but Edward goes right back to making out. You can see her pulsing with desire and you can almost hear this psychic scream: “just touch it already!”

There’s a big focus on fingering and licking. General pussy-worship dominates the scene, and Dido shines as she builds upon each wave of desire.

As romantic as all the oral bits are, the banging is pretty hard and steady. Although the scene lasts a good thirty minutes, Edward’s bang has the pace of a quickie. Dido looks great taking dick on her back and she falls into this quiet and zen-like orgasm at one point. And then there’s the creampie which puts the most devilishly smile on Angel’s face.

Scene 3:
There’s something about Katy Rose (Kim on X-Art). Ever since her 2014 debut, she has regularly been the subject of some of the most creative and artistic endeavors and Nubile Films, including “Fuck Me More,” “Do Me Darling,” and “Double Oh Lust.” Her five-year career has consistently filled the audience with wonder, beauty, and lust. This is no different.

Entitled “The Morning After,” Kim has spent the night with nice-guy Kai, who wakes up and makes breakfast for the Czech beauty. But Kai’s hungry for something more as he kisses her body and lifts her shirt.

I’ve always enjoyed the way Katy does oral. It’s a full-body exercise the way she sweeps her neck and rolls her body on the upstroke, often ending with a seductive look into her lover’s eyes. That’ eroticism is one of the highlights of Rose’s style and might explain why she winds up in so many extraordinary concept-porns.

Kai’s oral is brilliant. Here’s a guy who knows how to make a girl look good. He angles off perfectly so as to look completely natural while giving the camera the most direct view of Katy. His tongue slowly works all corners of Rose’s vulva while subtly salivating all over her lady bits. Just a few circles in and her pussy is shimmering in the light. It’s a master class in porno-cunnilingus.

Penetrative sex is marvelously paced too. Kai enters Katy from spoon and slow-fucks with every inch of his sizeable member while gently amping up the pace--Katy looks so good here. She then jumps on top for some fast reverse cowgirl followed by some hard doggy-style to a jerk-off finish across Ms. Rose’s bum.

Scene 4:
Real life couple Sybil A and Jake are study-buddies, but Jake has spent too much time in the books. When he’s had enough, he makes a move on Sybil, and he gets a good vibe from her after some gentle kissing. The hands drop below her skirt line and we’re quickly moving into porno territory.

It’s a lovely looking scene with excellent art direction and set design. The whole thing takes place in a very modern concrete-esque study room with a certain steampunk appeal. You’ve got gear-like clocks and exposed metal bookshelves and desk.

I love it when these two get together for a sex scene. There’s nothing quite like the chemistry of real-life lovers who know how to create those porno angles. Although they open up, arch, play to the camera and do all of those XXX things, the reality is that this is real-life lovemaking.

It’s a rough thing to perform. Sybil finds herself giving and receiving oral atop the hardwood desk before getting fucked on the desktop. Some girls, like Ashley Adams, live for that stuff, but many find it a struggle, but you wouldn’t know that by watching Sybil own this scene like a boss.

All the sex is oral and vaginal and the couple go through the usual positions. You’ve got the underused and very sexy side-straddle cowgirl (Sybil and her impressive abs look amazing here), along with some standing doggy and missionary.

Jake finishes by jerking himself off after a sexy blowie. It’s one of those volcanic cum-eruptions which results in a messy facial. Right after the pop-shot, it takes a comedic turn, with him immediately sitting down and grabbing his notebook to get back to studying straight-away. Come on Jake, let her clean up first!

Scene 5:
Nancy Ace has been wowing glamcore fans since 2014 and blew critics away for her AVN nominated performance in X-Art’s More Than Girlfriends 2. This time, Nancy finds herself in a lusty boy-girl tryst on a tan living-room couch.

It’s a scene that minimizes setup. There’s a brief shot of Karl and Nancy walking down a tree-lined path, presumably on a date. She looks flirty, but you can’t discern any dialogue. They hold hands, he gives her a flower, and they kiss. From there, it’s pretty much a fade-out into couch sex.

Foreplay consists of heavy petting and blowjob followed by some pussy-licking. It’s in cunnilingus where this scene heats up. It’s great to see Nancy Ace arch and react to Karl’s licks as she grabs his head, pulling him closer. Hot.

The set is fairly simple. You’ve got some couch banging with a decent looking kitchen in the background. The window offers some bright natural light in the background, though filming at another time of day might have yielded more dramatic backlighting.

Nancy makes excellent moans and squeals once she’s firmly mounted on Karl’s cock. They run through three positions: cowgirl, reverse, then doggy. Karl then rolls Nancy over for a standing side-fuck followed by a jerk-off finish all over her toned chest.

Final Thoughts:
The Joy of Sex is a mixed bag of scenes from the usually stellar X-Art studio. Sometimes the scenes present amazing sex with a marginal set or story. Other times, the sex is OK, while the scenes score highly in the artistic and directorial realms. This is better than most porn, but it is far from the best that X-Art has to offer. For that reason, it gets a recommended rating.


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