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Axel Braun's Dirty Talk 3

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 3/15/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Main menu

In large red font, you get Wicked Pictures “All-Sex” subsidiary series written over a man’s out of focus crotch. Between the two blue jean wearing legs, our cover girl Aidra Fox sits seductively for Axel Braun’s Dirty Talk 3. On each side of the legs, you get the name credits to the cast while the right leg has the phrase “They’ll Tell You What They Want!”  This interesting design has a mainstream vibe. The film’s logo is at the very bottom of this clean box with no sex on it.  

Chapters Menu

It gets more intricate and hardcore on the reverse side of the box where you see a brief summary in a description of the film. Also, a store program that directs retailers where to store this DVD on their shelves is close to the summary written on the back of the box. Photos advertising the sex you will see with stills from the film are spliced on the back. Larger white font compared to other DVD boxes shows that this disc contains 3 Bonus Sex Scenes, a photo gallery, and trailers. On my copy of the disc a free gift was included and it was a packet of Wicked Sensual Care Lubricant. This is something I haven’t really encountered before with my massive collection of porn DVDs. A total perk showing a company cares about its consumers.


The menu music is a very interesting twist to a smooth jingle filled with lyrics containing actual dirty talk. The music sensually glides in the background with the subtle animation behind the logo of the film. The actual options on the main menu include “Play the Movie”, “Chapters”, and “Special Features”. Go to the special features menu to hear a smooth beat drop as the greeting. A Close-up of Karmen Rx’s pretty face takes up your screen for this menu of extras. The three bonus scenes are found on this menu. Trailers and a Photo Gallery have this Wicked Pictures DVD giving viewers plenty to pick from.
Unfortunately, the chapters menu isn’t as beefy as the extras menu. Each chapter is simply enumerated and has no listing of the talent in the scene at all. The small thumbnail animations aren’t enough to give me a chance to pinpoint the stars in the scenes simply labeled as “Chapter #2” for example. I had to look them up elsewhere off the disc.


film logo

Axel Braun is known for his comic book parodies. He is a real-life comic book fan so this isn’t pigeonholing him to one style of films. You can’t do that to him and that is why I’m excited to review what we would call “non-feature” content from his repertoire. Non-feature simply means these scenes don’t fit any length of plot that a feature film would have. Also known as gonzo porn since it has a direct purpose for the user, to get off. As a reviewer, it has another purpose and that is the sequestering of a craft.  To see Axel do his thing here where I won’t see any capes is just fine with me. I can sit down with the scene featuring a beautiful babe I’m familiar with and also observe a style of filming for my studies. Time to review Dirty Talk 3 by Axel Braun! 

Cast: Aidra Fox, Audrey Noir, Brad Knight, Karma Rx, Rachael Cavalli, Ramon Nomar, Ryan McLane, Seth Gamble, Sophia Grace, Tommy Gunn

Directed By:  Axel Braun

Photo Gallery: Yes
Condoms: Yes
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 11 mins



Aidra's title.

The music plays for a moment in the main menu before the disc auto started on my device. You can start it yourself if you select “Play The Movie”. From there the standard montage intro of clips from the film plays with smooth jazz sounding music as the soundtrack. Each performer gets a segment from her scene in this montage as well as a performer credit during the actual narration of dirty talking.

Performer encounter

As the actual dirty talk continues it will usher in Aidra Fox’s sensual tease. She’s wearing decorative lingerie as she dances for the camera. Soon enough her fingers slip down her panties so she can stimulate her pussy. She then starts a stroll to Seth Gamble who is seated and waiting for her. Once they meet Aidra Fox will begin her seductions by making contact with her male co-star. Seth Gamble rewards her with some detailed pussy eating which has a close-up shot of his mouth in action. You’ll hear Aidra Fox screaming loud orgasmic moans before finally going for Seth’s cock to start her own oral acts.

Aidra face fucked.

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The blowjob has no condom in it as Aidra swallows Seth’s cock whole for some angles of this mouth to cock artistry. The oral flows into a penetrating shot of doggy style with a barely noticeable pink flesh-colored condom being in the picture. The steady pumps of humping seamlessly started for the sex as they Seth locks into Aidra Fox. Both performers then agree to start cowgirl as they switch out of doggy to have Aidra Fox get on top of Seth Gamble for this. The motions are in full speed when Aidra is rocking on top of Seth in cowgirl riding. The chemistry is also very apparent if you haven’t noticed yet, I saw flaring energy between them in this session so far.

Seth and Aidra

The sexual blur blends into a fast pounding missionary segment where Seth is jackhammering into Aidra’s intensified pussy. The action sets off sparks during the missionary thrusts. So much that I noticed the camera trying to keep up with a zoom. The camera then stabilizes enough to capture Seth lifting out of a fuck to pop to plant semen into Aidra’s mouth. This concludes a tight gonzo porn with a purpose.



Karma's title.

The scene starts in a daze of dance with Karma’s beauty flowing in front of the camera. You’ll sure enough here more stanzas of dirty talking being spouted like poetry as easy music plays. Karma Rx is wearing long-sleeved lingerie with long black stockings. This adds gothic appeal to the tattooed beauty dancing in this teasing intro. Finally, we’re indoors where you see Karma Rx strolling to Ramon Nomar in a room where he’s sitting down on a red sofa. She’ll sit on his lap for this porn greeting that sets up the sex between them.

Karma Ramon scene start

After some tumbling around in foreplay the blowjob starts with a snatch of the cock by Karma. Her deep throating sucks are next with a steady shot of it to fill your screen. Without a moment’s notice, they spring into doggy pounding. Ramon is in vaginal here with a condom equipped for this scene. The energy powers of the performers overlapping already in this first position of fornication. The camera hovering by in a side angle of this slamming position of doggy style. Speaking of vagina Ramon pulls out of his humping to go face deep in it for a few well-placed pussy planting sucks. They return to doggy with the camera capturing open shots of it.

Reverse cowgirl with Karma Rx

When they roll to reverse cowgirl you’ll notice Karma’s boobs flying everywhere during the top-heavy ride. Paced and placed angles of this boob-heavy ride rewards screens spinning this scene. Ramon holds Karma Rx steadily in this reverse pussy reaming which switches into side saddling seamlessly. Karmen’s curves are killing it with her regular cowgirl arch on top of Ramon. This segment leads to the fuck to pop in with Karma’s pretty face as the target. The load is planted properly sealing this scene with a sweet smile.


Audrey's title

The formula of these tranquil teases infused with dirty talk is adhered to at the start of this chapter. Noticeable at the start of Audrey’s alluring intro is augmented with her sexy outfit of cut-off shorts coupled with fishnet stockings. She comes equipped with some absorbing gazes as well, her beauty swaying for the camera. Excitement should ensue if you are a true blue porn fan. The male talent she meets with for sex is the one and only Tommy Gunn. This sets up an exciting meeting with a promising talent like Audrey having hot sex with a vet like Gunn.

Audrey and Tommy meeting for sex.

When they meet on the bed Tommy Gunn is waiting and when they meet the soft kissing and boob sucking goes right into play. Audrey is stripping herself as her male co-star caresses her body during opening salvos of light sex in foreplay. After Audrey’s denim shorts are pulled off of her you’ll see a pleasurable opening in her rocking fishnet stockings. Pussy play happens because of these openings that reveal a powerful bush. Speaking of powerful, Audrey explodes in an orgasmic fury when Tommy Gunn is munching on her pussy for the camera. This sudden burst of intensity during a performance is why you should keep your eye on a performer like Audrey Noir.

doggy close up

The oral goes to a blowjob from Audrey Noir now. Her hot porn star arch bending perfectly for Axel’s camera as the BJ opens up. In her oral theatrics, Audrey will flip on her back while laying on the bed to suck on Tommy Gunn’s balls. The first pumps of penetration happen when they enter missionary. Axel Braun’s camera honing in on the right moments for some close up poking of the pussy. You’ll see Audrey Noir still equipping her hot fishnet stockings during the sexual slamming.

cumshot capture

When she is positioned in doggy style she has herself rapidly fucking back Tommy Gunn with energetic bounces. The next position they spin into is the cowgirl with a fixed shot of the penetrating blasts from the camera. Audrey Noir  will proceed to cycle through phrases of dirty talk throughout the scene with a mouthful of cum being the reward after a fuck to pop. They rip out of reverse cowgirl to get this concluding cumshot.


Sophia's title for the film.

A graceful Sophia steps into view for her tease. Living up to her name as her soft-spoken dialogue serenades the view of her dances. Contrasting red lingerie is her outfit as it bleeds out behind the bright white backdrop behind her. This adds a dreamlike visual effect that must be intentional from the director/cameraman. She’ll even pull the white curtains behind her to enhance the tease visually. Her detailed dirty talk really sets the tone for an exciting tease with this luscious new face in the industry. Screen-filling close-ups of her beautiful face and tits will take place as the dirty talking dance continues for this opening tease. 

Brad and Sophia kissing.

She finally meets with Brad Knight who is sitting patiently for her. Sophia Grace will caress him and tease him with a few kisses, she pulls back playfully a few times before finally, their mouths meet. As she hangs over a sitting Brad Knight some boob sucking will take place in this oozing foreplay sequence.  They embrace each other and Sophia Grace will feed her tits to an eager Brad Knight. She urges him to feed on her pussy and Brad is more than willing after a few more sensual pecks of kissing. When he finally goes down on Sophia’s pierced pussy the camera will follow. The view is some detailed pussy stimulation from the active male talent. 

oral with sophia

Sophia Grace will grab Brad’s cock for her blowjob to start. Expect some sealing and deepthroating attempts right out of the gate with this searing sex star. Globs of drool will slide down Brad’s shaft as a result of this careful cock sucking.  In between cock sucking slurps Sophia will explain how she is “ready to feel that cock inside of her.” From there you’ll actually see Brad Knight equip the condom onto his own cock right before Sophia gets on top. Honing in on this deep penetration the camera shows this cowgirl ride up close. Then the camera pans out for a direct view of Sophia Grace’s awesome arch as it gets steadily fucked.

Missionary fucking

They open up into missionary with the chemistry between the two performers still intact as they continue to bang away into each other.  Sophia requests to be flipped over for some doggy to start up. A proper angle of the penetration ensues in this dash of doggy style humping. The fuck to pop flies out here and all over Sophia’s cute face and mouth.  



Rachel's title

Big tits are what this tease is all about as Rachel describes her deepest desires during her Dirty Talk 3 tease. This is all happening in the scorching rays of the sun in the outdoors with a beautiful MILF body. She goes inside to meet her sexual partner for this scene and that is a ready-and-willing Ryan McLane.  They grab and grope each other before McLane dives down for some pussy eating. Setting another quickly paced vignette into motion on this DVD with an oral opening.

Rachel being eaten out

The blowjob is next as Ryan McLane is fully stripped down to be fellated.  Rachel Cavalli making eye contact with her costar even though her big MILF booty is facing him which later sets up a 69 session between them. Vaginal penetration is next and it is zoomed in deep for a close-up. These first pussy pounds are done in fluid missionary sex. A condom is being worn which was extremely noticeable during the zoom in of insertion. 

frontal missionary shot

A reaming Ryan McLane will deliver proper swordsmanship in this quick scene. Especially when you see Rachel Cavalli slammed in sideways missionary.  She leaps up on cowgirl for her big booty to jiggle during the fucking. Rolling into reverse cowgirl gets the scene near its conclusion. Unfortunately, the pop was simply jerked onto Rachel Cavalli’s cheek with no real pizzazz behind it. 



Wicked's logo


Wicked Pictures are a hallowed name in porn. It is because of how long they've been working with the best stars throughout the years with a goal in mind. To bring some memorable pieces of work in all styles of porn films. Whether it be parody, feature, or gonzo. Now with a basic vignette of scenes I still sense a aura of prestige in this Dirty Talk 3 DVD. It came with some bonuses like extra scenes and a little gift showing that fans are in mind when it comes time to pick this up off a shelf. I have to recommend studios like Wicked pictures who pair themselves with well-known directors even for non-feature porn.  Axel Braun showing his side of pure porn producing outside of the superhero genre is a reason why a collector should at least take a peek. I can see this on casual fans viewing routines for names like Aidra Fox being on board. Expect to be rewarded with stunners like Audrey Noir if you further investigate this DVD. Don't forget the bonus scenes! 

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