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We Like Girls: Kissa and Angela

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/25/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

What a wonder it is to be a porn fan in modern times. Never have we seen these types of scenes and films since maybe the days of Vivid Video, which so happens to be owned by Gamma Entertainment now. In modern society, porn, adult films, fantasies, what ever you wish to call them are being looked at with a more open eye then any other time in this planet’s history. The “We Like Girls” project is one that is being created with a different look and feel then what most girl/girl fans have been used to in the world of adult entertainment. We are beginning to see things from the other sex’s perspective and my, oh my, is it ever something to celebrate. Last year’s winner for best lesbian sex scene at AVN was a brilliant piece of erotica starring Kissa Sins and Katrina Jade that was anything but ordinary. It was something that changed the way that fans see the porn stars they love. It also gave industry members a chance to now create projects that they simply never had backing to do years before. Bree Mills, when helping to build Girlsway.com, managed to make lesbian film making, the front and center eye catcher that has made the term “lesbian” the number one searched phrase on a few company’s web sites. At least that is what a recent study revealed. Having 2019 Female Performer of the Year Angela White as the first volunteer, along with Kissa Sins for this project made me see that they are really putting some thought and passion into the project. Gamma has allowed Girlsway to have a lot of free room to create with their success even as their growth gets more and more massive, year by year. There have been some successful ventures like the off-shoot brands of Girlcore and there has been fails like Girls Try Anal but what this company keeps on doing, is looking onward to see what “can be” for the world of girl/girl cinema. I can not think of a better duo to start something like this off with. So, let’s get cozy and see what comes together with this barrage of talent, innovation and talent that features Bree and Craven doing what they do best.

Angela White and Kissa Sins 

Scene Duration: 1 Hour and 19 Minutes

Director: Bree Mills @TheBreeMills

Studio: Girlsway / Adult Time

Release Date: December 23rd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla:  Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Documentary, Super Star on Super Star, Real Life Sex, Fingering, Ass Licking, Face Sitting, Scissoring/Grinding/Tribbing, Unique Positions,

Angela White and Kissa Sins 

We Like Girls: Kissa and Angela

Starring: Angela White @ANGELAWHITE and Kissa Sins @KissaSins


The Reveal:

 First things first, what we are seeing is Kissa at her most raw, her most real. I can not think of when I ever got to see Kissa this way.

This is something that every porn fan must watch. Why you say? Well, it is because this is who all porn stars really are., people. It is this tranformation in wrdrobe and the make-up chair that defines them to the public, but what is it that defines them at their core you may ask?

It is that fact that they are human plain and simple. You get to see Kissa in her boots and what I will tell you porn fans, I have only ever seen that when going with my ex-girlfriend, down to the lobby during AVN to have breakfast after a night of partying and Kissa just happened to be in the elevator being the amazing, down to earth person that she is that most fans never see.

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Kissa’s job is to love and what she does for a living is a tale that can only be gtold from her mouth and her mouth alone. This is cinema far better then any bullshit that is on E! Entertainment television and I will tell you why. In that production, everything is staged. Trust me, everything. Here, you get a true dose of reality TV.

You get to see Bree Mills talk for goodness sake. When do you ever get to see one of Gamma’s master creators do such things?Never is the answer unless it is behind the scenes.

Honestly, there is no reveal in this scene, nor is there an encounter. The deep breath that both ladies take is a sign to you that you had better be prepared for reality in a way that goes further than anything voyeuristic or accidental.

As the women almost cry and hold each other as the sexual experience starts, you see a type of warmth I honestly did not think you could ever get from an adult film, or that a director could capture. That is just how powerful real sex is. I told Angela White, "I actually paused this film and went upstairs to tell my sweetheart that I love her." Yes, this is that type of film, so if that is not your cup of tea, please change the channel because what follows may be adult film history in a way that no one has ever attempted or thought to be creative or wanted by fans and how wrong people have been. You will know this when you see Kissa get necked for the first time.


The Encounter:

Angela White and Kissa Sins 

The beauty and wonder that is a woman are on full display. Now, what a man can take away from this scene, especially a fan, is that these beauties are just as nervous as you are before making love. You hear Kissa tell Angela she is so glad she did not rub off her boob sweat. We all have insecurities and things that we think others see first. If you see two of the most beautiful women on the planet tell each other they are afraid of each other in certain ways, like sweat, body odor and more, then you truly know it is human to feel these things when going in for that ultimate expression of simply being human and satisfyling that urge we all feel. This is beyond romance and honestly, never have I seen love the way it is shown in the first ten minutes. Heavy breathing, intense grabbing, this is what a true love making session is all about. What is obvious from second one, is that this is as real as it gets. May I recommend that when you watch this scene you need to cut off all outside stimulants. This is sex and I mean as true as it is meant to be. What this scene creates is something that appeals to so many different people. This is like a “how to guide” on what to do in order to get a woman's juices flowing and make her melt in your hands with just touches. This is true sex with bi-sexual women. That is the only way I can state what this scene is at its heart. You will be educated, you will be turned on. You know, honestly, “real” sex does not have a play by play. These women have no rules given to them and it is obvious from second one there is no script in the sex. The action goes everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.


The atmosphere of seeing the lights, the non-scripted faces during orgasm, it is something that I have never seen in porn. Fans, you get to be on set in this vignette, well, more than that because you get to see these women really have sex. It is what they want and how they wish to taste, love, fuck and indulge in their partner. There are no hair movements to get the perfect shot, there are no camera angles that must show either woman get fingered to be a turn on. The improvised camera angles are very artistic, and they truly make you get lost in this fantasy. The mission is to please each other and where this film goes ins a place that has no make-up, with breathing techniques, pure sweat, and spit, mixed with so much petting, touching caressing and we are talking soft pleasures that even the most “manly man” will enjoy. This is not soft-core. This is a reality. Honestly, you must see where this goes yourself, it is kinky, sexy, beautiful. It is an hour of sex that has everything you once dreamed of as a college kid getting laid for the first time. Having seen two porn stars do this in real life what I will tell you is this is why people are voyeurs. There is aggression, there is hardcore. There are two women allowing the other to enter the other's body and spirit. You see Angela not holding impossible to enjoy poses, you see her stunning body as natural as can be and you literally see Kissa Sins face completely in her pussy, yes, I am being serious there are a few occasions where her whole face is in her pussy. Steamy beyond words. The fingering and pussy-rubbing are the best I have seen produced by Girlsway and that says a lot. The back and forth leads to everything you wish to see. There are some of the best positions you have ever seen in a girl/girl film awaiting you and so much, that you simply have to see it for yourself. The end to this scene is as unique as the start and it solidifies this scene as one of the front runners for a scene of the year. Amazing.

Angela White and Kissa Sins 

Sight and Sound:

Now, the only misses I see in this scene and honestly, they might have not been able to be helped because of the style of shoot is the way that the angles lose focus from time to time as they follow the action at long length. This is over an hour of pure sex and the performers are given free rein to just let the chips fall where they may depend on their level of lust. What does come out of this scene so well is a lot of impromptu angles that make you simply say wow. An angle of Angela White with her mouth buried deep between Kissa’s legs as the camera pans around Kissa’s feet is just stunning. Craven and Matt are able to capture this hour-long showcase of endurance from everyone in order to entertain the masses. I simply do not know how they did it and they did it well. Everything from the make-up the lack thereof is dazzling beyond words.

Angela White and Kissa Sins 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

So, if you would like to see why Angela White has gained another trophy and not just any trophy, we are talking the hardware that states she is the baddest babe on the freakin’ planet, look no further then this presentation here. She shows two very impressive things within this scene. Number one: She does the impossible by making her decade-plus long career seem still fresh and bold as if she is was up for best new starlet instead of performer of the year. This is unique, it is new, it is Angela White like you have never seen her before. Add another one to the collection of must-own Angela White erotica. Number two: She truly shows fans that nothing and I mean nothing is a put on with what the Angela White brand is. Her true to life kink, passion, lust, and love of sexuality comes out as bold as can be. You cannot fake this type of sexual encounter. I guarantee if you are to ask her, she will say this has been her favorite scene to shoot this year. The fact that she never has one moment of hesitation, or fear or even a second of silence awkwardness shows that this woman honestly lives, sleeps and breathes this industry. She enjoys being a porn star, she enjoys sex and discovering all the things she says she has on her voyage in this business. This is the real deal porn fans. Now, as we shift focus to the superstar extraordinaire in the making, miss Kissa Sins. Every year she gains more and more knowledge and understanding of this business and creates something fans simply can not get enough of. This woman is showing that her true to life persona is not being bold to make money or make the most outrageous sex scene. She simply does that just by being Kissa. This is such an intimate portrait of Kissa. You see her amazingly quirky self, that fans never and I mean ever get to see. She is a human being and performers always have their own life outside of work, as do we all and you see that here. The hour-long presentation is simply two sex loving human beings who are set free every day when they get to make love to a co-worker. Bree Mills has created something that will go down as the start of a new era perhaps. A new style of adult cinema that simply goes as far as to show the beauty of the business but also show what the real-life beauty of sex and people really are. 5-Star scene all the way. Highly recommended.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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