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Love Song

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 3/2/19

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Genre: Couples Feature, Romance, Music


Cast: Aiden Ashley, Joanna Angel, Whitney Wright, Kenzie Taylor, Kissa Sins, Small Hands, Chad Alva, Marcus London

Writer/Director/Cinematographer: Mike Quasar

Release Date: Jan. 30, 2019

Length: 2 hrs. 15 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three Bonus Scenes, Eight Trailers, Photo Gallery and Promo Reel


Overview: From the brilliant mind of Mike Quasar comes this tale of rags to riches and the things sacrificed along the way. In what is arguably his most dynamic performance yet, Small Hands plays an aspiring rock band leader with stars in his eyes. He quickly discovers though that the road to fame is a rocky one when he and his band bring in a corrupt manager in the form of Joanna Angel. He soon finds his rise to stardom isn't worth it when he loses his loving and supportive girlfriend Aiden Ashley. Mike Quasar's story and camera work are top notch. And with some truly terrific performances from this wonderful cast, this is destined to be the first great adult feature of the year.


Scene One: Chad Alva and Whitney Wright


When Small Hands receives word that top music manager Joanna Angel is interested in taking his band on he texts his bass player Chad Alva the good news. Chad's girlfriend, the always wonderful Whitney Wright, is happy for him and in their excitement they celebrate by making out. As the kissing gets more heavy they start undressing each other and Chad kisses down Whitney's body to her luscious pussy. He kisses and sucks on her clit before sliding his fingers in and fingerbanging her, sucking on her clit until she cums. After Chad licks up her juices from her pussy she takes his cock in his mouth and starts sucking him, working his shaft with her mouth and hands. She pushes his cock to the back of her throat as he fucks her mouth and soon she has her ass turned to him as he fucks her doggy style.


Whitney's breathy whimpers are so beautiful as Chad pistons his hard cock in and out of her pussy and soon he's pounding her ass to another orgasm. Whitney then lays on her side and he starts spooning her. He drives his cock in and out of Whitney's beautiful pussy while she plays with her clit and before long she's cumming on his cock again. She rolls over onto her back and Chad starts fucking her missionary, his hard cock gently sliding into her glistening wet pussy, and she rubs her clit some more until she cums again and again, tugging at her little patch of fur for added sensation when she cums. With her legs pinned back and her feet in the air Chad pounds Whitney's pussy until he pulls out and shoots his load of beaded cum on her belly. Really nice scene from the winning combination of Chad Alva and the always beautiful Whitney Wright.


Scene Two: Small Hands and Aiden Ashley


After the bands first meeting with the very strict, controlling and no-nonsense Joanna Angel, Small Hands' supportive and loving girlfriend Aiden Ashley shows some concern. However, she tells him she has his back and is with him all the way. They start making out and, just like the start of Chad and Whitney's scene, the kissing gets heavier and heavier as they start to undress each other, and Small Hands heads down to Aiden's pussy. He devours her snatch and Aiden's performance is scorching hot as her body twists and convulses with every wave of ecstasy that courses through her. After having an incredibly intense orgasm in Small Hands' mouth Aiden starts to suck his cock, passionately sliding her wet mouth all over his dick, giving it kisses and making love to it with her mouth. Soon she's on her back with Small Hands fucking her missionary, the incredibly beautiful look of passion in her eyes as she locks eyes with him, reeling with every thrust as he fucks her to orgasm.


Without missing a beat they start spooning, Aiden's hips grinding on Small Hands' cock. He reaches around and rubs her clit and soon her body tenses up and literally wraps around his body as she has yet another very intensive orgasm. She sucks her juices off of his cock and then sticks her ass up to him as he fucks her doggy style. Small Hands' pounding cock brings Aiden to another intensive screaming orgasm as he picks her up and she tenses on his cock, Small Hands bouncing her. Aiden then starts to fuck him reverse cowgirl, but quickly realizes Quasar's disdain for this position, and immediately jumps off to ride him regular cowgirl. With only a few strokes of his cock inside of her now overly sensitive pussy she cums again before Small Hands lays her down and fucks her missionary again. With short quick strokes he brings her to the edge before pulling out and eating her, Aiden going crazy as she cums.


Small Hands quickly picks her up and starts t-boning her before quickly going to another missionary. He then closes her legs and fucks her tight pussy from behind before going back into cowgirl and then back to missionary giving Aiden another screamer until he pulls out and cums on her belly. Whew. A truly amazing scene, HIGHLY energetic and pulsing with electricity with one-of-a-kind amazing performances from Small Hands and the incredibly sexy Aiden Ashley.


Scene Three: Kenzie Taylor and Marcus London


Joanna takes a recording of Small Hands band to top record exec Marcus London, who acts reticent in signing them. So Joanna sends one of her girls, the absolutely gorgeous Kenzie Taylor, up to his apartment to persuade him. It turns out he's actually bluffing Joanna. He really loves the band, but he's not one to pass up a good time. So he and Kenzie start making out which leads to clothes coming off. Marcus sucks on Kenzie's tits and eats her ass before going down on her pussy. Flicking his expert tongue on her clit he laps up her cunt sending Kenzie over the moon and making her cum in his mouth. He then lays back and Kenzie starts sucking his cock. She uses her hand and lips on his dick giving him super head before laying on her side for Marcus to spoon her from behind.


Marcus rubs her clit while drilling her beautiful hairy pussy giving Kenzie multiple orgasms with his pounding cock. He then gets on his knees and t-bones her pussy, driving his cock balls deep inside her cunt and makes her cum over and over before fucking her crab style. They then go into a missionary, Marcus slamming Kenzie's pussy before pulling out and cumming on her belly and her beautiful furry pussy. A nice, simple and still very passionate sex scene from Marcus and Kenzie.


Scene Four: Kissa Sins and Small Hands


We flash forward a few months and Small Hands' band is at the top of the charts. They've hit the big time which is causing tension between Small Hands and Aiden, tension not going unnoticed by Joanna. She sets up a plot to split them up by sending a limo to pick Small hands up with another one of her girls, Kissa Sins, in the back seat. At first Small Hands tries to resist her for Aiden's sake, but once Kissa's hand starts rubbing his crotch his lust takes over. They undress themselves and Small Hands starts sucking on Kissa's tits. Before long his head is between her legs and he eats her pussy. Kissa is absolutely amazing in her performance as she grabs Small Hands by the hair and presses his face harder against her pussy as she cums. Small Hands then sits back and Kissa makes passionate love to his cock, pushing it all the way to the back of her throat as she kneads his balls.


After giving him sloppy head she lays back and Small Hands starts fucking her missionary. The ecstasy she feels as he drives his cock up inside her makes both giggle and whimper with pleasure. She rubs her clit bringing her orgasm on his cock and then he flips around behind her and starts spooning her. Small Hands rubs her clit while she pinches her nipple, all the while staring into Small Hands eyes as she cums with sweet, breathy intensity. Kissa then flips over and sticks her ass up to him as Small Hands fucks her from behind. He hard cock becomes a piston as it plunges in and out of her dripping pussy, alternating between long strokes and short jabs. He then sits back and Kissa climbs on top of him, riding his cock cowgirl. With a slap of her perfect ass, she bounces on top of Small Hands' cock, sliding her pussy up and down his hard pole.


Then in a beautifully positioned shot Kissa sits up and we see her ride Small Hands cock from the front, her pussy grinding down on him and giving Kissa multiple screaming orgasms. She then flips over and they fuck missionary once more before Small Hands finally pulls out and cums on her belly. When it comes to passionate sex, hardly anyone can beat the wonderful Kissa Sins. Yet another amazing electrifying scene.


Scene Five: Joanna Angel and Chad Alva


Without giving away too much story, Aiden finds out about Small Hands and Kissa, prompting her to break up with him. Joanna's plan is working as Small Hands feels his world crumbling around him. After a brilliant musical interlude, which I'll comment about in my final thoughts, Small Hands tells Joanna he wants out. This prompts Joanna to sink her teeth into Chad, who has been wanting to showcase songs with Small Hands. She starts playing up to him, buttering him up about his songwriting. And soon, like the viper she is, she starts hitting on him. This starts a very quick sex scene as she plants a kiss on him which leads to clothes coming off and Chad going down on Joanna's pussy. He laps at her cunt until she cums and then Joanna gives him sloppy head. After getting him good and hard she gets on all fours and Chad fucks her doggy style. She cums several times on his cock and then flips over for him to fuck her missionary. He humps Joanna's pussy, giving it quick jabs until he pulls out and cums on Joanna's tits. Joanna's plan has worked and the two move in together. I won't give away the film's ending, but it's a happy and satisfying one.


Bonus Scene One: “Cruise Control” with Aiden Ashley and Carter Cruise


Bonus Scene Two: “After Forever” with Kenzie Taylor and Tommy Pistol


Bonus Scene Three: “Second First Date” with Whitney Wright and Tyler Nixon


Final Thoughts: This film is an example of Mike Quasar at his best. The veteran filmmaker is one of the great storytellers in the industry, creating some of the most believable characters and situations that anyone can relate to. This is never an ounce of pretension in his stories, which makes every encounter he creates so much more likable to the average viewer than most. He really is a master behind the camera, and I'm going to say right here and now that he's one of my favorites. Released on Wicked Passions, this is a fantastic love story of a man who's so blinded by his dreams of glory that he can't see that all he really needs has been standing in front of him the whole time. It's Small Hands' most emotional performance to date, showing such a beautiful range in the music sequence after Aiden leaves him. You feel his pain as he smashes his guitar with her memories running through his head, and all without a single line of dialog. The performances all around in this film are stupendous. Joanna Angel is fantastic as the cold, manipulative bitch of a manager who will do anything to get what she wants. When it comes to the sex scenes I have GOT to give it up to Aiden Ashley and her performance with Small Hands. I haven't seen a more stunningly electric and all around passionate performance so far this year. Simply incredible. As 2019 is still young, this is the best film yet, and it's definitely an early runner for award season, and I happily join my XCritic colleague cyber5 and give it the XCritic Pick. Do NOT miss this one people.

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