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Immersion Therapy: A Jay Taylor Story

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/6/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

There is something brewing within the mind of Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead and the amazing Gamma crew all over North America. They are ushering in so many new angles, creations, and ideas with Pure Taboo. This side of erotica, these films, and vignettes, they are sweeping the globe with a force of pure wonder that I do not think has a definition yet. These are fantasies that make you think, they touch a bone, a nerve, and many erogenous zones. The ideas and concepts are groundbreaking for pushing the limits of not only a sexual encounter but how a film can bring emotion to places that no one ever thought possible in the adult world. We all love drama, thrillers and many other genres of film that make us just stop and stare. I think that is the essence of Pure Taboo. In late 2018, we started to see that "the powers that be" began to allow performers who had the skills in the world of writing, design and so much more, begin to pen stories and fantasies for this award-winning company. These are not just everyday performers who are amazing in front of the camera, these are women like our esteemed colleague, the lovely Jay Taylor. Jay is a woman who knows how to paint a picture with words just a well as she can create a scene of erotica that brings you to your knees begging for mercy. Her XCritic film reviews prove that and some. What most do not know though, she has been doing this in the indie scene for many years. Writing scripts, creating allure, editing scenes and films. She is a producer and editor has done that for so many in this land of fantasy we all live, you may have scene a Jay Taylor addition and never evin known it. That is how good and how passionate she is. Now, she brings her talents to Pure Taboo. This cast of Angela White, Seth Gamble, and Codey Steele. From the looks of the marketing this is going to be something thrilling and from the way that I know Jay’s amazing pen, I know that we are all in for one hell of a story and show. From the first look, you can tell she put thought into this because a performer of the year, actor of the year, this is a recipe for so much more then just a wonderful story.

Vignette Cover 

Scene Duration: 36 Minutes and 48 Seconds

Director: Craven Moorehead @badboycraven

Studio: Pure Taboo / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: February 28th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Boy/Girl, Threesome, Group Sex, Story, Masturbation, Dirty Talk, Big Tits, Natural Bodies, 5-Star Blow Jobs, Double Penetration,


#TripleX Appetizers: These are some great stills, that capture some great moments in the vignette. They definitely should be enjoyed after the main show because they will spoil some of the most well planned out sexual positions, encounters and so much more within Jay’s story and Craven's eye within this collaboration. They capture some of the magic of this scene but not all of it. I thought there could have been so much more with the stills. They have the feel of a thriller right out of Hollywood, for that is exactly what this is.


Immersion Therapy: A Jay Taylor Story

Starring: Angela White @ANGELAWHITE , Jay Taylor @Yippieskip , Seth Gamble @sethgamblexxx, and Codey Steele @CodeyXXXSteele

Angela White and Jay Taylor 

The Reveal:


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The vibes are very sinister as this film starts. The audience is left guessing as to what is going on, even those diehard fans of each performer will not see what is coming at any turn of this opening. Angela White is the therapist trying to help a lost cause, or so we think with Jay Taylor. Jay is wonderful in her performance as the stunning natural beauty who does not like what she sees with her own eyes, or within the mirror's reflection when it comes to other people. I love this subject matter because this is a true storyline that you would have never seen coming, even vetran porn fans will have never seen this type of scenario. If you have never seen Jay Taylor, you are in for one hell of a treat if you are a lover of acting and natural beauty. Jay has that stunning body, natural good looks and ability to surprise you with sexual heat in a flash just like porn legends Erica Boyer and RayVeness. Seeing her on this massive stage, getting to showcase every ability as a performer, it is a cool site to see when watching it through the eye of "Bad Boy" Craven and his crew. Getting to see the back and forth of Angela showing Jay a hands-on method to get over her phobia of the flesh, it is a beautiful tease that keeps fans looking to see what stitch of clothing gets left behind, what curvature of beauty will the camera zoom in on. What a great choice to pick Angela as her cast mate. Two gorgeous, natural bodies are on display and the tease factor in this wonderful mixture of story and forbidden pleasure is heart pounding. Seth Gamble steps into the scene like a dark shadow of a man, like an old Sergio Leone character. He just appears, looking sharp as hell. This is cool as cool can be because Seth fits the part of a studly man brought in to break Jay out of her mental hiatus of sex and body. Seth Gamble moves with precision as Angela showcases the stuff of porn legend and as this scene heats up you truly get that feeling of impending lust is about to occur. This scene has this draw of pure nastiness from just watching the trailer and stills within the website. What started to unfold delivers beautifully. It lives up to what it advertises when it comes to the tease and reveals.


The Encounter

Angela White and Jay Taylor 

The sex, my goodness the sex. This is such a unique perspective of everything that has this type of kink. Angela getting Jay to touch her body, lose her clothing, it is filmed with such great magnificence. The dirty talk that the therapist uses, it is almost like a play by play that really makes the fire burn hot in the opening of this encounter until she goes for broke and licks Jay’s pussy. When you get to hear Jay moan with pleasure, I think that is the sign that we are in for a barn burner. The shots of Seth pounding Angela as her face is deep in Jay’s pussy simply gets that much better with the extra audio wonder “cumming” from each performer. That quivering shiver of a moan is sexy as fuck. It will honestly make you remember the name Jay Taylor. My goodness, you may go into convulsions after seeing just the luscious pussy eating. I love how they keep Jay’s top on as they build to her total submersion of the flesh. The story is pure erotica and then, it comes to life with these amazing performers and their passion and talent for this business. Then, right as you get comfy, in steps Codey and there is a jolt but nothing that is of terror or dread. Jay plays it so well with her character. The side boob shot is amazing, Jay Taylor has some of the most stunning natural breasts in the industry. My goodness, this is something very dazzling for those who love amazing tits, gorgeous asses with curves that have your brain running in circles. The film crew really brings out the beauty of Jay Taylor in ways I have never seen before. The group sex is erotic and has something very slow, very classy but with that touch of nastiness that only performers like Angela White and Jay Taylor can showcase. This is a symphony for the ears and imagination when things start building speed. The true wonder of this scene is that fact that the ladies' and the gentlemen’s true love for passionate sex comes out when we see Angela get back into character and see her show Jay how to suck cock. It is kinky but even more so, you see that these ladies love sex period and they are two of the best in the world at putting on a show with enthusiasm, speed and aggression with a lady’s touch. The male leads play a wonderful part in making sure the sex is hard driven and vocal. Seth is always a man who shows his pleasures so I think he and Codey will add so much to the couple’s market with their additions to this vignette. As the scene concludes with some of the most dazzling DP action filmed this year you truly see just how much Jay has put into this film. Angela’s keen way she slides into position to get her pussy licked by her patient is one of the sexiest teases I have ever seen with Angela White. You see Jay’s character evolve as the scene comes to an end. It makes for a complete scene and it is something that delivers on all fronts. Kink that you do not see coming, now that is porn worth spending your hard-earned dollar on.

Angela White and Jay Taylor 

Sight and Sound:

The lighting is “dark and cloudy” and that is what fits this story for perfect. There is so much beauty all the way around and it is shown in the kinkiest fashion. You always see something that dazzles the mind no matter the curve or the look of the performer. The sound is fast and steady, and we get to hear everything that is going on, even between the male performers.

Angela White and Jay Taylor 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

What sells a scene? What has always sold a scene in the adult world? It is that you have something that turns you on. This scene? It will get every viewer's attention. I always spit this cliché about a scene that appeals to all but what this scene has even more so is a type of feel that the nastiness, the perversion, it is always evolving and getting more erotic as the scene goes along. This scene was cast with perfection. Angela and Jay steal the show with not only their erotic natures but also with creating characters that are so unlike who they portray in most films. Jay, she really does an amazing job staying oblivious and she gives into her therapy just enough so that she gets a taste of heaven then cums with passion as it becomes overwhelming. All the time never letting up for one second. This is the what Pure Taboo was built for. Erotic cinema that does not boggle the mind or send the senses into a place where it cannot find lust mixed with the forbidden scenarios. This is one of the best Pure Taboo scenes I have ever reviewed. Everything is in place and everything creates this passionate, nasty, forbidden fruit of Eden. When you Jay stroking Seth’s shaft as he fucks Angela in this amazing contorted position, that is Pure Taboo and it always will be. Jay has captured what this company’s essence really is. Bree has created one of the most dazzling scenes of her career. Everything is top notch, everything has this realistic feel sprinkled with the performance of true superstars in this business. One of the coolest aspects about this scene is we finally see Jay Taylor the way she has been meant to be seen for so many years. Few have a chance to see her splendor and it is the fact she is teamed with like-minded talent that feels who and what she is that makes this scene live. Highly Recommended all the way and truly the best Pure Taboo scene I have watched of the studios track record. This is what Taboo is all about. This scene will have every fan wanting more. Angela White showcases that she is truly a force this industry has never seen. She creates a whole new character and she shows that she can change the was we see these types of films with her aggression and passion. I see this woman going for a third straight crown and if she keeps taking roles like this, she is going to get it. Seth, Codey, what can you except my goodness they complete the fantasy. This is one of the most well rounded, one of kind scenes in the industry today. This is pure bliss folks, watch this scene by any means that you can.

Don Juan DeMarko 





"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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