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Double Dose

Studio: Blacked RAW » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 3/1/19

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick


Angelic Adriana

 Blacked RAW and Adriana Chechik sent social media ripples when the campaign of the promotion was launched for this new offering. The typical stylish approach to building up hype for one of their scenes was there on Twitter for all to see.  It was focused on sleekness with a DP for the loyal servants of the goddess Brat Nasty in this Blacked RAW nighttime escapade. Jax Slayher and Jason Luv join together to double stuff this uncontainable sex storm that is Adriana Chechik. She is literally chained at the start of this scene as Jason Luv drives around with this wild sexual animal in the back seat of his car.

Besides being excited for the obvious DP in this storied franchise I’m happy for the setup being tantalizing with a performer that is expected to the carry the scene on her flaming wings. A Blacked RAW scene with that hovering darkness for a flame like Adriana Chechik to light it up. The scene is a quick lightning blast of salacious sex monitored by the glowing hum of a camera's ring light. The allure takes you in deep with Adriana Chechik, it is an easy decision to add this scene to your viewing schedule or even overall collection once you hear about it. The Lansky look promising recognizable quality from all three performers for a fair fling of double penetration at night.


the download options

Watching the scene on the member site I got access to a gallery of various stills from the actual scene. They are in high resolution so you can save them as a wallpaper on your desktop if you’d like.  You get streaming options to watch in various qualities. HD formats include 720p all the way up to 4K streaming options. Downloading the video gives you the availability of downloading in HD as well with files sizes ranging from 8.9GB for the 4K download and 2.9GB in 720p.

I watch these videos with personal audio using over-ear headphones. Turning up the volume reveals the brand’s attention to detail with the aural landscapes included in the Blacked RAW splash montage. From there the silence is only sliced through by the intimate hot sex between all three performers after the scandalous scene setup with thumping music going through it.


Cast: Adriana Chechik, Jason Luv, Jax Slayher

Studio: Blacked RAW
Directed By: Greg Lansky
Release Date: February 1st, 2019

Approx. Run Time:  47 mins.


Adriana window lick

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A chained up Adriana is throwing a defiant fit at Jason Luv as he sits at the wheel of a car. Chains are needed to contain this raunchy rebel spouting profane language and lustful beckons to an unfazed driver. He’ll continue his trek through nighttime streets as Adriana Chechik hangs her pussy out of the car window to shower her vaginal fluids all over the moving road. Adriana’s defiance goes into action as she squirms around while thirsting for sex in the back seat of this moving car. Jason Luv is going to need help with this nymphomaniac aflame.

Adriana squirt out of a car

Jason Luv pulls up to Jax Slayher’s spot in the middle of the night blowing up his cell phone in an obvious attempt to get extra hands in dealing with this sexual fiend. Once Jax is finally with Jason in the car they come to an agreement to tame this horny fiend that is tied up back at Jason’s apartment. They drive off to undertake this task which is akin to jumping into a cock devouring tornado. The meeting takes place with Jason Luv approaching Adriana Chechik slowly to remove her chains around her neck and body. You can only guess what happens when she is unchained. 

Adriana Unchained

She flies on her feet to sexually blitzkrieg Jax’s cock. She slams it into her mouth in this sex-starved snatching. A  blur blasting by an orange couch as a camera stabilizes to witness this speed for our human eyes to see.  The blowjob has barely begun as you see Jason Luv grab Adriana away to peel her panties off. The focus of the camera returns to Adriana Chechik as she tackles this large cock with some sloppy oral strikes. She trades off between penises as she crawls over to Jason Luv for a few head bobs on his dick. This sets up a spit roast as Jax jumps into Adriana’s pussy hole in doggy. She’s busy with Jason Luv’s balls in her mouth as she’s getting laid into in doggy style smashing. She gets even more balls in her face as they break out of the spit roast for her to jump into a brief double blowjob. The sexual hunger of this flesh consuming fairy has her rimming some asshole as she’s left to her own devices in sexual deviance. 

Jax and Jason Luv in the car

Back to a variation of standing doggy as Jason Luv is now the penetrator here. She’ll have Jax Slayher’s dick in her mouth as he stands atop a sink to get it level with Adriana’s cock hungry head. A little spurt of squirt happens as Jason Luv is poking into Adriana’s pussy. Even more blasts of the pussy fluid eject as we get a close up shot of Adriana’s pussy being stimulated by some eager fingers. Adriana Chechik jumps back on Jax for a steady ride of side saddling that breaks right into reverse cowgirl DP. I applaud this fantastical flow of sex, amazing to see a lusting goddess like Chechik performing her heart out for us. You get some sloppy cock vanishing deep throats again as Adriana inhales Jax’s piece.

DP with Jax and Luv

The reverse cowgirl DP earlier was brief but they are back to a standing variation of it this time as Adriana is lifted away for this. Her light frame being held in what seems like an effortless grapple as this gliding nymph is being DP’d. She’s thrown down on the orange sofa for more precise pounds into her asshole by Jax Slayher.  Jason Luv stepping in for a cock sucking as Jax is in her. A return to streaming of some squirt happens while Jax jackhammers her pussy. She’ll coat herself in her own goddess fluids as she is pumped by Jax’s erect spear. An edit fade shows us that Jason Luv is now pussy deep in some thrusting for Adriana Chechik to take. As they trade off into her a camera angle becomes immersive as it entraps the entire screen with Adriana’s orgasmic face gyrating back and forth, this being caused by Jax’s deep fucks for that crazy closeup.

Adriana Squirting in missionary

Focused shots of fast-paced missionary occur before an edit fade where you see Adriana hovering in squatting cowgirl that causes her to squirt a little. She’s riding on top of Jax Slayher for these motions. He sets up a quick ass to pussy hole switch before a DP is activated causing the anchor to be Jax while Jason Luv jumps into the ass. A variation of more double penetrating happens as both swords fill her up in a down doggy double stuffing. This pliable superstar can be peeled open in any position it seems and they do that here in this Blacked RAW scene.

Adriana close up magic

It is towards the end of the scene but it still felt sudden when you saw Adriana get a nice fat load of cum in her pussy from Jason Luv. She’s on top of him in cowgirl vaginal for this explosive filling.  Jax deposits his load with a good old fashioned facial. Globs of pearly cum dropping to decorate Adriana Chechik’s radiant face. She’ll sip the residual cream from Jax’s cock to conclude this spectacular scene.


logo splash

Performers who are genuinely sexual freaks are such a treat to see perform in hardcore porno. Now imagine that hardcore aura encapsulated in the prestige of a well-known studio like Blacked RAW? That is happening here with Queen Brat Nasty destroying yet another DP with two rockstar studs in the business right now. This Blacked RAW scene is just pure fun to watch. I enjoyed the edgy opening giving Adriana due course to explore another character for our screens.

Besides the main characters performing the actual sex, the theme of a nighttime affair in a dark city leading to a posh room is adhered to. Darkness is the touch of Blacked RAW’s stage and each performer I’ve seen so far that has danced on it shows me why I keep handing out the XCritic Pick rating to content like this. Not only does it look good but it makes me feel good about the performers I love to see work. Looking their best as they give their best. 

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