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First Day of College

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/13/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

One of the most overlooked categories in the adult industry must be girl/girl erotica with two dashes of youth. In a world that is hell-bent on making stepmoms the new craze in adult fantasies you hardly ever see the young starlets of the industry paired together like we are seeing in this WebYoung.com production. Sabina Rouge and Gia Derza are two young starlets who are truly making big names for themselves and although they are rookies in many phases of the game, what they have produced on screen begs to differ. Besides what most critics will make obvious up front, like their stunning youth and tremendous beauty are two true calling cards for each performer. Gia and her bubble butt, one of the loveliest visions reminiscent of porn legend Jewel De’Nyle’s derriere. Then, there is Sabina. A sweetheart of a brunette who has a style that is as dirty and nasty as it can get in the girl/girl realm. She has been matched with some heavy hitters and gone blow for blow, leaving them cum drunk after the encounter. Now that Girlsway.com has them all to themselves, let’s see what Alan and team can do.

Gia Derza and Sabina Rouge 

Scene Duration: 25 Minutes and 58 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @Stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway / WebYoung

Release Date: January 18th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Teen versus Teen, School Girls, Her First Time, Masturbation, Face Sitting, 69. Tribbing/Pussy Grinding

eXXXtras: Fifty-four count photo gallery that is wonderful. These stills are beautiful and a great play by play. Add in, you can tell Alan took the time and did real sex stills, these are not just digital freeze frames from the film edit. This honestly gives the extras and A+ grade. These two women are so beautiful and the pictures really stand out compared to other websites work.


First Day of College

Starring: Sabina Rouge @SabinaRouge and Gia Derza @GiaDerza


The Reveal:

Gia Derza and Sabina Rouge 

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The set-up is simple, two college roomies getting to know one another with one as the innocent, the other as the seducer. The thing that stands out the most in these first opening seconds is Sabina’s ability to deliver lines. She is bold and very smooth with everything being said and done. Gia Derza, I do not think there are any young starlets that can play the part of the hottie, who does not know she is a hottie, getting ravaged or taken advantage of sexually. There is a lot of chemistry in how these two mesh together. The wardrobe is cool. It is unique to not see school girl attire in any shape or form. The many shades of beauty within the sex of woman is on full display. Everything on Gia is big and beautiful. Those eyes, those lips, that booty with curves that go from calf to hip. Gia, I think what attracts fans the most is that she looks like a natural woman. She has stunning good looks but that body, my goodness, it is a sight to see and once you get one gander, you may be hooked for life dear reader. Natural boobs, they are not a thing of the past and Gia is proof. As we see Sabina begin to “teach” Gia the ropes of the “LGBQ community college standards” there is something in the air that has your curiosity peaked. The intro is short and oh so very sweet.


The Encounter:

Gia Derza and Sabina Rouge 

As you see Sabina’s scrumptious look nipple take its place alongside Gia’s tongue you see that Sabina has some qualities of her own that are worth ranting about. The up-close shots of her nipples are heaven. It is so hard to tell what is performance, and what is real when we see Gia’s character stumble around with Sabina’s tits. It is not a bad thing in the least bit. She is the innocent discovering the flesh of a woman for the first time and it is a huge turn on to watch how Gia does this. The most wonderful touch to this scene is the ladies in normal attire. Getting to see them slip out of jeans and not skimpy shorts or dresses is what completes the background of the fantasy. The sight of Sabina pulling aside Gia’s panties so that she can play with her pussy is enough to make Mount St. Helens explode with might. Sabina’s dirty talk takes you deeper into the moment and when you see that action head south with a lick, there may not be a dry brow in the vicinity. Sabina, she knows what she is doing. There is a build up of speed that makes the audience say, “oh and ahh!” Sabina’s supermodel frame and aggressive manner are a lethal combination in the sack. The production team ensuring that we are getting to watch Gia’s facial expressions as Sabina gives her a quick and steady tongue lashing is just what the audience wants to see with how much suspense is built up with Gia. If you are a new viewer to the work and prowess of these ladies, you are in for a hell of a treat. They both have two of the most gorgeous kitties in the industry. Directors seem to make it a constant habit to shoot those tight shots and these ones are pure bliss. Gia, she is a hell of a receiver but her giving skills can use some work. The oral is a bit stiff, but Sabina seems to be loving the clit licking all the same. The pace changes and the viewer will not be at a total disappointment when Gia gets her turn, the theme is all about a woman having sex for the first time after all. The face sitting brings out a little bit more spunk with Gia, but the true showcase is Sabina here. My goodness, this young starlet has all the goods to truly go far in this business. That smile, that body, you get that sense that she is cunning as can be and is always willing to go over the top to make the fans cheer. She does just that in this presentation. The end 69 action saves the day and there are some yummy features to this closing of the film. Gia picks up her game and we see some of the most stunning 69 visuals I have seen Alan’s team produce. This end climax will really stand within your mind for days. That visual of Gia’s wet pussy dripping while Sabina strokes her clit with her long tongue is amazing. It is lengthy and it is something that takes this scene to another level. Good things do “cum” to those who wait.

Gia Derza and Sabina Rouge 

Sight and Sound:

A big part of this vignette is how well the crew is able to maneuver around the double beds. There is also some of the best visuals when it comes to the 69 action that really sells the completion of this scene. There is so much that the camera crew adds to this scene. They help to take you to the places that make up for a lot of missed opportunities in the sexual encounter. There is nothing that is missed in this scene and I recommend downloading it in 720p or above.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

So, is a beautiful body, a stunning good look enough to win over fans in a scene? Just barely. The bottom line of this scene is that there is a massive lack of enthusiasm from Gia Derza. Her co-star, Sabina Rouge is able to come in and make the scene become a bit more aggressive and real for girl/girl fans. Now, the intention could have been for the director to showcase the inexperience of one of the characters and let one gal teach the ropes to the other when it comes to sex with a woman, but Gia’s performance is very stiff. Miss Derza has a natural ability to speak, that is a gift she has as an actor but this being the third girl/girl scene I have screened in a row with Gia to lack enthusiasm, I simply had to call it like I see it. There is a moment when she is in the 69 position and she moans and purrs without moving a muscle. Yes, the shot is beautiful with that amazing derriere of hers out for us viewers to see but the eyes everywhere, the none movement, it sticks out. Now Sabina really adds something with the tongue action in this part, so perhaps I should just say this: If you are a lover of a teen getting shown how to lick pussy with zero experience, in that purely innocent role, then this scene is for you big time. Gia will truly be a woman who delivers everything that you want to see from that kind of character and role. Now, Sabina, Sabina, Sabina. She is almost like a MILF in the way that she delivers her kink. She reminds me so much of Alexis Fawx when she gets her hands on a teen starlet. Those lips, that body, Sabina is able to deliver dominance with ease. This woman was built to be in this industry not just by the looks standard but with how well she gets into character in this vignette. She steals the show. She picks up the ball and runs with it. The scene has enough to warrant a viewing, that is for sure. I do not know if it will make the DVD cuts for the production company. It just lacked that extra oomph to take it to the next level. Recommended rating for this one.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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