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Getting Hot In Here

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/5/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

What is it that makes a good adult scene, film, vignette? Most would say at the end of the day it is how nasty the two performers can get at something that is kinky to begin with. Others would say a close number two in this race would be how beautiful a woman is in the eye of the audience. What you get in this Girlsway.com vignette, is two of the biggest unsung heroes in the history of adult films. So, why would I say unsung? These two performers, no matter who their scene partner has been, always seem to ensure that the buyer gets their bottom dollar at the end of the day. Their scenes always seem to come through at the end of the day, even when you have that borderline feeling that a film is not living up to the “box cover.” That is what makes them unsung. They save the day when the outcome looks the bleakest and they both have been doing it since their first day in the industry. Kira Noir, the January 2019 Girlsway Girl of the Month and Tiffany Watson, who I think will be earning that title very soon, are brought together for what I think will be one of the most explosive pairings in adult film history. Or, there is always that change that two positive charges conflict and create an explosion with the opposite effect. Let’s find out which one this is.

Scene Cover 

Scene Duration: 35 Minutes

Director: Stills by Alan @Stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: February 15, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Amazing Chemistry, Teen versus Teen, Athletic Bodies, 5-Star Pussy Licking, Sweat, Ass Licking/Rimming, Fingering, Mutual Masturbation, Face Sitting


Getting Hot in Here

Starring: Tiffany Watson @TiffanyWatsonX and Kira Noir @thekiranoir


The Reveal:

Kira Noir and Tiffany Watson 

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The sweat, the heat, the beauty. This scene has a wonderful start that is eye-catching beyond belief. Both ladies are amazing character actors in the adult world. They can play any role that requires charm mixed with a little over the top kink and they do it well. Each year, both ladies improve their game when it comes to acting and this scene is very tolerable by those standards. It is over the top but not too over the top. The things that have always been the ticket seller for these babes are on full display for all those fans smart enough to press download and play. The outfits are great, the make-up is insanely gorgeous especially on Kira Noir. As the ladies lose their tops in an effort to stave off the heat wave, we see Kira’s curious eye begin to wander and it is sexy as hell to behold. That look is what adult films were built on and it is what has been a calling card for Kira since she starred in her first film. The element of surprise and tease for the audience is such a huge seller of this scene. The other huge seller is that there two hotties have the best asses in the business, and they know how to show them off to the world with style and sex appeal. Shades of the old school “wet & wild” videos will run around in veteran viewers' heads and the angles of each woman’s stunning nails, rock hard nipples and dripping water being slowed down for the audience to savor every drop are masterfully done.


The Encounter:

Kira Noir and Tiffany Watson 

The element of surprise leads to what these babes do best. My goodness, Tiffany, she is truly the proactive princess of porn. Can anyone say, that when they see that long slippery tongue go down Kira’s mouth with ease and kink that they are not turned on beyond belief? I highly doubt it. This is a feast for the pervert that lives inside every human being on earth. That vibe is steady throughout this scene. Kira Noir fans, this is one of the boldest displays of one of the most stunning kitties on the planet and her fur. It looks almost like a “V” when you look at the design of pussy hair. V is truly for vigorous as Kira gets her pussy licked and sucked firmly. This is one of the most up-close displays of this beauty's amazing lady parts, so for all her super fans out there, this is must-see cinema. Now, if that does not warrant a purchase to this website on that fact alone what really puts this fantasy into that upper-echelon of kink is the two most stunning athletic bodies on the planet. If that is your forte as a fan, then this is your kind kink. There is not one angle that looks bad. These two ladies are simply the best of the best, models to the fullest extent and their flawless bodies really accentuate how much dedication they have as models. When you add that with the nastiness that these two babes are known for, like the part where Kira likes her pussy to point where a ring of wetness appears around her mouth then she maneuvers in for a kiss only to lap Tiffany’s cum all over her rock-hard nipples. You just cannot duplicate this type of erotica with anyone else. Alan and his team truly do take you to places many directors have never thought to these ladies could go. That also means the sweat is real as the scene goes on dear readers. When the ladies sit down and begin to play with their own pussy, it is time to throw in the towel, this is as good as it gets and what makes that a sign of how great this scene is and its performers, a true star is an entertainer who can entertain you in many, many ways. These two could be playing with kitchen utensils and it would still be beyond words. From start to finish you are swept away on the tour these performers and director wish to take you on and you will enjoy every second of it.

Kira Noir and Tiffany Watson 

Sight and Sound: The lighting is killer in this scene and not in a good way. It does stand out big time as the ladies are stripping down to avoid the heat and as the action gets hotter and hotter. This is one of the brightest sets I have ever seen Girlsway produce. The audio is stellar and there is almost zero acoustic feedback so watch this bad boy in HD and crank that sucker up, you will be glad you did with the filthy mouths that these two sultry vixens possess. This scene has some of the most stunning up=close shots of these lovely ladies. The sex stills are amazing. Great quantity and a very raw, yet glamorous look to them.

Kira Noir and Tiffany Watson 

Don Juan’s Final Thought

The truth of any amazing performer is that they must have an amazing castmate. It may not seem like that all the time but that is the secret and beauty of amazing starlets and production teams. This is by far Kira Noir’s best scene with Girlsway.com and this is Tiffany at her best. I mean we are talking this scene ranks right up there with her award-nominated debut with Alexis Fawx. There is true performance and exchange here. I think you know you are getting the goods when these masters of contortion do not have to break out the A-List moves in order to entertain a crowd. What makes these two so amazing, you could literally film them in more scenarios and the audience would not be bored. Like the man whose eyes are glued upon one of the wonders of the world, you just stop and stare at everything you behold. That is what these two superstars bring to the table. These ladies ooze performance so much, the retinal burning lighting is forgotten about when watching them lick, suck and fuck. That is XXX entertainment ladies and gentlemen. There is so much that went right for this scene. Alan’s team captures so much of what every porn fan wants to see. That dripping line of wetness running down Tiffany’s pussy as Kira fingers her quick, the way that he let the girls keep going even as their make-up was coming off. That is what fans want to see with superstars like this. Yes, they came to see their glamour, their beauty and much like models of old, like Asia Carrera and Dyanna Lauren, we never got to see such things happen with them in their encounters and that is what we want to see in the modern adult world. This is another 5-Star scene, the only thing that kept of from perfection was the lighting. It says even more how much a ticket to see these beauties do what they do is worth. This is a sexual encounter, and these are true porn stars and at the end of the day, that is all you need. The scene is basic and that is what the biggest seller is. Sexual simplicity at its nastiest.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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