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Pot of Gold, The

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/11/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Very rarely in the adult industry do we have two redhead beauties who have a matching sex drive working within the same era. Perhaps it seems the heavens above have shined down upon the modern generation of porn fans as two angelic beauties who have made names for themselves with supermodel style good looks and a sex drive that would make Nina Hartley blush within a scene. Maddy O’Reilly and Lauren Phillips. The cover models for Mime Freak’s creation entitled Ultimate Gingers. The true intrigue of this film comes with the addition of Prince Yahshua. Let’s forget for one second, the fact that the man has had several years and roles that have made him Male Performer of the Year worthy. What really makes this strong male lead the performer he is lies within his ability to push the model's limits and cater to their gentle side. Few male performers can do that. It is what has led him to have reoccurring appearances with so many starlets. He brings out the nasty in them big time. I have had the ladies tell me this personally. So, what do you get when you add two of the kinkiest redheads on the planet earth? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 49 Minutes and 40 Seconds

Director: Mime Freak @MimeFreak

Studio: ArchAngel

Release Date: June 8th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Boy/Girl, Red-Heads, Threesome, Dirty Talk, Spit, Spit and More Spit, Aggressive Sex, Anal, Ass to Pussy, Face Sitting


#TripleX Appetizers: There are a lot of pictures to go with this scene and they are all of so many different positions and angles that bring the action right in your face. Frozen in time and as dazzling as can be. There are so many pictures you can scroll through them with speed and it will be like a porn slide show. Very steamy pictures one of the best on the ArchAngel website.

Maddy O'Reilly, Lauren Phillips and Prince Yahshua

The Pot of Gold

From the 2018 ArchAngel Film: Ultimate Gingers

Starring: Maddy O’Reilly @MaddyOreillyxxx Lauren Phillips @LaurenFillsUp and Prince Yahshua @PrinceYahshua 


The Reveal:


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This is a true look into the thoughts and minds of two of the kinkiest and well-spoken porn stars on the planet. This is a great style interview conducted by Mime Freak. These beauties are feisty, but they showcase the wit that I think fans never get to see about the porn stars they love. I mean come on most of what we see with superstar Maddy O’Reilly is her dominating her partner and snorting lines of cum after a sweat-filled shoot. As that bold dare proved, as does this interview, there is something more to the redheads we love in this business. Shout out to Big Freaky for recommending that these ladies get paired. This intro is a nice completion to the whole film but getting that intro into Mime Freak’s patented hip-hop laces score to showcase and tease with the lady’s money makers is truly a gorgeous sight. Lauren and Maddy are a very wonderful compliment to one another. We have big boobs, meets amazing booty. We have slender height versus curves and curves and curves. The two combined will satisfy any viewers passion and desire. Maddy, she has always had the look of the true girl next door. You can not explain it any better than that. She looks now, even more so like the actual neighbor who you shake her hand upon meeting and daydream about every day after. Lauren, she has that type of strut and glow that you see with that vision that pops into anyone’s head when they think of the term “ginger.” The playfulness leading up to the first kiss is beyond a daydream. The camera swoops and pulls as you are taken through the tour of one of the most beautiful booties to every step-in in front of a camera. Maddy, she may indeed go down as the most legendary curves in the business one day. This is truly one of ArchAngel's best teases to date, right as you see the ladies getting ready to get down, we fade to black and then come back to black as we see Prince getting ready to go into full-on caped crusader mode as only he can. The energy is electric from these three and Maddy is leading the prowl on what may turn out to be one hell of a threesome.


The Encounter:

Maddy O"reilly and Lauren Phiillips 

The art that is ArchAngel. Their scenes always have distance and if there’s one thing Mime Freak shoots to perfection it is a threesome. You see each lady’s stunning back sides arched for your eye’s sweet tooth. The shots of each woman tussling over Prince’s massive manhood is astounding to watch. Maddy’s wicked tongue is there to drive your ass up the wall with steam and passion. She creates this type of lust-filled environment on top of a four-alarm fire. That is what Maddy does and what no one else in the industry can do like her. You want your ears to be charmed as much as your heart, this is the scene for you. There are parts at the beginning of the sexual encounter where Lauren does not keep up with Maddy’s aggression. That may throw some viewers off when it comes to the flow of the fantasy, but it is short-lived. Lauren more then showcases a performance where she is the third member being ravaged by her co-stars as Prince and Maddy start getting kinkier and kinkier. The camera angles are second to none. They paint a picture that is sexy, kinky and beautiful. MF does a slow pan where you get to see Prince hammering away only to reveal the reason’s why Maddy is moaning with pleasure as Lauren’s mouth if firmly latched onto her pussy. There is so much kink to this scene. It is every pervert's fantasy come true and I am not just talking about the male perverts. There are aggressive elements to this scene. Chocking, domination, hard spanking and male aggression, as well as female. This scene does get over the top in a few areas but what these performers do is make this scene with grace and passion. Yes, you can make an aggressive scene sexy when you have the right players and this one does indeed. This scene just keeps getting nastier and nastier as the counter keeps going. You will see a little of everything and informing you on what is coming is too huge of a spoiler to give away in a review. I think you can imagine where it is going to go, the visual mastery continues, as does the bend in into pure lust as the passion gets more and more heated. There are acrobatics, amazing positions and one hell of a money shot to end this scene and film. You simply could not have planned things out any better. This scene does what it sells, shows two of the most amazing redheads in the industry, doing what they do best. This is a pairing for the ages folks and you will not be disappointed when you buy a ticket to this show, that I guarantee.

Maddy O'Reilly, Lauren Phillips and Prince Yahshua 

Sight and Sound:

There is so much that is right with this scene. The acoustics are amazing after the intro. You do not get that long echo and you are met with nothing but beautiful camera work to match. The set is amazing, and the lighting showcases every square inch of these models amazing assets. What I think is the bread and butter of this scene, is how well that one camera is following the action. There is no shake or stumble. You do not have too much zoom or too little and everything is precise. This is one of MF’s best shot films. The soundtrack is kicking as always. The production team earned their paycheck indeed.

Maddy O'Reilly, Lauren Phillips and Prince Yahshua 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

I myself will admit, seeing so many beautiful women on a daily basis, you forget who is the best of the best at times. A person may go a solid month before they see a performer who can carry the torch that Maddy O'Reilly bears with her soul daily in this industry. She should honestly be a five-time performer of the year winner. That would fit the contribution she makes to this industry's excellence with each role, each film. She still shines bright as can be. You know, in the porn world, there is an opposite way to judge amazing film but almost the same as the mainstream. A performer like Maddy, she makes a forty-plus minute scene seem like ten and that is what you want from your adult entertainment no matter if it is a lap dance or a fantasy sprung from the mind of a director. Maddy has not lost a step, nor has does she show any sign of letting her foot off the gas. She has an energy that is beyond orgasmic and it makes everyone around her come to life in ways you have never seen before. You even see sexy Lauren get into the asphyxiation and spanking. You see Prince get rough and mean in a way that makes the women melt like butter. That is what makes that scene the five-star scene it is. I can see why Lindell chose to have this scene on the cover. Prince, he is Prince. The man simply keeps evolving his manly man alter-ego and what that means is that you will love what you see the gentleman at all times. Lauren, she truly makes leaps and bounds every year with her modeling career. She looks as stunning as can be and her performance is very passion filled. She has a progressive passion that I think will have fans following her in a flash if they do not already. This scene is highly recommended and is one of the kinkiest damn sexual encounters of all of 2018.

Don Juan DeMarko 



"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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