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Who Needs Dad?

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/22/19

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

This has been an amazing past eighteen months for Aidra Fox. As of February 2019, she has starred in some of the biggest films and scenes across the world of adult cinema. Where she has truly done some of her best work is in the world of girl/girl. Fans, one thing I will state before we dive head first into this film is that you can honestly backtrack and download any scene of Aidra’s on this network from 2018 to present and you have more than tripled your money's worth from a thirty-day investment by buying a membership to the Girlway.com website. Serene Siren, now here is a babe that you simply must set your watch to? What the fuck does that mean you ask? Well, that literally means that whenever you see this woman’s work come out on DVD or digital release, you can also count on getting a scene that is passion filled with an essence that reminds me of days past. Serene has an old school charm, a perfect ten body and the charisma that has made older women the sought-after performers they are in the industry. She is a girl/girl only performer, so I think, I hope, there are not many that miss out on seeing her sexy performances paired with high caliber talent. She is climbing the ladder in ways that you simply do not see from a girl/girl performer. This blond beauty is in a class of her own for you cannot peg her in just one category. To do that would be a travesty. So, let’s see what these two do when they are put in the same room with locked doors behind them, shall we?

Aidra Fox and Serene Siren 

Scene Duration: 38 Minutes and 54 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan @Stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway.com / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: February 9th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, 5-Star Set-up, 5-Star Teasing, Titty-Fucking, 5-Star Pussy Licking, Pussy Grinding, Face Sitting, Fingering, 69


#TripleX Appetizers: The photo count to go with this scene is very low but does that mean it has no quality? Oh, my goodness, gracious, no. These are some of the most well-polished, well lit and stunning pictures I have ever seen accompany a Girlsway.com scene. These stills are so well shot, they will not play as a spoiler if you like seeing the beautiful, naked female form turned into erotic art. Bravo Girlsway.com team. You really hit a home run with this one.

Aidra Fox and Serene Siren 

Who Needs Dad?

Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: HIGHCOUNTRY

Starring: Aidra Fox @xaidrafoxx and Serene Siren @Serenesirenxxx


The Reveal:


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Being treated to a beauty you have been anticipating or never seen is a wonderful way to start this fantasy. The ladies look stunning and I am talking tight, sexy dresses to hair that is gorgeous beyond words. The type of beauty that makes you want to run your hands through the top of their hair down to those sexy stilettos both women have on. There is so much left to the imagination it is truly a dream or fantasy I should say. The February Girl of the Month looks so stunning in white and Serene has that damsel in distress look. She reminds me so much of screen legends like Greta Garbo who she honestly resembles with her stunning beauty. I mean if you have not seen Serene Siren, my goodness, she is a looker. Aidra and the smile create the perfect acting scenario so well played out. Mom and step-daughter dealing with the absentee Dad. Yes, it has been done to death in the industry but when you have women this stunning, you could care less how many times you have seen this. Besides, the dialogue is so well versed, the flow of the scene keeps your attention, even if you do not love acting as an audience member. The seven minutes of this set-up is spellbinding. Who can honestly see those eyes gaze upon Aidra with lust and not be sent into cloud nine? The back and forth is a game of pure desire and you will be swaying back and forth with these stunning creatures as they build up to the first kiss. What is so fresh about this scene, there is not really a dominant, the women’s chemistry and performance abilities are so amazing, you simply hear kissing, lip smacking and purring, all while the camera is panning across covered flesh and it is a turn on beyond words. This is pure fire ladies and gentlemen, handle with care.


The Encounter:

Aidra Fox and Serene Siren 

A performance rarely starts out with nipples and clits but that is where this goes. A great change of pace and one that will keep non-story lovers happy. These two have aggression that needs to be worked out and you can see it in their every movement, they love the company of other women. Now, brace yourself porn fans, when you see Serene’s tongue come out, what a marvelous pussy licker it is. I mean it is long, not too thick and moves with slippery precision. This blond bombshell knows her way around a pussy and when I say blond bombshell, I mean Farrah Fawcett, Kim Basinger style artillery. This woman is fucking beautiful. Pardon my French but how and why this beauty is moving so fast up the latter is evident within seconds of the first taste. “This is so much better than dinner!” You gawd damn right it is, you better cancel your four o’clock because these two women will have you a half hour late for everything, or at least fifteen minutes depending on the time of day. You get to see the women grind their pussies. Not scissoring but flat out, I am so horny I am just going to ride you aggression and visuals that are a wonderful sight to behold. This is some of the most aggressive action I have ever seen Aidra Fox in. It is basically pussy licking, tongue fucking, repeat kiss for the first half of the scene. This is what made Girlsway what is was. Something new and not the same old, same old. This is sex you imagine seeing when you fantasize at being a fly on the wall with these two models. You will have worked up a major sweat by the time Serene even gets her turn from one of the best pussy eaters in the world. The realistic defiance and the way that these two women take you on a journey throughout the entire sexual encounter is mind-bending. As Aidra just buries her entire face deep in Serene’s sexy slit you simply must just stop and say this is the best type of entertainment on the planet. There is no other way to put it. You will be ready to explode within minutes and I can not blame anyone who can not withstand the full thirty-six minutes. This is one hell of a sex show, with elements that just reach and grab you every second. The best part of it all, everything is flawless, the models, their skin, their make-up. The lighting the shoot location, nothing drowns out this fantasy and the only thing watered down at scene end may be your shirt from the pool of sweat that gathered from such a steamy piece of erotic cinema.


Sight and Sound:

This is truly one of Girlsway.com’s most flawless and well-assembled scenes. The audio is perfect, the editing is masterfully done, and you are shown just enough to make your mind think. There is never a moment where anything is out of focus or out of sight. I rarely add this into a BTS or “extras” credits but when you also look at what went into the still work, there is so much at play for the eyes that you simply must look through them twice. That is what the video is like as well. Amazing production. All I can say is Alex Ladd and Alan, what a hell of a combo with a camera.

Aidra Fox and Serene Siren 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is such a one of kind combination of reality and performance. This is the Daytona 500 when it comes to scenes. Yes, there may be a Talladega but let us face it, Daytona only comes but twice a year in the sport and this scene is no different. The action gets over the top but not so much that a fan looks at it and says, “come on.” This scene does not insult the intelligence, it caters to it. Aidra Fox, she is a superstar of the industry a woman who can take on all comers and make them shine in ways that no words can describe. When you pair her with another sexual dynamo, TNT is created. That is what this scene is. An explosion of sexual aggression that never stops. It takes you on the ride by the nose, by its terms and you will be fine by that, even if your cup of tea is not pussy grinding or titty-fucking. Serene Siren, she is making a serious play to make another nominations list with how her 2019 is starting. What I will say about this beautiful starlet porn fans, is that you need to go out, right now and buy all her porn. Yes, you heard me right. This woman is a performer all the way. She knows how to talk to the camera, she knows how to tease the audience in ways they did not even know would turn them on. This is my first XCritic Pick in the Girl/Girl realm. This scene has it all, not one flaw. You can not knock the story because of how well the set-up is. The action, it keeps you coming back for more and it always in the back of your mind. The aggression is something very rare to see, that is why this scene gets XCritic Pick. Our top honor. As of right now, this is the best Girl/Girl scene of early 2019. It starts with guns blazing and ends with guns blazing. When you see the unique way that Serene fingers and plays to end this scene, you will know just what I mean by unique. Bravo to all the staff and team involved. Fans, this is must own cinema. This scene delivers and everything that is asked for is given to the fans, give this vignette a play and you will see exactly what that means #TripleX fans.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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