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Hogtied Vol 28: Roped and Groped By The Pope

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/1/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Fetish, BDSM, Bondage, Sex Toy Play
Director: John Paul "The Pope"


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Cast:  Angela White, Abella Danger, Karlee Grey, John Paul "The Pope"  
Length: 2 hours 47 minutes
Date of Release: 2018
Extras: Photo Gallery, Peter Acworth (kink.com founder) Bio
Condoms: N/A but they are used on the devices inserted into the ladies.
Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts. The capture is good, the audio is clear so you can hear every whimper that escapes from their sometimes-gagged mouths.
Overview: Kink.com presents 3 A-listers getting roped and groped by "The Pope", aka John Paul. If you like to see girls bound and gagged while being consensually tortured for their own pleasure, this is something you're going to want to check out. Karlee Grey opens the disc and Angela White closes it out, with dungeon veteran Abella Danger sandwiched in the middle.

Disclaimer: What you witness here is done by trained professionals under strict rules in controlled environments built for this purpose. This is NOT bondage 101. If you pay close attention to the details, everything about these sets is designed specifically for these purposes from the ropes to the bolts to the forged rings the girls are tied to and hung from. Play hard but play safe!
Scene 1. Karlee Grey

Karlee Grey
Karlee has been in the kink.com dungeons before and is back for more. Her hard limits are few and far between, giving JP the okay to pretty much have his way with her. That way starts with her curvy form bound, standing on a single foot and progresses to some ropes being attached to pull her sideways, one at her neck and one above her thigh. (Please read my disclaimer here folks). Once the Hitachi is brought into play, she orgasms for at least a minute solid, squirting all over the floor and JP ups the ante by putting his rubber-gloved hand over her mouth, making her body convulse with pleasure. The one foot she does have planted is involuntarily tapping out about 100BPM (beats per minute) by the time he is done making her cum that way.

Karlee Grey

Miss Grey mentioned she liked stinging sensations on her flesh, so uh oh...now shes strapped on her back, hands above her head, feet in the air and JP strolls in with a cane. Our camera starts off with the wide shot and then focuses in on her foot soles, which is where JP is concentrating his strikes. Shrieks echo off the walls as his cane strikes its target. She might be rethinking her "no list" as the nipple clamps join the party and JP taunts her with banter about string measurements as he binds her nipples to her toes. She shows impressive restraint in not flinching as the foot strikes continue, so JP's infamous dick on a stick joins the party and the Hitachi is thrown in for good measure causing her to squirt multiple times as her screams permeate the air and her praying begins. JP walks away, leaving the camera to explore her fluid-soaked body in closeup as she ponders her possible fate in the next scenario.

Karlee Grey

The next scenario has her bound on a table, face-down, chest and head up. It probably has a yoga name but I don't do yoga. Her large boobs shake with every foot strike and flogging she receives, her ass cheeks tightening as JP's riding crop cracks against her lower half in its entirety. Her eyes roll back in her head as the Hitachi again comes into play, vibrating loudly against the table but not overpowering the volume of her whimpers and screams. The camera angle trains on her face as the vibrations change, her head dipping to the table only to be corrected by JP's commands as he once again releases a flood from between her legs.  
Scene 2. Abella Danger

Abella Danger

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Abella is psyched, as always, to be back in the dungeon and her and JP are discussing her love for corporal and rope and machines and such. She figures she's shot for them at least 10 times. I checked it's closer to three dozen, so she's no stranger to what is about to happen and has instructed JP (in writing) to make her cry. It's not something he normally sets out to do but due to their familiarity and comfort with one another, he agrees to definitely do that. She starts in a basic breast tie, her pretty bra getting cut away early as she looks on, gag in her mouth. Her nipples are hard as his flog whacks against them and he spins her 180 degrees by her nipple so the camera can watch the flog strike her ass. Her punishment continues as her leg is tied to a pole horizontally, the flogging and nipple torture also continuing. She wanted it extreme and so the other leg gets tied up, leaving her suspended in a "splits" position, her hairy bush front and center as her stilettos are removed and her stockings cut away signaling impending pain. The foot cropping begins and the Hitachi is held to her crotch...JP walking away.

Abella Danger

Danger is comfy, as she assures her tormentor sitting in a squat legged position and strung up to the rafters. He fixes that by binding her leg to her neck as he explains the proper method of tieing before proceeding to strap her other leg up to the sky. She is trying to let her head lie limp to her leg so he cures that by wrapping her mouth to her suspension ropes. The camera tracks his ties in closeup as more ropes, strings, and nipple clamps join the party. Once everything is bound together, out comes the Hitachi to make her cum on command. Her eyes now watering, makeup running she can only pant and groan as he adds weights to her nipples. She finds it a bit funny as her toe and nipple ties are removed and begs to be flogged, JP is willing to comply with that request after he makes her situation suck really bad. He hoists her a few inches so she is free-spinning and starts whacking key targets only to leave her dangling.

Abella Danger

Bound spread-legged, her holes at lens center and vulnerable is where we find her next. We know from her interview that the rear door is off-limits today but the flogging is welcomed. Her clit hood shakes with each strike, her boobs demonstrating Newton's Law as they are also attacked. She screams as a tiny little flat leather whip is used on her feet and a ribbed baton beats her chest. She tries to roll away but that's obviously impossible, JP getting the hint and moving onto a different device and starts pumping her nipples into a vacuum. With her nipples secured in tubes, out come the vibe and the dick stick, JP making sure to get his gloved hand deep inside of her. Her heaving chest causes a tube to pop off and our torturer clamping her mouth and nose shut before removing the other one. The wand joins the breath play and she is forced to cum again.
Scene 3. Angela White

Angela White 
We find Angela standing, in the most non-threatening position I've ever seen in one of these flicks, her hands strung up above her head, her piercing eyes scanning her dark surroundings and looking up at her ties as she explores whether there is any leeway in the ropes. Boot steps can be heard off-screen and her head pivots toward them. Her body writhes with joy as JP's gloved hands caress her but you can tell by the look in her eyes that she's aware this isn't what they are here for. Her body winces as she hears the flog coming at her, JP carefully clothespinning her nipples for a moment and holding her hair aside as his flog explores her flesh. With the clothespin test passed, the clamps are applied after he instructs her she's not allowed to cum without permission. With a ball gag inserted, he yanks at her nipple clamps while rubbing between her legs. She shakes her head no indicating she's not ready to cum when the Hitachi enters the picture which in this case is John Paul's cue to make that happen, with her screaming thru the gag, and walk away.

Angela White

With the "trial run" out of the way, we find Miss White beaming like a kid in a candy store, strung up in a 3-point hang as JP enters. That smile on her face turns to a sense of wonder and bliss as he once again touches her and quizzes her about a number from 1-10 as he slaps his gloved hand against her bare pussy. Wrapping some rubber bands around her feet he explains it will just kind of sting as he torments her like that for the first time in her life. She knows that a caning feels horrible but that doesn't stop him from using it on her feet and pinching her nipples with it. Panic sets into her eyes as he clamps her mouth and nose shut, JP fully expecting it and relieving her tension a bit with his stick dick. Not allowed to cum, she has a conniption fit when the Hitachi joins the stick and her body collapses into itself, only the ropes keeping her aloft as she is allowed to orgasm.  A fingering has her unleashing her squirt which she is forced to suck off his fingers, lust filling her eyes as he walks away to leave the smitten kitten to her own devices.

Angela White

Again, we find our starlet's eyes scanning the dungeon as she is now hung in a very precarious position, sideways with one leg pointed skyward. The wincing begins as the cane again strikes the soles of her feet. She employs some breathing techniques as the cane circles toward her crotch and is tapped rapidly on it. JP is growing comfortable with this dungeon newbie and starts to show her all the places he can hit with a cane as Angela grows accustomed to breathing through the pain. Enough of that crap...let's move on to the knitting needle on the foot trick, something she can't breathe through as she's too busy squealing. By the second foot, she's learned to breathe through that too and is rewarded with the dick stick shoved down her throat. Drool is dripping off her face as she is forced to crane her neck to watch the stick get jammed in and out of her, her whole body contorting when she hears the hum of the Hitachi and is allowed to have a screaming orgasm. Her head and body flail as best they can in her position as another orgasm happens, and another. She tries to tap out saying her pussy's had enough but the squirt flowing from it says otherwise, JP covering her mouth to muffle her screams.
Final Thoughts: First off, let's welcome Angela White to the Kink.com Dungeon! It's hard to believe this was her first go around down there. Karlee Grey has been here before and I think Abella Danger has frequent flyer miles or a punch card or something she's accumulating points on.

Here's the deal with these DVDs for those of you that may be new to Kink.com productions. This series, Hogtied, involves no sex between people. It's basically John Paul "The Pope" roping pretty girls up into precarious positions and then torturing them mentally and physically while forcing them to orgasm using various devices. Other Kink.com productions do involve actual sex but we're not here to discuss those right now. Here, we get awesome seasoned veterans and one "bondage newbie" going through the ropes so to speak. All of the girls on this disc are fan faves and also critically acclaimed, there's no denying that but this won't be everyone's cup of tea. It's not porn that most people are accustomed to. It's hardcore bondage that involves professionals on a closed course and I review it once in a while because honestly, I like to watch the BTS that precede and follow the actual scenes. Yes, I like to see pretty girls hanging in pretty rope ties but this is much more than that. There are no pretty-colored ropes and fancy artistic lighting. This is real dungeon bondage where girls are pushed to their limits followed by their reactions to the experience. It's a study in psychology, really. JP is really great at what he does, I dare say he is probably the best in the field. To watch him chat up girls at the beginning and then torture them relentlessly while making them wait to orgasm is an interesting time all around.

Abella Danger actually did cry, as she requested, but I've seen her do this before and I can honestly say that I think she'd volunteer to be a POW if she knew someone was going to string her up and flog her. She's a fucking trooper that's not playing around in a dungeon. She's here for her own satisfaction and that's awesome to see on screen.

Karlee Grey doesn't have as much dungeon time as Abella but I think she's also on a mission to see just when the fuck JP can break her. She looks great on the screen and handles her pain like a champion.

Angela White, to my surprise, had never been here before and JP and the crew go into detail about what the fuck is going to happen to her during the shoot and cover all the safety rules. She's literally bouncing in her chair as the images are visualized in her mind. Unsure about her limits, she gets tied up and together she and JP explore them. I don't think they found her limits yet but she's excited to come back and try again.

It's a pricey disc, and to watch it scene-by-scene is even pricier, but if you're into BDSM then you will definitely want to put this A-lister-filled disc on your shelf. Otherwise, you can sign up for a kink.com membership and watch these types of things to your heart's content. Check it out for sure if this interest you at all. Highly Recommended.

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