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Black and Blonde Vol 5

Studio: Dark X » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/3/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 58 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All Sex; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: James Avalon

Cast: Starring Emma Hix with Daisy Stone, Cadence Lux, Summer Day, Isiah Maxwell, Rob Piper, Ricky Johnson

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap;


Dark X is up to their 5th installment in the Black and Blonde series and I highly recommend you take a look at Black and Blonde Vol 5. Directed by James Avalon, this movie is four scenes of hot, well shot interracial sex with sizzling moments that pack a punch. Emma Hix is the DVD cover girl and star of the flick. After a late night of partying, Emma wakes up in a stranger’s house next to her boyfriend Rob. They don’t know where they are, but they make short work of the place, coupling in a bathroom bang that has Emma cumming again and again on Rob’s BBC. Her downward doggy on the tiled bathroom floor is the hottest part of her scene as Rob thrusts hard and deep in her tight twat. He blasts her face and tits with cum in a fantastic finish that breaks Emma’s hangover. Daisy Stone, Cadence Lux, and Summer Day fuck Isiah Maxwell and Ricky Johnson in the remaining three scenes. Cadence has a hot fuck session with Ricky in the shower as he pumps her wet pussy in standing doggy against the glass shower stall. Woof! That’s a hot scene. This is a hot IR flick well worth your time and bound to bring pleasure.

Scene 1:  Summer Day and Isiah Maxwell

Summer and her boyfriend Ricky have a great relationship. They’ve been together for a long time and their sex life is awesome. They completely trust each other. One day, Ricky comes up with a new sexual activity for both of them to play. It’s all about the sense of touch and it begins with a blindfold around Summer’s eyes. Ricky ties the blindfold in place, making it impossible for Emma to see out. He sneaks away to the door and lets Isiah in. Summer is unaware. Isiah walks up and begins caressing Summer, who still can’t see anything. His fingers make their way between Summer’s legs and to her pussy. He fingers her then kisses her while caressing her face and neck. He leads Summer’s hand to his cock, encouraging her to massage it in his pants, making it hard. Isiah takes his cock out and puts it in Summer’s hand. She strokes his dick then tries to take off the blindfold, but Isiah stops her, telling her to suck his cock. Summer sucks his hard cock, gagging on it and she swallows every inch of it. She finally takes the blindfold off and is surprised to see Isiah. “Enjoy your gift,” Ricky tells her. She continues to suck his cock and is soon drooling all over his shaft. “I can tell you like black dick,” Isiah says.

He spreads her legs open and tongues her pussy. Summer moans out in pleasure. He eats her pussy, keeping her horny then he fucks her doggy style on the bed. After pounding her pussy from behind, Isiah pulls out and eats her wet twat. Summer turns over onto her back for a round of missionary fucking.  He pins her leg back while drilling her cunt. Summer rides his cock cowgirl style then lies on her side for spoon fucking. The sensation of Isiah’s cock thrusting in and out of her pussy makes Summer bite the pillow. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then rides it in reverse cowgirl position. Another round of doggy is followed by more spoon fucking that leads to a big popshot from Isiah. He blows his load all over her pussy and stomach, ending a hot fantasy for Summer.

Scene 2: Emma Hix and Rob Piper

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It’s been a wild night at a wild party. It was so wild that Emma and Rob wake up the next morning on the living room floor of a stranger’s house surrounded by trash, food, and drinks. Emma needs an aspirin. They don’t even know whose place they’re in, but Emma knows she likes it. Whenever Emma passes out, she wakes up horny. She is really horny today. Lucky for her, Rob is happy to help her with that. He follows her into the bathroom where they kiss then Emma bends over in standing doggy so Rob can eat her pussy. He spanks her ass and tongues her twat, making Emma feel alive. He takes off his shirt. Emma kisses her way down his stomach and chest to his cock. When she pulls down his pants, his big hard cock hits her in the face. She puts it in her mouth and sucks it, stroking it back and forth and choking on it. She bends over the sink in standing doggy, fingering her pussy.

Rob walks up behind her and penetrates her twat, thrusting deep inside her pussy slowly. He works his dick deeper and deeper in her cunt. She lifts one leg up on the sink as Rob drills her wet box. “Oh, right there,” she tells him. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” She says. They change positions with Emma standing on one leg and her other leg over Rob’s shoulder. He pumps her pussy, stretching it out. Rob pulls out and eats her wet pussy then puts her in a standing cowgirl that makes her pussy cream all over his cock. He moves the cowgirl fuck to the floor, positioning Emma on his cock. She bounces up and down on his prick until she cums. Rob spanks her ass cheeks as her body shakes from the intense pleasure. She climbs off and sucks his cock before sitting on it in reverse cowgirl position. Rob thrusts in and out of her twat harder and faster. “Keep going!” Emma screams. “You like the way my pussy feels wrapped around your cock?” she asks him. Emma cums again as Rob slams her pussy in ball-slapping action. She climbs off and transitions into 69 position, gobbling on his dick while Rob eats her pussy. She cums in his mouth as he tongue whips her clit. “Use that tongue inside my pussy,” Emma orders him. She kneels in downward doggy as Rob stretches her cunt from behind with his BBC. Emma has another orgasm then she turns around and swallows her cum off his prick. She does more standing doggy fucking against the wall then sucks his dick and balls. Rob jerks off in her face, shooting a big load of cum in her mouth, on her cheeks, and on her tits.

Scene 3: My Best Friend’s Girlfriend: Cadence Lux and Ricky Johnson

Ricky loves helping good friends out. But he thinks things should always go both ways, and when his friends are guests in his house, they should respect him. Isiah decides to help his friend Isiah out, who has just lost his house, his job, and his girlfriend all in the same week. The problem isn’t with Isiah, it’s with his new girlfriend, Cadence. She treats Ricky as if he isn’t even there. He became the invisible man in his own house. Things are getting ridiculous. Every time Ricky comes home from work, he finds the place getting messier and messier. Neither one of them is helping out around the place. Isiah has reached his limit. He decides to tell them they’ve got to start pulling their weight around the house or get out. He marches up the stairs to tell them and finds Cadence masturbating in the shower. His plans suddenly change when she looks longingly at him. Isiah knows what that means. His best friend’s girlfriend wants his big black cock. He joins her in the bathroom, kissing her. She kisses her way to his cock and pulls off his underwear, revealing his hard pole. Cadence strokes and sucks his dick, moaning as he thrusts his shaft further and further down her throat.

With the shower running and splashing water all over her, Cadence deep throats Ricky’s cock. He moves her toward the glass stall and positions her in standing doggy. He bangs her pussy from behind while she sucks on a big black dildo that’s stuck to the wall of the stall. He pulls out and she sucks his cock. Ricky puts her in standing cowgirl and pounds her pussy, making Cadence scream out in ecstasy until she cums. She sucks his cock again as the water splashes on both of their bodies. Ricky lies on the wet shower floor and guides Cadence onto his cock for a reverse cowgirl session. “So, fucking good,” Cadence belts out. She climbs off his cock and gets in 69 position to suck his pole before sitting on it again, but this time cowgirl style. She rides his hard pole and fingers her clit while she bounces up and down on his dick. There another hot round of standing cowgirl that has Cadence leaning against the shower stall. Ricky shows her pussy no mercy in a hard doggy bang. He pulls out then fucks her throat before slamming her twat again. She gets on her hands and knees for more doggy then is rewarded with Ricky’s spunk as he shoots off in her open mouth. “I’m gonna need you to start cleaning up or I’ll have to kick you guys out,” he tells her as she swallows his load. “I’ll keep that in mind,” she says.

Scene 4: Daisy Stone and Isiah Maxwell

Daisy has been going out with Isiah for a while now. Things are going great. They’re both recently out of college and both have great jobs. They are a busy couple, but they always find time for themselves. It’s the pair’s second anniversary and Daisy decides to surprise him. Isiah is an ass man, but so far, Daisy has never let him fuck her ass. She decides to let him have her ass tonight as his special surprise. She gets ready for him and dresses in her sexy black dress. Isiah drives up with a bouquet of flowers. She left a note for him on the door, telling him that something special is waiting inside. He walks into the bedroom to find Daisy waiting for him, lying seductively on the bed. He joins her. She tells him she’s ready to try anal sex. “Show me how a big black cock feels in my ass,” she tells him. Isiah starts the action by tongue fucking her pussy and ass hole. He spreads her legs wide open and teasing her soft spot with his wet tongue. He turns into a vibrating pleasure machine for Daisy as his tongue lashes her clit.

Isiah kisses her while stripping out of his clothes then delivers her his hard dick. She admires his cock then puts it in her mouth, beating her tongue with it then stroking it back and forth. Daisy shows him her cock sucking skills when she tries deep throating his meat. “Fuck my face for me,” she tells him. Isiah thrusts his shaft to the back of her throat, making her gag and spit up on his dick. She turns around into a downward doggy and looks back at Isiah while he opens up her pussy with his prick. “Oh, fuck. It feels so good,” she moans out. He pumps her pussy, slamming his dick in and out of her hole. “It’s so deep,” she exclaims. It’s time for Daisy to experience a cock up her ass. She lies on her back for it, hosting his dick in her cavity missionary style. He starts with slow thrusts then picks up the pace, eventually pounding her ass hole out. Daisy’s pooper gets pumped reverse cowgirl style. She takes control of his pleasure pole, bouncing up and down on it to her great satisfaction. Doggy up the ass is next, and it’s even more pleasurable for Daisy. “I’m about to fucking cum,” Isiah tells her. He pulls out and blows his load all over her big ass cheeks.

Final Thoughts:

James Avalon directs Black and Blonde Vol. 5 and this is a flick I highly recommend. DVD starlet Emma Hix has one of the hottest fucks of the flick in her coupling with Rob Piper in the bathroom of a stranger’s house. They both wake up with a hangover from a party the night before and neither one of them knows where they are. It doesn’t take long for the two to hook up in the bathroom and soon Emma is having multiple orgasms as her pussy takes a hard pounding from Rob’s BBC. Cadence Lux has a sizzling shower scene with Ricky Johnson that’s hot to watch. Her standing doggy pounding against the glass shower stall is a turn on. Daisy Stone and Summer Day fuck Isiah Maxwell in two separate scenes that equally as hot. This is an IR movie well worth watching.

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