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Goth Teen Nymphos - Rosalyn Sphinx

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/9/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Goth Teen Nymphos 2. It is one of the late 2018 gems that caught fans eyes with more than amazing production value and the dark allure that Burning Angel is world famous for. This title is basically a gaze into the crystal ball. Jam-packed with young superstars who are rewriting the definition of the term “porn star” the performer that I had to check out above all else in this film was the young California beauty Rosalyn Sphinx. This Society 15 hottie has burst upon the scene under the radar in many ways. With a passion for kink, fetish and the not so common pleasures in the adult world, I think some of the mainstream lovers of adult cinema have not been able to catch this young superstar in the making do her thing, despite being paired with superstar after superstar. I think the fact that Joanna Angel always has an eye for these diamonds in the rough and showcases them in these dazzling creations within her mind shows that she herself is still on the top of her game and on top of the mountain looking down. A mixture of art, gorgeous dark themes, make-up, and attire are the backbone of this film, I am anxious to see what this scene's role will play in a film that features two best new starlets. I have a feeling that with Ramon Nomar, we are going to get a hell of a lot more than we ever thought possible.

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 25 Minutes 48 Seconds

Director: Joanna Angel @JoannaAngel

Studio: Burning Angel / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: December 17th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Boy/Girl, Teen, Older/Younger Masturbation, Ball Gagging, Hand Job, Cow Girl, Mouth Fucking, 5-Star Climax


Goth Teen Nymphos – Rosalyn Sphinx

From the Burning Angel Film: Goth Teen Nymphos 2

Starring: Rosalyn Sphinx @RosalynSphinx and Ramon Nomar @RamonxxxnomaR


The Reveal:

Rosalyn Sphinx and Ramon Nomar 

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The beat is fucking kicking and will have your toe tapping as you see this “goth princess” jump into the spotlight. The score for this intro is amazing. Rosalyn’s narration is a bit stiff but when you see just how stunning this young beauty is, you will forgive her for reading off the page. She is a new starlet and there is no actor who can jump into narration with ease. The make-up and the clothing is five stars all the way. Rosalyn has the look of that true LA girl next door. You only see women this beautiful born and raised in the Golden State. Now, if there is something that is always a bonus of having a new starlet learn the ropes like this, it is that her tone of voice is as innocent sounding as she is sexy. Teen fans, you are in for one hell of a treat with this beauty playing, touching and walking us through her thoughts. As Roman walks in and fun truly begins, we see just how much detail is put into this scene. The lovely eye shadow she has masterfully applied as she bats her eyelashes as the ball gag goes in, that is fetish and performance at it’s best. Ramon carries himself as that dominant male lead and what I think we are about to see is going to be something devious and ferocious.


The Encounter:

Rosalyn Sphinx and Ramon Nomar 

There is something so sexy about watching two people go at when a ball gag is included. The way these two put it to use is so erotic and sensual. You will be looking for more and more as the scene keeps surprising you at every turn. When we finally get to see Rosalyn of full display, my goodness, she has one of the most striking petite frames in the industry. The breasts, the hard nipples and a kitty that purrs and moves like no other is just a sight to behold. She has the cutest pitch when she moans with pleasure and passion. I mean this is some steamy interaction. Simply listening to her voice as she gets pounded with Ramon’s massive manhood is as delightful on the ears as it is for the eyes. She reminds me so much of Katie Morgan in her rookie years. She has that voice that you can hear from across the room and when you hear it, you must part the seas in order to find in origin. It is that enticing. When Joanna changes things up and we see her take Roman’s wet cock and begin to lick, lap and suck, it is what this business was made for when it comes to boy/girl erotica. This is some of the most delicious oral I have seen among many new starlets. Nothing seems forced and it is a slice of heaven to watch that tongue go up and down. Seeing Roman’s stiff sword polished and gleaming is enough to turn on any type of viewer. Guys, this is a secret little gem that will get your girl joining for something extra at the end of a date night. Make sure to stay hydrated during this interaction, porn fans. 

Rosalyn Sphinx and Ramon Nomar 

This is some of the most intense action that I have seen all year. If you take a closer look, there is not just one instance where Rosalyn cums all over Ramon’s cock, it is more like three and that is just at the beginning of this encounter. The looks on Rosalyn’s face are beyond something to rave about. She has this deep enthusiasm that you just can not fake. The way that Ramon pounds her pussy hard and fast is enough to make any viewer cry mercy and tap out. As I began to watch this scene, I did say to myself, I do not think that twenty-five minutes is enough to showcase any starlet these days. How wrong I was. There is this shy and charismatic dance that the two performers share with one another. She fucks him, then he fucks her, I dare you to look away. You simply cannot. Everywhere you look, every small detail you hear, it is a turn on beyond words. That fucking couch is getting its durability test times twenty just in case they missed it at the factory during an inspection. Rosalyn, she is truly something to behold. Fans, you will be cheering to the heavens above after this scene ends. What a hell of a scene, holding her own with some of the biggest in the industry and I mean that in every way possible.

Rosalyn Sphinx and Ramon Nomar 

Sight and Sound:

The camera action is wonderful. The movement is smooth from right to left, up and down. The zooms are flawless. The background of the scene is wonderful. There is all this extra eye candy and it makes for a much better scene when stars interact t with the background like Ramon getting that big piece of red fabric off the couch with frustration so he can slay Rosalyn’s wet pussy some more. That is pure heat and it is what planning out a shoot like this does. The sound is wonderful, the opening soundtrack is truly amazing. Bravo to the editing team for making every cut and piece look this good.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

My goodness, sex is a drug. You know despite what anyone would tell you, the rush that comes from watching a scene. Participating in a scene, it is something you do not have to stab a vein or inhale through your lungs in order to feel. You simply need moments, people, personalities like you see here. This is one of the most true-blue sexual encounters I have seen all year long. Rosalyn Sphinx, when you see her moan, flutter her eyes, then quiver in ecstasy, you will see that sensation in another. This scene is basic. There are no acrobatics, no bullshit, just two people who love to have sex having sex. There are all these little quirks that make the way Rosalyn performs something to write about. This gal is the definition of innocence with a lustful dark side. She is the woman that gives truth to the stories of the librarian who seduces you at the library then fucks your brains out on top of the card catalog. This type of porn star creates the urban legends of sex we love. Gives them their honest to goodness starts. I was and am blown away by how amazing it was to see this scene. She outshines every starlet on this DVD. This is truly a scene that makes the entire film worth buying and that says a lot with the star power and kink this film has. Ramon gets his work out in and from start to finish, you see the command that comes from a veteran, five-star male performer and a young star in the making. The explosive ending says all you need to know about this scene and why you must watch it. Highly Recommended.

Don Juan DeMarko 





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