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Teaching The Rookie

Studio: Other » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 3/10/19

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Lesbian, Massage, Family Roleplay, Domination

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Cast: India Summer, Audrey Noir, Brandi Love, Uma Jolie, Ryan Keely, Emily Willis, Mona Wales, Lyra Law

Directors: Stills By Alan and Billy Visual

Release Date: Feb. 5, 2019

Length: 2 hrs. 45 min.

Extras: Three Trailers


Overview: From Bree Mills' and Gamma Media's Fantasy Massage Productions comes this four-episode collection from All Girl Massage. Each scene is fun and hot, and they all have a tinge of humor which makes them all the more enjoyable.


Scene One: “Training The Rookie” starring India Summer and Audrey Noir


In the opening titular scene, ditzy little cutie Audrey Noir is trying to convince veteran Hall Of Famer India Noir to hire her for the job as a masseuse. She lies about training at the “Massage Institute” in “Thailand, Europe”, which India sees right through. But she thinks Audrey is cute and plays along, letting her give her a massage and smiling at Audrey's incompetence. When India busts her on her lie Audrey begs her to hire her, pleading that all of her life all she's only wanted is to be a massage therapist and to teach her the art. India tells Audrey to strip, which she does with no hesitation and lays ass up on the table. India starts rubbing her, concentrating on her back and arms, and then gets naked herself, telling Audrey to show her what she's learned. She lays face up on the table and Audrey starts rubbing her shoulders, her tits hanging in India's face, and India enjoying the view.


The sexual tension starts to build as Audrey works her way down and starts rubbing India's tits. India then takes one of Audrey's hands and guides it down to her pussy. She rubs India's clit and tit, her pressure building as India's hips starts to writhe against Audrey's hand and soon India is giving us one of her beautifully gentle but still sweetly intense orgasms. After cumming on Audrey's hand she tells her she wants her to do the same thing with her tongue, and Audrey obliges by going down on her pussy.


India is impressed with Audrey's pussy eating skills as she cums again in her mouth. After India kisses her pussy juices off of Audrey's mouth, Audrey lays back for India to administer her oral techniques. She goes down on Audrey's hairy brunette snatch, expertly kissing and sucking her pussy which gives Audrey a screaming orgasm. They then go into a 69, India sitting on Audrey's face and Audrey eating India out while India rubs and fingers Audrey's pussy until they both cum in wonderfully coordinated unison.


They finish off the scene by tribbing, India climbing up and rubbing her pussy against Audry's and Audrey grinding against India's until they both explode in together in mutual orgasms. The pitting of the amazing legend India Summer with the spritely giddy and adorable ditzy Audrey Noir character makes a perfect pair, with truly fine performances from both.


Scene Two: “Teach Me Mom” starring Brandi Love and Uma Jolie


In this very funny, well-performed scene, beautiful crystal blue-eyed Uma Jolie plays the bratty trouble making stepdaughter to professional masseuse Brandi Love. Uma has a hot date, but it's her first one as a lesbian, and she's worried about getting off on the right foot with her. So she makes an appointment with Brandi in hopes that she could teach her all the right places to pleasure another woman. Brandi is adamant that she could lose her job over this, but as a paying customer, the bratty Uma wants her massage. The back and forth between Brandi and Uma is golden as Uma strips naked and lays on the table, Brandi secretly checking out her perfect young body. Despite all of her complaining, we can tell Brandi is really getting turned on as she gives Uma her rubdown. She starts rubbing her legs and ass. Threatening to scream and run out of the room naked Uma insists that Brandi teach her how to give a woman a happy ending and she flips over and lays on her back. Uma guides her hands to her tits and tells Brandi to rub her pussy. As she masturbates her, Uma tells Branding to take her top off. Brandi removes her shirt and bra and Uma starts playing with her tits. They then start sucking each other's nipples and after some make out action Uma has Brandi's pants off. Uma goes down on Brandi, but her technique is a bit awkward, so Brandi lays her back to show her how to properly eat a pussy. She licks and sucks on Uma's clit and then starts fingerbanging her making her shaved pussy cum on Brandi's fingers. Brandi then lays back for Uma to show her what she learned.


Slowly Uma's tongue circles Brandi's clit, sucking on it while she fingerbangs her pussy making Brandi cum. They then go into a 69, Uma licking and rubbing Brandi's clit as Brandi sucks on Uma's cunt until they both cum together. Brandi then instructs Uma to get on all fours with her ass in the air towards her and sticks her thumb in her pussy and rubs her g-spot while she licks her asshole giving Uma multiple orgasms on Brandi's thumb. Brandi makes Uma switch places with her so she can do the same to her, and soon Brandi is having orgasms on Uma's thumb in the same way. They then go in between each other's legs and start tribbing, Uma passionately grinding her pussy against Brandi's making both of them cum on each other's cunts.


I really loved the connection between Uma and Brandi in a very fun scene. Uma is such an amazing hottie, those beautiful blue eyes that just pierce into you, and her performance as the ultra bratty teen in is hysterical. Couple that with one of the best veteran performers today in Brandi Love and you have a truly wonderful and funny scene.


Scene Three: “Mom Keeps Touching Me” starring Ryan Keely and Emily Willis


College student Emily Willis comes home from school and meets her sexy new stepmother Ryan Keely. Emily is a little standoffish with Ryan who's training to be a massage therapist but still agrees to help her. Emily lays her young tight naked body face down on the table and Ryan starts massaging her. As she rubs her athletic frame Ryan starts to get turned on and tells her to flip over. She then starts rubbing her shoulders, working her way down to her tits and finally her bare pussy. Ryan starts rubbing her clit making Emily gasp with pleasure. She then starts to fingerbang her and soon Emily is cumming on Ryan massaging fingers.


They kiss and Ryan strips down for Emily to kiss and nuzzle her big mature tits. Ryan then climbs up onto the table on all fours and Emily squirts some massage oil on her ass. Emily eats out her ass and pussy from behind making Ryan cum on her eager tongue. Emily then lays on her back and Ryan sits on her face, Emily munching Ryan's pussy and masturbates herself as Ryan explodes with a massive orgasm in her mouth. Ryan then climbs off and goes down between Emily's legs, getting a mouthful of Emily's sweet pussy. She sucks on Emily's cunt, engulfing her whole pussy with her mouth and soon Emily screams as she cums in Ryan's mouth.


Ryan then lays back and they 69, Emily on top as she rubs Ryan's pussy while Ryan licks and sucks on Emily's clit. Emily licks Ryan's pussy making her cum first before Ryan fingers Emily's pussy and soon she's cumming on Ryan's fingers again. Emily then climbs off and they start tribbing, Ryan holding her legs wide open as Emily grinds her pussy down on hers. They bump cunts and until they both cum on each other's pussies.


Scene Four: “A Firm Hand” starring Lyra Law and Mona Wales


The disc ends with a silly domination scene where Lyra Law hires professional masseuse Mona Wales for a rubdown. Lyra tells her about the kink in her neck and lays face down naked on the table. Lyra tells her to rubs her glutes and feet before flipping over and telling her she wants full service. To which Mona replies that she's looking for a dominatrix and not a masseuse, and that will cost extra. Lyra then says she's a great tipper, to which Mona puts one hand over Lyra's mouth and furiously rubs her pussy with the other.


She then slaps Lyra's pussy and tells her she wants her to be the perfect client, making Lyra get on all fours and spanks her. She slaps her ass like a pair of bongos, alternating between slapping her ass and rubbing her pussy, all the while berating her. Mona then starts to undress, making Lyra take her boots off and suck on her toes. She then lays on face down on the table and Lyra starts eating her ass out from behind. Mona presses her face between her cheeks before flipping over and letting Lyra eat her pussy. She then tells Lyra to jerk her off, grabbing her by the neck and telling her to keep going until she cums.


After Mona orgasms on Lyra's hand, she then makes her go back on all fours and spreads her ass apart, sucking on Lyra's asshole and rubbing her clit with her thumb. She brings Lyra to the edge before flipping over and they go into a 69, Mona sitting on Lyra's face and cumming on her mouth. She then climbs off and they start tribbing making Lyra cum as Mona rides her pussy. Lyra then sits up and they both bump cunts while she sucks on Mona's foot and soon they both cum on each other's pussies. A silly scene that's saved from the fine performances from Lyra and Mona.


Final Thoughts: Overall this is a good disc. It's a little disjointed, with two very good scenes followed by two that are just so-so. Scene two is the best, with with the absolutely knock-out beautiful Uma Jolie and the always fantastic veteran Brandi Love delivering great chemistry together and some truly fun moments. I also really liked Audrey Noir and her cute, sweet little ditzy act that is just absolutely adorkable. Much like Uma and Brandi, she and the legendary India Summer made a great pair. The other two scenes were pretty much just ok. Ryan Keely is sexiness personified, while Emily Willis seemed a little distant in her performance. It's not a bad release, but I'd recommend to just Watch On Demand.

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