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Sean Michaels: Trans Slayer

Studio: Other » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/23/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 25 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

 Genre: Transsexual; Interracial;

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Jim Powers and Sean Michaels

Cast: Lena Kelly, Natalie Mars, Janelle Fennec, Khloe Kay, Sean Michaels

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap;


Porn industry veteran and BBC stud Sean Michaels, who has been in the biz for more than 30 years, explores new anal territory in his trans crossover flick Sean Michaels: Trans Slayer. This is a new genre for Sean, who is known around the world for his performances in well over 2,200 straight porn flicks since he entered the industry in 1988. He says in a recent interview about his first transsexual sex scene that he has been attracted to trans women since the mid-1990s when he saw his first transsexual woman in France.  He planned his move into trans sex over the years and was ready to do it now. In this movie, he plays the role of assassin John Dick, who has lost his dog. He meets with Khloe Kay, who knows how he can get his dog back. In order to complete his mission to find his lost dog, he must meet with three trans allies, Lena Kelly, Natalie Mars, and Janelle Fennec. No ass hole is left unfucked as Sean moves closer to finding his dog. I highly recommend this movie. It speaks to Sean Michaels' versitility and where he is today as a sex performer.

Scene 1:  Lena Kelly and Sean Michaels

Lena is dressed in an all-white catsuit, giving us a solo show outside, overlooking the California hills. She blows a kiss. The catsuit has zippers in the front and back. She unzips the back, showing us her tight ass hole. She unzips the front and starts playing with her cock, jerking it back and forth. She does a little more ass play then Sean shows up dressed in all black, introducing himself as John Dick. “You’re legendary,” Lena says. He tells her he’s like a tasting. “Follow me,” she says. Next, we see Lena lying on the couch in sexy black see-through lingerie, revealing her tattooed body. She invites him over and runs her hand back and forth across his body. She gets on her knees, unzips Sean’s pants and grabs hold of his hard cock, jerking and kissing it. “Put it in your mouth,” he orders her. She sucks on his long pole and tries deep throating it. “Good girl,” he says. Sean sits on the couch and Lena bends over doggy style to suck on his cock. He spanks her ass and asks her if she wants to sit on his dick. Lena teases him with her ass hole, showing him how much she wants him.

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“You’re gonna fuck me with the big fucking cock?” she asks him. She sits on his dick reverse cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on it. She starts slowly at first, working his cock deeper and deeper in her ass. Soon, Lena is riding the full length of his cock, moaning in pleasure while her ass hole creams all over his shaft. “Stick that fucking cock in me,” she screams when she lies on her back missionary style. Sean stuffs her tight ass hole, drilling her full of his cock. He spoon fucks her next then positions her doggy style for more dick. “That dick good?” he asks her. Sean pulls out and pops all over Lena’s face, coating it in cum.

Scene 2: Natalie Mars and Sean Michaels

With Lena’s ass hole fucked and stretched, Sean sets out to meet his next target, Natalie. She is out by the pool putting on a solo tease dressed in red lingerie and fishnet stockings. She’s a brunette with long hair and a great smile. She shows off her fit body and ass and rubs her cock. Natalie turns around to give us a great shot of her ass, squeezing her ass cheek and smiling. Sean runs up to her house dressed in his signature all-black suit. He walks in the door and sits in the living room, watching as Natalie makes an entrance down the stairwell. “Hello, Mr. Dick,” Natalie says. She knows why he’s here and she tells him to relax. She kisses him and rubs his cock then puts it in her mouth and begins sucking it. Natalie does a good job deep throating Sean’s long pole. She drools all over his shaft, lubing it with spit. Then Natalie lies on her back on the couch and spreads her ass cheeks open, making her ass hole gape for Sean. “Tease me,” he tells her before spitting on her winking ass hole.

Sean penetrates her tight ass with his hard cock, working it into her hole slowly. “That’s a big fucking cock,” she says. Sean fucks her ass, stuffing and stretching it out to Natalie’s liking. We get a great close-up shot of Natalie’s ass hole being drilled by every inch of Sean’s cock. She holds her ass cheeks open while he pounds her. He spoon fucks her ass hole then gets in standing doggy position and continues to drive his big cock deep inside her ass. She sucks his cock in a round of ass-to-mouth then rides it reverse cowgirl style. Sean pulls out and jerks off in her mouth and on her face.

Scene 3: Janelle Fennec and Sean Michaels

Ally number 3 is Janelle Fennec. When we first see her, she’s dressed in a red dress, giving us a solo show outdoors. She soon strips out of that dressed down to her black, lacey bra and panties. She rubs her pierced nipples and licks her fingers then she takes off her panties and plays with her cock. Janelle turns around, giving us a great shot of her round ass. Sean shows up, telling Janelle that he would like a tasting. “Are you ready?” she asks him. “I’m always ready,” he says. She leads him indoors and tells him she hopes he’s ready for his tasting She makes herself more comfortable, telling him not to be shy. Sean squeezes her nipples, turning her on. They sit on the couch and Janelle grabs hole of his cock and sucks it. Sean stands up and strips out of his clothes and stuffs her throat with his big dick. “Let me see those eyes,” he tells her. Janelle sucks on his cock then lies on her side to host it in her ass.

Sean spreads her ass hole open with his long black pipe. A round of spoon fucking sends his dick deep inside Janelle’s tight ass hole. She screams out in pleasure as he sends more inches of his prick inside her ass. Janelle sits on his cock reverse cowgirl style and rides his dick. Her ass hole is loosening out now. She gets on all fours for a doggy style fucking up the ass. We get a great camera shot from behind, watching Janelle’s ass hole get pumped by big black cock. “It’s so deep,” she screams out. After a round of missionary fucking, Sean pulls out and fucks her throat until he cums, filling her mouth up with jizz. “That was an excellent tasting,” he tells her. She sucks on his cock, promising to tell all her friends about Mr. Dick.

Scene 4: Khloe Kay and Sean Michaels

In this final scene of the movie, Khloe becomes Sean’s last ally. She’s dressed in all black lingerie, giving us a solo show outdoors. She slowly pulls her lingerie off, revealing her tits and cock. Khloe jerks her cock, keeping a smile on her face and looking intently into the camera. She turns around, showing off her ass. The scene cuts to Khloe and Sean in the living room. She is urging him to take the medallion that’s in front of him. He refuses, but she insists, telling him he has one last ally to taste. It’s her. They kiss passionately then Khloe starts sucking his cock. “Make it wet,” Sean tells her. He orders her to go deeper on his cock and send it further down her throat.

Khloe sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. She rides his pole, moaning in ecstasy. “Oh fuck, yeah,” she says. “Ride that big dick,” he tells her as she starts bouncing up and down on his pole faster and faster. He spoon fucks her while she jerks her cock. Sean pulls out and Khole sucks his dick, tasting her own ass off it. She spits on his cock and sucks it some more before taking it missionary style. “It feels so good,” she tells him. Sean pulls out and shoots his load all over her face. “Thank you so much,” he says. “You promise I’ll get my dog back?” Sean asks. Khloe assures him he will.

Final Thoughts:

Sean Michaels: Trans Slayer is a flick that takes Sean Michaels’ fans down a new path with him as he fucks trans girls Khloe Key, Janelle Fennec, Lena Kelly, and Natalie Mars. Sean Michaels is known worldwide for his more than 2,200 straight porn performances since he began in the industry in 1988. The 61-year-old BBC stud says he’s been attracted to trans women since the mid-1990s and knew the time was right to delve into this genre now. In this movie, he’s on the hunt to find his lost dog. Khloe Kay promises to help him but she sends him on a mission to meet with three trans allies first. Sean not only meets with them, but he also wants a tasting from each one of them, fucking them deep in the ass and leaving them splashed with spunk. He comes back to Khloe and drills her deep. After getting her ass hole stretched, she promises he’ll get his dog back. I highly recommend this movie. Sean is confident in what he wants and brings his trans fantasies to life in this film.

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