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Cum with Me

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/26/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

“The Buzzed Baby” and the model who also takes pictures. Who could think of a better match?  In a film that showcases performers of the year and industry veterans who simply have done everything there is in this industry these two beauties bring something so unique to this film in sight alone. When given the chance to pick my poison in this film, I had to go with the ladies who are simply two performers who always surprise their fans and those who are just discovering them in every film they star in. Riley Nixon, one of the most stunning models on the planet, a woman who when you peek from the surface, she has intrigue and wonder. The hair is her calling card but her true essence is on how she connects with her co-stars. Ivy Jones, she is the blond hottie that resembles past superstars like Ginger Lynn, Felicia, these bombshell beauties that you are inclined to see what is beneath the covers and when you do, just like with Riley, you get more then you bargained and paid for in the best of ways. She has wholesome good looks, mixed with a model’s body that will have you sweating profusely within seconds of seeing her shed her clothes and innocence. Having watched the rest of the film but not reviewing it, I wanted to see just how well these ladies stack up against the other scenes and just how much perhaps this scene should be the one getting all the market attention. Let us find out, shall we?

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 32 Minutes and 59 Seconds

Director: Dana Vespoli @danavespoli

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Release Date: May 20th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Teen versus Teen, Natural Breasts, 5-Star Fingering, Ass Licking


Cum with Me

From the Film: Girls Kissing Girls #22

Starring: Riley Nixon @RileyNixon_ and Ivy Jones @IvyJonesXXX


The Reveal:

Riley Nixon and Ivy Jones 

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OK, so many times I have seen Riley say she is simply the “alien of your fantasies.” If she is an alien, then sign me up to get a chest buster implanted in me right now because my goodness I want that beauty running around my house pretty please. She is so striking and has these curves that my goodness, they make you have true to life fantasies of the beauty living down the hall that is just all woman and leaves an impression that stays forever. You are simply drooling profusely after seeing her in those short shorts and top. Her acting skills are incredible. I mean wow, this woman is one of the best damn actors on the planet. Ivy, Ivy, Ivy, what a looker. The look of teen innocence is beyond with this beauty. I mean that voice mixed with those amazing good looks, this is a special delivery for fans who love teen sex and seeing that beauty transform before your very eyes. When the script flips and you see Ivy start off the action, shades of legendary Micky Lynn come to mind and the way she truly created a stage for the innocent young starlet to dominate the big breasted porn star in ways that still have fans blood pressure medication on stand by with a new generation.


The Encounter:

Riley Nixon and Ivy Jones 

The speed sets a mood that will have every type of porn fan cheering and begging for mercy all at the same time. Honestly, when you see this red couch appear in a scene, you can almost guarantee a scene that will be amazing and erotic to the maximum level. The striptease is filled with wet and soft kisses and seeing the ladies bare it all together is delicious and sweet. One of the big selling points is seeing Riley, the statuesque model put Ivy’s petite frame in her hands at every opportunity. The shots are sexy and so lust filled. The temperature in the room has been climbing since second one and by the time even the breast play begins you may be all ready to throw in the towel and submit, that is how sexy and provocative these ladies are when setting the mood. There is so much eye candy to go around in this scene you will be fucking keeled over as if you had a stomach ache just but how much there is to take in and enjoy. I mean Dana and the camera peeps really bring out each model’s beauty. The shots of ass, tits, booty, and buttholes my goodness, it is something you must see. The natural lighting is decent, not great and the shadows do not hinder the scene too much. It is a tad difficult to see Ivy’s quick tongue lashing as the sex goes to the next level. The action between these two knockouts is amazing. Slippery sound effects and moans of passion make for a mixture of pure fantasy. These two ladies know what they are doing and seeing Ivy Jones for the first time, I must say she is world class pussy licker. The back and forth simply never misses a beat. It almost looks as if they did this scene in one take. That is how much these ladies enjoyed the other's flesh. The fingering is some of the most scrumptious in the entire film. Seeing Riley try to tickle Ivy’s g-spot is shot so well, nothing is missed at all, not even the look of aggression as Riley’s lips pucker before she devours her slippery slit every time she starts to fuck Ivy with authority and speed. As the scene winds down, Ivy will not be the only one wanting to worship Riley’s ass. The angles and visuals are the second magnificent seller. I mean a body this naturally beautiful you have to give the fans what they want, and Dana does exactly that. This scene has hidden aggression and what you are getting is something that once again delivers even more then you thought it would. Ivy Jones may be the best-kept secret in porn. When you see how she closes this scene out with Riley, my goodness, I doubt there will be anyone out there in fantasy land who is not lying in a pool of sweat after watching this inferno of lesbian passion.

Riley Nixon and Ivy Jones 

Sight & Sound:

The only knock on the scene is lighting. It sets the mood but you miss some key shots when it comes to pussy licking. I think that is very important in this scene because the surprise that sneaks up on you is Ivy Jones and her amazing oral skills and fans will be wanting to see her lash out on Riley’s gorgeous furry kitty and there are some angles where it is hard to get into that action due to the lighting. The sound is amazing. You need to check out this scene on high audio, it will deliver you some of the most orgasmic sound effects in the entire land of fantasy that is the X-Rated world.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

In closing, what can you say about these ladies that has not already been said? Well, first thing first. If you have not seen Riley Nixon in an adult film, this is one of the best places to start. She is a performer who is in a class of her own and ranks right up there with the true superstars of this industry. She makes your mind go all over the place and your imagination runs wild like wildfire in the California mountains. She licks pussy with hunger, passion, and glamour, she makes the dialogue seem like it the easiest thing to create in front of the camera. You want a woman who is going to take your mind to places it has never been simply press play when it comes to Riley Nixon. Ivy was one of the best surprises that this critic has seen come along in a Dana Vespoli film. She has aggression and she can play that part of antsy innocent as well as anyone. She has a true future in this business and that body of hers, my stars is it fit, fun and the stuff of pure fantasy as well. Watching her curved toes and sexy contortions and Riley looks deep into her eyes with a mouth full of pussy will be enough to satisfy any fan and that is at the seventeen-minute mark. These ladies put on one hell of the show complete with all the little details. When you share the stage floor with Katrina Jade, Alexis Fawx and April O’Neil and you are able to put on a show that stands out this much, you are doing something so right. When you see the film end in the blaze of glory as it does, this is some of the most scrumptious lesbian ass licking you will see anywhere, I think each and every fan will indeed become a fan of each performer if they were not already. There is not one second of boredom to be had in this entire scene. Your eyes will never leave the action in front of you. This is some of the most raw, real action captured by Dana Vespoli. This is must own cinema, highly recommended review and some.

Don Juan DeMarko 



"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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