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Dirty Grandpa

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/27/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Feature, Family Roleplay, Comedy. Grandpa, Older Men
Writer/Director: Joanna Angel


Chapters Menu
Joanna Angel
Ivy Lebelle
Kristen Scott
Anna Bell Peaks
Marley Brinx
Steve Holmes
Small Hands
Will Havoc  
Juanito Blanco (Non-Sex)
Length: 2 hours 3 6 minutes
Date of Release: June 18, 2018
Extras: Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery, Internet  

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Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Very good on both counts. Hi-Def anamorphic widescreen presentation and the comedic dialog is crisp and clear.
Overview: It's a comedic tale about an "old guy" played by Steve Holmes. His wife just died and a motley crew of family and friends have gathered to pay their respects. Small Hands plays the grieving son, Joanna Angel plays his wife. Ivy Lebelle takes the role of Joanna's sister and they hatch a scheme to inherit the family wealth. Along the way, we meet a few characters, including Juanito, the dead wife's side plaything. It's a fun romp through a time of grief and celebration. WTF does that mean? Well...check it out to see!
Scene 1. Marley Brinx, Steve Holmes

Marley Brinx
In an oddly comedic setup, our duo gets down next to Steve's wife's casket. Yes, you read that right, they are literally banging in the boneyard. As one would expect at a funeral, they are both dressed in all black, Brinx's alabaster flesh contrasting with the surroundings and highlighted by a single rose that is presented to her as she gurgle's down on Holmes' manhood. Steve lifts the tiny-assed tart into the air for some acrobatics and then eats her ass much to her delight as he props her on a chair to continue his conquest of young, tight pussy that he hasn't enjoyed in over 40 years.

Marley Brinx
It's a scene that earned itself 7 award nominations across the industry so far, with more sure to come. Mike Quasar's camera work is pretty steady, focusing on the pair rather than panning around and revealing whether they really are in a cemetery or on a closed set, although I would suspect it's the latter. It's always nice when the lovely Marley Brinx passes across my screen and it's nice she gets to stretch her acting wings here a bit as they deliver some one-liners during their drill session. Steve Holmes is a legend for a reason, always delivering his package with enthusiasm, even breaking into song here at one point.
Scene 2. Ivy Lebelle, Small Hands

Ivy Lebelle 

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Ivy is Joanna's sister and they are involved in a plot which is going to require Aaron's signature. That signature ends up scrawled across Ivy's DD's in permanent marker as she seduces him during his time of grieving. His rod literally makes a thump as he slides his pants down and it comes springing out full throttle as Lebelle gets ready to wrap her lips around it and slap it against her own face. Ivy's ink and curves are nicely displayed as Small Hands gets busy fucking "his #1 fan".

Ivy Lebelle
Small Hands shows off some of his more advanced stretching and slamming moves as he jumps from one side of her to another, his cock always finding a hole to land in. Their eyes lock on each other's as he stands bedside railing her, Ivy biting her lip and squealing as she lies there with a leg over his shoulder. Rolling her onto her side, the pair transition seamlessly to some anal escapades, some more oral work, and a rodeo ride followed by a doggie drilling that has Small Hands spurting and spilling all over her face.  
Scene 3. Anna Bell Peaks, Steve Holmes

Anna Bell Peaks
 Steve makes an entrance to a restaurant that Anna Bell seems to run single-handedly. It's a weird, slow-mo montage that has her fawning over the new customer and blowing off the long-time ones. Once the old-timers are out of the way, Anna Bell pulls out her world-renowned breasts and drops to her knees. She alternates between no hands, one hand, and two-handed assist in her hummer. The camera explores up and down her firm body as Steve worships her ass in return.

Anna Bell Peaks

They make food-related comments as she gets bent over the table and Holmes starts sliding in and out of her love hole. Restaurant banter continues as she turns back around to swallow him again. As Steve kneels to enjoy a snack himself, Anna keeps slipping one-liners in between her moans, her eyes growing wide as he stands up and slides right back in deftly. She's whimpering as he hammers while rubbing her clit, Mike's camera navigating the other tables as he moves in for a closeup of the action and then backs out again for a wide shot. The duo bounces back and forth between the tabletop, a chair, and the floor as they try out a number of positions which includes a big-titty fucking. Those tits end up getting covered in his cream after more furious romping on the table.
Scene 4. Joanna Angel, Will Havoc

Joanna Angel
Joanna shows up to her brother-in-law's house unexpectedly with a ploy to get a signature. He knows right off the bat something isn't right and refuses to sign the "card she made" for his father, which leads to an impromptu sex session on the couch, of course. Havoc soon has his face buried in Angel's muffin as she grips his head tightly offering to cum in his mouth as long as he keeps licking. She busies herself by rubbing her clit as he works his pants off and then she inhales his dong. There's an upward camera jerk that is quickly corrected as Joanna works out some balance issues on the soft sofa as she climbs into an upside down 69 so he can continue his snack session along with her.

Joanna Angel

She's panting and squealing as she slides into a reverse rodeo ride, her landing strip covered hole hammering up and down on him. Will wants some control and places his hand on her throat while he jams into her after pushing her up against the sofa arm. Their tatted flesh mingles together as they move to a spooning, Joanna doing some dirty talk as their now-sweaty faces press together. Climbing into cowgirl, she bounces high and hard with the aid of Havoc's hands around her waist as she aids in her own orgasm with her fingertips. She's like a parking attendant as they move to doggie, coaxing him into just the right spot at speed, her tongue hanging out as she approaches another o. It's back to the sofa-arm press position and then a quick blast to her mouth with a good load that she swallows.
Scene 5. Joanna Angel, Kristen Scott, Steve Holmes

Joanna Angel & Kristen Scott
Steve is hobbling along what appears to be the path alongside the LA River but could be any old canal, when Kristen runs up to the frail, elderly guy with a cane to help him across the street. When they get across, he wants to do it again and then needs help dancing. Since she's a good samaritan that just happens to be dressed fairly slutty she agrees and he shows off his "old man moves", impressing her greatly and the two embrace in a kiss. Steve's lips work their way down her torso and he promises there's more to come if she comes to his place. When they arrive there, Joanna is busy rummaging through stuff. Steve offers to help her open a case she's having trouble with and inside is something nobody would have seen coming and Steve invites both girls to check it out in detail.

Joanna Angel & Kristen Scott

The ladies introduce themselves to each other and lie back to experience the antique dildos. Holmes wants a closeup look and they have a quick talk about morality and their lack thereof. While Joanna and her father-in-law play around, Kristen is smiling broadly as she gets her head into position to see the action firsthand. That smile continues as Joanna plants her face in Scott's slit as Steve works on getting his clothes off before burying his face in Joanna. Angel wants to know if he can do two things at once and sits atop his face as Scott sidesaddle rides his rod. The ladies take turns on his totem pole, Steve handling the action with ease as Quasar moves around to make sure to showcase front, back, and profile shots of all of it. Depending on what is going at any moment is the determining factor of who has the biggest smile, or the widest open mouth as the moaning, groaning and praying start to a crescendo. The ladies both manage to cum and Steve thinks it's only fair if he is then allowed to cum on both of them and they accommodate that request willingly.  
Final Thoughts: From the mind of Joanna Angel comes another bizarre tale of lust sprinkled with laughter. It was nominated for 7 awards so far this year, and I expect it to be nominated for a few more in the days and weeks to come. Joanna herself took home a trophy for Best Actress in a Comedy Release at XBIZ and she deserved that. It's hot sex, including some anal from Ivy Lebelle who seems to relish the back door action and started right into it upon her entry into the biz in 2017.

Along with the five sex scenes, there's plenty of comedy to keep viewers occupied both during and between scenes, the flow of the movie progressing nicely. Small Hands is featured in the early parts of the flick, including the anal action with Ivy, and then pretty much leaves the rest of the antics up to Joanna, Steve, and Will Havoc. Kristen looks great alongside Joanna in the final threesome and Steve shows off why he's a Hall of Famer. As you'd expect from the Burning Angel crew, there's plenty of fun frolicking with a dose of music here and there, the camera work for the most part steady and the editing moving it all along nicely. If you're a fan of comedic porn than you'll want to add this to your stack but if things like sex in a cemetery turn you off be aware that is present right off the bat here, although it does feature the lovely Marley Brinx. The Extras section could definitely have benefitted from a BTS segment but overall it's a fun flick. Recommended.

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