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Lesbian Ghost Stories #4 (Scene 2)

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/14/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The hottest starlet in the realm of girl/girl cinema today may be Serene Siren. 2018 was a break out year for this blond bombshell, who specializes in the seduction and passion for the female form. No matter where it is this woman seems to land, she leaves fans breathless and wanting more and more. It is interesting to see that once again, B.Skow has taken this into consideration big time when creating a plot and picking a co-star with her. Lesbian Ghost Stories 3 is one of the truly unique series within the Girlfriends Films line-up. You always get new starlets mixed with hidden gems of the industry. In this chapter, you get something massive beyond belief by adding in superstar Giselle Palmer to play with miss Siren. This is a true meeting of two kinky wavelengths that I think will explode into this delicious dessert of cum, kink, and kisses. These are two of the most passionate starlets in the industry. Add in Girlfriends storylines and we are set for one hell of a thrill ride, so let’s get our safety harnesses ready, shall we?

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 40 Minutes and 20 Seconds

Director: B.Skow @B_SKOW_1

Studio: Girlfriends Films

Release Date: July 26th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Older/Younger, Teen versus MILF, Lingerie, Big Tits, Bush, Pussy Rubbing, Real Orgasms, Fingering, 5-Star Pussy Licking, 5-Star Tribbing/Scissoring, Tit Fucking, 69

eXXXtras: There are very little extras on the website. The still count is low. On the DVD, there are some action-packed trailers that are sexier than some adult films. The stills that are available on the website are very limited, there are almost none showcasing Giselle Palmer, who like Serene says in the scene, “had the best-looking breasts” in the adult industry. Kind of a let down with a pairing like this.


Lesbian Ghost Stories #4 (Scene 2)

Starring: Giselle Palmer @honky_tonkangel and Serene Siren @Serenesirenxxx


The Reveal:

Giselle Palmer and Serene Siren 

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If you jump straight into the scene and not the entire film, Giselle is the ghost hunter looking for Serene’s unearthly presence to appear. Giselle, my goodness, this Penthouse Pet never ceases to stop looking beautiful as can be. When you see her go topless, your jaw hits the floor just as fast as her blouse does. Serene, my goodness, the see-through piece she is wearing will have your eyes chasing her all over the place to catch a glimpse of the most well-kept bodies in the adult world. Boobs, booties and I am talking the finest in the world are on display for your viewing pleasure. These women look superb and when Serene’s character begins to take things to a level beyond a kiss and you see we are still past the thirty-minute mark on the counter, I think it is safe to say you can call it an evening and turn in for the night with this on. The teasing factor in this scene is done like no other. Seeing these women in just their panties is a view that will have you panting like a dog in heat. The distance shot showcasing touching, kissing, caressing is so much more than softcore with these two ladies.


The Encounter:

Giselle Palmer and Serene Siren 

One of the lesser known facts within the industry is how well B.Skow is able to piece together a long sex scene. This is not easy to do, even with two sexpots like Giselle Palmer and Serene Siren. There is a wonderful pace to the action. The teasing is hot and that little parts of the scene that shine the most are when the little things occur. Serene kissing Giselle’s inner thighs as her amazing ass is front and center for our eyes to bug out it is what really adds extra value to this scene. The director and camera crew do something very remarkable when filming the action. You do not need these up-close shots of Giselle’s perfect pussy to make the scene hot and steamy. This scene has an unforeseen element of surprise that will take hold when you least expect it to many times in this scene. Serene Siren may be the best damn pussy licker on this planet. If there were ever a competition to see who the best is, she would have some great odds to take home a first-place trophy. The sucking, the fingering, this real sex with the women in control of what they want to do. The big seller of this scene? Reality. You are seeing women in the heat of the moment tearing off shreds of clothing, you are seeing deep kissing with gasps of air in between due to the lust these vixens feel for one another. The animals within come out and the production team really does a great job of keeping the viewers right there in the middle of everything. One of the neatest things in this picture is a little sexual perk I have never seen in an adult film, only ever in real life. There is a moment where Serene says, “just put all your weight on me!” That is sexy as fuck, there is no other way to say it about that type of action.

Giselle Palmer and Serene Siren

Thank you B.Skow for keeping it in the film as well. The intensity is so raw, so sexy you could not plan this type of action out, I do not care how good a director you are. The reality of this scene just never stops and after you watch each beauty taste each other for the first time and then the second and you see Giselle still has on her shredded negligee you know this is a keeper. You are the huge winner in this scene as each woman looks to make the other cum harder and harder as things progress. The face sitting at 20:55 is something that leaves a lasting impression. There is nothing “over the top” about this performance and of this acting, good gravy these two ladies are amazing performers even more so than most people will no. That is the magic of adult cinema.  Two rounds of tribbing, two rounds of pussy licking and when you see the ladies get a second go around when it comes to sucking on slit, you may need an IV because your fluids are going to evaporate by all the heat that is in the room from the previous thirty minutes. This is a scene that never stops delivering and s you wipe the sweat from your brow again as Serene buries her face in Giselle’s bush, don’t say I did not tell you so if you end up in the ER due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

Giselle Palmer and Serene Siren 

Sight and Sound:

The way that the scene is edited is pure brilliance. The lighting was wonderful, and the look of each woman is superb. Fans if you have never seen a Girlfriends Films movie you must know the make-up is always naturally done and the lighting is adjusted to make things look very natural as well and B.Skow does a great job in this one. The camera angles are great, although a few more up-close shots would have been amazing with 5-Star pussy lickers like Serene and Giselle. There are pluses and minuses to a lot of the camera angles. On one hand, you get to see the girl’s expressions as they come hard, just like when Serene is fingering Giselle hard with four fingers, the minus? We would have loved to have seen a few snip-its of tight shots showing that sexy exchange. I guess whatever is your cup of tea, correct?


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is damn near a perfect scene with perfect presentation. Why every fan must buy this scene, and yes, this scene alone makes even buying the hard copy worth waiting by the mailbox for, is a type of chemistry between two stunning creatures of lust makes each exchange get hotter and hotter. You see Serene devour Giselle’s pussy, I mean you will be left with your leg quivering that action is that intense. Then you see Giselle get her turn and the orgasmic oral is something that once again leaves you comatose from excitement. That is this entire scene. Through many films and scenes, you see maybe three out of four things that are good and maybe two that are great. This scene, everything in it works and every second of it something exciting and jaw-dropping, you can not say that about every porn scene. Serene Siren, my goodness, this woman is the hidden gem of the industry. Everything about this woman is amazing. She is a brilliant actor, she is a stunning model and with this film, she has proven she can a long distance in the sack and keep the audience fully awake and wanting more. This babe's work needs to be in every porn fans collection, that is the bottom line. I have said so many amazing things about Giselle Palmer in my reviews. She is a woman who is just so receptive of every type of character and co-star she has. With Giselle Palmer, you can almost always count on your money’s worth and being treated to one hell of a show. You know you have a five-star gem on your hands when you see these beauties rub their pussy on everything and it is a total turn on. These babes could have got it on with the legs of the nightstand and still sold this scene. That is the sex appeal that is within this amazing spectacle. Highly Recommended, just inches short of an XCritic Pick.

Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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